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Interview Questions For Hr Position For Freshers

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How Would You Rate Yourself On A Scale Of 1 To 10

HR Interview Question and Answers for Freshers

The main point while answering this question is to not convey that you are perfect. This would indicate that there is no scope for improvement and would showcase yourself as overconfident to the interviewer.

Also, remember to not undervalue yourself too. This would show that you dont have any self-confidence.

Sample answer:

I would like to rate myself an 8. 8 because I know that I am not perfect and there is always a scope for learning and improvement. Continuous learning is the most fundamental part of personal and professional growth.

Putting It All Together

Whether youre applying for a promotion within your current organization or an entirely new prospect, strategizing ahead of time for the interview will give you more confidence in presenting yourself. In addition, carefully thought-out responses to HR Manager interview questions render an accurate picture of what you have to offer and maximize the interview to benefit both you and the hiring organization.

Tell Me About A Time When You Were Made To Work Under Close Supervision

Here, the interviewer evaluates how well you work in a team and how well you can work independently.

Sample answer:

In my previous job, I was working under the close supervision of my manager. It felt very overwhelming as the manager watched everything that I do throughout the day and I felt like he/she was virtually sitting by me at all times. I was uncomfortable with this because of the constant pressure involved. But then, I found out that the manager did not trust me enough to do my job alone as I was very new to it. So I worked on building her trust by working very diligently without any complaints in the projects and once I felt the manager was convinced of my abilities, I discussed with her to hand me a project which didnt involve such close supervision. The manager gave me one such project reluctantly and I made sure I gave my best to it and the project was launched successfully which is how I gained her complete trust.

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How Would You Determine If An Employee From One Sub

In your answer, you can include- If I noticed a particular candidate who I thought would be a better fit for another role, I would first approach them and ask them what they felt about their current role. I would also speak to them about the role I think is better for them. I would try to convince them to sit through an interview. This interview would be my way of knowing for sure which role they would be better suited for. As a result, I would be able to make a well-informed decision.

Q4 What Are Your Weaknesses

HR Interview Questions for Freshers with best Answers and Examples ...

This question is basically to cross-verify you. It would actually be suicidal in case you counter-claim your strengths here, or, declare any weakness that is a vital part of the role you are being hired for. However, you cannot stay quiet or declare that you have no weaknesses. The best route you can take is to put forth a weakness not related to the job as well as give information as to what you are doing to come over it.


I tend to eat a lot of sweet even though I know it is not very good for health.

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What Steps Do You Take When Checking A Candidates References

This question helps to evaluate how recruiters organize their work. To answer, you can list the steps methodically and demonstrate your attention to detail.

Example:I ask the candidate to provide me the name and current contact information of each supervisor for the last five years. I explain to candidates that verifying these references will help me make an informed decision on whether or not they are the right candidate for the job. I send a copy of the candidates resume to each contact referenced and call them to verify the employment history and gather some more information about the candidate. I also look at their online profile to read what other colleagues say about the candidate.

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Describe The Workplace Where Youll Be Most Happy And Productive

This can take other forms, too, such as What can we do to keep you happy if you were hired? or What do you like about your current job that youd like to find here as well? These are examples of culture fit interview questions that aim to assess the candidates suitability as an employee of the company. Usually, theres no right or wrong answer. It all depends on whether each candidate is a fit for each individual company.

Sample answer:

I like workplaces that emphasize both autonomy and teamwork. I like collaborating with others and exchanging ideas, but I also want to have flexibility to work uninterrupted for some time. Also, I value the absence of restrictions, such as a casual dress code unless Im meeting with customers or partners.

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Conduct A Mental Interview

We could not stress this enough before you go in for the real HR interview, it always helps to prep yourself with a mental interview. Sit in an isolated place where you can think peacefully and visualize yourself sitting before the HR bench. Make a list of a few personal questions and try to answer them. Most importantly, always be yourself. While its okay to step slightly out of your comfort zone, never try to lie about your interests and capabilities during an interview.

Now, without further ado, lets get straight to the point of discussion X most common HR interview questions and answers you should expect in an HR interview!

Q23 What Motivates You For This Job

HR Interview Questions for FRESHERS!


I have always had a passion in the X domain. I have also tried participating in events that involve X. Even though my family wanted me to do Y, I chose this and I know I will do well with this in my future. Besides, even the market for this is at its peak in this era thereby increasing my personal interest.

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Culture Fit Hr Job Interview Questions

Very often this can be the scariest part of the interview. Because, when youve worked in the HR industry for a few years, you get comfortable with the relevant jargon and concepts. You even have experience under your belt. But it can get tricky when you randomly get asked questions about yourself that even you havent really thought about in years. Your biggest fear? Your motivation? Tell me something about yourself!! and so on

To prepare well for culture fit personality-based questions, you need to know YOU well. Spend a good amount of time introspecting. Ask your friends and family if you need help.

Do you like taking interviews while hiring? Ask yourself why. Have a specific HR software youve used before? Know its pros and cons

In short, form the biggest circle of information that you can about yourself. Include even the smallest more redundant bit of information.

Do You Have An Example Of A Time When You Had To Handle An Unethical Scenario At Work

HR should set and keep up with moral guidelines for an association, so HR supervisors should be principled experts. Your response to this question ought to be about a period that noticed a dishonest way of behaving and stood firm to stand up to them by using legitimate procedures.

In case you dont have a direct model, you could depict how you would deal with a speculative situation.

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Why Do You Want To Work In The Hr Department

This question is investigating your commitment and your approach to human resources.

Example response: Human resources play an important role in any company because the department manages and promotes the most vital assetâpeople. As an HR professional, I enjoy being able to help people fulfill their potential by hiring the right people and then helping them thrive in their jobs. HR allows me to express my personality every day. I love the day-to-day tasks we engage in and helping to solve the problems that may arise.

How Do You Deal With An Angry Or Irritated Customer

Common Hr Interview Questions For Freshers

Possible Answer 1

I would try to find out exactly what the problem was, and evaluate if there was something I could do to make it right.

Possible Answer 2

I would ask the customer to explain his problem and carefully listen to him. After that, I do my best to solve his problem. If that problem is not regarding my work area, I spoke to someone who could help him immediately.

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Tell Me About A Time When You Were Overwhelmed By Your Workload How Did You Overcome It

HR is never boring because theres always something to do. In asking this behavioral interview question, your interviewer is confirming that you know how to use your time effectivelyand that you wont get overwhelmed when things get hectic. In any human resources role, there will be times when youre extremely busy. Share a STAR answer that touches on a situation when you got overwhelmed, then focuses on how you got organized and prioritized successfully.

In my freshman year, I was still learning the ropes, exploring the campus, and making friends. I had mandatory lectures, a full course load, and swim practice. By the end of the first month, I was behind on my work. There was so much newness, and I couldnt manage all of it by myself. I attended a series of voluntary lectureswhich previously seemed like just one more thingon time management in college. Then, I scheduled out every day for the next month, making time for work and extracurricularsand I left all that socializing for the weekends. Once I got on top of everything, it ceased to be overwhelming. By taking advantage of the resources offered to me, I was able to get my priorities straight and have a great first year.

How Do I Prepare For Hr Round

The HR interview is your only chance to make a lasting first impression. Because it determines whether you get to move forward, its important to prepare for the interview as if the HR professional gets to make the final decision.

Luckily, its easy to prepare. Aside from knowing the questions you might be asked, youll want to research the company, reread the job description multiple times, practice your answers beforehand, and compile a list of questions to ask the HR rep.

Lets go over these one-by-one.

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Hr Manager Interview Questions For Fostering A Diverse Environment And Culture Building

Building the culture of your company has become an increasingly important aspect of human resources. Here are questions you can use to learn about your HR manager candidates experience building diverse and engaging cultures.

  • What would be some ways you would help our company grow and scale while maintaining diversity?
  • Tell me about some of the initiatives youve put into place at other companies that have helped grow the culture in a positive way.
  • What does your ideal company culture look like? What would be your first step in getting us there?
  • Do you think there is a link between company culture and performance/output? Why or why not?
  • How do you ensure your company is sensitive and includes people of all cultures/backgrounds?
  • Have you ever had to handle a situation where someone or a group of people were insensitive to another employees race/religion/culture/background? How did you handle the situation? Would you handle it the same today or differently?
  • Do you think its important to include out-of-office activities to build a great culture?

Question #: In Your Opinion What Are The Top Issues Affecting How An Hr Department Operates

11 Interview Questions And Answers For Freshers, With Tips, HR View & Common Mistakes

HR manager interview questions will assess your experience handling tough human resources issues and your management skills. This question gauges your understanding of the big picture and if you’re watching industry trends.

  • Talk about what you’ve done to keep current on issues affecting your profession.
  • Name three issues.
  • Pick one to expand on, explaining how it has impacted HR.

How You Could Answer

“I attended a conference last year that offered a panel presentation on this exact topic. They talked about conducting objective and legally defensible layoffs, whether you can conduct a comprehensive interview over Zoom, and work-from-home. I found the discussion about how remote work is changing long-standing HR policies most interesting because work-from-home has changed how HR departments communicate with employees.”

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What Are The Things To Keep In Mind Before An Hr Round Interview

Confidence is key to HR interviews. HR interviews are done to gauge a candidates personality- strengths, and weaknesses, to handle the role and then understand whether the candidate is suitable for the job. First and foremost, it is important to understand the job profile along with knowing the skills and competencies that the company is looking for in a candidate. You must have a thorough understanding of your resume. Remember to check whether you have aligned your resume with the position that you are applying for. Know about the companies projects, products, etc.

What Is More Important To You: The Money Or The Work

This is a very tricky question. The work should always be more important than the money. This frame of mind is good for you.

Possible Answer 1

“Money is always important, but the work is most important for me.”

Possible Answer 2

“I would say that work is more important. If we work and achieve Company goals then obviously money would follow. I believe work to be prior.”

Possible Answer 3

“Work is more important for me. Working just for money may not be fulfilled if I don’t feel satisfied with my job. My work makes me stay productive, and money would naturally come along well.”

Possible Answer 4

“I think money probably matters to me about as much as it does to anyone. It’s vital and necessary for us to live and prosper but, at the same time, it’s not my single most important driving force. I believe that money is rewarded for work.”

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How Do You Deal With Criticism

The main intention to ask this question is to see what your attitude towards feedback is and how you react to it. The main point here is to let the interviewer know that you are always open to constructive feedback. You should not show yourself as a stubborn or ignorant person who is not capable of taking any input for your growth.

Sample answer:

I am always enthusiastic about learning new things and during the process, I might tend to make mistakes. If someone provides me with constructive criticism, I am always open to it and I will work on correcting myself and learn from my mistakes. This would help me grow and move forward. If the feedback is negative, then I am mature enough to ignore the feedback and continue working on doing my job to the best of my capabilities without dampening my spirit.

Top Hr Interview Questions For Freshers

Interview Questions For Hr Recruiter Fresher

It is hard to clear the HR interview round when you have little work experience in the domain of your interest. However, preparing answers for common HR interview questions asked by recruiters to freshers increases your chance of getting the job on the first attempt. Read below some basic HR interview questions frequently asked by hiring managers to freshers.

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What To Do To Build A Career In Hr

You can opt for Master of Business Administration Liverpool Business School and specialize in a relevant area like Human Resource Management or Strategic Management. It comes with dual certification from LBS and IMT and a week-long immersion program at the university campus. Here is an overview of what these courses intend to teach you:

  • Introduction to HR for Non-HR managers
  • Organizational Behaviour as a discipline
  • Workforce Planning and Recruitment
  • Change Management for Sustainable Futures
  • Case studies from Harvard Business Publishing

While selecting a suitable program, it is best to evaluate the alternatives based on the syllabus, pedagogy, faculty profile, networking opportunities, and career support. Enrolling in an online degree can offer a cost-effective and flexible way to get the same experience as the traditional on-campus counterpart. So, it is advisable to carefully discern your strengths and weaknesses and then choose the route that best aligns with your needs.

One Of The Most Commonly Asked Interview Questions For Hr Position For Freshers Is If You Won A Million

Here it would help if you convinced the interviewer that work is your priority. So try to keep the answer oriented towards that. While it is a thrilling experience to win a million-dollar lottery, doing work and learning new things continuously is what you aim for. You can tell that you wish only to retire after completing a fulfilling career.

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What Are Your Strengths

When answering this question, you should focus on your strengths related to the job you are applying for. For example, suppose you are applying for a position in customer service. In that case, you might say that your strengths include excellent customer service skills, problem-solving skills, and the ability to stay calm under pressure.

Sample Answer:

My time management skills are exceptional, and I’m well-organized, efficient, and systematic. I enjoy excelling at my job.

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