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How To Send Interview Thank You Email

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Thank You After Interview Email Best Practices

How to Write a Thank You Email After the Interview & WOW Them!

Here are some general best practices for writing your interview thank you message:

  • Send the email within a few hours of the interview.
  • Be polite and professional in your language.
  • Highlight things you liked about the job, company, culture, and mission statementMission StatementA mission statement defines what line of business a company is in, and why it exists or what purpose it serves.. (You can use this opportunity to elicit a reply to your email by turning things around by writing, Id be interested to hear what you think are the companys core values.
  • Mention your skills and strengths that best match the job opportunity and what you learned from the interview about what the company is most looking for from the person who is ultimately chosen to fill the position.
  • Dont appear overconfident by sounding as if you just assume that you got the job.
  • Be sure to actually say the words, thank you.
  • Offer to answer any additional or follow-up questions the interviewer may have.

What Is A Thank You Letter And Why Do You Need One

A thank you letter is a follow-up email you send after the job interview. It should be briefonly three or four paragraphs and never more than one page in length.

A good interview thank you email demonstrates your strong interest in the position. You can also reiterate the case you made for why the company should hire you. And frankly, it shows that you know how to follow up after an important meeting.

How To Write Thank

Most job seekers put a lot of effort into crafting a resume and preparing for an interview. Heres what many people dont spend much time on but should: thank-you emails after interviews.

Its surprising how many job candidates dont bother to send a thank-you note, because it really does make a positive impression on employers. Its a simple step to take, and it can separate you from equally qualified candidates who dont send a thank-you email after an interview. And yes, you should write a thank-you message after a video interview just as you would an in-person meeting.

If the challenge of crafting a great thank-you email is holding you back from sending one, youve come to the right place.

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What To Include In Your Thank You Note

  • A professional subject line. Keep your email subject short and to the point. A simple, “Thank you from < Your Name> ” is a great start.

  • A personalized greeting. Start each note addressing the person you interviewed with by name.

  • An expression of appreciation. Add a line close to the beginning of your note thanking the interviewer for their time and the opportunity.

  • Specifics of your conversation. Tailor your message by mentioning something you specifically chatted about with that person. Did they tell you about their company culture? What to expect on a standard day? Mention it here.

  • A reminder of your interest. If the job feels like a fit for you, tell your interviewer that you’re interested. Employers want their employees to be excited about their roles, so adding your enthusiasm is a great way to close for the job.

  • Your contact info. Invite your interviewer to contact you with further questions or discussion.

  • A professional sign-off. Best regards, Sincerely, and Thank you are all great ways to finish up your note.

Write A Customized Detailed Thank

Sample Thank You Letter After Job Interview : Interview ...

Here is the word-for-word email I sent my future hiring manager:

Hey Anum,

Thank you again for talking with me Tuesday night, I really appreciate the advice and all your help. It was great to learn more about the Sidekick team and your experience at HubSpot.

Working with such a scrappy, fast-paced team within a company I truly admire would be an incredible learning experience, and I would love the opportunity to prove I’m a great fit for the role.

Attached is a how-to slide deck on SEO that I created for our at 451 Marketing. I’ve also attached my resume and a one-pager to illustrate why I want to work for HubSpot and how I align with the culture.

Below are highlights of publications I’ve contributed to:


I knew I wanted my post-interview follow up email to convey these elements:

  • Context and personality: I started jotting down notes after the interview to ensure that I could include some personal connection or common interest that would help Anum remember me among a pool of hundreds or even thousands of candidates.
  • Determination: I tried focusing on these main themes to demonstrate how badly I wanted the job:
  • Specific characteristics of the team that stood out to me
  • Elements of the position that appealed to me most
  • Values that I share with the company
  • For example, I emphasized the scrappy, fast-paced” nature of the team as an aspect that particularly excited me about this role.
  • Hustle: Finally, I needed to hustle. This brings me to the final step.
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    How To Write The Perfect Interview Thank You Letter

    Getting through a job interview can often feel like walking a tightrope. But a touch of common courtesy in the form of an interview thank you letter can help you land your dream job.

    During the whole hiring process, there are many different factors that cause one candidate to lose out to another. The companys culture and the personal preferences of the people doing the hiring play an important role. Thats why its important to remember that many people like receiving appreciative emails. In this article, well delve deeper into the significance of an interview thank you letter and help you craft the perfect one.

    Crucial Step: Add Customization To Your Interview Thank You Emails

    Whenever sending thank you notes or emails after an interview, be sure to mention a specific topic you discussed with the interviewer, and why you enjoyed discussing it with them.

    This is the best way to immediately show them that your post-interview thank you email is written especially for them, and not quickly pasted from a generic template.

    Customization is key! Even the best thank you email templates or examples will appear to be low-effort if you dont customize them and show that you really wrote this for them.

    So what types of things can you mention? Here are some ideas

    First, you could mention something interesting you learned about the job or company from them. What caught your attention and sounded exciting about the position? If something sounds great about the role, say so!

    Or, you could reference one or two of their interview questions and answers you gave in response. For example, if the interviewer asked an interesting question that you enjoyed talking about, you could say:

    I really enjoyed your question about ___ and the discussion that it led to. It was also great learning about how XYZ company does ___.

    Or you could mention something personal they discussed with you! Maybe the interviewer told you theyre going to watch their son at a big basketball tournament that evening.

    You could say:

    By the way, I hope your sons team did great at the basketball tournament. How did things turn out?

    You could write:

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    Why Send A Thank You After Interview Email

    While its not required, its highly recommended to send a thank you after interview email to reinforce your interest in the opportunity, highlight your strengthsPersonal BrandOur personal brand is what people see as our identity, who they see us as and what qualities and things they associate with us. It reveals, and follow up on anything from the interviewInterview Tips How to Interview WellThis guide will give you a list of the top 10 interview tips, based on decades of firsthand experience from the CFI team interviewing hundreds. Its recommended to send the email within a few hours of the interview, as hiring managers often make their decisions very quickly and you want to keep their impression of you as high as possible.

    Email Is Timelier But A Handwritten Letter Is Still A Nice Touch Heres How To Tell Whats Best For Your Situation

    How to Write a Job Interview Follow Up or Thank You Email

    An interview thank-you email or letter is a must.

    Job search etiquette is clear on one thing: An interview thank-you email or letter should be sent promptly. But therein lies the question, should your interview thank-you come in the form of a typed email or handwritten letter? Thats where things get a bit nebulous.

    The most important thing is not whether you send a follow-up with email or handwritten paper, but whether you follow up at all, says April Masini, relationship and etiquette expert for Missing that opportunity is more of a problem than choosing the medium is.

    That said, there are advantages and disadvantages to both. Let these criteria be your guide in determining whether to send an interview thank-you email or letter.

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    Summarize The Interviews Highlights

    When it comes to the actual body content of the email, in addition to thanking the interviewer, you want to focus on referencing two or three high points from the interview.

    Mine your conversation for highlights by reflecting on these questions:

    • Did the interviewer make an interesting point?
    • Did something you discussed excite you?
    • Did you learn something new about the role or company?
    • Do you two have something interesting in common?

    In your email, say you enjoyed learning about X. Or that you appreciate that the hiring manager shared Y. Or, when you heard them say Z, you became even more interested in the role.

    Giving a couple quick highlights demonstrates you were an active, attentive participant in the conversation.

    Send Your Thank You Note From Your Personal Computer

    Use your personal desktop or laptop computer to send this message.

    Avoid using your smart phone to write and send this message. It is too easy for unintended changes to be made by the software when auto correction fixes the errors it finds. These kind of changes can make you look inept and unable to use something as simple as email.

    If you are employed, DO NOT send this message while you are at work or using your work computer.

    If employed and using your employers equipment or network to send your message, your employer may discover the message and your intentions to leave. The result is that you could have a very uncomfortable discussion with your boss about your job search, or you could lose your job.

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    Who Should I Write The Thank You Email To

    Email a thank you to each person with whom you interacted.

    If you met with four or five different people during an in-person interview, send an email of thanks to each of them.

    Also, be sure to write something unique to each person you thank.

    You never know when they might compare notes literally and you dont want them to see that you used the same wording in every single message.

    Simple Thank You Email

    Interview Thank You Email Template ~ Addictionary

    This is a basic, simple thank you note.

    Subject: Thank you for the interview on

    Dear :

    Thank you very much for your time today to interview me for the position of . I appreciate the opportunity to learn more about this job, to meet you and , and to see your facility .

    As we discussed, I have of experience with . With my background and experience, I believe that I could become a contributor to your team very quickly.

    I am excited about this opportunity to join . Please do not hesitate to email or call me if you have any questions or need any additional information.

    I look forward to hearing from you .

    Best regards,

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    Restate Your Relevance For The Position

    It helps if you can comment on some of the highlights of the conversation.

    This can remind the hiring manager of important parts of the interview.

    It also gives you the opportunity to restate areas or mention skills that would make you the most ideal candidate for the position.

    You might choose to make a statement such as:

    I believe that my years of experience in fundraising for nonprofit organizations will provide just the edge your company is looking for to reach goals and exceed expectations.

    I am confident that the years I have spent working in the field of web development would benefit the team.

    Expand On Any Discussions You Had In The Interview

    You can use this next section as a chance to expand on anything you previously discussed in the interview. You can share any resources you found regarding a topic you mentioned or you can readdress a question from the interview and give more details if you were unsatisfied with your answer in the interview. If there were any topics you were unable to mention in the interview, but you believe they may help you stand out, you can mention that in your email as well. 

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    Confirm Your Interest In The Job

    One of the most important reasons for sending a thank you after a job interview is to confirm that you are still interested in the position.

    If youre not engaged in the job opportunity enough to follow up with a thank you, the hiring manager might write you off or assume you lack interest.

    Youll want to express your desire to land the position with a statement like:

    After learning more about the position, Im eager for the opportunity to be a part of your team and help .

    Why Should You Send A Thank You Email Or Letter After An Interview

    How to Write a Thank You Email After an Interview (+ a Template!)

    If you think its terrifying being interviewed, youre not alone. But let me tell you, interviews can be an equally traumatizing experience from the other side of the table.

    I kicked off the search for my first hire at Grammarly earlier this year, and when the first on-site interview came around, I was terrified. Sitting there with my list of questions and my notebook, I tried to simultaneously project confidence, follow my companys values, ask the right questions, make sure my hair didnt do anything weird, and mask my nerves.

    Sound familiar?

    Even if interviews are a vital part of the recruiting process, the first round of the interview process can be awkward for everyone. Thats why its key to write a thank you note after the interviewoften the process has made them just as uncomfortable as you are! Thats why a killer post-interview thank-you note can help you make a great impression and land the job.

    But dont take my word for it! Lily Zhang, a career expert at MIT, put it this way on The Muse:

    Think of it this way: Your interview isnt over until you send a thank you note. You want to move the hiring managers from interview mindset to decision mindset as quickly as possible, so dont drag it out.

    I asked Olivia Seastrom, a recruiter at Grammarly, what she loves about thank-you notes. She said,

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    What Does It Mean If I Didn’t Get A Response

    Receiving a response from an interviewer does not generally indicate whether you will be receiving an offer. Receiving a response is usually a function of the interviewers having a free moment away from their actual job to respond.

    As one used described:[quote}I’ve gotten responses and still gotten rejected and I’ve had responses and ended up with offers. It means nothing, really .

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    Best Sample Thank You Emails After An Interview

    • /

    If youre looking for how to write a professional thank you email or note after your interview, youve come to the right place.

    Im going to share exactly what to do when thanking the employer, based on my experience as a recruiter. And Ill give you plenty of sample thank you emails that you can use for inspiration, too!

    Because the truth is: sending a follow-up message to thank the interviewer is a great idea, but if you dont send the right type of message, it can do more harm than good. So what you say matters!

    Lets get started

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    Interview Thank You Email Templates With Examples

    Sending a thank-you note after a job interview is a longstanding tradition in every industry. From the days of snail mail to the current digital era, employees use this gesture to show appreciation for the opportunity to go through the interview. So, it is essential to write a concise and convincing letter to the companys employers following the interview.

    Most job applicants are afraid to write thank you emails because it seems a bit too forward. Others believe that appreciation letters dont affect your chances of landing a job.

    Well, thats not entirely true. A well-crafted interview thank you letter can be the ultimate decider between you and another candidate. Moreover, you dont need to write a full-blown essay as your appreciation email. You can simply hire an essay writer to finetune your delivery.

    Lets discuss the processes involved in writing an appreciation letter and the perfect example to warm any recruiters heart.

    Write Your Draft Immediately After The Interview

    40 Thank You Email After Interview Templates

    As soon as your phone interview is complete, you should begin typing your email while the events of the interview are still fresh in your brain. You can type out the email and return to it the next day. This helps your brain revisit this content after it has had a few moments to refresh. You should send this email within 24 hours after your interview to help the interviewer remember who you are and to show your promptness.

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