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Test Automation Engineer Interview Questions

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How Do You Validate Api Test Results

Top 40 Test Automation Interview Questions | Software Testing Interview Preparation | Edureka

Since APIs provide the instructions for communication between distinct systems and components of a web application, you will have to perform automation testing to ensure reliability and performance. The most common API testing technique is REST over HTTP, which involves validating the REST contract. In the interview, explain how you would compare test actions to specific response codes.

What Do You Think Are Some Advantages Of Manual Testing

Here are a few advantages of manual manual testing that you can talk about:

  • It can be less expensive compared to automated testing
  • For new teams or people new to QA, it can be easier to learn how to run manual test, so it can be rolled out faster
  • To a similar point, manual testing can be great on short-term projects when test scripts won’t be re-used many times
  • You can analyze the product from the point of view of the end user when doing manual testing
  • Testing the GUI can feel more intuitive and lead to more accurate results when doing a manual test the visual accessibility and preferences can be tricky to automate

Here’s an article where you can read more about the pros and cons of manual testing and automated testing.

What Are Some Development Practices To Follow When Writing Automated Tests

When developing automated tests, the same software development rules apply. The following are some of the best practices for testing.

Attempting to validate the tests will fail

  • Just as it’s critical to guarantee that software will operate, it’s also critical to ensure that the test will fail if the tested feature fails to match the requirements.

  • A test that never fails is worse than having no tests since it provides a false sense of security that the feature is functioning correctly.

Avoid Code Duplication

  • It is critical to avoid code duplication.

  • This method has the advantage of isolating the modification to a single spot, hence avoiding issues and mistakes.

Keep Functions Simple

  • Since the testers writing automated tests are unfamiliar with proper coding standards, it’s easy to fall into the trap of building massive functions that attempt to accomplish everything.

  • This rapidly develops in unmaintainable code that the team is fearful of touching when needs change, leading to out-of-date tests that evaluate the system’s legacy behavior.

Create Clear Documentation

  • Having clear documentation that explains the what and why is critical for new team members as they attempt to comprehend the tests.

  • It may also assist the person who authored the tests in the future when they attempt to modify/understand the tests.

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What Is A Test Framework

In general, a framework is a collection of guidelines. An automation testing framework is a collection of standards, assumptions, ideas, and coding techniques for constructing an execution environment in which tests will be automated.

An automated testing framework is responsible for developing a test harness that includes a means for connecting to the application under test, reading data from a file, running the test cases, and reporting on test execution. An automated testing framework should be self-contained and simple to use, update, and expand. The test framework is a commonly asked subject in automation testing interview questions.

What Is The Average Age Of A Defect In Software Testing

some automation testing questions for interview. in 2020

Defect age is the time elapsed between the day the tester discovered a defect and the day the developer got it fixed.

While estimating the age of a defect, consider the following points:

  • The day of birth of a defect is the day it got assigned and accepted by the development team.
  • The issues which got dropped are out of the scope.
  • Age can be both in hours or days.
  • The end time is the day the defect got verified and closed, not just the day it got fixed by the development team.

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Test Automation Engineer Interview Questions

Test automation engineers design and implement automated solutions for software systems.

When interviewing test automation engineers, the ideal candidate should be a problem-solver with high-level programming skills. Avoid candidates who lack mathematical aptitude and project-management skills.

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Can You Write Test Scripts What Testing Software Do You Use

Selenium. IBM Functional Tester. TestComplete. Katalon Studio. Functionize . Your intervieweeâs familiarity with a brand of test software may be the difference between them getting the job at your company and getting the fabulous opportunity to work somewhere else.

Itâs fine if the job applicant knows more than one tool if nothing else, it suggests they understand the pros and cons of each one. Even better: If the candidate lives and breathes the software your company uses, no one has to spend time training the newbie.

Though a lack of familiarity should not be a reason to escort the person off the premises. Tools change you probably arenât using the same software you were five years ago. Itâs useful if the candidate knows your current tools â but in the long run, itâs more important to find someone who loves to learn new things.

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What Do You Want To Accomplish As An Engineer With This Company

Hiring managers might want to know the plans you have for the company and how you intend to improve productivity to contribute to their development process. Outline your strategies before you respond.

Example:*â Working for this company is a dream come true. I intend to collaborate with team members and use my innovation skills to improve software testing solutions. I can also enhance my performance to help the company meet its goals.â*

What Do You Mean By Defect Detection Percentage In Software Testing

Top 13 Automation Engineer Interview Questions & Answers (Part 2 of 2)

Defect detection percentage is a type of testing metric. It indicates the effectiveness of a testing process by measuring the ratio of defects discovered before the release and reported after the release by customers.

For example, lets say, the QA has detected 70 defects during the testing cycle and the customer reported 20 more after the release. Then, DDP would be: 70/ = 72.1%

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List Of Some Iphone And Ipad Testing Tools

  • iPhone tester: Test the web interface on an iPhones sized frame
  • Appium: Designed as a test automation tool used with native and hybrid ios application
  • iPad Peek: Test the web application using an iPads interface
  • Test Studio: This tool enables you to record, build, and run automated tests for your iPad and iPhone applications.

What Is Automation Testing

Automation testing is a software testing strategy in which a tester programmatically runs the tests using a tool or a framework instead of manually going through the test cases and executing them one by one.

The primary goal of automated testing is to save time, effort, and money on repetitive tests that dont change frequently.

Automation testing helps teams and organizations automate the testing efforts, in turn reducing the need for human intervention and thus achieving greater speed, reliability, and efficiency. It also helps speed up the development cycle, as the developers get quick feedback and can iterate quickly.

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Describe Briefly About Your Experience

This is my fifth year as a QA automation engineer. However, I have worked with several clients on the side and got a chance to sharpen my skills. I worked at ABZ company, where I got a chance to share teams with renowned software engineers and QA automation engineers. I have also worked with Google on a six-month contract where I got to rub shoulders with the best of the best. I believe that all the experience I have had in this field will help me succeed here.

What Are Some Of The Best Practices In Test Automation

Software Engineering Interview Questions and Answers

Here are some of the best practices a software development and the testing team should use to ensure quality software.

  • Its not possible or practical to automate certain tests, such as usability, accessibility, exploratory testing, or non-repetitive test cases that frequently change.
  • Assign test cases based on skill and experience
  • When dividing test cases, take into account the skills and experience of the tester and the complexity and severity of the feature under test.
  • Removing Uncertainty
  • The whole goal of test automation is to have reliable, accurate, consistent tests that provide helpful feedback to the tester. If the tests fail due to bugs in the test itself, or its giving false positives, then the ROI on test automation starts decreasing.
  • Choosing the right frameworks and tools
  • There are a lot of tools to perform automation testing. Picking the wrong tool for the test at hand will waste time and provide false confidence to release software that may fail in production.
  • Keeping test records in a bug database
  • Using a bug database is a best practice whether a team uses test automation or not.
  • Whenever new bugs are found by the automation tool or by the testers, they should be recorded in a bug tracking tool with the exact steps to reproduce the bugs and other details.
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    What Will You Improve In Your First Three Months As A Software Test Engineer

    The hiring manager might ask candidates this question to determine the plans they have for the organization and how they intend to implement them. Outline your strategies to enhance the company’s success.

    Example:âIn the next three months, I intend to clear any backlog and software testing work and meet the needs of the company’s clients. My high work rate can help the company achieve its quarterly goals within three months of me coming on board.â

    Which Case Studies And Projects Will Be A Part Of This Selenium Certification Course

    Case Study #1:

    Domain: Tours and Travel

    Problem Statement: Umbrella Corp. recently acquired a new travel website company and have assembled a small team of developers and testers to overlook the project. You are leading the Testing team and have decided to take the automation testing route using Selenium to rapidly conduct functional tests on the web application. Your goal is to create test automation scripts to verify general functionality of the given scenarios.

    Case Study #2:

    Domain: E-commerce

    Problem Statement: The rapid growth of Abstergo Inc.âs E-commerce website has laid a lot of pressure on the respective teams involved in the web applicationâs development. You have been hired to scale and automate their testing needs with respect to the rapid frequency of releases from the development team. You have decided the best way to go about this would be to use Selenium Grid to handle the scaling aspect and TestNG to reduce scripting time. Your goal is to create a Grid of nodes and automate test cases using the TestNG framework.

    Certification Project:

    Problem Statement:Aperture Enterprises is a Testing Solutions Company, providing various solutions for the testing needs of their clientâs products. Being a part of their Automation Testing Division, you have been tasked to create Test Automation Frameworks that are best suited to test the various scenarios for their clientâs products.

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    What Is A Test Automation Platform

    A test automation platform is a technology or framework that enables the automated testing of software. It automates the whole process via the use of software and scripts produced by developers or testers.

    Typically, a test automation platform includes all of the capabilities necessary to get started with automated testing. It relieves you from using a variety of tools and enables them to communicate with one another. Test automation systems are often used in complicated or extensive software projects when manual testing on all of the product’s capabilities is difficult or time-consuming. UIlicious, an easy-to-use tool that can be used on any web project, is one such platform. Mentioning this tool during an interview can indicate to the interviewer that you are knowledgeable about strategies to boost your personal productivity or the team’s performance.

    What Is The Biggest Challenge That You Foresee In This Job

    Top 50 Software Testing Interview Questions & Answers| Software Testing Training | Edureka Rewind -6

    Even though I have vast experience in QA automation as a freelancer, this will be my first time in active employment. Even though it isnât necessarily a challenge, given that I have had the chance to work with others on projects, I will still have to work extra hard to adapt to the change in my surroundings. However, I am confident that it wonât be a problem, given my ability to adapt fast to changes. I hope that I will get all the help I need.

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    Automation Testing Interview Questions And Answers For Experienced Qa Engineers

    While automation engineer interview questions might start with the basics, if all goes well, the hiring manager will shift into more advanced questions that explore your abilities as a specialist.

    Use the following automation testing technical interview questions to showcase your extensive experience.

    What Is Automated Regression Testing

    Software is never done. The developers are constantly adding new features, functions, fixing bugs, and so on. There is a chance that all this new code might break the existing functionality that was working.

    Users dislike using a product that is broken after they download and install a new release. They expect a consistent and reliable experience from the software, no matter which version they are using. They also expect that previously working features will keep on working and won’t break in the future.

    Regression testing is a testing technique where a tester makes sure that the new features didn’t break any existing functionality. Its goal is to ensure that previously developed and tested functionality still works after adding new code. When a tester performs the regression testing automatically using testing frameworks and tools, it’s known as automated regression testing.

    In automated regression testing, a tester runs the suite of regression tests after each new release of the software. If the tests pass, then the tester continues with other types of testing. However, if it fails, then there is no point in further proceeding with tests until the developers fix the broken regression tests. Hence, they also act as a time-saver for the tester and ensure quality in software before shipping it.

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    Questions About Experience And Background

    When you’re pursuing a career in the engineering field, expect questions that define your background and experience to become a test engineer:

    • What software testing tools did you use in your previous job?

    • How do you differentiate a symptom from a primary cause in testing?

    • Please describe the SDLC testing method.

    • Please explain a test strategy you have identified to be most effective.

    • What is your work experience with object-focused programming languages?

    • What software engineering test cases can you write for any remote desktop feature?

    • How can you ensure the firm’s staff is well-trained on testing protocols and procedures?

    • What strategy do you think is critical in developing testing methods for a product?

    • What troubleshooting systems do you use to finalize your testing procedures?

    • What experience do you have with emerging corner cases?

    • What made you want to do software test engineering?

    • What software testing methods are you familiar with?

    Will Automated Testing Replace Manual Testing In The Future

    Top 5 automation engineer interview questions with answers

    Definitely Not! Not yet, at least. Manual testing is still necessary.

    It’s difficult to tell exactly, but technology is advancing at a fast pace, and autonomy has grown more prominent in our lives. As a result, automation technologies will develop, and artificial intelligence will play a big role in the quality assurance industry.

    We live in an era where both ways of testing have a role. A good QA team requires a balance of automated and manual testing. Additionally, it may be beneficial for a tester to shift between manual and automated testing on occasion. This subject can be included in QA automation interview questions as it relates to the QA industry.

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    What Would You Include In An Automation Test Plan

    Since building a plan for automation testing is a big undertaking, you don’t have to go into every detail.

    Instead, name a few important aspects of a test planfor example, talk about how the plan should describe how the tests will be designed, how they will be executed, how defects will be managed, and what the test automation reporting will look like.

    Automation Testing Interview Questions:

    The following are some of the most often asked questions in interviews for both freshers and QA professionals.

    1) What is Automation?

    Automation is a word for applications that reduce human efforts. There are include business process automation , IT automation, personal applications, business-related applications, E-commerce applications such as home automation, and more.

    2) What is Automation Testing?

    Automation testing is a process of using automation software tools to write a script to perform test cases such as entering data and comparing the results, etc. is known as Automation testing.The goal of Automation Testing is to reduce the number of test cases to be run manually so we can reduce human efforts

    3) How do you identify the test cases which are suitable for test automation?

    Identifying the particular test cases for automation is the most important part of automation. If the test case is stable then it is beat for automation.

    4) What are the types of automation testing?

    There are different types of automation testing. Like exploratory testing and some other that you can automate

    Unit tests: The unit test is written by developers and test small units of code in isolation.

    Integration tests: After performed Unit testing, all module is merged and then we are performing integration testing to verify how all component work combine together.

    Regression tests: In regression testing, we are testing like updated code didnt break any existing working functionality.

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