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How To Answer Technical Interview Questions

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TECHNICAL SUPPORT Interview Questions & Answers! (How to PASS a Technical Support Job interview!)

This one is about integrity and logical thinking. Of course the employer wants to hear that you’d own up to your mistake, but why?

Honesty is great, but could that mistake lead to bigger problems, such as costly delays in the projects or more errors down the line? Owning up shows that you’re a team player with the big picture in mind.

Which Programming Languages Are You Most Familiar With

Many technology or IT jobs require in-depth knowledge of one or more programming languages. The most common programming languages used include Java, Ruby, and Python. You can answer this question using the STAR method or by rating your skill level for each programming language.

Example answer:I would say that I am most familiar with Java, as this is the programming language I used on a daily basis in my previous position. In my last job, I was required to create several application interfaces using Java to ensure a user-friendly experience on all platforms. I am also fairly familiar with Python and used this programming language several times in my previous positions.

Why Did You Change Your Career Path

If you recently changed your career path, the interviewer is sure to ask about it.

Dont worry – theres nothing wrong with this.

A lot of people go through a career change. Some even do it several times in their lifetime!

As long as youre good at what you do, no one cares if you were a pediatrician in one year, and a professional chef in another.

When asked this question, all you have to do is answer truthfully. Explain how your old job just wasnt for you, and how the job youre applying for is so much more interesting.

Possible answers:

  • Sample Answer

I realized that being a doctor is not for me. While I did enjoy my 3 years in med school, the 6 year study period was too much.

I wanted to start making money and help out my family way before that, so I dropped out of university and started taking online courses in accounting.

At this point, Im pretty good at it, having done 2 internships so far in and .

  • Sample Answer 2

Simply because I enjoy doing sales much more than accounting. After 5 years of working as an accountant for Firm X, I decided I wanted to try something new.

I asked my boss at the time to let me transition to the sales team, and I ended up liking it AND being pretty good at it.

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Tell Me About The Last Product You Sold As If I Were A Potential Customer

This question serves to evaluate your sales technique and communication skills. In your answer, focus on the product features your interviewer will value. Ask some open-ended questions to get a sense of your interviewers relevant pain points, and explain how the product is uniquely equipped to resolve those issues.

Ask the interviewer about previous experiences with similar products, and highlight how this product adds value in a way that competitor products do not. Probing for information about their past experiences will also help you uncover key objections that youll need to isolate and address in order to push the sale forward.

How Do You Explain Technical Concepts To People Without Technical Backgrounds Give An Example

Technical Interview Questions

Tech companies are made up of lots of people with different backgrounds. Sales, marketing, and even management won’t always have strong technical knowledge. However, they’ll need to understand concepts and projects relevant to their work.

Practice taking technical, difficult-to-grasp concepts and describing them so that someone who doesnât have your technical knowledge will understand them.

Technical interview questions of this type are a test of your communication skills and your ability to translate complex issues to others. Even if you havenât had to communicate technical concepts in a professional setting, this is an important skill to have.

Example answer:

“I have a lot of practice explaining technical concepts from talking to my parents. They call me asking all sorts of questions about the internet and WiFi, TV, and other appliances around the house.

With my mother and with non-technical workmates, I tend to use analogies to help them visualize concepts. If that doesn’t work, I look at introductory videos and see how they explain these topics. Then I take another run at explaining the idea.”

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How Do You Find The Largest And Smallest Number In An Unsorted Integer Array

From Faceprep:

Method 1: Traverse the array iteratively and keep track of the smallest and largest element until the end of the array.Method 2: Traverse the array recursively and keep track of the smallest and largest element until the end of the array. Method 3: Sort the array using STL and return the first element as the smallest element and the last element as the largest element.

For example, consider the array.arr = Smallest element : 1

From Eric Elliot at JavaScript Scene:

A closure is the combination of a function bundled together with references to its surrounding state . In other words, a closure gives you access to an outer functions scope from an inner function. In JavaScript, closures are created every time a function is created, at function creation time.

To use a closure, define a function inside another function and expose it. To expose a function, return it or pass it to another function.

The inner function will have access to the variables in the outer function scope, even after the outer function has returned.

Top Technical Job Interview Questions For Experienced & Fresher Candidates

“By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.” â Benjamin Franklin.

Even tech masterminds can have a tough day during rigorous and intimidating technical rounds, especially if they do not know what to expect. In this epic compilation of the most common technical interview questions, you will find the key to conquer this dreaded round and best showcase your skills and experience.

Stick to this blog for the next few minutes and prepare yourself for the test of life.

Here’s what this article will cover:

  • What is a technical interview?
  • How to answer technical interview questions
  • Commonly asked technical interview questions
  • How to prepare for your technical interview?
  • What is a technical interview?

    A technical interview is a role-specific interview round that assesses if the candidate is the right fit for the job. Technical interview questions can range from logic tests to behavioral reasoning and brain teasers.

    Unlike popular belief, a technical interview’s purpose is not to frighten you with impossible questions and riddles. Instead, it is a test of how you will perform in a real-life situation and tackle the daily challenges you are expected to face in the said job.

    How to answer technical interview questions

    The dreaded technical round is a field day for hiring managers. Not only do they get to test the candidate’s technical proficiency, but they also get to see the creativity and methodology prospective employees use to tackle real-life scenarios.

    Here’s a secretâ¦

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    General Technical Interview Questions

    The general technical interview questions that you encounter during the interview will be from different categories. These include technical education and training interview questions, behavioural interview questions, situational interview questions and technical knowledge and experience interview questions. Here we will find out why such questions are a mainstay of technical interviews and get an idea of what employers look for in prospective employees.


    Common Technical Interview Questions

    How to Answer in Technical Interview (Best Technical Interview tips)

    If you are considering a career in the tech industry, it is important to know that a technical interview is often very different from any other traditional job interview. Technical interviews typically include behavioral questions, situational questions and technical problem-solving questions.

    Whether you are just starting out in the technical field or are a seasoned professional, knowing the types of questions to expect during a technical interview can help you prepare your answers carefully to showcase your skills and experience.

    In this article, we discuss the most common interview questions asked during a technical interview with tips and example answers for technical questions.

    Key takeaways:

    • Interviewers ask technical questions to learn your skill levels and how you process information.

    • Prepare to discuss your approach and explain your reasoning.

    • If necessary, ask for a moment to collect your thoughts. Ask clarifying questions if needed.

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    In this video, we break down the intentions behind employer’s questions and shares strategies for crafting strong responses.

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    Questions About Your It Methodology

    Questions about your IT methodology demonstrate you have the knowledge required to do the job successfully.

    1. Describe your process for deployment to a production environment.

    In software development, deploying code changes to production requires adept professionals to combine technical skills with attention to detail. For example, a small oversight like deleting a folder on one server but not the other places it exists can result in a loss of useable features for a web application in production. For that reason, your methods of deployment are important. This question allows an excellent opportunity to impress the person you are speaking with by displaying your technical knowledge.

    Example:When preparing for deployment, I start with preplanning strategies. During the implementation, I automate where possible, and make sure to document every change accounting for production setup and configurations. I will also ensure a monitoring and logging system is active in the production environment in advance of deployment.

    In my last role, almost all of the production deployment process was manual, initially. I saw this as an opportunity and started automating deployment tasks wherever I could. This led to faster, more accurate deployment and a 5% increase in overall production.

    2. How do you feel about Agile? Explain its benefits and drawbacks.

    Other questions about IT methodology

    Here are five more examples of interview questions:

    What Would Your First 30 60 Or 90 Days Look Like In This Role

    Your potential future boss wants to know that youve done your research, given some thought to how youd get started, and would be able to take initiative if hired. So think about what information and aspects of the company and team youd need to familiarize yourself with and which colleagues youd want to sit down and talk to. You can also suggest one possible starter project to show youd be ready to hit the ground running and contribute early on. This wont necessarily be the thing you do first if you do get the job, but a good answer shows that youre thoughtful and that you care.

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    Review The Job Description

    Before arriving at the interview, ensure you’ve thoroughly reviewed the job description and understand the primary duties and responsibilities of the position. This information helps you focus your responses to highlight the essential qualities that the company is searching for in a candidate. You can also use this information to tailor your answers by providing specific examples of these skills in action.

    What Metrics Do You Use To Measure Your Technical Recruiting Process

    Tcs technical interview questions

    Your response to this question allows the interviewer to see how you track your performance and measure your success. Highlight your analytical skills by describing how you measure your hiring rate or another metric that helps you evaluate your success.

    Example:”The two biggest metrics I use to track my overall success are time-to-fill and time-to-hire measurements that have had an excellent impact on my efficiencies recruiting technical candidates. When I measured these two metrics in my last company, I found that a majority of the hiring process was spent on reviewing applications. I implemented an automated system for talent outreach to streamline this process and reduce the time to hire.”

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    How Would Your Boss Or Coworkers Describe You

    This question is pretty much the same as what are your greatest strengths, the only difference is that it should be from the point of view from your boss or coworkers.

    Here, you want to focus on your traits and achievements that youve previously been praised for .

    There are at least 2 ways to answer this question:

    1) Describe a specific situation where you excelled at work

    Sample Answer

    Theyd say Im super hard working. During my weekend-off, not one, but three of my coworkers got sick, and I had to spot for them.

    The weekend was peak season in Nantucket, so the restaurant was getting seriously overwhelmed. All of a sudden, we went from being very prepared for the season, to complete panic.

    Had to jump between serving, bussing, and line-cooking, but overall, managed to survive through the weekend successfully.

    2) Quote a performance review

    If youve previously worked in an office job, youre probably all too familiar with these.

    Did your boss give you a glowing performance review? Make sure to mention it here!

    Sample answer:

    Well, in my last performance review in September, my boss described me as someone who takes initiative.

    My position as a PR manager involves constantly keeping track of our clients brand reputation, and if something goes wrong, dealing with it as fast as possible.

    In a lot of cases, you need to be very proactive – if you wait for your entire team to have a meeting on how to deal with the issue, it might already be too late.

    What Kind Of Tech Projects Do You Work On In Your Spare Time

    If you havent already picked up on it, passion goes a long way in tech almost everyone I spoke to for this article mentioned it at some point.

    Kevin Hayen, CTO of Lets Be Chefs, considers self-directed creative work a critical piece of assessing entry-level applicants and veteran candidates alike. The way an interviewee answers these types of questions shows Hayen what in tech they are really passionate about or if they even are passionate about tech in the first place.

    It doesnt matter what your hobby is: Talk it up with all the genuine enthusiasm you have. Like many of these questions, its not the actual answer that interests Kevin he says he doesnt care if the answer is open source, DIY, or even just playing around.

    Hayen says that this question also helps him figure out how the candidate might fit into a particular team and what bonus skills they might bring to the company things you didnt even think to add to your resume but will make you a more well-rounded applicant.

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    Incorporate Hard And Soft Skills In Answers

    People in IT have responsibilities like troubleshooting problems, preparing user access, monitoring and securing networks and upgrading and installing systems. For this reason, its important during the interview to display both hard and soft skills.To do this, you should include personal experiences where possible.

    When using personal experiences to answer an interview question, remember the

    • Situation: Take a positive approach to, briefly explain a unique IT experience.

    • Task: Describe the role you played in the scenario.

    • Action: Explain the steps you took to overcome the obstacle.

    • Result: Explain the outcome, including what you may have learned.

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    How Do You Explain Technical Information To People Without The Same Background As You

    TECHNICAL Job Interview Questions And Answers!

    Even if you work in a technical role, not all of your colleagues or clients will have the same knowledge. So, employers ask this question to assess your communication skills and your ability to be patient when explaining technical information. You should be able to simplify complicated information so anyone can understand your work.

    Example:”When explaining technical information to non-technical people, I don’t use any industry terms. Instead, I explain my process or ideas thoroughly, answering questions as I go. I ensure people feel comfortable to tell me when they don’t understand, so I can adjust what I’m explaining. If I can, I use visuals to explain a process or idea. For example, I show clients and management my mechanical designs and explain each aspect to ensure they can follow along.”

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    What Is Your Ideal Work Environment

    Teamwork and collaboration between different departments play a significant role in the successful completion of projects. Interview questions like this are asked particularly to know where you stand when it comes to working as a team.

    Your answer should make it clear that you are comfortable working in a collaborative environment. Explain your work process and how it helps in teamwork.

    Example: I believe the best results can be achieved through teamwork. So, I follow a work process that supports easy collaboration between team members even if I am working remotely. I use different tools to ensure better communication.

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    What Is A San And How Is It Used

    This interview question is testing your technical knowledge related to a specific network you will need to be familiar with to be successful in your role. When answering this question, it is important to clearly define what SAN stands for, what it does and how you would use it in the role you are applying to.

    Example:”SAN stands for a Storage Area Network. This is a high-speed, specialized network that gives block-level network access to storage. SANs are used to improve application availability, enhance performance, increase storage utilization and effectiveness and improve data security and protection.”

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    Example Technical Interview Questions And Answers

    In a technical interview, an employer might show a candidate a wiring diagram or a line of computer code, for example, and expect instant analysis.

    Aside from industry-specific questions, these example questions are indicative of what you might encounter:

    A. What is the degree angle between the hour and minute hand of a clock at 09:45?

    B. What is 175 x 186?

    C. How many lamp posts are there in London?

    D. Why are doors rectangular?

    E. How many tennis balls can you fit into a Ford Fiesta?

    F. Describe the colour blue to a blind person.

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