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Director Product Management Interview Questions

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What Is The Best Hiring Process To Recruit Product Manager

PRODUCT MANAGER Interview Questions & Answers! (Interview TIPS, Strategies Sample ANSWERS!)

There isn’t a single answer to this question as the best hiring process for recruiting a Product Manager will vary depending on the specific needs of the company. However, some tips on how to hire a Product Manager effectively include identifying key qualities that are essential for the role, using recruiting tools such as social media and online job boards, and conducting interviews that assess a candidate’s ability to perform the tasks required of the role.

How Does Your Design Process Typically Begin

This question can help your interviewer or interviewing committee understand your approach to beginning the product design process. This may be important depending on whether the company has process protocols in place. When sharing how you typically begin your design process, you might share multiple approaches to highlight your adaptability.

Example:”I typically begin my product design process with research and analysis. This helps me understand what other competitors are doing with their products and the perceptions consumers have about them. I also try to use this information to help identify challenges consumers face so I can ideate how to solve them.”

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What Main Changes Would You Make To

Why theyre asking: Pointing out flaws in someone elses work isnt the most comfortable conversation to have. This is a mini-test on how you deliver feedback, whilst also testing your awareness of the product.

What they want to know: This isnt a trick question. They really want to know how you would improve their product. Try to use your PM thinking skills to unpack this question. While you dont have access to the data to back up your suggestions, you should be in a position to come up with a hypothesis.

For example, if youre interviewing at Spotify, you might suggest adding a chat feature in order to easily share songs between friends, because you have personal experience of having to send links to friends via WhatsApp, which doesnt make for the smoothest experience. Talk about how youd find out if others had the same problem, and how youd approach solving the problem in a user-focused way.

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How Proficient Are You With The X Tool

Interviewers ask this question to understand how much training the candidate would need to work at the same pace as the team.

Most companies mention the tools and software they use on the job description for the candidate to understand the required skill set.

Read the description carefully to be able to match your skills with the proficiency expected by the company.

Can You Describe A Scenario When You Had To Prioritize Tasks

Template: Product Manager Interview Questions

Product managers will have many spinning plates in the air and have to be able to manage all of them simultaneously to get the job done.

Since you cant really test them out for fear of watching all those plates come crashing down, your best bet is to hear a story from them about how they managed many different responsibilities successfully.

Keep in mind, the story doesnt have to relate 1:1 to product management. Effectively juggling tasks in other contexts will do. Prioritization is a transferable skill.

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Question : A Question About Your Product

Theyve seen the solution , and now you want to know if they can identify the customer problem its solving. Its time to flip the script and let them show off their product management skills.

Its also a chance to see if theyve done their homework and understand what youre trying to do. I want to know that they not only understand the concept but that they get the actual application. If they werent curious enough to dig into the job theyre interviewing for, will the candidate go the extra mile to communicate with the team effectively?

Your product is a solution designed to address a customer challenge. How much of that customer problem could they intuit from the website or checking out the product itself?

We have an unfair advantage at ProductPlan since product managers are our actual customers. So theres no excuse here if a candidate isnt familiar with the customer problems were trying to solve. Ill often ask them more pointed questions given that familiarity, such as probing into what additional value we could provide their product management team or what other opportunities and challenges lie ahead for us given their intimate understanding of the space.

Learn how to grow a successful product team:

As A Product Manager How Would You Enable Effective Communication With The Engineering Team

As a product manager, I would make sure that I put across the vision of the product clearly along with a detailed market scenario and limitations.

For effective communication, I would:

  • Make data-driven decisions to avoid disagreement on the product.
  • Communicate challenges at hand and let the engineering team do the problem-solving.
  • Ensure clear and frequent communication with the engineering team
  • Help in resolving product-related issues to make it easier for the engineering team.
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    How Should Product Managers Prepare For Interview Round

    Products are the companys lifeline, and product managers play a critical role in transforming an idea into a physical entity . Hence, the role of product managers is no less than that of the Chief Operating Officer of a company. They are the chief who critically examine and transform a product from an idea into a thing that holds power to change the lives of their users.

    The sudden technological boom might have outshone other professions, but not product managers. Their work, from monitoring the market to representing the user, analyzing product management strategies to communicating with stakeholders and customers, cannot be automated. In fact, the current complexity of businesses is creating a pool of opportunities for skilled product managers who can tackle business risks and challenging situations.

    If you have extensive experience as a product manager, then now is your time to shine. And, for novice product managers, heres how to become a successful product manager with the right preparation.

    Strategies & Examples For Background Questions

    The Top 10 Product Manager Interview Questions (And How To Answer Them)

    The purpose of background questions is to make the candidate feel comfortable while also providing them with the chance to introduce themselves and talk about their background, qualifications, and why they are interested in the particular role.

    These questions should be easy to answer, as the interviewer is asking the candidate things that they already know.

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    Learn The Question Types

    The questions you’ll be asked in PM interviews can be boiled down into five broad question types. Below you’ll find a break-down of these five question types, showing their frequency of use at the four leading tech companies.

    Note: the below numbers come from a previous analysis we conducted using interview data from

    If you’re not familiar with these question types, don’t worry, we have plenty of examples later in this article that should help to make things more clear. But first, you may know of some other product manager interview questions that you don’t see in the image above. For example, estimation, algorithm, or metric change questions.

    We actually consider these other questions to be sub-types of the five question types mentioned above. Here’s a detailed break-down:

    Using the information above, you should be able to identify the question types that are most relevant for your situation. This will help you to be more strategic with your preparation.

    Now, you’re going to have 2 main options for how to proceed:

  • You can do general preparation for PM interviews
  • You can focus on preparing for a specific company
  • If you want to do general preparation for PM interviews , then you can continue on to step 3 below to begin practicing with some example questions.

    And, if you’re not sure exactly what you want to do, then continue on to step 3 below. It never hurts to start thinking about some practice questions!

    How Do You Control And Avoid Scope Creep

    Two of the scariest words in the project world are scope creep. When the feature set keeps growing, and stakeholders move the target over and over, any product development project is more likely to fail. Budgets will spiral out of control, or the requirements become so complex they simply wont fit together. Its a nightmare in the making.

    Many hiring managers want to make sure that candidates have strategies for keeping scope creep at bay, so you should be ready to showcase how you make that happen.


    If a request is out of scope and would have a significant impact on the timeline or budget, I let the person asking for the feature addition that it doesnt fall into scope. I outline the overall impact the new request could have, including timeline delays, budget implications, and risk increases. Often, scope creep puts projects in jeopardy, and I would make that clear in a professional manner. Then, I would provide additional information about how they can have their request assessed in the future, potentially allowing it to be added to a future project.


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    Product Strategy Interview Questions

    Like product design interview questions, strategy questions are another critical component of the product manager interview.

    Good Questions To Ask At The End Of A Product Manager Interview

    Product Manager Second

    In a job interview its always a good idea to turn the tables now and then. The hiring manager will typically give you a chance to ask some of your own questions. By doing so, you can assert your interest in the role and find out if the job is actually a great fit for you. Dont squander the opportunity.

    If you arent entirely sure what you should ask, here are five amazing questions that are worth having at the ready:

  • What is the greatest challenge the company is facing right now? How can this role help resolve it?
  • Can you tell me about the most common challenge product managers face here? Do you have any tips to help me overcome them?
  • What does a typical day as a product manager here look like?
  • Is there something that your best product managers have in common? What about your least successful ones?
  • What is the most common negative feedback customers product about the companys products? Are any efforts being made to resolve them?
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    Q What Are The Qualities That Make A Product Great

    Product management is the process of planning, developing, and distributing a product. And product managers play a vital role in the product management process. Hence, they need to be well-versed in the whole process from ideation to the development of a final product. Interviewers ask this question to check your understanding of KPIs and product management strategies. Therefore, while answering the question, include points like demand and product features.

    Additional Personal Product Manager Interview Questions

    Tell us about yourself.
    What aspects of the product management process excite you?
    Why should we hire you?
    Why do you want to work at our company?
    What do you do for fun?
    Where do you see your career in five years?
    To be successful in a product management role, what do you need from your manager?
    As a Product Manager, how do you define success?
    Please tell us about the best idea youve ever had as a Product Manager? How about the worst?
    What interests you about a product management role?
    What is your top quality as a Product Manager?

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    How Do You Decide On The Price Of A Product

    To determine the price of a product, I would choose an effective pricing strategy to make it cost-effective.

    I would assess the market and target audience followed by a research on the pricing structure of competitors.

    3 important inclusions here would be:

  • Variable costs- Cost of goods sold, Production, Packaging, marketing costs and shipping.
  • Fixed Costs- unavoidable expenses like rent, electricity, salaries of employees, etc.
  • Profit margin- The profit company aims to make per unit.
  • How Do You Prioritize Tasks

    Facebook Product Manager Mock Interview: Facebook Movies

    Prioritization in product management is the systematic process of assessing the relative significance of work, ideas, and requests to minimize wasteful practices and provide customer value as soon as feasible, given a range of restrictions.

    This question tests how you communicate the primary issues that your organization is attempting to tackle and the sequence in which they must address them.

    Whats more, the interviewer wants to know if your roadmap provides enough flexibility to allow for prioritization changes throughout the product development process. Explain how you allocate time and resources to achieve long and short-term goals by their deadlines, setting clear expectations along the way.

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    Top 6 Strategies Companies Use To Recruit Product Manager

    There is no one answer to this question as different companies will have different strategies for recruiting product managers. However, some common strategies that companies use to recruit product managers include posting job listings online, attending industry events, conducting searches through professional networking sites, and using recruitment agencies. Additionally, companies may also look to promote from within their organization or reach out to individuals who have previously worked on similar products.

    Before you continue

    Go Beyond The Problem The Company Is Trying To Solve

    Im sure youve heard that you should research the companies where youre interviewing, though I encourage you to go one step forward. Answer these questions:

    • Who is the products customer?
    • Why would they use the product?
    • Why wouldnt they use a competitors product?
    • How does the customer measure success?
    • How does the product team measure success?

    Spend some time really thinking through these questions and write down the answers. Its okay if your assumptions are wrong. This is all about getting in the mindset of the products PM before you start the interview.

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    How Would You Prioritize Product Development When You Have Two Important Things To Do But Can Only Do One

    I would divide the tasks in the first level and second-level priority keeping in mind the urgency, time it will consume and Return of Investment .

    I would also adopt a systematic process for assigning time and resources for product development at hand so that the backlog can be cleared at the earliest.

    Strategies & Examples For Strategic Thinking Questions

    Product marketing manager interview questions

    Strategic thinking questions deal with the why, how, and what of a product. They are open-ended and have no right or wrong answer.

    Questions such as, What should company X do next? Why should company X acquire company Y and Should company X enter a new market? all qualify as strategic questions.

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    More Product Manager Interview Questions

    Here are 20 more product manager interview questions many candidates encounter:

  • How would you define a great customer experience?
  • If you had full control over the project, what would you do to improve our product?
  • How can you tell if a product is well designed?
  • Can you tell me about a product that you use daily? How would you improve it?
  • Tell me about a time when you had to say no to a team members idea.
  • What aspect of product management is the most frustrating?
  • If it were up to you, how would you price our products?
  • When choosing team members, do you favor technical expertise or soft skills?
  • Tell me about a time when you had to motivate a frustrated team.
  • How would you rate your project management skills? Would your past team members say the same?
  • What approach do you use to ensure that stakeholders who arent as savvy about the technical aspects of the product remain thoroughly informed?
  • Tell me about a time when you relied heavily on data to make a decision
  • If its clear that a project is falling behind, what do you do to get it back on target?
  • How do you develop a product launch strategy?
  • Do you have any technical skills that you believe set you apart from others in the field?
  • Tell me about the hardest decision youve had to make when developing a product.
  • Discuss a time where a product project you were working on experienced a failure. What did you do to recover or learn from the experience?
  • What are your go-to approaches for market research?
  • What Would You Do First If We Hired You

    This product manager interview question is one of the most essential on this list.

    It will reveal firstly, if the candidate has researched your company and product at all and if theyve prepared ideas for improvement ready for execution on day one.

    Youll also see how ambitious or reserved they are. How much hand-holding they may need. And how realistic their expectations are for the future. Youll even get a sense of what they prioritize: function, design, or something else.

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    What Type Of Work Environment Do You Prefer To Work In

    This question usually isn’t really about discovering your personal preferences but about finding out if you have researched their company to know about their work environment. If they hire you, you will need to adjust to their company culture. To gain insight into their company culture, take time to review their social media and that of their employees, if available. Make a note of their interactions with each other and with clients and customers. Use the information to frame your answer.

    Example:”I prefer a work environment that encourages a polite exchange of ideas. We don’t have to agree on everything, but we can agree to disagree amicably.”

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