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What To Wear For A Video Interview

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During The Video Interview

What to Wear for a Video Interview | TOP RATED Attire According to Interviewers

Make sure the table and your surroundings are clean and neat. You don’t want to distract the interviewer. If you’re interviewing in your home, make sure that you are in a quiet space with no barking dogs, children, music, or other sounds.

As well, turn off your phone and any alerts on your computer to avoid getting thrown off by emails or instant messages during the interview. The microphone will pick up any noise in the room, so don’t tap your pen or shuffle papers.

Make eye contact, and remember, that means looking at the camera .

Use the same good posture you would use during an in-person interview. Avoid making a lot of hand gestureseven with a great Internet connection, there can be lag time, and hand gestures can stutter on the screen.

Consider Going A Bit More Casual

While you should dress for the job you want and meet the role’s standards of formality, in general, remote interviews may be innately more casual than in-person ones.

Heres what Im hearing: Its going more casual, Davis said. Where a suit might make sense at an in-person interview, business casual may be sufficient for remote interviews, for instance. But when in doubt, opt to be more formal.

End The Video Interview With Appreciation

Just as you would with any interview, thank the interviewer for the opportunity, and follow up with a post-interview thank-you note within 24 hours. In your note, briefly reinforce why youre interested in the job and why youd be a great match for the role and company. Include something that you and the employer discussed while getting to know each other thatll make the thank-you message more personal. Establishing that kind of rapport with the hiring manager, especially after the video interview, can make all the difference in advancing to the next round.

And now, a virtual word from Paul McDonald, Robert Half senior executive director.

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Use The Goldenhour App To Improve Your Lighting

While one of the many benefits during the video interview process is that you can do it from anywhere with a good internet connection, finding a space with good lighting for the call might be a struggle.

If your bedroom, living room, or home office does not have big windows to provide good natural lighting or light fixtures that keep you well-lit, you can try using the GoldenHour App, which is available to Mac users. This application allows you to use the sides of your computer screen to illuminate your face with a warm, rosy glow much like the late-afternoon, golden hour lighting everyone loves.

Wear Clothing With Writing On It

How You Must Dress For Job Interviews

Although you might find a t-shirt with a strong motto printed on it empowering, your interviewer will not! Not only does clothing with writing look informal, but it could also send across a message that youre loud-mouthed and set in your ways. If you wouldnt verbally say the words printed on your shirt, its probably best left at the back of your wardrobe or the bin for that matter.

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Check The Technical Equipment And Test The Sound

The last thing you want is to have technical difficulties when youre being interviewed so it is important to make sure that your microphone, webcam and sound settings are all in working order. Test the sound and reduce or increase the volume accordingly. You might want to call upon a friend to perform a sound test and also perhaps to help you practise to act out a role-play of the interview. When I did this, my friend noticed that I speak quite fast and so I have had a chance to work on this. Its a good idea to do a test run of the interview with someone to not only test the equipment but to gain feedback on how you present yourself. If you, like myself, speak fast when nervous then it is important to remember to speak slowly as there may be an online delay.

Monitor Your Body Language

Although interviewers won’t see your entire body, it’s still important to monitor your body language. Non-verbal communication like body language can show you’re engaged in the conversation, so try to maintain eye contact, sit up straight, and keep your hands at ease.

Maintaining eye contact is different in video interviews compared to meeting in person. When you speak, look into the camera, and when you’re listening, look at the interviewer on screen. Another way to show you’re listening is to nod and smile when appropriate.

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Show Up A Few Minutes Early

You wouldnt walk into the building where a 3 PM interview was being held at exactly 3 PM or even at 2:59 PM, so you shouldnt cut it so close for a video interview either. Prepare your computer by closing all extra windows and tabs. And if you have a portfolio or anything similar youd like to be able to show via screen share during your interview, make sure that its ready in an easy-to-access, but minimized, window.

Open up the program where your video interview will take place a few minutes early. Before you fully enter the meeting, a lot of the common video interview software will give you a chance to check your shot. Then, relax, says Turner. Be completely in place a few minutes early and do a few breathing exercises. That way, when you click to join the call and the interview starts, youre already ready to go.

Dress For The Job You Want

What to wear for a video interview | Zoom, Skype, WebX, Facetime

According to Heinrich, if you would wear a jacket to the interview, wear it on camera, too. Overly casual outfits can be a stumbling block. She recalled that a candidate recently received negative feedback for wearing a tank top and having their hair in a ponytail.

Likewise, if you wouldnt wear it during an in-person interview, avoid it during a remote interview as well. Every company and culture is different, but as a general rule of thumb, dont wear items of clothing that may be perceived as offensive, said career expert and talent acquisition lead Olga Etkina, founder of Black Swan Careers and creator of Cultivate Career Authority, via email to The Balance. For example, stay away from shirts with curse words, she said. Also on the dont wear list: sunglasses, T-shirts, and pajamas.

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Minimize Interruptionsbut Take Them In Stride If They Happen

Do whatever you can to cut down on the chances of being interrupted. If you can, set up in a room where you can close the door and inform anyone you share a space with that they shouldnt disturb you during your interview Check your space the day before for any unexpected distractions. You dont want to be caught off guard by an ongoing construction project, for example. And make sure you turn off or silence your phone or any other electronic device that might make noise and pause any notifications on your computer.

However, if theres a high chance of you being interrupted by something outside of your control, mentioning it at the start can prepare your interviewer and show them youre proactive. It can also help settle your nerves about the situation. For example, if you have a dog in the next room that might start barking, you can make your interviewer aware of that possibility.

Its not about erasing the fact that youre in your home. Its about being as professional as you can given the circumstance, Eonnet says.

Background Matters A Lot

Your background is just as important as your outfit, and the two go hand-in-hand, according to Rosenfeld. Your Zoom window shows only a small frame, so everything stands out. Keep your background tidy.

Background has never been a part of personal style as it is now, said Rosenfeld. Now that youre broadcasting from the comforts of home, it is important to set up your background properly so that its a proper representation of your professionalism.

You can use the composition to your advantage and create an interesting, conversation-worthy background, as long as its not distracting.

If you play a musical instrument, why not have one out so people can see? It makes sense that you should be surrounding yourself with elements of the best of you, said Rosenfeld. Theyll see that youre an interesting, multi-faceted person.

Your background color and lighting will dictate what you should wear.

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Tips To Do Well In A Video Interview

As modern technology is improving each day, more and more companies are using video conferencing interviews to carry out the initial selection process of prospective candidates. Video interviewing is similar to a face-to-face interview and it is an ideal way to find the right people to invite in for a face-to-face interview.

Here are some tips on how to prepare for your first video interview to land that dream job. These tips are based upon a video interview I once undertook for a company based in Australia. I wanted to be as far away from England as possible so I chose to apply for an internship in Australia. I won them over and got the internship and have now spent nine months in this beautiful country. I hope that the following tips help you get the job/internship that you desire!

How Do The Job Interview Clothes Fit

Work Wear: 2/25

An easy way to look your best during your online interview is to make sure your clothes fit you properly. Since the interviewer will likely only see you from your waist up, this means your jacket or top should be tailored to your size. If you last bought job interview clothes more than six months ago, they may not fit you as well as they once did. If the clothes are too big, you can get your items tailored so that they look sharp and dont hang off of you. And in instances where they are too small, dont despair. Treat yourself to updated interview clothes. A few days before the virtual interview, try on your interview outfit. You can make any adjustments well ahead of schedule.

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Avoid Wearing Too Much Jewelry

While it may be tempting to accessorize your outfit with matching jewelry, it’s best to keep your accessories at a minimum for video interviews. You should especially stay away from shiny jewelry that would catch the light on camera, as this would be very distracting to the interviewer or hiring manager.

Keep Silhouettes And Accessories Simple

Bold, simple elements look best on camera, where details tend to be lost. Avoid elaborate or complex silhouettes in favor of simple classics, like a blazer and slacks. Solid colors usually work best, but if you want to wear a print, try to keep it simple.

Similarly, bold, clean lines work best for any accessories. A delicate piece of jewelry, like a pendant necklace, probably wont show up on camera. Here, you can choose something a little bolder, but still professional, like a chunky watch.

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Video Job Interview Attire For Women

  • A shirt with a cardigan
  • A top with a blazer
  • Button-down shirt

For men and women, one of the best video interview tips is to give the best impression you can. Check what is visible in your camera. While you can be more comfortable, you don’t want to seem too casual. Even if the company is business casual, overdress for your video interview.

Job seekers will want to stick to simple colors and patterns. Black, navy, and gray are always safe basics. Don’t wear a lot of jewelry or makeup. You want your clothes to represent your personal style without being distracting.

Pick Something That You’re Comfortable In

Video Interview Tips: What to Wear, How to Prepare, and Example Questions

In order to feel more relaxed during your interview, be sure to decide on an outfit that you feel comfortable in. Try on the outfit before your interview, and try sitting down in it to ensure that it fits properly. Wearing an outfit that you’re comfortable in may help boost your confidence, which the hiring manager may notice.

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Tech Startup Interview Clothes

For years, the answer to what to wear to a tech interview has been the same: go casual and don’t wear formal clothes. If you’re looking at joining a small startup with a handful of employees, that advice might make sense.

You can research the company culture. Some tech companies strongly encourage casual clothes. Look for photos of the company leadership and people at company events to get a sense of acceptable behavior. In addition, reading employee comments on websites like Glassdoor can give you more insight.

In most cases, you should dress up a bit. Even if the company has a casual style, adding a bit of style to your job interview clothes makes sense. For example, wearing nice jeans and a blazer would be a great outfit for a casual tech company. If the tech job involves working with customers, wearing a suit is a good idea.

Dress for confidence and comfort. In a tech interview, you might face challenging questions. For example, job interviews at Google are complicated . Wearing clothes you like and find comfortable can make it easier to focus.

Prepare Yourself Ahead Of Time

Its really important to prepare yourself ahead of time and to send relevant documents to the person who will be interviewing you since you are not meeting your employer face to face. Sending something at least two days before will give your interviewer enough time to go over these documents beforehand.

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Make Sure That Everything Is Clean And In Good Condition

You don’t have to forge a long-term commitment with your iron but, while you are attending interviews, make sure you wield it regularly! Small touches like a crisp shirt and clean shoes can really boost your confidence and help you feel the part. Check that everything fits properly and that there arenât any holes in your smart trousers or that your favourite shirt isnât missing a button or two.

Limit Jewellery Or Accessories

7 Career Style Outfit Ideas for Your Virtual Interview! in 2020 ...

It’s important to limit the amount of jewellery or accessories that you wear for your video interview. Some examples of accessories include earrings, hats and necklaces. Sparkly or vibrant accessories may reflect light into the camera, which can cause a glare that can make it challenging for the interviewer to see you in the video. Try wearing subtle accessories to limit distractions during your interview.

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Pick A Neutral Background

In a video interview, it’s important for your background to be professional. If you can, do the interview in front of a blank wall to minimize distractions and keep the focus on you. Look for areas in your house or that have good lighting to ensure the interviewer can see you clearly. You can test how you appear to the interviewer by opening the camera app on your computer.

Many video conferencing platforms also let you use a professional virtual background while video chatting. This can be a good option if you can’t find a neutral background, so consider looking through your options before the interview.

Clothing Thats Too Big

If your interview outfit hangs off of you like a wet potato sack, that isnt going to make a great impression. When youre clothing is too big, it almost makes it seem like youre playing dress-up in your parents clothes. Thats no good.

Take the time to make sure each part of your outfit fits correctly. If a piece is too large, either have it tailored to fit or choose something else.

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What To Wear For A Zoom Interview And How To Prepare

Technological advancements have changed the hiring process across many companies and industries. More hiring managers are relying on technology to pre-screen applicants and conduct video interviews. If you are being interviewed via Zoom or another video-based platform, it is important to dress appropriately and prepare as if you were being interviewed in person. In this article, we discuss what to wear for a Zoom interview and how to set up your backdrop and prepare for the interview.

Ditch The Striped Or Patterned Shirts

How to Dress for a Video Interview on Zoom

Your favourite striped work shirt might look amazing in person. However, on the camera it might create a strobing or flickering effect, which can be incredibly distracting for your interviewer. This is particularly the case if your laptop camera is of lower quality, or youre wearing a necktie with smaller diagonal stripes.

The main culprit here is narrow stripes, so opt for a shirt with a less distracting pattern or wear a plain shirt instead.

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It’s All About The Background

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Whether you have a Zoom interview set up because of social distancing or it’s just the next phase in your hiring process, you may find yourself wondering what to wear for a virtual call. If this is the first time you’re meeting an associate or colleague through the screen, you’ll want to make yourself appear particularly presentable and also memorable. In other words, this isn’t just a weekly meeting you have with your coworkers who are also pretty much your best friends so don’t dress for that occasion!

Instead, try shopping the section of your closet you probably haven’t visited in months. Remember those minimalist, structured jackets called blazers? They’re screaming, “Pick me! Pick me!” Other not-so-obvious outfit tips include, but are not limited to: 1. getting dressed from head to toe and 2. assessing how your color palette looks in front of your background. There are plenty of options for outfits, some of which are probably already hanging in your wardrobe. But if you are in the market for some spiffier, more polished pieces, we’ve provided you with some links. Fear not you’re going to ace this interview in style. Scroll through to see how it’s done.

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