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How To Interview Front End Developer

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Front End Developer Interview Questions with Answer Examples

Front end development is one of the most satisfying, in-demand careers in the modern age. With consistent effort, anyone of any background can become a successful web developer. There are many options, so the real question is how will you become a front end developer? How will you choose to start your career journey?

What Qualities Make Me A Good Front End Developer Candidate

Somebody who has a very good work ethic and understands what priorities are, Janulaitis said. Lets take the current situationyoure a front end developer and theres a crisis and you have to work away from everyone else, and you have to complete a quality jobare you self-actuating to make sure things get done?

Especially in a work-from-home environment, it all comes down to the ability to successfully prioritize tasks, as well as knowing whats most important to accomplish first for the good of the project as a whole. If they have that mindset, they can be very successful as front end developers, Janulaitis added.

Beyond personal drive and proficiency with technical skills, being able to work collaboratively and quickly with co-workers is another essential ability.

When youre dealing with a complex project with lots of code and lots of team tools, like Microsoft Azure, where people can put bugs in, and you can work on projects together, you need to have that kind of experience, he said. Issues appear in real time and have to be solved in real time. They have to understand version control and revision control, what that is, and have they the organization skills to deal with that. The lone ranger no longer exists in that environmentyou have to be able to support the team.

What Are The Technical And Additional Skills That Are Needed To Be A Front

A good front-end developer needs to have a working knowledge about:

  • HTML
  • jQuery
  • Javascript

    Apart from the above mentioned technical skills, a front-end developer should have the below mentioned good-to-have skills:

  • Experience in any of the most popular Content Management Systems like WordPress, Drupal, and Joomla and even the more recent ones such as Ghost
  • Knowledge of cross-browser testing
  • Knowledge of cross-device testing
  • Knowledge about OOPS and PHP.
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    Where To Find Front

    There are various platforms where you can find jobs in front-end development, here are a few.


    is a social network that links employers and professionals. There are various jobs updated every day on the jobs page.

    If you see a job that interests you, you may easily click through the links and apply to it straight from LinkedIn. You should always fill up your profile with relevant details about yourself, skills and qualifications because your prospective employer will certainly check out your profile.

    Stack Overflow

    Stack Overflow is an online community that helps developers learn, share, build, and arguably one of the best places to find front-end developer jobs. Just like LinkedIn, you should complete your profile and participate in answering questions on the platform to improve your chances.


    Indeed is a job listing website that allows job seekers to post their resume and employers list employment opportunities including front-end development jobs.


    Toptal networks top talents in software engineering, design, finance, and project management around the world and connect them to companies. You can apply for a front-end developer job and join teams of distributed virtual developers and work from anywhere.


    CareerBuilder provides job opportunities and advice to job seekers. They list employment opportunities for front-end development in various companies.

    How To Become A Front End Developer: The Skills You Need In 2021

    4 Interview Questions And Answers For Front End Developer ...

    For the average person, there is little more elusive than the machinations tucked behind a computer screen. Coding can seem like some form of near-inaccessible magic something that functions so reliably and smoothly that you cant help but marvel at its capabilities even as you take it for granted. Equal parts impressed and intimidated, you might have dismissed a career in development as a dream outside of your reach and skill set. How could you ever become a front end developer?

    But this pessimistic perspective couldnt be further from the truth! Coding is learnable, accessible, and welcoming to all with a little effort and know-how, a savvy developer can transform a static, boring webpage into a responsive and dynamic customer experience. If you want to learn how to make it in front end development, youre in the right place. Below, well discuss some of the essential skills youll need to launch a high-flying career in the field.

    Skills Needed to Become a Front End Developer in 2021

  • HTML
  • AJAX
  • SQL and NoSQL
  • In fact, the preference is more weighted towards online shopping than you might initially imagine recent research indicates that only 9.6 percent of Gen Z shoppers report buying goods in a physical store a sharp decrease from the 31.04 percent reported for Millennials.

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    In Your Own Words What Does A Front

    For a question similar to this one, its important to start with the basics. Mention that the front end of a website is the interface that users interact with. The front end includes images, buttons, colors, animations, forms, and typography. A front-end developer is a programmer who writes code for the front end of a website. Their main responsibility is to ensure that the appearance of the website remains similar and uniform across the full range of popular platforms and devices.

    Because front end developers are involved with the navigation, layout, and design elements of websites and mobile apps, they must be skilled in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Also, since they sometimes work in diverse team compositions, which include back-end developers, designers, and other developers, they should have strong soft skills. These soft skills should include effective communication and team spirit.

    What Is The Difference Between Native And Host Objects

    Answer: Native Object: Native objects are predefined in JavaScript by ECMAScript specifications. String, Math, RegExp, Object, and Function are examples of native objects.

    Host Objects: The runtime environment, such as browser and Node.js, provides these kinds of objects. Window and XMLHTTPRequest are examples of host objects.

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    Check Out Few Of Our Awesome Front End Developer Skills Tests:

    HTML 5 online test : Assess the knowledge of candidates for HTML syntax, tags, functions and elements and more

    CSS3 online test : Quantify the practical skills of candidates like descendant selectors, pseudo-class property, CSS tables and more

    JavaScript online test : Evaluate the skills of the candidates like modules, classes, data types, expressions, DOM and more

    JQuery online test : Evaluate candidate expertise in JQuery Library, utility functions of JQuery, JavaScript modules and classes

    AngularJS online test: Effectively screen candidates expertise in AngularJS- data binding, controllers, templates, expressions, directives and more

    Angular 2 online test : This assessment helps you to evaluate candidate skills like Angular 2 directives, Angular 2 events, Angular 2 components and more

    Angular 4 online test: Quantify candidates expertise in Angular animation, Angular universal, data binding, form handling and more

    Angular 6 Online Test– Evaluate skills like dependency injection, i18N internelization, reusable animation, service worker and many more.

    ReactJS coding test: Evaluate the skills of the candidates like mounting method, component optimize, handling events, default values for properties and more

    Online Bootstrap test : Effectively screen candidate expertise in Bootstrap grid classes, Bootstrap collapse, layouts in Bootstrap, Bootstrap JS and more

    Aptitude test for PHP developer: This test helps you to assess basics of PHP, Object oriented concepts, and more

    Front End Developer Meaning: What Does A Front End Developer Do

    What a REAL web developer interview is like (Front End)

    Front end developers maintain and update websites, follow and apply design trends, and run usability tests. The responsibilities can vary depending on your experience and position in your company. Below are more details about the most common daily tasks of a front end developer.

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    What To Pay Attention To When Solving An Algorithm Question

    A. Dont rush to solve, its ok to ask for a few minutes to think.

    B. When you do start solving, it is highly recommended that you talk about what youre doing, even if youre not sure about your thoughts. The examiner usually looks to understand your process of thinking. It is not always necessary to reach a perfect and working solution. If youre not comfortable talking aloud, or just not used to it, practice at home by solving some example questions.

    C. If you can, you should first write your plan of action in words or pseudo-code. This will show the interviewer that you do not rush to solve things and that you can plan.

    D. If you get stuck at the beginning, dont panic! Start with the simple things. Think about input and output. Solve edge cases.

    E. Pay attention to the code effectiveness of your solution. If you understand that the complexity is not really good, say it out loud, and try together with the examiner to reach a better solution.

    F. Its totally fine to ask questions. A good examiner will try to help you reach a solution.

    G. Youre usually expected to solve these type of questions on a whiteboard/piece of paper. Since its not how we usually write code, you may find its harder to think like this. This is again something that worth practicing beforehand!

    What Is The Difference Between Let Const And Var

    Originally, var was the only option JavaScript had for defining variables. In ES6, we got const and let as additional options. The important takeaways are:

  • Variables defined with const cannot be reassigned.
  • Const and let variables are block-scoped.
  • Var variables are function scoped.
  • Variables defined with var are hoisted.
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    Are You Familiar With Html5 For You What Are Its Best Features How Do You Implement Them In Frontend Projects

    Frontend developers frequently use HTML5 in putting their websites together. It also has many features that help developers maximize software development time. Therefore, this question aims to assess your in-depth knowledge of the language and features. Additionally, the interviewer will want to know your experience in using HTML5 in various projects.

    Sample answer: HTML5 handles multimedia better than the previous versions. That is why I enjoy implementing this feature whenever I develop web applications that incorporate audio and videos. By using HTML5, I can create a better user experience without worrying about multimedia issues causing my application to break.

    How Would You Deal With Browser

    Six front

    The employer will present you with scenarios that you may face if you join the team, so your answer to this question must show how effective your decision would be to solve the problem. An example answer to this question could be:

    “There are many ways to solve this problem. One way to do this is through a conditional statement in the head tag of the HTML which could be used for the browser to be identified and thus have an external stylesheet be loaded.”

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    What Behavioral Interview Questions Should Front

    To save you some time in your preparations, we’ve compiled a list of behavioral interview questions that a Front-End Developer is likely to face. The first few are quite general, but they’re tried and true. The last few are more directed to development concepts but are high-level enough that it’ll give the interviewer some insight into how you work and collaborate.

    Keep that in mind when you prepare your answers. You want to answer truthfully, but you also want to make sure you’re conveying your strengths.

    Behavioral Front-End Developer interview questions:

    • Why do you want to work at our company?
    • What are your hobbies outside of work?
    • Do you prefer working remotely or in person with your team?
    • How have you dealt with a team member not pulling their weight in the past?
    • How do you handle situations where too much is put on your plate?
    • How do you approach disagreements with your manager?
    • What was your last project? What did you struggle with?
    • How would you describe “great” code?
    • What can you bring to our company as a developer?
    • What is your current favorite mobile app? Why?
    • What was the last major challenge you faced in a program? How did you overcome it?
    • Can you tell us about a project that you were passionate about from your past experience?
    • How do you balance the need for innovation and the need for reliable code?
    • What’s your favorite website from a UI perspective? Why?
    • What are some things you’d improve on our company website?

    How Long Does It Take To Become A Front End Developer

    You can learn the skills you need to become a front end developer within six months by attending a coding bootcamp. Some coding bootcamps offer online learning platforms to accommodate students all over the world. Aspiring front end developers can also opt for self-directed learning through online resources like tutorials, videos, and guides.

    For a formal learning experience, you can study computer science or take a coding degree program at a university or college. While this option is expensive and takes longer than coding bootcamps or self-studying, an accredited degree is still good to have.

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    Front End Developer Interview Questions: Get With No Experience

    When you take the last exam of your degree, evaluations are not over just yet. Now it comes the most difficult part: to answer correctly many front end interview questions to get a good job position in a company of your interest.

    Luckily, most of the top MNC companies are hiring front-end developers to build responsive, elegant, convenient and interactive interfaces over all devices. Then, your chances to start working right away are good, but you have to prepare to do the perfect job interview.

    All companies have their own little book when hiring, but you need to have an idea of what you are going to face in an interview to be selected as a Front end developer and get a job in-hand. So, we have tried to compile for you the most common questions that are asked during the hiring process.

    What Are Front End Developers

    Interview with a Front End Developer

    Front end developers are responsible for everything that a site viewer can see and interact with on a given webpage. Thats right all those fancy custom fonts, gradients, animations, and drop-down menus represent the labor of talented front end, or client-side, programmers.

    These professionals use a combination of the fundamental building blocks of the web namely, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to make online sites usable by and attractive to the average person. These three main languages are supplemented by useful libraries and frameworks such as Bootstrap, AngularJS, jQuery, and hundreds more. Think of the job description within this axiom: If the web were a house, front end developers would be the interior decorators. They are responsible for making the internet a user-friendly, navigable, and utterly immersive experience. Poor site design leads to frustrated online residents, lackluster purchase numbers, and lost income.

    To their credit, employers recognize the importance of hiring skilled web developers. The U.S. Bureau of Labor and Statistics expects the profession to grow 13 percent from 2018 to 2028, which is significantly faster than the average for all careers. Moreover, because development careers are challenging to outsource, the United States is currently experiencing a shortage of skilled front end developers. As demand continues to increase, career prospects are likely to rise even further.

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    What Is Event Bubbling

    Event bubbling is a type of event propagation where the event first triggers on the deepest target element. It causes all events in the child nodes to be automatically passed to their parent nodes. The advantage of this method is performance because the code only requires to traverse the DOM tree once.

    What Is Html Templating Language

    Answer: HTML templating language is a placeholder that allows the user to take data and insert it into the HTML document. There are many templating languages, and these languages often work along with a back-end language or framework.

    For example, Jinja is a popular templating language that works along with python frameworks such as Django and Flask. Ruby and Rails also use a templating language called Slim.

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    Are There Any Advantages Of Using Coffee Script Over Javascript

    Youll want to remember that Coffee Script lets you execute your program with much less code compared to JavaScript. You might want to explain why this makes your code more readable for other front-end developers.

    Next, it consists of many light features like Ruby String Interpolation and Python-style list comprehension. Additionally, Coffee Script makes day-to-day tasks much simpler to perform in comparison to JavaScript. It can also make an already well-written JavaScript code more readable.

    All of these features will become invaluable in your front-end development work, regardless of which company youre interviewing with.

    Front End Developer Interview Tools

    Interview Questions That Every Front End Web Developer ...

    There are a ton of great resources to help you prepare for a front end interview. They all cover the same things, so if you have one you prefer, definitely use it! That being said, some of my favorite tools are:

    • Leetcode – The de facto interview prep site with the largest number of sample questions.

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