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How To Assess Technical Skills In An Interview

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How Can You Use Toggl Hire To Assess Data Analyst Skills

Skill Assessment for chef/ Technical interview questions/ Commonly asked Questions

Due to the complex requirements of this role, it can be challenging for recruiters and hiring managers to screen and assess candidates technical skills through CV screening and interviews.

Toggl Hire is a skills assessment platform showcasing candidates technical and soft skills via job-specific skills tests.

With each assessment tailored for different stages of the recruitment process, Toggl Hire provides a data-driven shortlisting and selection process throughout your hiring pipeline.

Skills tests, video intros, and homework assignments help remove the guesswork from your hiring process and hire the right Data Analyst candidate for the Job.

Start with our Data Scientist template, and customize it to your companys needs. This job template will give you ready-made templates for the skills test, video interview, and homework assignment. All are created to assess the jobs requirements, already attached to the relevant stages of your hiring pipeline, and customizable.

If you are hiring for more jobs, check out Toggl Hires test library to start with a template that fits your needs.

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The Best Way To Assess Candidates Skill In A Technical Interview

How can CTOs assess a candidate’s skill? This is a huge part of technical recruiting as CTOs want to filter for the best candidates with the least amount of time and effort for both parties. Does one do Live Coding or a take-home assessment? Perhaps one should stick to whiteboard problem solving or have the candidate analyze a PR? Some even argue that in todays market – we should skip challenges entirely! Here is the rundown!

Why Do You Want To Work For Us

Individuals who truly did their homework will have done their research and be able to talk about your companys values, products and services, and approach to technology. If they cant articulate at least a few reasons your company would be a good match for their skills and ambitions, then they havent done their due diligence to properly prepare for the interview.

Remember to allow time at the end of the interview for candidates to ask you questions. This is not only beneficial to applicants it also clues you in to what matters to them. For instance, you may reconsider your interest in a prospect if they seem overly concerned about salary and vacation accrual during the first interview. Or you may be impressed when someone asks questions that demonstrate their business acumen and thorough understanding of your industry.

Their answers to your questions plus the questions they ask should give you a fairly clear picture of whether youd like to hire them or not.

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How To Assess Soft Skills In An Interview


How can you tell whether a candidate who looks good on paper will be good in person? Soft skills make all the difference. Soft skills are the personal qualities that make people easy to work with. Despite their fuzzy name, theyre critical for job performance and cultural fit.

Soft skills are hard to quantify. Candidates can only claim to possess soft skills in their resumes, soft skills can be difficult to measure in stressful group interviews and the effectiveness of personality tests is controversial.

Interview questions are the best way to assess soft skills, particularly when theyre part of a structured interview process. Interview questions offer unique benefits that tests cant provide: personal interaction and follow up questions.


The Final Question: Do You Have Any Questions

12+ Sample Interview Assessment Forms

Just about every interview, regardless of field, ends with some variation of this question. This process is about you evaluating the company as much as it is about the company evaluating you. Come prepared with a few questions for your interviewer, but donât be afraid to ask any questions that came up during the interview as well. Some topics you can ask about include:

  • What a typical day is like

  • Expectations for your first 90 days

  • Company culture and goals

  • Your potential team and manager

  • The interviewerâs favorite part about the company

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Soft Skills Are Also Important To Test In A Technical Assessment

The human metrics necessary for a technical position include a set of hard and soft skills. The hard skills are the skill sets that are absolutely necessary to do the job. While these are the most essential qualifications, they arent the only ones.

Soft skills are those skills that are necessary to survive and thrive in your organizations culture. These include a candidates ability to communicate, work with others, and respond to the professional chain of command. Evaluating these involves a careful assessment of the way the person reacts during every portion of the interview. Their tone of voice, attitude, and professional social skills can all play a part in their ability to succeed and bring something positive to the company.

How To Interview For Hard And Soft Skills

In addition to what you search for on a resume, the interview questions you use to tease out candidates skill sets and other attributes is critical to determining who is most qualified to work for your company.

Employers often use skills assessments to gauge the cumulative abilities and skill sets of current employees. These tests can also help you measure whether a candidate has the attributes to perform the job successfully.

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Prepare Specific Technical Questions Targeted To The It Role

If youve used a technical recruitment company, youre probably starting out with some confidence that the candidate is right for the open role. However, sometimes you get an influx of potential employees from social media, job boards, recruiters and more. In your first meeting, youll want to move past the fluffy getting to know you questions, and get down to the details of the job.

Ask your candidates questions about their experience, and dont be afraid to mention specific tools and technologies which the business relies on. For example, as an MSP looking for a new IT technician, you might ask your candidates how would you explain the use of Remote Access to a potential customer? and in corporate IT, you might ask the prospect to name 3 uses for remote management and monitoring software.

As roles become more technical, the questions should follow suit. Dont be afraid to be really specific. For example in web development you could ask, Can you explain the distinction between span and div tag in HTML5? or In JavaScript, what is type coercion?

Sample Indeed Assessment Test Questions

TECHNICAL Job Interview Questions And Answers!

Very often Indeed uses Aptitude Test question to ensure candidate’s fit for the position. An aptitude test is a way for employers to assess a candidate’s abilities through a variety of different testing formats. Aptitude tests will test your ability to perform tasks and react to situations at work. This includes analytical skills, problem-solving, prioritization and numerical skills, amongst other things.

You can use Indeed Aptitude Test Preparation Guide to get ready for the Aptitude Test. Below sample questions and are designed to give you an idea on what you should expect on the test. In addition to the sample questions you have opportunity to review the answers and explanations. For the best results make sure to go through all the questions one by one and and use below listed recommendations to determine your level of preparation for the upcoming test:

  • Use timer to measure start time and finish time for the sample questions. You can then calculate your time per question by dividing total time by the number of questions you answered
  • When planning for the test, plan to stay in a quiet place where you will be uninterrupted while completing your sample test
  • Review your mistakes and learn from the answer explanations provided with your score report.
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    Tell Me About A Tech Project Youve Worked On In Your Spare Time

    You may want to hire an IT professional who devotes personal time to side projects. Why? These are people who are driven and curious, which, in turn, keeps their skill set fresh. Ask how they stay motivated, what interests them about the project and their ultimate goal. If they can demo a website or app theyve built, all the better.

    Organize Different Types Of Skills

    Theres a chance that you already have someone on your team who could be capable of taking on more job responsibilities and tasks.

    One way to find out is by categorizing the skills of each individual and seeing their other areas of expertise. If theyre willing and theyre reliable enough to take on further tasks, you can close the gap by providing training and professional development.

    Dont only observe where candidates or employees are currently at. Take into account their other areas of expertise as well as the room for growth and future potential.

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    How Would You Explain To Someone With Limited Tech Skills

    IT plays a crucial role in almost every company, so communicating well with non-tech colleagues is a must. You can assess candidates communication skills with this question. Do they avoid obscure acronyms and jargon? How well can they break down a complicated process and compare it to something thats common knowledge? Also, this question can help you get a feel for the candidates own understanding of core concepts.

    Hiring IT professionals? We can help:

    Do Employers Look At Indeed Assessments

    12+ Sample Interview Assessment Forms

    Indeed assessment results help employers filter applicants for interviews. Some employers compare test results to those of high-performing employees at the company, while others just require a minimum passing score. However, the higher your score, the greater your chances of advancing to the next stage of the hiring process.

    For those using the tests on their profiles, Indeeds algorithm pushes profiles with the highest scores to the top of the search engine. This means that recruiters will see your profile before others. In turn, you will get better job opportunities quicker.

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    Filtered: Hiring The Best Candidates

    The hiring process is the backbone of every company and deserves the best technology and procedures to keep you ahead of the competition. When applying these tips and tricks to your hiring process, it may take some time to create a habit out of them. Filtered can help you implement these tips seamlessly into your hiring process without all the delay!

    âFiltered is a leader in skills-based hiring. Our end-to-end technical hiring platform enables you to spend time reviewing only the most qualified candidates, putting skills and aptitude at the forefront of your decisions. Weâll help you automate hiring while applying objective, data-driven techniques to consistently and confidently select the right candidates. To get started, contact our team today or register for a FREE demo.

    What Is Wcag And What Are The Differences Between A Aa And Aaa Compliance

    From Digital Accessibility Center:

    WCAG stands for Web Content Accessibility Guidelines, which are part of a series of web accessibility guidelines published by the Web Accessibility Initiative of the World Wide Web Consortium.

  • Single A is viewed as the minimum level of requirement which all websites, apps, and electronic content such as documents should adhere to.
  • Double A is viewed as the acceptable level of accessibility for many online services, which should work with most assistive technology which is now widely available on both desktop and mobile devices, or which can be purchased as a third-party installation.
  • Triple A compliance is viewed as the gold standard level of accessibility, which provides everything for a complete accessible offering, including all the bells and whistles which make the difference between a very good experience and an excellent one.
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    Have You Ever Created Or Worked With Statistical Models If So Please Describe How Youve Used It To Solve A Business Task

    How to Answer

    As a data analyst, you dont specifically need experience with statistical models, unless its required for the job youre applying for. If you havent been involved in building, using, or maintaining statistical models, be open about it and mention any knowledge or partial experience you may have.

    Example Answer

    Being a data analyst, I cant say Ive had direct experience building statistical models. However, Ive helped the statistical department by making sure they have access to the proper data and analyzing it. The model in question was built with the purpose of identifying the customers who were most inclined to buy additional products and predicting when they were most likely to make that decision. My job was to establish the appropriate variables used in the model and assess its performance once it was ready.

    Technical Skills Assessment: Assess Skills Accurately With Five Expert Tips

    Top Basic Technical Help Desk Interview Questions and How to perform it

    When assessing candidates for a more hands-on position, such as IT support positions, employers may prefer to use practical assessments. These assessments can take the form of written tests, oral interviews, or even on-the-job simulations. A technical skills assessment is an important part of the hiring process that can help recruiters select the best fit candidate for their company. Below youâll find five expert tips to streamline the hiring process for your hiring teams.

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    Dont Forget The Soft Skills

    Its easy to forget about selling your soft skills when questions get more technical, but theyre very easy to slip into an answer. When answering questions try and remember to speak briefly about your soft and transferrable skills and where youve used them in the past. Here are a few skills that could be good to bring up:

    – Professional

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    Whats The Most Challenging/exciting Project You Have Done In The Past Two Years

    Your work should lead the way in any technical interview and Lauren Thompson, Zillows Communications Coordinator, says that in addition to technical specifications, Zillows interviewers want to see the innovation comes out with from the project. The goal of this technical interview question? To figure out what youre passionate about, she says.

    You should start preparing for this question long before you send out resumes, and a safe bet is to dig into each of your projects as you go to focus on what parts youre passionate about, what motivates you, and what types of work you want to do in the future.

    Then, practice articulating that list, so if an interviewer asks you to explain a project from your portfolio, youll have more to say than a simple list of specs.

    Your answer might sound like: I love 8-bit gaming, so I developed a C++ emulator for Chip-8. It combined my interest in digital preservation with getting to dust off my Tetris and Pac-Man skills. Im looking forward to applying some of the C++ tricks I used to more projects in the future.

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    Why Are Technical Assessments Important

    A great technical assessment helps you:

    • Identify the right talent for your team
    • Assess candidates technical talent
    • Create a candidate experience that stands out

    Especially technical roles need a thorough assessment process. Many of these roles require highly specialized skills and you need to understand your candidates skill level.

    The thing is: if you hire the wrong candidate, it can cost you.

    74% of employers have hired the wrong candidate in the past. According to our own research, it costs $41,049 to hire a developer. This sum depends on the salary, though. Overall, recruiting a new hire will cost 20-25% of that persons base salary.

    And as developer salaries tend to start at high-five figures for junior roles , its easy to see how fast recruitment costs rack up.

    Plus, assessments can improve diversity at your organization by reducing bias in hiring processes. Theres plenty of research on hiring bias. For instance, according to one study, people were asked to choose a candidate who was the best suited to be hired as police chief. They chose education when male candidates were more educated, but experience when female candidates had more education.

    Thats why technical assessments are important. But how well do assessment tests work? Thats what well look at now.

    Best Practices For Offering Take Home Assessments

    Employee Skills assessment Template Beautiful 12 Skills assessment ...

    Who is a Take Home Assessment Ideal for?A Take Home Assessment is ideal for junior roles. They do not have a portfolio and would be able to prove themselves by showing how fast they learn a new stack. It wont work well for senior roles where you want to hear their through process more.

    What is the Best Way for a CTO to conduct a Take Home Assessment?First of all, make sure the candidate knows what is important to them. For example, if testing is important to you – let them know. It is also best to limit your take-home assessment – a 2-hour time frame is common. Secondly, choose questions that can’t just copy/paste from the webe.g. what if we would ask you to do this and that, or How would you implement XXX

    What should you centre your Take Home Assessment around?It is up to you. Some CTOs like, Daniel Bartholomae of optilyz, choose to center the assessment around an open-source project while another CTO uses it as an opportunity for the candidate to showcase building a proof of concept using the unfamiliar technology of the companys stack.

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    What Online Resources Do You Use To Help You Do Your Job

    Most tech workers turn to websites such as Stack Exchange or GitHub when they need help with something. Some also have their own selection of websites, online communities, social media feeds and other resources specific to their interests. The answer to this question can indicate how engaged the candidate is with the broader IT world.

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