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How To Prepare For A Dental Assistant Interview

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Medical professionals are highly respected and honored for their services to humanity all over the world. Dental assistants act as the primary help to the senior dental doctors. They perform the duties and functions, which primarily aids and assist the doctor in chief. Being an important profession, dental assistants usually fetch lucrative salaries and benefits. The interview for this position is usually quite deep, and you will certainly see questions that will assess your personality, core domain knowledge, and behavior. Thus, prepare hard and read lots of frequently asked interview questions.

What Do You Think Will Be The Most Challenging Part Of Your Dental Training And Career

The answer to this question will vary between applicants. Your answer should convey that you have done your research, know what challenges you will face, and suggest ways to overcome them. The last point is important here, as offering actionable insights will show you are serious about pursuing a career in dentistry.

Mention The Main Challenge That You Forese In This Role

Have you taken a look at the different aspects of this job and identified some that may be challenging in the future? Always make sure that you research extensively about your future workplace and identify some of the problems you are likely to face. Please do not shy away from pointing them out.

Sample Answer

I am fresh from an internship and may therefore need some time to adjust to this new workplace. However, I am a first learner and will therefore not consume too much time setting myself up.

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Why Have You Chosen Dentistry As A Career

The question above is a variant of the âwhy dentistry?â interview question. This question is extremely common and often the first question youâll be asked. So, you should have an idea of what to say!

The key to answering this question is self-reflection take the time to understand why you want to go to dental school. Perhaps you are passionate about helping others or want to make dental care more affordable for impoverished families. Whatever your reasons, be honest and authentic in your response.

Question #: How Much Experience Do You Have As A Dental Assistant

Myth busters for dental assistants: The interview for that ...

If you just graduated from a dental assistant program, make sure to show how passionate and ready you are to start working. Let the dentist or hiring manager know if you have any administrative or customer service experience as these are skills you will need to be a successful dental assistant. Discuss your training from school plus any externship experience you may have completed. Not all experience is important to mention so dont worry about a newspaper route or babysitting. Focus on recent job experience that mirrors the skills that will be needed to become a dental assistant.

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Take Advantage Of Your Internship

If youre completing your Dental Assisting training at a reputable program, then an internship will be included in your coursework. For example, at Pacific Northwest Dental Assisting School, in addition to 144 hours of classroom study, youll also complete a 50-hour Dental Assistant internship.

This is a benefit for many reasons:

  • Finding and winning a Dental Assisting internship is very difficult
  • Hands-on training looks great on your resume and can help when looking for your first position
  • Its an opportunity to work alongside experienced dental professionals and build your network

This last point is the one we want to focus on.

Youll get the best results if you take this internship seriously and take advantage of your time with these dental professionals.

Ask lots of questions, take plenty of notes, and follow their advice.

Outside of the training they provide, here are a few things that should be on your list to learn:

  • What skills they personally value in a Dental Assistant
  • How you can set yourself apart from other applicants
  • Any additional coursework or certifications they recommend
  • Job searching tips or advice
  • Networking or volunteering tips

A Range Of Sample Dental Assistant Interview Questions Are Given Below:

  • Describe how you sterilize and clean dental appliances.
  • If you like dealing with children or adults? Why is this so?
  • What piqued your interest in a career in dentistry?
  • Do you have some laboratory experience, such as making tooth casts or temporary crowns?
  • What are the guiding rules for providing excellent medical service?
  • Do you have prior experience keeping dental records? If you have some other managerial or office experience?
  • What kind of dental preparation experience do you have?
  • Do you have CPR certification?
  • Describe a time when you were working as a team and two people disagreed. How did you deal with the situation?
  • How do you perform when you are always being supervised? How do you respond to constructive criticism?
  • Why do you want to work for our firm specifically?
  • Describe a situation in which you have to deal with a troublesome patient. How did you deal with the situation?

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Do Front Desk Receptionists Wear Scrubs

It really just depends on what location youre working at and what the Practice Manager and Regional Manager says is fine. At my location we get to wear scrubs at the front desk. Business casual, but scrubs if they are expecting you to work both the front desk and assist the dr, which was the case in our office.

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Common Dental Assistant Interview Questions


Congratulations! On passing the first hurdle to becoming a dental assistant getting an interview.

Dental assistants play a critical role in the running of the daily operations of our clinic. They work alongside our dentists and perform other administrative work. Thats why we take our interview sessions seriously.

The agenda of our interviews is not only to choose a candidate with experience but one who can handle pressure and is capable of working under supervision. Although we ask common and general questions like:

  • Tell us about yourself?
  • What are your strengths?
  • What are your weaknesses?

Most of the interview questions will lean on personal, behavioral, and skills that you possess. Here are five dental assistant questions and answers to help you prepare.

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Tips To Help You Ace Your Dental Assistant Interview

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Youve done the work and finished school. Youve started your job search and landed an interview. You are so close to landing your dream job as a dental assistant.

The only thing standing in your way is the interview. With all of the experience under your belt you have nothing to worry about.

Keep reading for a list of tips to help you ace your dental assistant interview and land the job of your dreams.

Question #: Why This Dental Office

Take the time to learn about the dentist and the dental office. What is their philosophy? Do they offer something that other dentists in the area dont? Understand how you can help this specific dental office and let the dentist or hiring manager know that you fit the culture of the office. By doing your research and showing the properly responding to this question, you will show the dentist that you are serious about this interview.

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Where Do I See Myself In The Next Five Years

How to answer where do you see yourself in five years? in an interview

  • Get clear about your career goals. Take some time to brainstorm what your career goals are for the next five years.
  • Find connections between your goals and the job description.
  • Ask yourself if the company can prepare you for your career goals.

Question #: What Is Your Experience With Radiology

Top 11 Interview Questions for Associate Dentists: Asked ...

You may be asked a series of dental assistant interview questions about your training and experience in procedures, including questions about exam room and instrument prep, taking an alginate impression, and working with radiological tasks.

  • Confirm you understand common dental techniques, tools, and supplies.
  • Show you understand the safety and protocol for each procedure.
  • Point out any classes or certifications you have in each procedure.

How You Could Answer

“I am certified in radiation health and safety by the Dental Assisting National Board. I took classes and worked with dynamic digital radiography, and I used stationary X-ray equipment in my last job. I always take time to ask the patient all the required questions before beginning the procedures and am always very accurate when positioning equipment to get the best images.”

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How Would The Dentist You Work With Describe You As An Employee

This question should help you understand what the job applicant will be like as an employee. What to look for in an answer:

  • Personable
  • Easy to work with


“I have a great relationship with all of the Dentists I work with. My current manager would describe me as easy to work with and highly organized. I make her job easier by understanding what her needs are, what equipment she needs, and when. It’s also important that I help to maintain proper inventory so nothing ever runs out. Lastly, I take on any simple procedures to clear time for the Dentist.”

Most Asked Dental Assistant Interview Questions With Answers

Here are the top 10 most asked dental assistant interview questions along with suggested answers to help you breeze through your interview and land the job.

1. Tell me about your experience as a dental assistant.

The interviewer will have read your resume and noted your experience. This question gives you an opportunity to expand on what is in your resume and show your passion for this role. If you dont have prior experience as a dental assistant, this question can seem difficult to answer. You can tell the interviewer about your training, including any internships. Think about the skills you have gained from other roles that would be transferable to a role as a dental assistant. For example, customer service and administrative skills are important as a dental assistant. If you have had prior experience, tell the interviewer about your day-to-day duties in that role and how long you were in that role .

Answer:Since I completed my dental assistant training two years ago, I have been working in my current role as a dental assistant. During this time, I have worked with the same dentist, and we have built a strong chair-side relationship which is beneficial to patients. By working closely together for two years, I have been able to understand how he likes to work and apply that knowledge to the organization of the exam room so that I can ensure he has the tools he needs.

2. Describe a time you have had to deal with an angry or upset patient.

10. Why should we hire you?

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Tips To Ace Your Dentist Job Interview

If youre looking for your first dental job, youre no stranger to interviews. Getting into dental school, competing for placement in your specialty program, applying for your residency youve been through plenty of interviews. However, applying for a new job as a dentist, whether its your first job in the field or a change of scenery, can be intimidating! Follow these 7 tips to be confident you will ace your dentist job interview!

How Would You Deal With An Angry Patient

DENTAL ASSISTANT Interview Questions & Answers! (How to PASS a Dental Assistant Job Interview!)

This is a good chance to talk about your communication and customer service skills. If youve been in this situation, give an example of how you handled it. The important skills to note are your ability to stay calm in a crisis and your ability to empathize with what a patient may be going through while always remaining professional.

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What Steps Do You Take When Seating A Patient In The Dentist’s Chair

Similar to prepping the dental exam room, the interviewer will likely want to know how you interact with patients when readying them for their procedures. Showcase your interpersonal skills, empathy and compassion by describing how you care for patients who are uncomfortable, anxious or scared.

Example:”After helping the patient get situated in the chair, I secure the bib and maneuver the chair into the appropriate position. While I’m helping the patient get comfortable, I usually love to ask about their interests or hobbies or how their day is going, just to break the ice and help them relax. I understand that dental procedures can make people nervous, so helping calm them and get them smiling is just as important to me as performing the technical aspects of my job.”

Common Dental Assistant Interview Questions And Answers

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Did you know that the Blue Whale doesnt have any teeth, even though its the largest mammal in the world? Though the average person going to the dentist may not know this, dental assistants are there to educate their patients and give them fun facts to help them take their dental hygiene seriously.

To be a dental assistant, you have to go through an extensive process and practice the interview questions and answers so you are on your game during the interview. We are here to prep you on the 7 common dental assistant interview questions and answers.

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Is It Ok To Wear Scrubs To A Dental Assistant Interview

If its a working interview, you may be expected to wear scrubs. But if its a meeting, wear business casual attire. Clothes should be clean, unwrinkled and be free of any holes or stains. When in doubt, opt for more conservative clothing.

How Do You Handle Emergency Dental Situations

8 Questions to Prepare You for a Dental Assisting ...

No matter the career field, there are sure to be challenges or stressful situations at some point. The interviewer may ask you this type of question to see how you have handled emergency dental situations in the past and how you would do so for their practice. Use your past experiences to respond, and apply the STAR interview response technique to describe the situation, how you handled it and the results.

Example:”I approach stressful situations, especially with patients, in a calm and friendly manner. I communicate as clearly as possible to find out what the emergency is and to evaluate the nature of its urgency. If it truly is a medical emergency requiring extremely urgent care, I notify patients to go ahead and seek emergency medical care. If it is a dental problem such as tooth pain, infection or another urgent issue, I manage appointment schedules accordingly so that we can get the patient in as soon as possible for an evaluation.”

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Prepare For Your Dental Assistant Interview

Interviews can be nerve-wracking for even the most seasoned professionals. Whether this is your first interview or your 10th, it is always helpful to brush up on your interviewing skills before the big day.

The more you prepare in advance, the more confident you will feel during your interview.

Research the practice you are interviewing with. Visit their website, social media, online reviews, and ask people you know in the field if they have any knowledge about the practice.

Carefully read the job posting so that you have clear expectations of the job requirements and duties. Demonstrating that you have a strong understanding of the position shows that you are prepared and are confident that you will be a good fit for the position.

Bring copies of your resume for the interviewer and any other guests who may join the interview. They will most likely already have copies, but if they dont you will look professional and prepared by providing them a copy.

Research common questions asked during interviews in general and interviews specifically for dental assistants. If you come prepared with answers to questions that might be asked, you will feel and appear more confident.

Practice answering these questions in front of the mirror or in front of friends and family.

Ask plenty of questions of the hiring manager or interviewer. Prepare these questions in advance based on the job description and your research about the practice.

Why Do You Want This Job

This is a common question asked on almost any interview, regardless of the field. Employers want to see that you want to work for them, not that youre trying to get any old job in the field. Do your homework and look at the website of the dental practice. Read reviews from former employers and even look through the practices social media accounts. Make note of the positive parts and mention them, along with what motivated you to apply for this particular job in the first place.

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Question #: Tell Me About Yourself

This is a standard first question for dental assistant interviews. Prepare a short statement that talks about your vocational school and prior work experience. Dont talk about your personal background. This is a chance to make your introduction and a good first impression. Are you a quick learner, good with patients, and/or passionate about the dental field? Take this opportunity to explain what you can add to the dentists office.

Socials Through Your Patients Eyes


Just as youre scoping out your potential employer online, you can be sure theyre doing the same. These days, reviewing an interviewee online is common practice, so be sure youre making the best possible impression online. A good guide post would be to keep content authentic, however, representing your best self professionally. When you post, you are displaying your personal brand to patients and the world. Just because its private does not mean it cant be shared.

Utilize your socials to showcase some of your proudest achievements. Do you have photos from a volunteer dental outreach event? Maybe some articles youve written about cutting-edge dental technology Post them! Be a top candidate before you ever step in the door and give the best impression you can.

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