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Basic Automation Testing Interview Questions

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Ques67 How To Handle Alerts In Selenium

Top 40 Test Automation Interview Questions | Software Testing Interview Preparation | Edureka

Ans. In order to accept or dismiss an alert box, the alert class is used. This requires first switching to the alert box and then using accept or dismiss command as the case may be.

Alert alert = driver.switchTo.alert  //To accept the alertalert.accept Alert alert = driver.switchTo.alert  //To cancel the alert boxalert.dismiss 

What Is Selenese And What Are The Three Types Of Selenese

Selenese is a set of commands in Selenium used for running a test.

Three types of Selenese are as follows:

  • Actions: They are used for performing interactions and operations with the target elements.
  • Accessors: They are used for storing values in a variable.
  • Assertions: They are used as a checkpoint.

Is Automated Testing Making Manual Testing Obsolete

No. Automated testing is not making manual testing obsolete. Though automated tests help avoid regression issues or find problems that you are already aware of, manual exploratory testing is essential to find the bugs you dont know about, such as incorrect requirements or implementations.

Some types of testing, such as exploratory testing, usability, and accessibility testing, need to be performed by a human tester. Automated testing is only as good as automated tests. If bugs or problems are in the tests themselves, they will provide wrong results, giving false assurance to the stakeholders.

Good automation testing tests repeatable test cases which you can reproduce deterministically. It certainly reduces the amount of manual testing that a human tester would perform but does not eliminate it. Once a human tester discovers a bug, they can add automation tests to ensure that its caught automatically in the future.

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Why Testers Should Opt For Selenium And Not Qtp

Selenium is more popular than QTP as

  • Selenium is an open source whereas QTP is a commercial tool
  • Selenium is used specially for testing web based applications while QTP can be used for testing client server application also
  • Selenium supports Firefox, IE, Opera, Safari on operating systems like Windows, Mac, Linux etc. however QTP is limited to Internet Explorer on Windows.
  • Selenium supports many programming languages like Ruby, Perl, Python whereas QTP supports only VB script

What Topics Are Discussed During The Automation Planning Phase

7 Tricky Selenium Automation Testing Interview Questions with Answers

Things to consider during the automation planning process include

  • Choosing the “Right” Automation Tool

  • If applicable, choose an Automation Framework.

  • List of automation elements that are in range and those that are not.

  • Configuration of the Test Environment

  • Creating a Grant Chart of Project Schedules for the creation andimplementation of test scripts.

  • Determine Test Deliverables

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What Are The Different Types Of Annotations Which Are Used In Selenium

Different types of annotations that are used in Selenium include:

  • @Test – This annotation is used to mark a method as a test method
  • @BeforeMethod – This annotation is used to execute a method before each test method
  • @AfterMethod – This annotation is used to execute a method after each test method
  • @BeforeClass – This annotation is used to execute a method before the first test method

Penetration Tester Interview Tips

Here are some tips you can use when preparing for your interview to help you secure the job:

  • Research the company. Doing research before the interview can help you understand the values and goals of the business and determine if the opportunity is right for you.

  • Prepare a mock interview. A mock interview can help you work on your communication skills and give you the opportunity to practise answering interview questions.

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What Is Fault Masking Explain With Example

When the presence of one defect hides the presence of another defect in the system, it is known as fault masking.

Example: If the Negative Value cause a firing of unhandled system exception, the developer will prevent the negative values input. This will resolve the issue and hide the defect of unhandled exception firing.

What Are The Testing Types Supported By Selenium

Automation Testing Interview Questions| Selenium Interview Questions| 0-2 years

Selenium supports Regression testing and Functional testing.

Regression testing – It is a full or partial selection of already executed test cases that are re-executed to ensure existing functionalities work fine.

The steps involved are –

  • Re-testing: All tests in the existing test suite are executed. It proves to be very expensive and time-consuming.
  • Regression test selection: Tests are classified as feature tests, integration tests, and the end to end tests. In this step, some of the tests are selected.
  • Prioritization of test cases: The selected test cases are prioritized based on business impact and critical functionalities.
  • Functional testing – Functional Testing involves the verification of every function of the application with the required specification.

    The following are the steps involved:

  • Identify test input
  • Compare the test outcome with the actual outcome
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    What Are Some Of The Advantages Of Automation Testing

    This is a basic question about automation testing that the hiring manager may ask during your interview. How you answer can show the interviewer whether you understand the benefits and potential uses automation testing has in the workplace. If the interviewer asks this question, try to connect your answer to the goals of the hiring organization. Heres an example:

    Example: “There are several ways automation testing can benefit a company. For instance, automation test results can lead to lower company costs, free up team members to fill other roles and help leaders delegate resources to the appropriate departments. I am confident in my ability to use automation testing in a way that helps us take advantage of these benefits.

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    What Is Static Testing When Does It Start And What Does It Cover

    Static testing is a white-box testing technique that directs developers to verify their code with the help of a checklist to find errors in it. Developers can start the static testing without actually finalizing the application or program. Static testing is more cost-effective than dynamic testing as it more areas than dynamic testing in a shorter time.

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    What Is The Selenium Course

    This Selenium Certification course strives to build the fundamentals of this automation testing tool and its various components such as WebDriver, Grid, and IDE. In this Selenium training, you will learn to work with multiple web element locating strategies, perform actions on web elements, group and sequence tests, and generate reports for your test cases using TestNG. Additionally, this Selenium course will introduce you to the Page Object Model design pattern, which will further help you optimize the execution of your automation scripts by implementing Page Class and Page Factory. Hands-on experience with Automation Frameworks such as Data-Driven Framework, Keyword-Driven Framework, Hybrid Framework, and BDD Framework will make you ready for any testing environment.

    Is It Possible To Achieve 100% Testing Coverage How Would You Ensure It

    36 Javascript Automation Testing Interview Questions

    Its considered not possible to perform 100% testing of any product. But you can follow the below steps to come closer.

    • Set a hard limit on the following factors:
    • Percentage of test cases passed
    • Number of bugs found
  • Set a red flag if:
  • Test budget is depleted
  • Set a green flag if:
  • The entire functionality gets covered in test cases
  • All critical and major bugs must have a CLOSED status
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    In Selenium What Are Breakpoints And Start Points

    Breakpoints: Breakpoints are used to stall the execution of the test. The execution will stop whenever a breakpoint is implemented, and this will help us check whether the code is working properly or not.

    Start points: Start points are the points from where the execution should begin. Start points can be used when we want to run the test script from the middle of the code or after a breakpoint.

    What Are The Most Commonly Used Http Methods Supported By Rest

    • GET is only used to request data from a specified resource. Get requests can be cached and bookmarked. It remains in the browser history and haS length restrictions. GET requests should never be used when dealing with sensitive data.
    • POST is used to send data to a server to create/update a resource. POST requests are never cached and bookmarked and do not remain in the browser history.
    • PUT replaces all current representations of the target resource with the request payload.
    • DELETE removes the specified resource.
    • OPTIONS is used to describe the communication options for the target resource.
    • HEAD asks for a response identical to that of a GET request, but without the response body.

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    What Is The Difference Between Type And Typeandwait Command

    “type” command is used to type keyboard key values into the text box of software web application. It can also be used for selecting values of combo box whereas “typeAndWait” command is used when your typing is completed and software web page start reloading. This command will wait for software application page to reload. If there is no page reload event on typing, you have to use a simple “type” command.

    What Is Uri What Is The Main Purpose Of Rest

    Automation Testing Interview Questions| Selenium Interview Questions| 0-2 years

    URI stands for Uniform Resource Identifier. It is a string of characters designed for unambiguous identification of resources and extensibility via the URI scheme.

    The purpose of a URI is to locate a resource on the server hosting of the web service.

    A URIs format is < protocol> ://< service-name> /< ResourceType> /< ResourceID> .

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    Why Do We Use Selenium Rc

    • Selenium IDE has the limitations which Selenium RC can diminish in terms of browser support and language support.
    • IDE does not support many functions like Logging, iterations, conditional statements, test case results reporting etc., as it supports only HTML Language.
    • Thats why the Selenium RC is used to communicate with the other languages like Perl, Python etc.,

    Faqs On Qa Automation Interview Questions

    Q1. What is automation testing in QA?

    In Quality Assurance, automation testing refers to running tests on the software weâre developing with the help of automation testing tools and reporting the results. Automation testing makes many time-consuming tasks that otherwise would have been done by manual testers far more efficient.

    Q2. How do I become a QA automation Tester?

    To become a QA automation tester, you need to: Master the basics of testing, including manual testing. Experiment with and get experience using different automation testing tools. Learn to code both concepts and practice to a decent level. Learn the ATLC methodology and learn how to efficiently understand any new applications.

    Q3. What are the most popular tools for QA automation testing?

    Some of the most popular test tools for QA automation testing are: Rational Robot, Selenium, and QTP

    Q4. Is automation a promising career?

    For someone who has technical skills and wants to pursue a career in the tech field, automation engineering can potentially be good to understand any new applications efficiently career choice if they keep upgrading their skills and experience over time.

    Q5. Who earns more, a developer or tester?

    The average initial salary of a software developer has been significantly more than the initial average salary of a tester in the past and now. We can say that clearly shows that initially, an average developer earns more than an average tester.

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    Automation Testing Interview Questions

    The Indeed Editorial Team comprises a diverse and talented team of writers, researchers and subject matter experts equipped with Indeed’s data and insights to deliver useful tips to help guide your career journey.

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    In this video, we dissect an entire job interview from start to finish. We analyze everything from common interview questions to etiquette and how to follow up.

    Whether youre interviewing for a position as a software engineer or automation testing engineer, the hiring manager is likely to ask questions about automation testing during the interview. While the exact topics the interviewer covers may vary, there are some task-specific questions they may ask to determine whether you have the necessary skills to excel in the role. You can increase your chances of being selected for the job by preparing answers to these types of questions ahead of time.

    In this article, we share 38 common automation testing interview questions, provide sample answers and share tips to help you impress the hiring manager.

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    Q A Engineer Interview Questions

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    What Do You Mean By Defect Detection Percentage In Software Testing

    Defect detection percentage is a type of testing metric. It indicates the effectiveness of a testing process by measuring the ratio of defects discovered before the release and reported after the release by customers.

    For example, lets say, the QA has detected 70 defects during the testing cycle and the customer reported 20 more after the release. Then, DDP would be: 70/ = 72.1%

    What Are The Various Types Of Test Automation Frameworks

    • Behavior-Driven Development Framework: Allows automating functional validations in an easy-to-read and understandable format for different professionals, including analysts, developers, and testers.
    • Data-Driven Testing Framework: Helps in segregating the test script logic and the test data. Allows storing test data in some external database in the form of key-value pairs. These keys are used for accessing as well as populating the data within the test scripts.
    • Keyword-Driven Testing Framework: It is an extension to the data-driven testing framework in a way that in addition to separating test data from the test scripts, a keyword-driven testing framework stores a part of the test script code in an external data file.
    • Library Architecture Testing Framework: Works on the principle of determining the right steps and then grouping them together into functions under a library. These functions are called in the test scripts whenever required.
    • Module-Based Testing Framework: Divides each application under testing into a number of logical and isolated modules. A distinct test script is created for each module.
    • Hybrid Testing Framework: Offers features belonging to different types of testing frameworks. The idea is to reap in all the benefits of various approaches with a single testing tool.

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    What Are The Major Functionalities Provided By The Soap Protocol Class

    The SOAP protocol is used to provide simple access methods for all the applications available on the Internet, providing the following functionalities:

    • : A class which provides the main functionality for a remote method for which a call is needed. It is used to create the call and to specify the encoding style of the registry that will be assigned when if necessary. This call function is used by the RPC call, which represents the options of the call object.
    • Deployment Descriptor: A class used to provide the information about the SOAP services. It enables easy deployment without the need for other approaches.
    • DOM2 Writer: A class that serializes and uses DOM node as XML string to provide more functionalities.
    • RPC Message: A class used as the base class that calls and replies to the request submitted to the server.
    • Service Manager: A class that provides, lists and then outputs all SOAP services.

    Ques74 What Is A Data

    Selenium Interview Questions and Answers | Selenium Interview Preparation | Edureka

    Ans. A data-driven framework is one in which the test data is put in external files like CSV, Excel, etc. Basically, the test data is separated from the test logic that is written in test script files. The test data drives the test cases, i.e. the test methods run for each set of test data values. TestNG provides inherent support for data-driven testing using @dataProvider annotation.

    Also, check Test Automation Framework

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    Ques2 What Are The Different Forms Of Selenium

    Ans. Selenium comes in four forms-

  • Selenium WebDriver Selenium WebDriver is used to automate web applications by directly calling the browsers native methods.
  • The Selenium IDE Plugin Selenium IDE is an open-source test automation tool that works on record and playback principles.
  • Selenium RC component Selenium Remote Control is officially deprecated by Selenium and it used to work using javascript to automate the web applications.
  • Selenium Grid Allows Selenium tests to run in parallel across multiple machines.
  • Top 30 Automation Testing Interview Questions

    âAutomation is Cost Cutting by Tightening the Corners and Not Cutting themâ -Haresh Sippy

    Given the issues associated with Manual Testing, Automation Testing has emerged as a force of the future. It is increasingly being seen as a viable alternative for guaranteeing the reliability and quality of software products as compared to the time consuming and laborious process involved in Manual Testing. Consequently, the position for Automation Testers and Test Automation Engineers, have evolved as coveted and lucrative positions within the Software Testing domain. Hence, if you wish to glide through a Test Automation interview, this comprehensive guide of top 30 Automation Testing Interview Questions will definitely be of great help.

    In this blog, we shall look at a carefully prepared list of some of the most important Interview Questions for Automation Testing. We shall also consider some of the Java Interview Questions for Automation Testing as well as API Automation Testing Interview Questions. Moreover, since Selenium has surfaced as one of the foremost Test Automation Tools of choice we shall also look at some of the Selenium Automation Testing Interview Questions.

    ðIf you wish to read more on the topic of âSelenium Interview Questionsâ, refer to our blog on âTop 30 Selenium Interview Questionsâ.

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