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How To Prepare For A Big Interview

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Dive Into The Tailoring Method

Big 4 Partner Interview / How To Prepare & What To Expect (Big 4 Graduate Application Tips)

Alright, the STAR Method alone is a pretty strong approach. But, by also learning the Tailoring Method, you have a secret sauce for creating delicious answers to behavioral interview questions.

The Tailoring Method is all about customization. You dont want to give the hiring manager a basic answer to a question you want to make it relevant and enticing, building an exceptional value proposition by showcasing how you can help their company thrive. Thats what the Tailoring Method helps you do.

Its an approach that makes the hiring manager and company the priority, not you. Its about positioning yourself as a solution to the problem the hiring manager is trying to solve . That makes the Tailoring Method a competitive advantage, as not all job seekers are going to go that extra mile.

How To Completely Prepare For Tech Interviews

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  • A majority of college students hold a vision of getting into their dream company after completing their graduation. And why only college students, even many working professionals want to get rid out of their current job and get into their dream job or company eagerly.

    Butwhat comes between these individuals and their dream job?? Okay, it is the INTERVIEW PROCESS!

    Yes, to secure the desired job in your targeted company like Amazon, Microsoft, Swiggy, etc. youre first required to crack their multiple interview rounds. And to prepare for these tech interviews is not an easy-to-go task, especially for the freshers who often come across numerous problems such as what to prepare, where to prepare, etc.

    However, things are not that difficult too as it seems. One can conveniently prepare for the tech interviews, whether it be of a startup or an IT giant if he follows the right preparation roadmap and strategies with sheer determination and consistency. Here, in this article, well get to know what skills you need to learn or what things you need to do, to crack the interview of any big tech company. Lets get started:

    Review Your Cv & Cover Letter

    As you may be applying for more than one job, you should print off a copy of your CV, cover letter and the selection criteria for the role. Believe it or not, some people actually walk into an interview and completely forget the job they have applied for!

    Carefully re-read everything to ensure you know precisely what is being asked of you. This process will also help you come up with some questions to ask at the end of the interview. Place this paperwork in a neat folder and bring it with you this makes you look organised.

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    How To Prepare For Internal Interviews At Your Company

    An advantage to internal interviews is you already have inside information on the company. When youre preparing as an outside candidate, theres only so much you can glean. But already being an employee means you have an advantage in knowing how to prepare for an internal interview.

    You also may have access to colleagues who have walked this road before you and can give you some detailed information on what to do, what to avoid, and what to expect.

    Use all of this knowledge to your advantage, but dont allow it to become a substitute for good practice.

    The importance of good practice

    Time and time again weve seen exceptional, well-qualified applicants absolutely bomb their interview and not get promoted.

    Its easy to think youve got it under control, especially when youre interviewing internally with a company youre already familiar with and people you may know.

    But you only have one shot at thisyou want to be prepared.

    The difference even a little good practice makes on interview day is astronomical and is often the one deciding factor between getting the promotion and going back to your desk with your heart in your shoes knowing you did not perform well.

    We designed Big Interview precisely to solve the problem most interviewers havelack of practice.

    Its an easy step to miss because many applicants think that simply reading up on how to answer interview questions is enough.

    Speaking about transferrable skills in internal interviews

    Display executive presence

    Ask The Right Questions

    How to Prepare for a Job Interview in the 21st Century ...

    Many employers would give you the chance to ask questions about the company and the position. It is a good idea to prepare these questions in advance so that the interviewers get the impression that you have taken the time to research the company and are also aware of what the position entails. Some questions that you could ask include:

    • What qualities do your most successful employees have?
    • What are the steps in your hiring process?
    • What type of in-house training programs do you offer?

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    How Do You Handle Stress

    How you handle stressful situations is an indicator of your ability to solve problems. Employers want to hire candidates who react to stress constructively, so its important that your answer to this question demonstrates personal growth.

    Spend some time thinking about your response to stressful situations and provide an example that communicates your abilities around perseverance, resilience and stress management.

    Example answer:Im able to stay calm when I focus on the bigger picture and break down my projects into smaller tasks. I always start by asking myself, What is the ultimate goal Im trying to achieve? From there, I make a list of immediate and long-term action items with achievable but ambitious deadlines. Even if the big project is due tomorrow, I ask myself, Whats something I can tackle in the next 30 minutes? Before I know it, Ive made significant progress and that impossible project doesnt seem so impossible.

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    Free: Second Interview Question Pdf Cheat Sheet

    Ok the next thing you should do is download our “Second Interview Question Cheat Sheet“.

    In it you’ll get:

    • 5 of the most common second interview questions you could face
    • Professional-sounding example answers for each question that you can model your answers after

    With this amazing cheat sheet you’ll be pretty much ready for anything you’ll face in your second interview!

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    What Does Customer Service Mean To You

    If youre applying for a public-facing role, an employer may ask this question to determine what aspects of customer service are most important to you. . A good answer will align with the companys values, which you can glean through researching their customer service policy, understanding their products and clientele and reflecting on your own experiences as a customer. Your answer can either come from the perspective of a customer or a customer service provider.

    Example answer:In my experience, good customer service involves taking responsibility when something goes wrong and doing what you can to make it right. For example, on a recent flight, I had pre-ordered my meal only to discover they didnt stock enough of my dish. Instead of simply stating the facts, the flight attendant apologized sincerely and offered me a free drink or premium snack. To me, this apology went a long way in smoothing things over. The freebie was a bonus that made me feel valued as a customer and choose the same airline for my next flight.

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    What Exactly Is A Second Interview

    How to Prepare for An Interview – The Best Pre-Interview Strategy | Indeed Career Tips

    First off, lets start with what a second interview really is.

    Yes, its what it sounds likea second chance for the hiring manager to take a good look at you and decide if youre a good fitbut its also so much more than just that!

    HANG ON! Before we get into this too deeply, we have to issue this brief disclaimer:

    Job Interview Questions and Answers 101.

    Okay, back to our regularly scheduled programming!

    So what does a second interview mean?

    Well, we can tell you it ISNT a guarantee of employment. This isnt the time to get cocky and let everything youve worked so hard on slide.

    Not by a long shot.

    It IS, however, another opportunity for you to really show them that youre the best person for the jobyou are the perfect candidate!

    The first interview was the warm up.

    Odds are in your first interview you met with someone from human resources or a hiring manager and was probably more of a broad screening to weed out the last of the unsuitable candidates.

    The second is the big leagues which means your second interview will probably be conducted by someone a little higher upor even a LOT higher up.

    You can almost guarantee that this interview will be much more in depth and very well might include introductions to other key members within the business including superiors, senior managers, and even possibly fellow teammates.

    A second interview is a bit more seriousthink of it as a second dateon steroids.

    No pressure!

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    Print Hard Copies Of Your Resume

    Though most employers ask for digital copies of your resume during the application process, they may not have one on hand when it comes time to interview you. Having a copy readily available shows that you are organized and prepared.

    It is advisable to have at least 3 hard copies with you. Two in case there is more than one interviewer, and one for yourself to use to follow along as the interviewer is discussing your work history.

    • Anticipate Questions About Your Resume

    In your preparations, be sure to have rehearsed your explanations for any oddities or large gaps that may appear on your resume. For instance, being out of the workforce for many years to care for a child or elderly parent, or re-entering the workforce after having been self-employed, are understandable reasons why there may be large gaps in your resume.

    • Be Honest, But Diplomatic

    In some cases, questions about your resume can be awkward and require diplomacy. You want to be honest in your responses, but you also dont want the interview to jump to incorrect conclusions. For example, if you left a job after a short time because of a toxic manager, it can be difficult to explain yourself without sounding overly negative.

    Planning and practice can help you find a neutral way to explain your situation. Give yourself some time to think these answers through and practice them out loud before your interview so you are not caught off-guard at the moment and suffer a setback in self-confidence.

    How To Prepare For A Job Interview: The 25

    This post originally appeared on HubSpot’s Sales Blog. To read more content like this, .

    So you landed the interview. Congratulations! Youre one step closer to your dream job. But before you drop the mic, lets make sure youre ready to nail that interview.

    I know its tough to carve out a couple hours to do the ideal amount of job interview prep. Youre busy! Maybe youre already juggling two jobs, youve got kids to pick up from daycare, youve got a dishwasher to unload okay, maybe just a season of House of Cards to finish.

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    How To Prepare For A Video Interview

    Only practice can make you confident and ready for your video interview, and for that you can use the Big Interview Practice Interview Tool. It will help you:

  • Get comfortable with video interviewing and
  • Practice as many times as you need to improve your skills
  • Remember, you want to work all the kinks out during practice, not on the interview day. With the Practice Interview Tool, you can re-record a question as many times as you need to and get valuable feedback from friends and mentors before moving on.

    To get started, simply login to your Big Interview account and choose Practice Interview from a Practice dropdown menu.

    From there you can start a new mock interview by choosing the type of interview you want to get ready for.

    We always recommend starting with a General section to get a better understanding of most common interview questions and answers.

    From there, you can choose your practice set based on your experience level, industry, or type of interview.

    When youre ready to practice, click the screen of the interviewer to hear the question. When youre ready, hit the record button to record your answer.

    You can record as many answers as you like, practicing until you feel confident you have it down.

    Once you are happy with your video, you can save it and send it off for feedback.

    The more you practice with video interviewing, the more comfortable you will become until answering questions virtually is just as easy as talking to someone in the same room.

    The Most Commonly Asked Interview Questions

    What you say, wear, and do at an #Interview can make a big ...

    Certain interview questions are asked in nearly all interviews. Examples include:

    • Can you tell us about yourself?
    • Why should we choose you as a candidate over someone else?
    • What have you done that makes you a fit for this position?

    These are just a few examples, but you should identify the most commonly asked interview questions and master them entirely. More examples are listed a little further in the post.

    During your study, youll probably be practicing flashcards with at least 100 potential questions or topics.

    While you should practice them all, put more weight on the questions that are most likely to be asked. If you cant nail those common questions, the impact of you nailing a tough technical question wont matter as much.

    Technical concepts can be taught. The answers to commonly asked questions tell the interviewers a lot more about yourself as a person and professional.

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    Tips For Before The Interview

    In the days before your job interview, set aside time to do the following:

    1. Start by researching the company and your interviewers. Understanding key information about the company youre interviewing with can help you go into your interview with confidence. Using the companys website, social media posts and recent press releases will provide a solid understanding of the companys goals and how your background makes you a great fit. Review our Complete Guide to Researching a Company.

    2. Practice your answers to common interview questions. Prepare your answer to the common question: Tell me about yourself, and why are you interested in this role with our company? The idea is to quickly communicate who you are and what value you will bring to the company and the roleits your personal elevator pitch. Review our guide to answering Top Interview Questions.

    Tip: You should come prepared to discuss your salary expectations. If youre unsure what salary is appropriate to ask for, visit Indeed’s Salary Calculator for a free, personalized pay range based on your location, industry and experience.

    Tips on responding to “Tell me about yourself:1. Start by discussing your current situation2. Work backwards by hitting key points along your professional journey3. Connect your background, interests and qualifications back to the job

    How To End An Internal Interview

    Just as you would with any other interview, you can thank the interviewers for their time and ask about next steps once the interview has wrapped up.

    Stay professional, look them in the eye, and shake their hand.

    Before you leave for the day, send all interviewers a thank-you email that briefly covers the highlights from the interview and your enthusiasm for the position.

    Thank them once more for the interview and wrap-up.

    The thank-you email should be brief, but succinct. Send it out right before you leave for the day so they will see it in their inbox first thing the next morning.

    Chapter list:

    Chapter 4:

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    Ask Relevant Questions That Will Challenge The Founder

    Asking the right questions during an interview is a game-changer, but it is even more important when you are meeting the CEO. You are in the same room as the person who steers the companys corporate development plan, so its time to learn as much as possible and show them that you understand any issues they might be experiencing through the relevance of your questions. You should definitely ask a few questions or bounce off their comments as the interview progresses, but make sure you save a few for the end, especially for that moment when they ask, Any questions? The most appropriate questions are generally related to the position you applied for: the success rate, the companys challenges, their long-term strategies and so on. You could also ask them for more details on the companys ventures and challenges. You should, of course, prioritise open-ended questions that will give the founder more freedom to elaborate on their answers.

    Why Is A Job Interview Important

    How to Interview at BIG Companies

    A job interview is a key part of the job application process. An interview gives an employer the chance to put a face to a name after having read your CV and cover letter, and then dig further into the skills, experience and knowledge youve stated.An interview also lets an employer see how you approach a question or problem when put on the spot some interviews will call for candidates to complete a task on the day. While you can write your CV or cover letter before submitting it, or prepare for an interview to some extent, you cant guarantee exactly what questions youll be asked on the day. This allows an employer to compare you against similar candidates.An interview can give an employer a feel for you as a person and decide if you would get on well in that team and working culture.But an interview is also an opportunity for you as a candidate to judge whether that role is right for you. Here you can meet the people youll work alongside, visit their office and get a feel for the environment , and ask any questions you have about the role.

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