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How To Rock An Interview

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Always Be Honest And Humble

How to rock an interview

This advice comes from an Inc. article, which says a willingness to admit you dont know something can be attractive to interviewers. Those who also indicate a willingness to learn beyond their current scope are even more attractive, the article says. Conversely, if a candidate claims to be the perfect fit for the job, they are most definitely not. Why? They fail to factor in the unpredictability of any job experience.

Introducing Your Website In Your Phone Interview

Once youve been able to set up your site, this is how you bring it up in a phone interview

Traditionally, near the end of the interview the hiring manager will say something like, Is there anything else that you want me to know that we havent covered in this interview?

Now is your chance!

Id love you to check out my personal website It will give you a great idea of the work I have accomplished, the experiences Ive had and most importantly, the type of person youll be getting if you decide to hire me for this position.

In doing this you will not only give the hiring manager a much more engaging and interesting experience, but youll also show what an intelligent, dedicated and forward-thinking individual you are.

Sounds like someone I would want to hire!

So there you have it! If you follow the tips above , you can almost guarantee to have the interviewer eating out of your hand even if they arent in the same room as you.

Once thats all done and youve hit send on that thank you note, reward yourself for an interview well done!

And yes, now that youve knocked that phone interview out of the ballpark and youre confident in your tailored answers and thoughtful questionsgo ahead and put those Scooby Doo flannels back on!

What Do You Do If Your Internet Disconnects In The Middle Of A Meeting

When you’re working remotely, it’s important to always have a back-up plan. You never know when your internet could disconnect, when your power could flicker out, or when your computer could just decide to die. You’ll want to let a potential employer know you’ve thought through these scenarios and that you’ll be reliable, self-sufficient, and communicative no matter what.

Here’s an example of how you could answer this question:

“If my internet goes out, I can always use my phone’s hotspot or use the back-up mobile hotspot I keep just in case something like this were to happen. Worst case scenario, I could walk a block to my local Starbucks and reconnect there. Either way, I’d make sure to keep my manager updated.”

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If You Were Hired How Soon Can You Start

Oh boy. If youre an out of area hire and are required to relocate, this answer is far from a simple one.

First off, dont ever answer with Now! Not only will you come off as desperate, but if youre already employed with another job, youre going to have to do the right thing and give notice.

Its easy to get intimidated and over-commit to an early start datebut the worst thing you can do is give a date to a new employer and then have to ask for more time. Not the right way to start out your long and mutually beneficial working relationship! Then you have to factor in the actual logistics of making a move.

Even one just across town can be as daunting as one across statesor in some cases, countries! Depending on the size of your move you could be looking at anything from a few days to a few months.

Again, be honest!

Many employers, if theyre genuinely interested in hiring you, will have programs in place to help you relocate and ease the burdens that come with a full move.

If they dont, make sure to take that into consideration as well. Words to the wisealways ask for MORE time than you initially think youll need. Trust us, in the long run, its far better to have more time than you need than to run out and have to ask for an extension.

One thing NOT to focus on during an initial phone interview is salaryat least not until youve had a chance to read our article When And How To Discuss Salary During The Job Interview Process.

Remember That Your Interview Starts In The Lobby


Many organizations ask their front desk personnel to report on job candidates demeanor when they arrive for interviews. As noted in a Forbes article, If youre ready with the name of your interviewer and time of your meeting, you appear organized. If you sit with good posture in the lounge area, you exude poise. Start your interview behavior as soon as you enter the building.

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Phone Interview Tips That Will Land You A Second Interview

By Jeff Gillis


Your resume is stellar, your application was impeccable, youve caught a potential employers attention and now they want to get to know you better.

In years gone by that would have meant an in person interview but in todays increasingly busy digital world, many preliminary and some final interviews are being held in a wide variety of mediums including on the phone.

A phone interview? As in, we talk on the phone and not actually in person? As in, they have NO idea what Im actually wearing during the interview!? This is AMAZING!

Great, right?

FREE BONUS PDF CHEAT SHEET: Get our “Phone Interview Questions & Answers Cheat Sheet” that gives you word for word sample answers to the most common phone interview questions that you can use in your next phone interview.

Nothing like an interview for your dream job where you can lounge around in your pajamas, secretly watching TV out of the corner of your eye and, gasp, maybe even surf the web at the same time and update your status to Kickin it in my footie jammies knockin out my interview!

Nothis guy isnt ready for his phone interview!

Not so fast. Yes, its true, your future boss might not need to know that youre on the other end of the line in your favorite Scooby Doo flannels, but that doesnt mean that you shouldnt treat the phone interview as seriously, if not more seriously, than any other standard interview.


No buts.

More seriously? Is that even a thing?

Questions You Should Ask Them

There are many things you might want to know before working for a school district. And, as a travel therapist with some great and not-so-great experiences, Ive narrowed down the kind of questions that can help you decide if a district will be a supportive and harmonious place to work vs a place with unreasonable workload expectations.

I do want to preface this by saying if you asked all of these questions in the interview, youd probably be there for hours! The good news is that a lot of this information can be found online before your interview. My suggestion would be taking this list, reviewing the schools website and answering what you can, and then choosing the questions that are most important to you to ask at the interview. If youre extended the job offer, youll also have a chance to ask additional questions then before accepting.

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Focus And Cut Out All Distractions

Make sure youre not distracted. Turn off the TV. Let me repeat that. TURN OFF THE TV.

Nobody wants to ask you about your past performances and work history and hear Sponge Bob in the background. Dont think putting it on mute is good enough either. People can tell if youre distracted and delaying your answers to a potential employer because youre reading the crawler at the bottom of FOX News isnt going to score you any points.

Get comfortable, but dont get too comfortable.

Find a good spot to sit down and have all your prep materials nearby for easy access.

Sit at the kitchen table or at a desk.

Dont lay down. Dont slouch. Make sure distractions are not going to be an issue.

If youre doing the interview at home and youre not alone, make sure everyone knows youre going to be busy for a bit and to give you some privacy. Put the dogs outside. Pop in a video for the kids. Have your spouse keep everyone calm. At the very least go into a room where you can shut the door and focus on the task at hand.

So, now that youre up and dressed, lets get ready for that interview!

First and foremost, make sure youre presenting yourself in the most professional way possible, from the very first Hello, all the way to the Goodbye.

Powering Through A Job Interview While Sick

How to Rock Your Next Interview

Sometimes it seems like calling in sick for a job interview just isnt an option. Maybe theres a very narrow window for the employer youre interviewing with and it has to be done in person.

While this is not likely to be the case, the key to powering through a job interview while sick is to be honest. You can call ahead to let the interviewer know that you do not feel well with the intent of rescheduling, and if it is not a possibility, at least you will have given them fair warning. After that, the key is to get as much rest as possible beforehand, and do your best to concentrate during the interview. Cold medicine can help with symptoms, but they can also make you drowsy and fuzzy-headed, so be careful. If you can, its best to take these medicines after the interview.

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You Will Be Awesome In This New Job

Unfortunately, success in one role doesnt necessarily translate to being a fit in another roleand to convince the interviewer that youll be able to hit the ground running and be awesome in the new job, you must explain how your skills translate. In particular, you want to highlight those skills that specifically address the issues that the hiring manager is facing.

To understand those issues, conduct industry research prior to the interview. Are there certain themes that come up again and again in job descriptions in your field, like being a shark at sales or a detail-oriented perfectionist? Also, listen closely to what the interviewer is askingoften, shell ask leading questions or share challenges that others before you have had in the role.

For example, say the interviewer asks, We have tight deadlines and have to turn around our projects quickly. Can you work under time pressure?

Dont just say yesgive a response that showcases your skills and how theyd transfer, like: Absolutely. In my last job, we often had short deadlines. I was great at managing these situations because I focused on consistent communication with the team, and used my organization skills to stay on top of everything we had going on. Then, provide a specific example.

Why Do You Want To Work Remotely

This might seem like a fairly straightforward question, but you’ll want to carefully consider your answer. You don’t want to just talk about wearing pajamas and lounging on the couch all day. Oftentimes, that’s not what remote work looks like. And if you’re a parent, you probably don’t want to mention that it’s a good opportunity to work but also keep an eye on your kid.

Instead, focus on what will make you a good remote worker. Do you find you’re more productive working from home? Do you have more opportunities for deep work? Do you live somewhere that doesn’t offer many opportunities in your field?

Here’s an example of how someone could answer this question:

“I’ve worked on several big projects from my home office, and I’ve found I’m much more productive. It’s easier for me to focus without the distractions of an office, and I have more opportunities to really dive into my work and think critically.”

You can also provide a specific example of a time you’ve had success working from home.

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Direct Them To Your Personal Branding Website

Say whaaat? Personal branding website?

Oh what, you didnt know one of the best new strategies that all the best job seekers are employing?

Its true, having your own personal branding website can be one of the most powerful tools you use as part of your job search.

Why? Well there are dozens of reasons, but most importantly, a personal website will allow you to impress hiring managers, differentiate yourself from your competitors, increase your visibility online and create a hub for your personal brand online.

Not to mention it lets you show off so much more of your personality than your resume or cover letter can. And this is absolutely HUGE for someone having a phone interview, when the name of the game is standing out and being memorable.

What do you think is more memorable? Someone who submits their resume and cover letter and then answers a few questions over the phone or someone who does all of the above and then directs the hiring manager over to their website, allowing them to receive the many benefits I listed above?

Its a no brainer and heres a little secret.

Its not that hard.

Especially since I made a blog post for you that shows you exactly how to do it, How To Set Up Your Personal Website In Under 15 Minutes. This blog post will hold your hand through the process and make it brain-dead easy for you, even if you are terrible at using computers.

Use Engaged Body Language

THE ROCK (Dwayne Johnson) Interview

Similar to the power poses, using engaged body language during the interview is going to help you answer with confidence and energy. Even if the call is just over the phone, the right posture will help you sound more friendly, open and sure of yourself.

On the flip side, slouching can cause you to feel tired and want to be done. Crossing your arms or your legs will look like you arent fully engaged and can actually cause a kind of mental block that makes it hard to really take in the information.

Pro Tip: Make sure you are sitting up straight with your shoulders back and head up. This is something you will want to practice when you are getting your spot picked out. Make sure that your computer or camera is positioned at eye level, so you dont have to lean over or duck down to get in the frame. You may need to place it on a box or stand to get it to the perfect height.

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How To Rock An Interview: Advice From A Ceo Headhunter

Some people are at ease during an interview, deftly fielding questions with finesse and finishing with a positive first-impression, while others need a little help. That help is here: CEO headhunter James Critinwho’s got more than 10,000 interviews under his belt and placed 600 top executives in his tenure, according to Business Insidergave his best knock-their-socks-off interview advice this weekend on . Here it is.

“It turns out,” writes the headhunter and author of The Career Playbook: Essential Advice for Today’s Aspiring Young Professional and Lessons from the Top: The 5 Patterns of Extraordinary Careers, “that whether you are interviewing for an internship, a public company CEO , or anything in between, the keys to effective interviewing are surprisingly the same. Knowingly or not, first impressions are lasting impressions for many interviewers, so establishing an immediate bridge and having a strong answer to the first question is essential.” But more than a strong literal answer to an interviewer’s question, he writes, “it’s far better to weave the answers into a narrative that tell a story about who you are and how you can be the solution to the hiring organization’s problems.”

Have you employed any of these tips at a job interview? How well did they work for you?

Common Job Interview Questions

To prepare for your interview, consider your answers for some common questions in advance. Below are five questions you are likely to receive in a job interview.

  • Can you tell me about yourself?
  • What are your greatest strengths and weaknesses?
  • Why do you want this position?
  • Why are you leaving your job?
  • Why should the company hire you?

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Practice And Prepare Your Questions For The Interviewer

Usually one of the first questions is So tell me about yourself. Practice how you are going to present yourself and your skills. Make sure you make the right connections between what the position is about and what you have done before in terms of work experience and education. You want to sound confident and fluent, ready to take on this challenge. Practice the types of questions you might get asked about for example your hard and soft skills. You want to be prepared and come across as competent. Last but not least, practice the questions you are going to ask the interviewer. Maybe have a friend do a mock video interview with you beforehand.

Learning More About The Interviewer And The Company

How to Rock the Interview
  • 1Learn more about your interviewer before the interview. Google your interviewer to discover more information about them, and search on the website of the company that you’ll be interviewing for to see if you can find any information about your interviewer.XResearch source
  • Also search for your interviewer on social media sites, such as LinkedIn, and learn if you have any common interests or if your interviewer has won any media awards that you can discuss.
  • Small talk can help break the ice, make you feel more comfortable with each other, and avoid awkward silences.XResearch source
  • If you haven’t been told who you’ll be interviewing with, nicely ask the recruiter or hiring manager who scheduled your interview if they can tell you who will be conducting your interview.
  • 2Discover the company’s culture. Find out what you can about the company’s culture and style, and during your interview, be prepared to share why you think you would be a good fit within the company.XResearch source
  • Review the company’s website to find out more information about the company, and peruse the company’s social media sites to see the company’s latest news and updates.
  • 3View the company’s most recent work. You need to be familiar with the company’s publications so that you can intelligently discuss the company’s work and better articulate why you would fit in well with the company during your interview.
  • If you’re interviewing for a media company that creates films or videos, view their latest works.
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