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How To Thank You For An Interview

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How To Thank Someone For An Interview

How to write a thank you note for an interview

In addition to preparing for an interview, there are some steps you can take post-interview to help your chances of getting hired. A simple thank you note to your interviewer could show your dedication to earning the position and give you the edge you need to land the job. In this article, we’ll discuss the process of thanking someone for an interview and provide tips and a template for doing it effectively.

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When To Write A Thank

Writing a thank-you note to your interviewers shows that you are gracious, humble and thoughtful all important qualities for potential new hires to possess. Thats why you should write a thank-you letter after every interview within 24 hours. You dont want to risk having recruiters or hiring managers think that youre cocky, ungrateful or absentminded.

The Best Way To Say Thank You For Your Consideration

You might know of the sandwich method as the go-to way to deliver criticism or bad news to someone. That same method can be applied to delivering the best thank you to a potential employer.

We call it the thank you sandwich.

Heres what you need to do:

  • Thank them at the start. Briefly thank the person for taking the time to interview you. If its a cover letter, simply open by stating the position youre interested in.

  • Highlight major points from your interview. Mention some key aspects that you took from the information they gave you, which shows employers that you were paying attention and care. Interesting conversations, additional questions, and anything from your interview notes that stands out are all good options to bring up.

  • Clean up any interview mistakes . This is an optional step, but if you want to address one of the interviewers concerns, this could be a place to do it.

  • Focus on your impressive skills. Now were back to both cover letter and post-interview advice. Always speak to your most relevant skills and qualifications, quantifying your accomplishments whenever possible.

    For a cover letter, this is the bulk of the message, but its also a significant part of the post-interview email.

  • Reiterate the thank you. Reaffirm why you would make an excellent candidate for the position and close with a reiteration of thanks and a call to action for next steps.

  • Build A Professional Resume In Minutes

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    Send The Email Within 24 Hours

    When it comes to sending your thank-you email, dont delay.

    Ideally, do that within 24 hours, Nelson said.

    If you interviewed in the morning, send it that afternoon. And if you interviewed in the afternoon, send it the following morning.

    A prompt note shows that youre responsive, a strong communicator with follow-through and that youre excited for the role.

    If you wait two or three days to send it, though, the hiring manager might get a different impression of you that youre slow to respond, or not too interested in the position.

    How Do You Start A Thank

    40 Thank You Email After Interview Templates

    Subject line

    There is no need to get creative with the email subject line. A clear subject line that lists what the email is about, such as “thank you for the interview,” will work great. If multiple candidates are being interviewed, it may be beneficial to include your name in the subject line so that the interviewer can quickly see the email is from you rather than a different candidate.

    Example:“Thank you for the interview â John Smith”

    Personalized greeting

    There are many appropriate ways to address a thank-you email. In today’s business culture, itâs more common to greet the contact person with a “Hi First Name,” or “Hello First Name,” rather than the more formal way of using an honorific and the contactâs last name

    The best way to determine your email greeting is based on what you called the interviewer during your meeting with them. If you used their first name in the interview, address the email to their first name. If you used their last name, address it to their last name.

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    Why Is It Important To Send A Thank You Email After An Internal Interview

    Thank you emails are more than just a courtesy. They perform two functions that can influence a hiring decision. First, a thank you email shows the recipient your gratitude for their time and energy during the interview. Additionally, a thank you email gives you a final opportunity to advocate for yourself as the best person for the job.

    When interviewing for an internal position, sending a thank you email to the person with whom you interviewed is just as important as sending a thank you email to an external hiring manager. Ensure you’re following interviewing etiquette and using the chance to share your value proposition with the hiring manager by sending a thank you email after an internal interview.

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    Should You Send A Thank You Email After A Phone Interview

    Thanking interviewers with a letter or email is a must, regardless of how the interview was conducted. The job interview doesnt have to be in person for you to thank the interviewer for their time. This is especially true in the digital age and the work-from-home era, when a growing number of job interviews dont involve face-to-face meetings. Sending a thank you email after an interview over the phone is good practice. This is also true for a Zoom interview or any other virtual video meeting.

    You should also send an email even if its your second or third interview round with the same hiring manager. Make sure to tailor these thank you notes to individual recipients. In other words, you should avoid sending a bunch of emails with the same exact content. One of the costliest mistakes you can make is to send the same note to multiple employers and come off as someone who doesnt have any understanding of individual companies.

    Here are a few more examples of what not to do:

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    Thank You Email After Interview With Best Tips And Samples

    After an interview, its usually a good idea to send a thank-you email. The job interview procedure has evolved significantly throughout the years. Its not uncommon for a candidate to be requested to engage in a video interview, demonstrate their personal brand by providing connections to their social media profiles, or complete some spec work to indicate that theyre competent for the position.

    One item that hasnt changed is the importance of thanking your interviewers for the possibility to interact with them, which can be performed by email for faster follow-up.

    If Youre Writing A Thank

    How to Write a Thank You Email After the Interview & WOW Them!
    • Did I include a relevant subject line? Is everything spelled correctly there?
    • Have I addressed the person Im thanking correctly? Am I spelling their name and email right?
    • Did I make my point in under five sentences?
    • Did I mention a specific topic, common interest, or question relevant to my discussion with this person?
    • Did I say thank you at some point in the note?
    • Are my signature, email name, and email avatar photo all in alignment to project a professional image?
    • Did I use Grammarly to edit this note for correctness, clarity, and word choice?
    • Did I proofread this email?
    • Did I hit Send within 24-48 hours?

    If you did all of these things, congratulations! You deserve to grab a book and a snack and take a break. The hard part is over.

    Need more help following up after interviews? Check back for more insights next week.

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    Recap Of Your Qualifications

    Next, provide a short recap of your experience and background. The interviewer should already be aware of these qualifications after reading your resume and meeting with you, so this section should be brief. Connect your qualifications to the position and its unique requirements to express why you are such a strong candidate for the job. For example, you can write, My social media and search engine marketing expertise would make me an excellent candidate for this marketing role.

    Why Should You Send A Thank You Email Or Letter After An Interview

    If you think its terrifying being interviewed, youre not alone. But let me tell you, interviews can be an equally traumatizing experience from the other side of the table.

    I kicked off the search for my first hire at Grammarly earlier this year, and when the first on-site interview came around, I was terrified. Sitting there with my list of questions and my notebook, I tried to simultaneously project confidence, follow my companys values, ask the right questions, make sure my hair didnt do anything weird, and mask my nerves.

    Sound familiar?

    Even if interviews are a vital part of the recruiting process, the first round of the interview process can be awkward for everyone. Thats why its key to write a thank you note after the interviewoften the process has made them just as uncomfortable as you are! Thats why a killer post-interview thank-you note can help you make a great impression and land the job.

    But dont take my word for it! Lily Zhang, a career expert at MIT, put it this way on The Muse:

    Think of it this way: Your interview isnt over until you send a thank you note. You want to move the hiring managers from interview mindset to decision mindset as quickly as possible, so dont drag it out.

    I asked Olivia Seastrom, a recruiter at Grammarly, what she loves about thank-you notes. She said,

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    Be Succinct And Positive

    Because a thank-you letter response is a follow-up message, you can keep it brief. Maintain a cheerful tone while responding to any doubts raised in the thank you letter. Concentrate on expressing gratitude and emphasizing the personal benefits you received from the interaction.

    To view this video please enable JavaScript, and consider upgrading to aweb browser thatsupports HTML5 video

    You can try something like, I loved speaking with you as well, and I appreciate your follow-up! or stuff like getting to meet new people is always enlightening.

    Template For A Thank You Email After A Phone Interview

    How to Compose an Interview Thank You Letter

    An employer may conduct phone interviews, or phone screens, with a dozen or more applicants for every job opening. Youre in a crowded field of candidates, all vying for the opportunity to interview in-person. One way to differentiate yourself is to craft a considerate post-interview thank you email as soon as you get off the phone.

    Subject Line: Thank you for your time today.

    Dear ],

    I appreciate having the opportunity to speak with you today about the ] position at ]. After our conversation, Im very excited about this opportunity. I believe my skills and interests are a perfect match for this role.

    I am particularly interested in ]

    I appreciate the time you took to interview me today, and I look forward to having the opportunity to meet you in person.

    If you need any additional information from me, please feel free to contact me at any time.

    Again, thank you for your time and consideration.


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    How To Reply An Interview Email Confirming Time Schedule

    You have been given the opportunity to express your worthiness of the vacant post you applied for. You are thrilled! This is fine.

    And while you are thinking of all that you need for the interview, you realized you need to confirm the time for the interview. This is as well normal, but you need to be careful because whether you know it or not, your assessment has started. Plus, the last thing you want is to get to the venue of the interview late, or worse, at the end of the interview.

    The Benefits Of Sending A Thank

    Sending a thank-you email has a couple of important advantages over the old-fashioned, paper-and-ink variety of thank-you letter.

    With an email, for example, you can do more than remind your prospective employer of your qualities and skills: You can actually show them by including a link to your online portfolio, , or professional social networking profiles.

    You’ll also have the opportunity to mention anything you wish you had said during the interview, but didn’t get the chance to discuss.

    Sending an email immediately after or within 24 hours of a job interview is crucial if the hiring manager will be making a quick decision.

    Ideally, your note will reach the interviewer prior to a hiring decision and while your meeting is still top of mind.

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    Template For A Thank You Email After An Informational Interview

    Are you conducting informational interviews with people in your industry? Informational interviews are casual one-on-one networking sessions, and they are one of the best ways to build a professional network and get the inside track on jobs. If someone has taken time out of their busy schedule to meet with you, you absolutely must send them a thank you email. Because showing some courtesy is the best way to leave a good impression with this valuable new professional contact. Plus, its a great way to start an ongoing correspondence so that you can start to build a professional relationship long-term.

    Heres my template for a thank you email after an informational interview or any personal meeting with a new contact:

    Subject Line: Thank you from ]

    Dear ],

    Thank you for taking time from your busy schedule to meet with me today. It was great to discuss career opportunities in ] with you! Your comments were insightful and gave me lots of ideas for my ongoing job search. Im excited to follow up on your suggestions to ].

    It was especially exciting to talk to you about ]

    Again, your suggestions and time are so appreciated, and I hope to chat again soon! Please let me know how if there is a way I can return the favor, now or in the future.


    Is It Good To Send A Thank You After An Interview

    How to Write a Job Interview Thank You Note – Video Tutorial

    Write a thank-you email after your job interview. Showing your gratitude is always a good look, especially during a job search. This means promptly thanking your interviewers. A thank-you email after an interview is the most popularand acceptedmethod of following up with your potential future employers.

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    How To Write Thank

    Most job seekers put a lot of effort into crafting a resume and preparing for an interview. Heres what many people dont spend much time on but should: thank-you emails after interviews.

    Its surprising how many job candidates dont bother to send a thank-you note, because it really does make a positive impression on employers. Its a simple step to take, and it can separate you from equally qualified candidates who dont send a thank-you email after an interview. And yes, you should write a thank-you message after a video interview just as you would an in-person meeting.

    If the challenge of crafting a great thank-you email is holding you back from sending one, youve come to the right place.

    Share A Mutual Interest

    Dear < insert interviewers name> ,

    It was wonderful meeting you today, and I really appreciate you setting aside time to interview me. It was lovely chatting about our < insert mutual interest> !

    Im very excited to be considered for < insert job position> , in addition to all of the potential opportunities < insert company name> presents!

    Thank you so much for your consideration, and I hope you have a great rest of your day.


    < Your full name> < Your contact telephone number>

    This email template is tailored towards an interview where you may have shared a mutual interest. For example, if you both enjoy beach volleyball or pottery, then this is a great point to include. Similar to the first general email, this template can be used for all job positions.

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    Why Is A Thank You Email After A Phone Interview Important

    A thank you email serves as a professional thank you note to an interviewer that expresses your gratitude for the phone interview. Sending a thank you email after you’ve finished your interview helps hiring managers remember who you are and shows your politeness and professionalism. Taking the time to write an email expresses your dedication to the role and can help you stand out among other candidates.

    Who To Send A Thank You Note

    Interview Thank You Letter Template

    If you’re interviewed by an individual person, feel free to send a thank you just to them. But if you’re interviewed by a group, make sure to send each person an individual, customized note. If you don’t have email addresses for everyone, create individual notes and ask your main contact to forward each note.

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    How Long Should The Thank You For The Interview Email Be

    Now that you have some examples of a good thank you email, youve probably noticed that they vary in style and length. Still, none of these go into a lot of details and are relatively brief. On average, recruiters who help people find their next legal job recommend that a thank you letter for an interview should be between 85 and 150 words in length.

    It can go up to 200 words, especially if youre applying for a high-level position or you have plenty of experience in the field. At the end of the day, the key is knowing the company where youre applying for the job. This will help you decide what type of follow-up email after the interview works best.

    If youve agreed on something in your interview, make sure to follow through, even if it exceeds the aforementioned word count. These arent rules set in stone, and it is up to you to craft the appropriate email for the job youre applying for.

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