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Sap Analytics Cloud Interview Questions

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Q13 Besides Sap Analytics Cloud Are There Any Other Erp Softwares Available

SAP Analytics Cloud: Tell Your Story with SAP Analytics Cloud

Answer: This is the important SAP Analytics Cloud interview Questions and Answers you can come across. In addition to Microsoft Dynamics, PeopleSoft, Siebel, JD Edwards, Baan, and others, there are several others in the market. They all specialize in different areas. Other than these, there are a number of lesser known ERPs that are popular among small businesses due to their low price.

Q 3 Is It Possible To Keep Data Secure For Employees Within An Organization

Answer: This is the most prominent SAP Analytics Cloud interview Questions and Answers you can come across. The SAP Analytics Cloud integrates data from a wide variety of sources into a single cloud solution. Additionally, from within the tool, there is a single point of security configuration from within the tool.

Admin users set security settings for other users within the business. Within designated teams or in private, they can post models and visualizations. SAC has the tools available to ensure that sensitive data doesnt fall into the wrong hands during implementation, and the task is to ensure that this is accounted for in the design.

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Identifying any vulnerabilities in the use case and framing security around them is achieved by assessing the use cases. Business can take control of security by creating teams and configuring access to SAC models without IT involvement.

Where Is Sap Analytics Cloud Hosted

At present, SAP Analytics Cloud functions on the runs on SAP Cloud Platform data centers all around the world. SAP has also recently announced partnerships with Amazon Web Services , Google Cloud Platform and Microsoft Azure for running SAP Cloud Platform and they also plan to run SAP Analytics Cloud on these IaaS platforms soon. Although there are no plans for running on other IaaS platforms.

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Q32 What Is A Legitimate Association

Secured association is a sort of association that can be useful in beating the different restrictions related to the previous associations. The rights related to this sort of association can be set over reports and additional questions. Universes can be brought inside focal archive just by making utilization of secured associations.

What Is Sap Analytics Cloud

SAP Analytics Cloud

SAP Analytics Cloud, commonly referred to as SAC, is the cloud data visualization tool from SAP.

Its strength? SAP Analytics Cloud combines the following functionalities in a single tool:

  • Business Intelligence
  • Predictive Analysis

SAP offers a complete solution when it comes to business intelligence. Accessible online in SaaS mode, SAC is becoming increasingly important in the SAP ecosystem. Eventually, it is destined to become the BI reference tool for the SAP Cloud suite. To fully understand its importance, we will answer the following questions:

  • What needs does SAC address?
  • What are the main features of SAC?
  • Who are SACs intended users?
  • How much does SAC cost?
  • What does the future hold for SAC?

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Sap Analytics Cloud Interview Questions And Answers

Prepare for the types of questions you are likely to be asked when interviewing for a position where SAP Analytics Cloud will be used.

SAP Analytics Cloud is a cloud-based application that helps businesses make better decisions by providing them with data-driven insights. If you are applying for a position that involves SAP Analytics Cloud, it is important to be prepared for the interview process. In this article, we will review some of the most common SAP Analytics Cloud interview questions and provide tips on how to answer them.

So What Are The Key Ux Benefits Of Sap Analytics Cloud

  • Dynamic visuals – end users can independently edit stories and drag and drop dimensions to create meaningful visuals
  • Collaborative features the best UX is the frictionless experience of an end-user. I feel that collaborative features have always been an after-thought in BI. The collaborative tools in SAC really are a game changer. Annotations, threads, mobile capability and calendars have allowed SAC to become a great tool for teams .
  • Design principles– users are enabled to take full control of the aesthetics. In the example below, fig.1 shows RAG status colour coding, range filters, data labelling for measures, dynamic numbers linked to the rest of the visualisation and annotations where required:
  • Digital Boardroom – this is a perfect balance of great data visualisation and UX, to give the board and senior management opportunities to explore business critical data. It can be displayed across three linked screens and if you have touch screen its even better. Take a closer look here.

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Sap Hybris Business Analyst Interview Questions

21. What are the features and use of the payment module of SAP Hybris?

The main features of SAP Hybriss payment module are its ease of use, the integrated payment method that adheres to the customers choice, centralized processing of all the channels of payments, offers a secured payment gateway, and allows users to connect it to various PSPs. This module is mainly used for secure online payment transfers. Eg: Placing an order on any eCommerce website by paying for it with any Debit/Credit cards.

22. What is the use of the Hybris Promotion Management?

To boost sales and connect with the online stores for attracting new customers are the basic uses of Hybris Promotion Management. Other uses include creating fresh, dynamic, and flexible promotions with the help of predefined templates and a customized set of promotion conditions from the Promotion module.

23. What is the process for splitting an order into multiple consignments?

A single order from a single customer can have different types of products that may have different delivery dates. The default method of Hybris is to put an order into one single consignment. However, if the customer wants their product A to be delivered on a date before the business house can deliver product B, then the business house has to split the orders into different consignments. These splits happen in terms of a split strategy.

24. Is Hybris scalable?

25. Does Hybris require any configurations / deployment for any changes?

Q23 Define Characterize Designer

How to Get Answers With Search to Insight: SAP Analytics Cloud

Creator is a module related to Business Objects IS utilized by the originators for making and looking after universes. Universes can be considered as a semantic layer that can confine the end clients from the different issues that are specialized and related with the structure of database. Universe originators have the likelihood for appropriating the universes to the end clients in the wake of moving these as document through the arrangement of records or should be possible by sending out the documents to the vault.

Q24) What are the sorts of modes related to fashioner and business objects?

There are particularly two various types of modes related to these stages, they are

  • Enterprise mode

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Is Sap Analytics Cloud Safe From Attacks Originating Outside Of An Organisation

SAP have used numerous measures to keep your data safe, including:

  • User security training and a dedicated research team to keep up-to-date with trends
  • Analysis of the threat landscape outside of SAP
  • Developing secure products using Software Development Lifecycle
  • Using SAP-owned security-penetration test lab which simulates actions of attackers to reveal any system breaches.

SAP have also released a series of innovative products that ensure security without impacting user experience, such as:

  • SAP Enterprise Threat Detection, which provides a powerful solution for automated attack detection with real-time monitoring.
  • SAP Single Sign-On enables employees to log in to all applications from their initial authentication.
  • SAP solutions for governance, risk, and compliance enable customers to automate processes associated with managing access to business applications.
  • The SAP Identity Management component helps enterprises manage user access to applications securely and efficiently.
  • SAP have built three pillars to maintain security: Prevent, Detect, React. There is a whitepaper that goes into further detail below:

    What Does Sap Analytics Cloud Integrate With

    A key reason to move to SAP Analytics Cloud is because you can seamlessly integrate a wide variety of cloud and on-premise data sources into one cloud solution.Below are a list of data sources SAC integrates with:

    • Recommended connection speed of 500-800 kbit/s or faster
    • Recommended browser cache of 250 MB
    • SAP HANA only uses live connection, no import.

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    Cloud Is Very Much The Future For Many Companies

    I have heard on numerous occasions that people can be apprehensive around security breaches on the cloud . But, with SAP Analytics Cloud addressing security both internally and externally, there are fewer reasons to be wary of this path. Especially if you are already using SAP, this is an opportunity to unify data sources and create a single cloud solution. Alternatively, one could not fully commit to a full Cloud solution and go with a hybrid option . The benefits of the Cloud has always been its flexibility, being able to deploy quickly so the business can access data faster for upcoming projects.

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    Q14 What Made You Decide To Pursue A Career In Sap Analytics Cloud

    Top 25+ SAP SuccessFactors Interview Questions

    Answer: A large organizations backbone is enterprise resource planning. These organizations are bound to slow down and be prone to errors without an ERP. As a young woman, I always dreamed of working in an MNC, and since SAP Analytics Cloud is at the top of the ERP market, it was an obvious choice. 140,000 installations of SAP Analytics Cloud and 25+ business solutions are said to be available. As a member of such an accomplished company with so many intellects, I think I will be pushed to my limits.

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    How Would Sap Analytics Cloud Work For Everyone In A Business Structure

    SAC has found ways to make its outputs relevant and valuable for every part of the business. The best practice way of operating is as follows:

  • Middle management: a higher level view of stories, with trend based analysis and forecast views.
  • Executives: would see visualisations in the Digital Boardroom which is designed to create slick, high-level visualisations by combining various stories in a dynamic dashboard.
  • Role-based access also means that teams are easily assigned, so that stories are shared in a more effective manner. For example, an executive finance team may have access to sensitive data visualisations and communicate between themselves. This means that visual outputs are not only split by position in the company, but also by functions.The significance of the Digital Boardroom is that it is a transparent, real-time view into a business. It is displayed as a high-level view of the business with great UX, data visualisation and collaborative features. It can be trusted by executives since it originates from real data which can be drilled into & investigated, and it enables them to test scenarios or respond to issues in real-time.

    Q11 How Does A Table Get Created In The Data Dictionary

    Answer: In SAP Analytics Cloud, data dictionaries are viewed as metadata, the metadata of which is stored by the database, and they are used to create and manage data definitions, tables, data elements, domains, views, and types.

    The steps for creating a table in the data dictionary are as follows:

    • Domain creation
    • The process of creating data elements
    • Table creation

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    Who Are Sac’s Intended Users

    SAP Analytics Cloud is intended to be as accessible as possible: you don’t need to come from the IT sector to gain control of the solution. In fact, you can easily become autonomous after a few short days of use.

    These reports are designed to highlight key indicators that are representative of your business.

    To fully exploit SAC, the ideal is to connect your ERP as a data source. SAP has made it simple to connect to all the products in its suite. However, the solution is equally well suited to receiving data from flat files or any other data source.

    Keep in mind that SAC allows mass data analysis. Therefore, by utilizing more data, this improves results, proposing more relevant highlighted key indicators.

    The solution can be adapted to any business department that has sufficient data, whether it is a large company or an SME.

    The reports can illustrate an overview of a company’s activities providing real time savings for the executive. The reports can just as easily highlight key detailed indicators such as the number of customer sales orders or deliveries, for individuals who manage these activities in real time.

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    Sap Hybris Interview Questions For Testing

    30. Is there any On Demand Flavor available in SAP Hybris?

    A new introduction called Offering is available init.

    31. Why is Hybris used for Product Enrichment?

    Hybris enriches customers shopping experiences, generates contextual experiences, and also delivers relevant and compatible customer needs as content. All of these lead to Product enrichment.

    32. How can you compare Hybris with ATG/WCS?

    Hybris allows its users to edit, store, and manage a firms product and catalog details while WCS/ATG allows Commerce Management only on browsers that have Flash for its user interface. Hybris supports a product cockpit tool while WCS supports a production and authoring environment as available in ATG. On the whole, Hybris is simple compared to WCS/ATG.

    33. What are the integration topologies in Hybris?

    Below are the few integration topologies in Hybris.

    For OOB, the restful web services frameworks can be used.For messaging, Tomcats pre-integrated ActiveMQ can be adapted.

    34. Explain the role of jalosession in Hybris.

    Jalosession in Hybris is a substitute to HTTP Session as Jalosession holds the details of the current users while HTTP Session does not carry all these details. Jalosession is created as an object for each tenant by the HybrisInFilter filter of Hybris and this cannot be changed after creation. However, these JaloSession is never a persistent object in the database.

    35. Can you create a model service the Hybris way?

    CODE: ProdcutModel product1 = modelService.create

    Q23 What Are The General Reasons Organizations Implement Sap Analytics Cloud

    Answer: Due to its highly configurable nature and secure data handling, SAP Analytics Cloud is a popular solution among organizations. It is also designed to ensure maximum data consistency and minimum data redundancy. Apart from tight integration cross-functionally, organizations can also benefit from economies of scale in the sales process. Through SAP Analytics Cloud, resources can be coordinated across the organization quickly and efficiently.

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    Q30 What Is Sap Analytics Clouds Position Within The Bi Market

    Answer: This is the important SAP Analytics Cloud interview Questions and Answers you can come across. While this is a broad question, it is one that every business must answer before choosing which BI self-service tool to use. Usually, the answer lies with the business itself user requirements, existing technology, and future strategies. Each of these tools releases new updates on a regular basis as they attempt to catch up or overtake the competition.

    Sap Hybris Theory Interview Questions

    Top 30 SAP MM Interview Questions &  Answers

    41. What is the procedure for setting up Standalone Solr Server in SAP Hybris?

    Have the solrserver extension in your localextensions.xml file.

    • Configure your OOTB solr server as a Standalone Solr to start and stop with the Hybris platform.
    • You can use this to download/use/setup your own solr server.
    • To start and stop solr server, use ant commands : ant startSolrServer ant stopSolrServer. You can also manually run solr script.
    • In case you have your own server, go to the bin directory. If you are using Linux, then you need to give it the executable right with
    • START SOLR SERVER: ./solr start -p 8983 or solr.cmd start -p 8983
    • STOP SOLR SERVER: ./solr stop -p 8983 or solr.cmd stop -p 8983

    42. What is the use of a package in Yaas Builder in Hybris?

    The microservices that businesses subscribe to in the Yaas Market are bundled into packages on Yaas. These are provided to everyone in beta versions while for businesses and other commercial use in the US and Germany, the commercial version is supplied. Yaas Builder is the space where the subscribed packages are stored and maintained.

    43. Why should you create a SVN Environment for your Hybris projects?

    44. Should you configure Hybris for cluster mode?

    Yes. We can configure it in 3 different ways:

    • UDP unicast
    • UDP multicast

    45. What are Collection and Relation types in Hybris?

    46. Why do you need ANT Command for generating your own website?

    47. How can you customize ANT EXTGEN?

    48. What are the handlers of Dynamic attributes?

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