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How To Not Be Nervous For An Interview

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Prepare The Day Before With Some Exercise And A Good Nights Sleep

How to NOT be Nervous in Job Interviews | How to be Confident in Interviews | Linda Raynier

Taking deep breaths is a remedy for anxiety and when you exercise and sleep, youll be taking plenty of them. Physically healthy activities can translate into improving mental health and state of mind. Youll feel sharper and focused. The confidence will be genuine and you wont feel or appear nervous.

Bring A Cold Bottle Of Water

Drinking water before and during the interviewing helps regulate your body temperature so you sweat less.

Here’s another tip for those with sweaty hands: Hold the bottle of ice cold water to disguise your sweat. Its not a foolproof or long-term solution, but it will get you through that end-of-the-interview handshake.

How To Calm Your Interview Nerves During The Interview

Once the interview starts, anxieties can flare up and it is easy to get flustered even if you have begun on solid footing. Reining in your nerves before they get out of control is possible even in the direst of scenarios.

10.Watch your posture

Sitting comfortably but attentively is necessary to make sure you can complete the interview without having to fidget and shuffle around, and to project an air of confidence and dynamism. Slouching is not an option, nor is sitting on the edge of your seat, so try to find a balance between the two upright and engaged without appearing flighty.

11.Calm shaky hands

If you feel your hands shaking, do not clamp them in your lap or fold your arms. By clenching your thigh muscles instead you will calm the shakes and still be able to use them to make open, honest gestures as you speak.

12.Focus on the questions

Nerves can crank your inner critic up to 11 and might mean that you miss an important aspect of a question you are asked, so try to focus on what the interviewer is saying.


Making a conscious effort to breath evenly and listen will naturally combat other issues caused by anxiety, such as a rising pulse rate, so there are a range of benefits to gain.

14.Keep in mind they are on your side

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Know Who You’re Meeting

Finding out how many people youre likely to be meeting and who they are can help reduce your nerves too. Knowing if its a one-to-one meeting or a panel format can affect the way you prepare, for example. And if you find out a bit about the people youre to meet for instance, by looking at their LinkedIn profiles you can get a flavour of the sort of questions theyre likely to ask, as well as develop ideas for interesting small talk to help you build rapport with them.

Ok I Get The Picture So What Can I Do About It

How to Not Be Nervous For An Internship or Graduate ...

Most importantly of all, read our in-depth guide: How To Prepare For Your Interview Or Assessment Event.

Interview nerves and anxiety arise mainly through fear of the unknown and in the above article we tell you exactly what to expect and how to prepare your mind and body to ensure you feel relaxed and confident on the big day. It offers advice and tips including:

  • Get into a regular & healthy sleeping pattern
  • Exercise 3 times a week for a month prior to your interview
  • Eat healthily
  • Spend time outdoors & with family and friends
  • Practise the exercises you will undertake on the day
  • Ensure you do the right prep on the day
  • Getting a great nights sleep on the eve of your interview or assessment
  • Getting to your destination a hour earlier than is necessary
  • Making sure you have water & snacks with you

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Simple Methods To Conquer Your Interview Nerves

While your resume, experience, skills and education are all important factors in obtaining a job, the interview is usually a companys first real impression of you. Its important to present yourself well in a job interview, but having interview nerves can make that difficult. In this article, we provide tips on how to conquer interview nerves.

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Use Meditation Or Breathing Exercises

Preparation will allay nervousness for many candidates but for some meditation will help them. Ideally, they will want to meditate or focus on relaxing breathing exercises at least twice before the actual interview for at least 15 minutes if possible. Once upon waking up in the morning and then once again right before entering the interview location.

Just simply closing eyes and concentrating only on the breathing can add another layer of relaxation and confidence to those candidates that are a little more anxious before their interviews.

Diana George

President, By George HR Solutions

The best way to not be nervous before and during a job interview is to be prepared. Here are a few tips on how to do that:

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  • Try to have an organic conversation. Those are the best interviews, two people developing a rapport with each other.

All the above tips will allow candidates to shine and be themselves during the interview. Thats what the interviewer is really trying to find out who you really are.

Chad Hill

CEO, Hill and Ponton Law

A job interview is one of the scariest moments of every job applicant of any field. It can cause anxiety and loss of sleep prior to the applicants scheduled date no matter how prepared and how confident they can be. Listed below are some of the things an applicant can consider doing for the job interview:

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Getting Past Interview Fear & Calming Your Nerves

Luckily there are ways to help you get enough past the fear to still give a great interview despite your nerves. Actors for instance use those nerves to motivate a more energized and exciting performance. No reason you cant do that too if youre nervous during job interviews.

First and foremost, it helps to demystify that which we cant control. So make sure to give yourself a better understanding of the hiring process in general including what goes on behind the scenes.

Add to that stronger interview skills plus a belief in yourself and your abilities. Also really important, a clear picture of how you match what the employer is looking for.

How To Stay Calm During A Job Interview

How to Be NOT NERVOUS in a Job Interview

This article was co-authored by Shannon O’Brien, MA, EdM. Shannon O’Brien is the Founder and Principal Advisor of Whole U. . Through advising, workshops and e-learning Whole U. empowers people to pursue their life’s work and live a balanced, purposeful life. Shannon has been ranked as the #1 Career Coach and #1 Life Coach in Boston, MA by Yelp reviewers. She has been featured on, Boldfacers, and the UR Business Network. She received a Master’s of Technology, Innovation, & Education from Harvard University. This article has been viewed 15,265 times.

Regardless of your education and experience, a job interview is a high stress situation. You can have all of the training and past success in the world, yet still find yourself clamming up when its time to explain to the interviewer what makes you a good fit for this role. Preparation in advance is one of the major factors that can reduce your anxiety, but there are also techniques you can learn even if you’re reading this an hour before you have to run out the door.

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Keep Your Body Healthy

Keeping your body healthy and energized can help you stay focused, which may calm your nerves. Try to eat a healthy dinner the night before and make yourself a nutritional breakfast the morning of your interview.

Go to bed early and try to get at least eight to nine hours of sleep so you wake up feeling refreshed. This helps you look and feel prepared for the interview. Bring a bottle of water with you to stay hydrated while answering numerous interview questions. 

Listen To A Motivational Playlist

Star in your own episode of Carpool Karaoke on your way to the interview, and you could sing your way into a Zen-like state for interview success.

Movement and music can instantly get you in a place of confidence, says Jennifer Davis, a New Jersey-based leadership coach. Pick a favorite song that fills your heart with passion. Songs and movements that connect you with your best self will allow you to fully experience power in the moment, and then you can go in and crush it!

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Why Is This Blog About How To Not Be Nervous During An Interview Important

As we have discussed, being nervous before an interview is completely normal. However, we have talked about a few tips and tricks on how to deal with your interview jitters. There are basic tips such as monitoring your tone of voice and pace, making eye contact, watching out for your body language, etc. However, there are a few more pro-tips such as having everything ready the night before, arriving a few minutes earlier than expected, doing deep breathing exercises before your interview or getting excited instead of nervous.

Finally, remember why you were invited to the interview in the first place, how the company saw something in you that could match the description of the job advertised and how you were selected as a top candidate among a few others. Trust your skills and trust yourself!

Please feel free to leave any comments or thoughts about the content of this article!

Side Note: I have tried and tested various products and services to help with my anxiety and depression. See my top recommendations here, as well as a full list of all products and services our team has tested for various mental health conditions and general wellness.

Tips To Help Fight Your Interview Nerves

How to Explain Your Nervous Tics in an Interview

And finally, if you dont feel like reading any of those posts , here are some quick tips I hope will at least help calm some of those interview nerves:

  • Do relaxation exercises the night before, when you wake up the morning of the interview, and right before the interview. Gentle, slow deep breathing is a very good way to help relax your body.
  • Visualize the interview going well and everyone smiling and shaking hands afterward.
  • Practice interviewing beforehand with the help of friends and/or family. Practice a lot until you start to feel more comfortable talking about yourself.
  • Research the company as much as possible to help you feel on top of things and answer intelligently. This will also help you come up with good questions to ask.
  • Prepare stories ahead of time that speak to the employers needs and not simply toward your wants or interests.

Now that youve done all that, on the day of the interview trust in yourself and let it all go. Its already inside you and will be there when you need it. Remember to

  • Be in the moment .
  • Listen carefully to what youre asked.
  • Dont be afraid to ask for clarification if you need it.
  • And most of all just be yourself.

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Just remember: You are fine exactly as you are and have things to offer your potential employer that no one else can. Your only job during the interview is to help them see who you really are. You dont have to be anyone else.

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Don’t Succumb To Pressure

Once in a while, you may be interviewed by someone who grills you to see how you handle stress. As a person with SAD, it may be tempting to spiral into negative automatic thinking, such as “They know I can’t handle this job I should never have applied” or “They don’t really like me I’ll never get the job.”

Stop. If you find yourself in this situation, realize what the interviewer is trying to accomplish and don’t let them upset you. Know that the other candidates have been treated the same way and that it is not a reflection of you or your capabilities.

Treat Your Anxiety As An Ally Not An Enemy

I’ve never met anyone who doesn’t get nervous before an important job interview. With so much riding on your performance, its not surprising that you would experience some anxiety about everything in the processfrom not wearing the right outfit, to not answering questions perfectly,” to looking foolish, or perhaps the worst fear, not getting the job offer.

Feeling stressed or anxious about an important interview is just a sign that you want to do well. Your anxiety can actually motivate you to be better prepared, provide you with energy, and keep you alert during the process. But anxiety can also prevent you from doing your best by distracting you or weakening your memory. Here are 10 quick tips for calming your anxiety and maybe even taking advantage of it:

1. Be careful what you eat or drink prior to an interview. It probably goes without saying, but avoid caffeine before the interview. It’s also never a good idea to have an alcoholic drink before an interview, even if you think it will relax you. Eat something light before your interview so your stomach isn’t growling or you get light-headed. A heavy meal can make you tired, so eat moderately.

2. Dont force yourself to calm down. Forcing yourself to calm down will just increase your stress.

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The Morning Of Your Interview

Wakey wakey, eggs and bacon!

Time to get up and get ready. As you prep for the big meeting, run through your mock interview again and really focus on being positive. Practice your breathing as you get ready and make sure you leave for your interview with plenty of time to get there.

Plan for little unexpected bumps in the road like traffic, finding parking, finding the right address, etc. The last thing you want to do is panic before you even get there because you cant figure out which building is the right one.

If you get to the interview early, great! Dont go in and try to bully your way to an earlier spottake the time to focus and gather yourself.

Go to a café and get a cup of tea and go over your material one more time, or better yet, grab your iPod and listen to some classical and let the music calm you down.

Whatever you do, dont go to the bar and grab some liquid courage. No. No. No. No.

Accepting Your Anxiety Helps

5 Tips to OVERCOME Interview NERVES! (How to NOT be NERVOUS in a Job Interview!)

A 2015 study found that strategies involving reappraisal and acceptance were more effective than suppression to regulate anxiety during a simulated job interview. This indicates that learning to accept you will be anxious, and reframing anxiety in your mind, will be more helpful than trying to ignore your anxiety.

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Tips To Calm Your Interview Nerves

So how can you stay calm in your interview and overcome your fears. What can you do to face an interview panel with confidence? Here is the lowdown on how to handle and ultimately overcome those interview nerves for good.

1.Remember you are not alone

First and foremost, remember that everyone experiences some nervousness prior to an interview. There are very few people who are able to stand up and speak in front of strangers and not feel some degree of tension top actors, television presenters, senior businessmen all succumb to nerves and all have their own way of coping and getting on with the job.

2.Nervousness during a job interview is good

Firstly it is important to realise that interview nerves are not necessarily a bad thing if you learn to leverage them you can even become a better interviewee. With your brain engaged and your senses heightened, you can make connections quicker and perform well when put on the spot.

In addition, interviewers will expect to see some nerves as this indicates enthusiasm and a desire to get the job. A candidate who presents at a job interview all cool and laid back will be less likely to succeed as the interviewer will assume they are not interested enough in the role.

3.Turn interview anxiety on its head

4.Make the interview familiar

Get In Your Power Pose

Just before you go in, take one last moment to really gather yourself. If you can, try the Power Pose for about two minutes.

According to Harvard Professor Amy Cuddy, various power poses dont just change how others perceive you, Professor Cuddy says, they also immediately change your body chemistry.

Put your hands on your hips and imagine yourself as either Superman or Wonder Woman. Now remember, I said imaginethis is just to help boost your confidence and elevate your ability to project power and calmness. Dont take it too far and zoom into the interview with your arms out like youre flying.

Oh and one more thing. You may want to get some privacy when using this technique, as other people in the waiting room might think youre insane.

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Anticipate Any Questions That Might Be Asked

Rehearse your answers, and also try to think of any questions that you might have for the company. There are countless online tools that will provide you with common questions, scenarios to consider, and best interview practices. Being prepared will give you confidence and help fight against any remaining nerves.

Employers will look for a candidate with the appropriate background and skills, but also one with the right attitude and personality that will fit the position. Remember to show any prospective employer why you would be a good fit, in other words: what do you have to offer that only you can provide?

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