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How To Make A Thank You Letter After An Interview

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Include A Call To Action

How to Write a Thank You Letter after a job interview

Finish the body of your email with a concluding paragraph that features a call to action. You can use one of your meeting talking points as part of your call to action, if relevant. For example, if you discussed professional development books in your interview, consider a call to action like, “I look forward to reading the book you suggested and discussing it once I’ve finished.” Alternatively, you can use a classic and general call to action like, “I look forward to speaking with you again soon,” instead.

How To Write A Thank

As more companies switch to remote working, video interviews on platforms like Zoom are becoming increasingly popular. The process is fairly similar to in-person interviews, but conducted virtually. This means you should still try to make a good impression by dressing professionally, arriving prepared, and sending a thank-you email after the interview. In this article, we look at why a thank-you email is important, explain how to write a thank-you email after your Zoom interview, and provide helpful examples.

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Thank The Recipient For The Interview

The body of your email can begin with thanking the interviewer for their time and for conducting the interview with you. This can be a brief sentence or two expressing your gratitude for the opportunity to speak with them. You can also include the date you interviewed to help refresh their memory or to use for future reference.

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Sample Handwritten Thank You Note

The good news about a handwritten thank you is that you wont have much space to fill, so it can be much shorter. Avoid the instinct to write a long message. When you crowd too much handwriting into a small space, legibility and comprehension can be lost.

The bad news is that you need to write very carefully so the note can be easily read a harder task these days when most of us spend our time typing on a keyboard. Write the note on a piece of paper before you write it on a card to be sure it will fit and is legible.

Date of the letter

Dear Mr./Ms Last Name,

I appreciate your time and the information you shared in my interview on for the position. I am very interested in this job and in becoming a contributor to your organization.

I believe my experience as a where I will enable me to hit the ground running in this position. where I learned will enable me to hit the ground running in this position.]

Please contact me if you have any questions. I look forward to hearing from you soon. Thank you, again, for your time.

Best regards,

Choose your words carefully and double-check the spelling of anything you are not 100% sure of. When you hand write a note, you dont have a built-in spell check to keep you from embarrassing yourself with bad spelling.

Ready To Make The Next Step

How To Write Thank You Letter Template After Interview

Youll want the recruiter to make a decision as quickly as possible. The emails content will depend on how the interview ended and which next steps you agreed on. For example, Looking forward to the next interview round might be a good option to include in your message to the hiring manager if they told you about another chat before they make their pick.

If youve agreed that youll be getting back to them with additional information on a particular topic, use this opportunity to include it. You can think about this part of the message as a follow-up interview email and craft it accordingly.

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Second Interview Thank You Note Samples And Tips

After the second round of interviews for a new job, you will need to send a thank-you note to your interviewer, even if the same person interviewed you the first time. Sometimes a second thank-you note can be hard to writeafter all, haven’t you already said everything you had to say in your first letter? Instead of seeing it as one more thing to do, try thinking about your thank-you letter as an opportunity.

Printed Thank You Notes

A word-processed note printed by a computer printer is usually acceptable in most organizations today. Its also usually much more legible.

Choose the format that seems most appropriate for the organization unless your handwriting is illegible. If no one can read your writing, use your computer to send the printed version.

See the sample printed and handwritten thank you notes below on this page or the Sample Job Interview Thank You Email for comparison.

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Why Write A Thank

Sending a thank-you note after your interview is a simple but important step to set yourself apart from other job applicants and help you in your job hunt. Not only does this quick message show off your communication and people skills, but it gives you another chance to share your professional talents. Taking just five minutes to communicate your gratitude and enthusiasm with your hiring manager can make the difference between landing your dream job or getting lost in the shuffle.

Why Is A Thank You Email After A Phone Interview Important

how to write thank you letter after interview.

A thank you email serves as a professional thank you note to an interviewer that expresses your gratitude for the phone interview. Sending a thank you email after you’ve finished your interview helps hiring managers remember who you are and shows your politeness and professionalism. Taking the time to write an email expresses your dedication to the role and can help you stand out among other candidates.

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Take Your Thank You Email To The Next Level

While the template above is all you need, if you really want to blow a hiring manager out of the water, add in another few lines before I look forward to… with some ideas you have on how you could add value. Think: a quick mock-up of something you discussed in the interview if youre in a creative role, taglines if youre in branding, or some slides or possible partners if youre in business development or sales.

It could look something like this:

When To Send A Formal Interview Thank You Note

Email arrives immediately, assuming you have the correct email address and your message does not get caught in a spam filter. So, unless the employer really seems to dislike technology , often the best strategy is start with email and follow-up with a formal paper thank you note.

If appropriate, send the email thank you as soon as you get home. Then, follow up with the formal thank you as soon as possible after that.

When you send a formal thank you letter through the mail service, assume that it may take several days to reach the recipient, particularly in large organizations where mail is first sorted in a mail room and then distributed throughout a large facility. So, dont wait!

Write this thank you note after then interview. Then, drop this thank you note into the mail as soon after the interview as possible, preferably by the next day.

If you forgot to send this note until a week after the interview, send it anyway. Hopefully, you sent an email thank you immediately, which should be sufficient for most employers.

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Mistakes Andjustifications For A Poor Interview

Keep your note positive, and dont use it to justify or redeemyourself after a poor interview, says Scott Ledbury,Co-Founder of Slinky Productions.

Instead of rehashing yourawkward answers, Ledbury suggests, usingthis opportunity to fill in any gaps in your interview, such as elaborating onan answer you later realized a better answer for.

Group Interview Thank You Letter And Email Samples

How To Write Thank You Letter Template After Interview

Sending a thank-you letter after a group interview reiterates the candidate’s interest in the position. Its a wise strategy, always, to send a thank-you letter or email to the people who have interviewed you .

A group thank-you is similar to a thank-you letter written to one person, but you need to acknowledge everyone. Learn how to write a group interview thank-you letter and review a sample letter and email.

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Editorial Note: This content was originally published in June of 2016. We’re sharing it again because our editors have determined that this information is still accurate and relevant.

Executive Thank You Letter For An Internal Interview Template

Perhaps you met with an executive with a company at a company where you already work. The template you follow to reflect your circumstances as closely as possible. Use this template if you’ve interviewed with a top-level executive in your current company about a promotion.

Subject: Thank you for meeting with me

Dear ,

Thanks for taking the time out of your schedule during to meet with me about . I loved hearing your take on how this position will .

Since I started with ago, I’ve been interested in . I think the experience I’ve gained as a plus the put me in a unique position to benefit the company.

I look forward to further discussing how I can help reach in this new position. Please let me know if you need anything else from me to make a decision.


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Why You Should Send A Thank You

  • It is a best-practice courtesy. A thank you note shows the employer that you appreciate their time, and for considering you for the job.
  • Its a chance to remind the employer why youre the right candidate. Did you forget to mention something in the interview that you really want the employer to know? Are there any qualifications that you want to remind them of? This is your opportunity.
  • It helps the employer remember you. Seeing your thank you note in their inbox is a great way to have the employer remember you positively as theyre making the decision of who to hire.
  • Is there anything you want to follow up on? If there was a question that you didnt quite know how to answeror didnt go the way youd likeyou can use this opportunity for a second chance.
  • The Benefits Of Sending A Thank

    How to Write a Thank You Email After the Interview & WOW Them!

    Sending a thank-you email has a couple of important advantages over the old-fashioned, paper-and-ink variety of thank-you letter.

    With an email, for example, you can do more than remind your prospective employer of your qualities and skills: You can actually show them by including a link to your online portfolio, , or professional social networking profiles.

    You’ll also have the opportunity to mention anything you wish you had said during the interview, but didn’t get the chance to discuss.

    Sending an email immediately after or within 24 hours of a job interview is crucial if the hiring manager will be making a quick decision.

    Ideally, your note will reach the interviewer prior to a hiring decision and while your meeting is still top of mind.

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    Tips To Write Effective Thank You Letters

  • Write it promptly. Send out your thank-you letter as soon as possible after the event .
  • Make it personal. A standard message will be lost among other job-seekers’ letters. Address your letter to one person, not just the company or organization in general, and mention details from the event, it will make your thank-you letter stand out.
  • Make it short and stick to the point. Make your letter short, direct, clear and concise.
  • Sound natural. Express your gratitude and make the thank-you letter sincere, heartfelt and tactful.
  • Proofread it before sending. Always carefully check your spelling and grammar. Errors and typos are unprofessional, but nothing could be worse than misspelling of someone’s name. Take a minute to double check the spelling of all names in the letter.
  • Handwrite, hard copy or e-mail? In general, typed thank you letters are recommended. Some managers, however, like hand written letters. In the tech industry, a thank-you email is appropriate. E-mails are also fine in less formal situations or if time constraints require it.
  • On what occasions is it appropriate to send a thank you note? Here are just a few quick examples:

    • After a job interview or a business appointment
    • When you receive a scholarship, gift or donation
    • When you receive a recommendation
    • When you establish a new contact

    How To Write A Thank You Email After A Phone Interview

    As you write your thank you email, you should focus on the items discussed in your interview and highlight any skills or qualifications you’d like the interviewer to remember. Follow the steps below to write an effective thank you email once the phone interview is complete:

  • Take notes of the interviewer’s name and any other important information.

  • Create your subject line and greeting.

  • Thank the recipient for the interview.

  • Explain what makes you the best fit for the role.

  • Expand on any discussions you had in the interview.

  • Mention that you look forward to hearing from them.

  • Add your signature and proofread.

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    Example Thank You Letter After Less Successful Interview

    To further inspire your own writing, here is an example of a thank you letter to follow a challenging interview:

    Dear ,

    Thank you so much for taking the time to interview me for the position of a customer service associate with your company. I truly enjoyed discussing your company’s mission and values, and I’m excited about how I can use my customer service skills and background to support those goals.

    I wanted to thank you again for your patience. I am so excited for the opportunity to work with your company, it was hard to decide what to talk about first! I assure you, in a customer service setting you can expect smooth, clear and consistent communication with every customer I help.

    I would be grateful to be considered for this role, and I am confident that my skills and years of experience will serve your mission well. Thank you again for your time, and I look forward to your reply.


    How To Write A Follow

    Tips for Writing a Job Interview Thank

    In your interview follow-up email, start by thanking your interviewer for their time. Be sure to highlight the ways your talents align with the role. Refer back to your notes from the interview and the job description to choose words or takeaways from your conversation that will resonate with the reader. Communicate your enthusiasm for the job by restating your interest in the position and your conviction that you are the right fit for the position.

    Here is a step-by-step guide for writing a follow-up after an interview:

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    Additional Items To Include

    There are instances where it may be appropriate to include additional items in your thank you after interview email. Taking this extra step to be more engaging with the interviewer can go a long way toward successfully making yourself stand out from the crowd of applicants in a positive way.

    Examples of additional items to include the following:

    • Hyperlinks to things that were discussed in the interview .
    • Attachments, such as work youve completed in the past .
    • A link to your LinkedIn Profile GuidelinesMake sure to follow proven LinkedIn profile guidelines to present yourself to the online professional community. If youre serious about achieving success in your career, establish an online presence through LinkedIn. It is the social network for business professionals.
    • References, if you were asked to provide them.

    Brainstorm Details To Include

    Carefully consider what information you’d like to include in your thank you letter. If you want to explain the situation that caused your challenging interview experience, decide which details are the most compelling. Try to include just enough detail to provide background on your circumstances, and keep those details as relevant as possible. If you want to request another interview, brainstorm words and phrases you can use to do so politely and convincingly.

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    Example Of A Thank You After Interview Email

    You can copy and paste the message below to create your own message. Be sure to edit, customize, and proofread your message before sending it.

    Subject: Thank You Interview Follow Up

    Dear ,

    Thank you for taking the time to interview me today for the Financial Analyst position at CFI Education Inc. I really enjoyed discussing the opportunity with you and think it would be a great fit for both of us.

    One of the main things that stood out to me was the great culture at CFI. I can easily see myself fitting in with the team and thriving in that kind of work environment.

    Additionally, the companys mission of helping anyone become a world-class financial analyst really resonates with me, and Id be excited to help support that mission.

    Once again, thanks for your time and consideration. If theres any additional information I can provide you with to help with your decision, please let me know.

    How To Write The Perfect Thank You Email After Your Interview

    STOP Sending Thank You Letters After a Job Interview

    “Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to interview for this job.” Are you writing a thank you note or a thank you email after your interview? Use our free template to make that thank you easier than ever.

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