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Questions To Ask It Support Interview

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Tell Me About A Time You Made A Mistake In A Previous It Support Role What Did You Learn From This Experience

IT: IT Support/Helpdesk Interview Questions

An interviewer may ask this question to assess how well you overcome challenges and what steps you take to ensure you improve after making a mistake. Focus on what this experience taught you and maintain a positive attitude when answering this question.

Example:”In my first IT support role, I was eager to help customers and show that I was knowledgeable about new developments and practices. I spent a lot of time researching the most common customer issues to equip myself with the right tools to fix nearly any problem. What I didn’t realize at the time was that I had developed my own way of troubleshooting these issues, which differed from the company procedures our team needed to follow.

At the time, I didn’t see this as an issue because my customers were all very happy. Then, one day, a customer I had recently helped call back with a related issue. One of my coworkers took their call and provided the solution included in our company’s guidelines. Unfortunately, this solution wasn’t compatible with the solution I had given the customer the day before, and it caused even more problems. Thankfully, we were able to work together to resolve the customers’ issues, but I learned an important lesson about teamwork, communication, and following company protocols that day.”

Can You Tell Me About A Time You Received Poor Customer Service How Could It Have Gone Better

Practically everyone has had a poor customer service experience, but this question is particularly good for support and service roles because they will have the chance to answer through the lens of their professional experience.

What to Look For in Good Answers

Candidates should be able to tell their story in an engaging way, convey what they needed from the customer service experience, and where the organization fell short. The best candidates will also demonstrate empathy and problem solving by stating what they would’ve done instead if the roles were reversed. Be sure to pay attention to what they say they wish the outcome would’ve been as well as this will tell a lot about a candidate.

Explain About Ras Server

RAS means Remote Access Server. It allows operating the tool or information that typically resides on a network or IT devices through a combination of hardware and software, for example connecting to a printer or file. It is usually used for mobile users who are in the network. It uses a telephone line to provide connectivity to its users. It can also connect two or more than two offices in the network.

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Personality Based It Support Interview Questions

1. How do you feel about your abilities as a manager?

Focus on how you achieve results while maintaining good staff relations. Use examples of your successes and how you have learned from mistakes. Emphasise your energy and experience.

2. What is your style of management?

Tailor your answer to the management style of the company to show that your style will complement it. A good maxim to remember is âtask needs, group needs and individual needsâ. You might also mention motivation and delegation.

3. What qualities do you look for when you hire people?

Mention ability and experience and interpersonal skills. You should also mention initiative and future potential.

4. In our industry, what are some important trends that you see?

This question is intended to test your knowledge of the industry. You will need to have done some homework. You might look at topics like technological developments, economic challenges and changes in the market.

5. What are your reasons for leaving your previous/present job?

Be honest and brief but avoid answers suggesting personality conflicts or that you were dismissed. Try to present the move in a positive light.

6. Have you ever had to fire someone? If so, why did you have to do so, and how did you approach the situation?Mention that the task was not pleasant but that you got through by explaining the position and reasons for dismissal to the individual and being as sympathetic as possible.

General Help Desk Interview Questions

45+ Thoughtful Questions To Ask During An Interview  TK+Co

Ask interviewees some of these 10 questions to assess their general knowledge and skill.

  • Why have you chosen a career in help desk and desktop support?
  • Describe your help desk work experience so far.
  • Which skills are required to work as a help desk support professional?
  • What do Logical Drives do?
  • Explain how VPNs work.
  • What does DNS mean? What does it do?
  • Which soft skills are required to work as a help desk professional?
  • Which technical skills would you like to improve?
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    What Would You Do If Your Machine Was Constantly Booting Into Safe Mode There Are No Warnings Or Errors

    After you’ve figured out your previous issues and rectified them, your computer should start up normally. It is possible, though, that your computer will become locked in Safe Mode. If your computer keeps rebooting in this manner and you want to exit Safe Mode, you’ll need to make adjustments to get it back to normal.

    To begin, double-check the System Configuration tool. You can also perform the following actions:

    • Open the Command Prompt by pressing Windows + R.
    • To open the menu, type “msconfig” and press Enter.
    • Select the “Boot” tab from the drop-down menu.
    • If the “Safe boot” box is checked, uncheck it.
    • Turn on your PC.

    If the box isn’t checked, you’ll have to go back to the original menu. Though you’re using Windows 7 or earlier, hit the F8 key as if you’re attempting to enter Safe Mode. Once the Advanced Boot Options menu appears, select the “Start Windows Normally” option with your arrow keys.

    In Windows 8 and 10, go to the Shutdown option and do the aforementioned:

    • While clicking “Restart,” hold down the Shift key and select the Troubleshoot page.
    • Select Advanced Options and afterwards Startup Settings from the drop-down menu.
    • Start your computer again.

    Although Windows will not start normally, it will display the Startup Settings page, where you can select the “back to your operating system” option. From there, your operating system will load normally.

    What Are The Steps You Follow To Solve A Technical Problem

    This commonly asked IT support interview questions would present your familiarity with the IT support process. Your answer would also be a key that would enable the employer to schedule training if required.

    Remember to list down all the steps for solving in the right order and also answer that each organization has its own set of procedures.

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    Find The Right Professional With Skills Testing And Help Desk Interview Questions

    The help desk professional you need is waiting for you to find them!

    With the right methods, you can hire them quickly and efficiently. Just integrate skills testing and the right selection of help desk interview questions into your hiring process to assess applicants skills and expertise thoroughly.

    Then theyll be able to troubleshoot and solve IT-related problems for users, ensure your IT systems run without malfunctions, and deliver a smooth experience for everyone at your company.

    Hire the best talent with skills tests and the right selection of interview questions.

    With TestGorilla, youll find the recruitment process to be simpler, faster, and much more effective. Get started for free today and start making better hiring decisions, faster and bias-free.

    How Do You Keep Your Technology Skills Current

    IT Support Interview Questions: live basic IT Troubleshooting

    Tech professionals work hard to keep their knowledge base current by reading blogs and forums, taking online courses, joining hackathons and plugging away at personal IT projects. This tech interview question can help you gauge the candidates enthusiasm for the profession and open a conversation about professional development.

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    Why Do You Want This Job

    The right candidate is one who fits the requirements and who wants the job. Otherwise, you may have to contend with an unengaged employee or hiring and training a replacement sooner than you want.

    When the candidate answers this question, listen for evidence that they have not only read the job description but also feel theyd be a good fit for the role. If they explain that the job will help them pursue their intended career path, theyre more likely to be an engaged, productive employee and a great fit for your team.

    Define Rights Policies And Permissions

    Administrators can provide or revoke access to various network resources, including printers, files, and folders.

    OUs , domains, sites, and other Active Directory containers are allocated policies. Organizations often develop policies and apply them to their resources and objects.

    Users and groups are assigned permissions, and you, as the administrator, decide which users have access to which resources. The user’s rights outline their intended method of resource access.

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    How Long Does It Typically Take You To Resolve A Common It Support Ticket

      How to Answer

      One of the key metrics used to evaluate an IT support specialist’s performance is the average time it takes to resolve a trouble ticket. This indicates the support specialist’s efficiency and can be used to measure the average downtime users experience when they encounter an issue with their computer system. Both of these are important measurements of the organization’s productivity. Since this is how you were evaluated in your previous positions, you should have an accurate time available and be able to comment about what impacts the time needed to resolve IT support issues.

      Written by William Swansen on November 4th, 2020

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    What Are The Qualities Of A Successful Team Or Project Leader

    9 questions to ask at an interview that will help you nail the job ...

    Always be on the lookout for leaders, even when youre not hiring for a management position. The nature of IT work means individuals frequently have to take responsibility for delivering projects, and this requires leadership skills such as organization, motivation, positive thinking, delegation and communication. This question may also indicate how well theyll work with your current leaders.

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    Tell Me About A Challenge Youve Previously Faced At Work And How You Dealt With It

    This question will give you insight into what the candidate finds challenging, especially if they werent entirely forthcoming about their weaknesses. Youll also learn about the candidates approach to problem solving and overcoming interpersonal conflicts.

    When you ask these sorts of behavioral interview questions, encourage candidates to share actual situations theyve encountered to learn how they navigated challenges. According to LinkedIn, 75% of professional recruiters report using this method to assess candidates soft skills.

    Would You Be Willing To Introduce Us To A Current Or Former Boss As A Reference

    This question is part of the Topgrading method, and serves as a truth serum for all subsequent questions. Once a candidate knows that you will be asking for an introduction to their current or former boss, they will be far less likely to embellish their achievements.

    What to Look For in Good Answers

    Ask this question about every company they have on their resume. The candidate might not jump at the chance to connect you with their current boss if they’re looking for other opportunities, but they should be ready and willing to connect you to a prior manager or mentor listed on their resume.

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    What Is The Difference Between A Virus Spyware And Malware

    The main difference between viruses, spyware, and malware is that viruses are the most destructive type of these threats. They can damage your computers files, slow them down, and even make them unusable.

    Spyware is malware that collects information about you without your knowledge. And finally, malware is any type of software created to harm your computer or steal information from it.

    It Support Interview Tips How To Pass An It Support Specialist Interview

    Top 50 ð¥ IT Technical Support Interview Questions and Answers

    The following four tips will make a significant difference to not only your IT support job interview preparation but to how you perform on the day! Read and implement each of the four tips below to increase your chances of success.


    Your IT support job interview will consist of motivational and behavioral questions. Motivational interview questions focus on why you have applied, why you want to work for their company, what you can bring to the role, and why you want to work in IT support. Behavioral interview questions assess how you have performed in previous situations similar to those required within IT support. Be sure to prepare answers to all 22 questions listed on this page if you want to be successful at your IT Support Specialist job interview!


    You may also get asked a series of IT technical interview questions, too. It is your responsibility to ensure your knowledge of common IT problems and how you would resolve them is up to date. We also advise that you consider what steps you take periodically to keep your knowledge of IT developments and your technical abilities up to date.



    At the end of your IT support job interview, the hiring manager will give you the opportunity to ask some questions of your own. Avoid asking questions relating to holidays, perks, salary, or benefits. Instead, ask smart questions such as:

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    Experienced Technical Support Interview Questions

    • What experience do you have with remote support?
    • What is your experience with windows?
    • What is your experience with macs?
    • Which operating systems are you proficient at working with hardware and software configurations?
    • When was the last time you had to resolve an issue out of your area of expertise?
    • What are some general tips for troubleshooting hardware issues?
    • What are some general tips for troubleshooting software issues?
    • What are some general tips for troubleshooting internet connection issues?
    • How do you approach a customer who is angry or frustrated?
    • Whats the most complex technical support issue youve ever had to resolve?

    Your Customer Complains About The Usb Not Recognized Issue How Would You Fix It

    Here are some of the most effective alternatives for you to consider:

    • Restart: A simple reboot will sometimes fix an unrecognised USB device. Restart your computer after plugging out your USB device and waiting a few minutes. Connect your USB device once more.
    • Attempt to use a different computer: Attempt to connect your USB device to a different device. If it doesn’t function on the second PC, maybe your gadget is to blame. Perhaps you’ll need to have it repaired or purchase a new one.
    • Remove any other USB devices: Too many USB devices within the same machine may cause a conflict, causing certain devices to cease working. You should disconnect all other USB devices and test the device you wish to use.
    • Change the USB Root Hub’s Power Management option.
    • Press the Windows symbol key and R simultaneously on your keyboard. Press Enter after typing devmgmt.msc.
    • Expand Universal Serial Bus controllers by clicking the down arrow. Right-click the USB Root Hub and choose Properties from the drop-down menu.
    • Uncheck the Allow the computer to turn off this device to save the power box on the Power Management tab. Click the OK button.
  • Make a power supply adjustment.
  • Control Panel > Hardware and Sound > Power Options is the approach to take.
  • Change any settings that are presently unavailable by clicking Change.
  • Uncheck the box for Turn on fast startup and then click Save changes.
  • Restart your device and connect to the USB device to test whether it works.
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    Do You Have Any Questions For Me

    Its always a good idea to give candidates the option to ask questions in an interview. Their inquiries can reveal whether theyve done their research on your company and its needs. You may learn whether theyre future-focused, big-picture thinkers ready to make an impact on your companys success. Questions could also reveal red flags.

    When you turn the table and let the interviewee ask the questions, be ready to share information on pay, vacation time, development opportunities, company culture, a typical day, and next steps in your hiring process.

    Most Common Interview Questions

    Interview Questions You Should Know By Heart

    You have just landed a job interview for a seemingly wonderful job. Great! Now what?

    A successful interview is essential in order for you to make a great impression and stand out from the crowd.

    While no two job interviews will be identical, there are certain interview questions that most job seekers are most likely to encounter.

    Arming yourself with well thought out answers that you can deliver with confidence will help you master the interview process. Asia Skifati, Manager Business Support of Walters People, reviews 7 of the most common interview questions and how to best answer them.

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    The Best Questions To Ask A Hiring Manager During An Interview

    So youve aced the interview so far: You had the perfect anecdote for every question, you honestly but tactfully admitted your weaknesses, and you made the interviewer laugh. Youre ready to ride off into the sunset with this job, but then the interviewer gives you the floor to ask your own questions. What should you ask thats going to make you look smart and knowledgeable, interesting and memorable?

    For Initial Screenings: What’s My Compensation

    Whether on its website, initial job listing, or discussed during the later course of the interview, most companies will make an effort to disclose pay scale and benefits — now more than ever.

    While asking about pay rates and benefits is important and fair, there is in fact a “best time” to inquire about it some more. In your first screening, however, focus on questions that show you’re passionate about the role, and not just there for the money.

    More: Pay transparency is coming. Here’s what that means for you

    “We really want to focus on what the role is, and not necessarily the compensation piece and the PTO, at least in meeting one,” Rector says. Of course, if you find yourself wanting more clarification as you move forward in the interview process, ask questions rooted in curiosity. And understand if the hiring manager may need time post-interview to get you the right information.

    ” aren’t bad questions to ask, but it’s the approach on how their questions are phrased. Sometimes we have to take time, come back, and clarify what we offer and make sure that applicants understand the response,” Swan says.


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