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How To Crack Scrum Master Interview

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How Are Epic User Story And Tasks Different From One Another In The Context Of Scrum

Top Scrum Interview Questions And Answers | Scrum Master Interview Questions | Simplilearn
  • Epic – It is something so large that it will almost certainly not fit into a sprint, is unclear in terms of client requirements, and should be split down into stories. Epics are often defined at the early stages of product road mapping and then broken into stories in the product backlog when additional information becomes available.
  • User Story – A story is anything actionable that can be fit into a sprint. These are INVEST criteria-based story points and definitions. By the end of an iteration, stories should give a vertical slice of functionality to the client that is both valuable and complete. Typically, stories are developed throughout the product development process, particularly prior to iteration planning and throughout higher-level product road mapping.
  • Task – They are the decomposed parts of a story that define how the story will be finished. If needed, tasks can be estimated by the hour. Tasks are typically defined by the individuals who execute the job, whereas stories and epics are typically developed by the customer. Because tasks are temporary, they are produced within the confines of an iteration.

How Do You Help In Picking Up The Good User Stories For The Team Members

As a Scrum Master, one of the responsibilities is to help the team pulling up the backlog for a sprint which is already prioritized and pulling items which are placed on the top . Once, the team is able to identify items that can add value from the pile of requirements, the Scrum Master can help them to convert them into good user stories .

A good user story is one which includes a description and has acceptance criteria defined. It should be a piece which can be delivered in a sprint and entails minimum dependencies. The team should be able to develop and test within the boundaries of the sprint along with providing the estimates. In short, good user stories follow the INVEST principle.

  • Independent – Reduced dependencies
  • Negotiable – Describes the functionality, can be negotiated between the Team and PO
  • Valuable – Provides value to the customer
  • Estimable – Too big or too vague = not estimable
  • Small – Can be done in a Sprint by the team
  • Testable – Good acceptance criteria

The scrum master can help the team in creating good user stories during the backlog refinement or sprint planning so that the team can pick them up for the commitment.

Do You Expect Experienced Team Members To Wait Until The Completion Of The Next Stand

Agile talks about continuous interaction and collaboration between the scrum team. The team members should NOT wait until the next daily scrum to ask for help, in this way, they are introducing delays in the process which will impact the overall sprint goal. If there is an obstacle, it should be raised then and there. In a sprint planning, the team commits the sprint items as per their capacity.

For example, I have 50 hours of committed work but due to some blocker, I got stuck. Now, if I wait to talk about it the next day or next daily scrum, I am wasting my workable hours which could have been resolved by raising it then and there. The question also specifically calls out for the experienced team members which means if the experienced members are resorting to waiting, then it sends the wrong message to other team members. Such behavior within the team also portrays hidden conflicts or team members hesitating to talk. The Scrum Master should help the team in understanding the importance of real-time discussions, and promote healthy dialogue between the scrum team. Even the Scrum Master can come up with some team-building activities to make the team collaborate more efficiently.

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What Does Dod Mean What Is Its Usage

DoD stands for “Definition of Done.” It specifies a collection of deliverables, including written codes, comments on coding, unit tests, integration testing, design documents, release notes, etc. It is formed by a list of tasks that define the work’s quality. It is used to decide whether an activity from the Sprint backlog is completed.

DoD is beneficial to scrum while identifying the deliverables to achieve the objective of the projects.

Following is the list of its essential usages:

  • To define the steps required to deliver the iteration.
  • To use appropriate tools such as burndown to make the process more effective.
  • To ensure on-time feedback throughout the project life cycle.
  • To ensure that the walkthrough of the product backlog items is done and understood correctly.
  • To ensure that the DoD is defined to become task-oriented.
  • To create the checklist for the product backlog items.
  • To involve the product owner for reviewing during the Sprint and sprint retrospective.

What Sort Of Person Do You Need To Be A Great Scrum Master

Top 40 Agile Scrum Master Interview Questions &  Answers

The following is a quite comprehensive list of attitudes and skills that contribute to being a great Scrum Master of course you dont have to meet this entire list to be a great Scrum Master consider it as some inspiration on areas you might want to research.

  • Has faith in self-organization. A great Scrum Master understands the power of a self-organizing team. Attributes of self-organizing teams are that employees reduce their dependency on management and increase ownership of the work.
  • Values rhythm. A great Scrum Master understands the value of a steady Sprint rhythm and does everything to create and maintain it. The Sprint rhythm should become the teams heartbeat, which doesnt cost any energy. Everyone knows the date, time and purpose of every Scrum event.
  • Knows the power of silence. A great Scrum Master knows how to truly listen and is comfortable with silence. He/she is aware of the three levels of listening and knows how to use them.
  • Observes. A great Scrum Master observes his team with their daily activities. He/she does not have an active role within every session for example, the daily Scrum is done by the team itself.
  • Great Scrum Masters share experiences with peers. This might be within the organisation, but also seminars and conferences are a great way to share experiences and gather knowledge.
  • Prevent impediments. A great Scrum Master not only resolves impediments, but he also prevents them.
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    Learn Agile Scrum Master Certification Course & Advance Your Career

    51) What are the different artifacts in scrum?


    There are two artifacts maintained in Scrum:

    • Product Backlog: Containing the prioritized list of business requirements
    • Sprint Backlog: Contains the user stories to be done by the scrum team for a sprint.

    52) How do you define a user story?


    The user stories are defined in the format of

    • As a < User / type of user>
    • I want to < action/feature to implement>
    • So that < objective>

    53) So in scrum, which entity is responsible for the deliverables? Scrum Master or Product Owner?


    Neither the scrum master, not the product owner. Its the responsibility of the team who owns the deliverable.

    54) How do you create the Burn-Down chart?


    • Burn-down chart is a graph that shows the estimated v/s actual effort of the scrum tasks.
    • It is a tracking mechanism by which for a particular sprint day to day tasks are tracked to check whether the stories are progressing towards the completion of the committed story points or not. Here, we should remember that the efforts are measured in terms of user stories and not hours.

    55) Do you see any disadvantage of using scrum?


    I dont see any disadvantage of using scrum. The problems mainly arise when the scrum team do not either understand the values and principles of the scrum or are not flexible enough to change.

    56) During Review, suppose the product owner or stakeholder does not agree to the feature you implemented what would you do?








    Comparative Agile Scrum Interview Questions

    Whatever is the field of job, interviewers prefer to ask one or more comparative or difference-based questions. The questions may be from the currently used or previously used technologies. So, here we represent some comparative agile scrum interview questions.

    35. What is the difference between the agile & traditional way of working?

    Answer: This question is to judge whether one is aware of the environment of the agile way of working. Here the answer is expected to cover few or all of below:

    • The traditional way is sequential where design-> Development-> Testing etc. happens one after another whereas in agile all of this is done in every iteration/sprint
    • Changes are welcomed in agile as Scope is flexible whereas in traditional manner scope is fixed in the beginning due to which changes have to follow change request path
    • Progress is measured with % completion traditionally whereas working software is the measure of progress in agile
    • Project Manager as a central controlling authority is traditionally driving the project whereas Self-motivated and self-organizing teams drive the projects in agile

    36. What is the difference between Sprint Planning Meeting and Sprint Retrospective Meeting?

    Answer: The difference between Sprint Planning Meeting and Sprint Retrospective Meeting is as follows:

    This is one of the frequently asked Agile Scrum interview questions. You may be asked to define the above terms separately or the difference between these two.

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    What Questions Are Asked In Scrum Master Interview

    Scrum Master Interview Questions

  • Define the roles in Scrum? …
  • What are the responsibilities of the Scrum Team? …
  • Differentiate Between Agile and Scrum. …
  • What are the Artifacts of the Scrum Process? …
  • How are the Product and Sprint Backlog different from One Another? …
  • Who is a Scrum Master?
  • What Do You Understand By Sprint And Velocity In Scrum

    Top 50 Scrum Master Interview Question and Answers | Scrum Master Certification | Edureka

    In Scrum, Sprint is a terminology used to describe a time-boxed iteration. A specific module or feature of the product is created in the Sprint process. The duration of a sprint can be a week or two weeks. On the other hand, Velocity is a metric used to measure the amount of work completed by a team during a Sprint. It specifies the number of user stories completed in a Sprint.

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    Should You Check Up On The Teams Health During A Retrospective

    Its useful to measure the teams health during sprint retrospectives in terms of their engagement and satisfaction.

    This can influence their productivity which respectively impacts the quality of the final product.

    You can measure the development teams health by sending out an anonymous 2-minutes questionnaire to team members before the retrospective. A preferable questionnaire is one that features a simple scale from 1 to 5 as optional answers every question.

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    Will The Scrum Team Be Involved In The Product Discovery Process Also And If So How

    During the early phases of the product development lifecycle, it really helps if the scrum team is made part of the discovery process. You should understand that agile talks about the early involvement of the teams with the stakeholders so that both parties are on the same page in regard to the development. Lets look at some of the advantages of early involvement:

    • The development teams identify the technical challenges in implementation early in the process, hence, can help in reforming the requirements along with the customer.
    • The team along with the product owner also start sharing a common understanding of what is to be built. Sometimes, the teams can help the product owner in identifying the requirements which might have been missed.
    • They share a mutual understanding of what is to be built. It also helps the teams to stay committed and confident, they tend to build an ownership of their work and most importantly it boosts up the morale of the team.

    To facilitate this, the scrum master can start involving the teams in early discussion of the product where the requirements are still at a high level. The team together with the product owner can build up the product backlog.

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    How Can You Coordinate Between Multiple Teams

    There are many approaches to coordinate between multiple teams. One of the most common strategies for this is the Scrum of Scrums meeting. In this meeting, the members representing each scrum team discuss the progress, performance, issues, risks, etc. The team should pre-define the frequency of these meetings. Generally, scrum masters would represent a particular scrum team, besides having the Chief Scrum Master who facilitates these meetings.

    Introduction To Scrum Framework:

    Top 40 Agile Scrum Interview Questions (Updated ...

    Scrum is a framework for agile teams to collaborate. In the early 1990s, Ken Schwaber and Jeff Sutherland co-created the Scrum framework to aid firms grappling with complicated development projects. The team members can use it to deliver and maintain the complex product. It encourages the team to self-organize while working on the challenge and learn via practice. Scum is a project that is carried out using the framework and delivers values to clients on a regular basis.

    It is the most commonly utilized software by the development team. Its lessons and principles can be applied to any type of teamwork. Scrum framework’s popularity stems from its policies and experiences. Scrum is a set of tools, meetings, and roles that enable teams to structure themselves. It also supervises the team’s work.

    Scrum Teams, as well as their related responsibilities, events, artifacts, and rules, make up the Scrum framework. Each component of the framework serves a distinct purpose and is critical to the success and adoption of Scrum. Scrum’s rules link events, roles, and objects together, regulating their relationships and interactions. In the following section, we will see what are the most commonly asked Scrum Master Interview Questions and Answers for Freshers and Experienced candidates.

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    Support Conclusions With Data Analysis

    Make sure you focus on data that is relevant and important to answer the case problem. This will demonstrate to your interviewer that you dont blindly note down everything. Thus, before analyzing anything, it would make sense to paraphrase in your head and write only relevant information. Make sure to take notes in a structured fashion. This will ensure that you will remember the relevant case information and have quick access to it even during a stressful interview. To summarize, before noting down and sharing the information with the interviewer, analyze it and determine its relevance.

    Finally, you should have a rough sheet only for doing calculations. After finishing your calculations make sure you transfer the result to the corresponding part of the structure on the other sheet.

    How To Nail The Amazon Interview: A Practical Guide

    Amazon is one of the top tech companies in the world. According to a , Amazon is the second-largest private employer in the United States and stands globally with an employee headcount of 566,000 as of 2018.

    Working for a global company that serves millions of customers every day is an exhilarating prospect. Knowing that the code you write could have such a large impact can be quite enticing for many developers.

    On top of that, Amazon enjoys many of the same perks that the big tech companies, including Google, Facebook, etc., enjoy. Numerous company benefits including the ability to work remotely and competitive salaries, among others are some of the reasons that may compel you to throw your hat into the ring.

    If you are intrigued by what Amazon is offering, then youll need to be able to jump the Amazon Interview hurdle. Mastering this interview is the barrier that stands before you and working for one of the largest and most prestigious tech companies.

    In this post, we are going to be outlining how to prepare for the Amazon technical interview. We will be highlighting some of the key differentiating factors for Amazon and how these compare to other, more standard technical interviews.

    In this post, I will cover:

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    What Do You Understand By ‘scrum Of Scrums’

    The terminology ‘Scrum of Scrums’ is used for scaled agile technologies required for controlling and collaborating with multiple scrum teams. It is most efficient in situations where teams are collaborating on complex assignments.

    It also ensures that the required transparency, collaboration, adaption, and adoption are established, and the products are deployed and delivered.

    Beginner Level Scrum Master Interview Questions

    Certified Scrum Master Full Course | Scrum Master Training | Scrum Master Course | Simplilearn

    This section of Scrum Master Interview Questions will cover all those basic questions that you might come across when attending a scrum job interview.

    Q1. What is Agile? Explain Agile in 2 min.

    This is a tricky and controversial question since the definition of agile is not commonly agreed upon. Is agile a framework? Is agile a methodology?

    Agile is a mindset, a philosophy, more like a way of thinking, a movement focusing on communication, team-thinking, intrinsic motivation, empowerment, innovative walks, flow, and value creation while developing a product.

    Q2. When to use Agile Model? Is it suitable in all situations?

    A flexible model like agile can be used in cases like, when:

    • New changes need to be implemented in between development cycle
    • Working on complex and bigger projects
    • There are long term goals and no bound on requirements
    • Have to quickly launch the product to market
    • There are frequent changes throughout the development cycle
    • There is no limit on time and budget

    Q3. State some major principles of agile.

    Key principles of agile include:

    • Customer Satisfaction
    • Collective Team Work

    Q4.What is Scrum? How is it different from waterfall model?

    Scrum is a lightweight agile framework, within which people can address complex adaptive problems, while productively and creatively delivering products of the highest possible value.

    Its different from the waterfall model in the following ways:

    Q5. What is Scrum Sprint? What is the ideal duration for a Sprint?

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