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What’s A Digital Interview

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The Advantages Of A Digital Interview

08 common Interview question and answers – Job Interview Skills

Digital interviews enable employers to more objectively evaluate a candidate’s skills, personality, and aptitude. Digital interviews:

  • Make hiring fundamentally fairer, since all candidates answer the same questions.
  • Give candidates the chance to amplify the skills and experience on their resume.
  • Offer anyone the chance to interview, regardless of schedule on any device.

An on demand interview will level the playing field between you and the other candidates, since it means everyone will be evaluated on the exact same criteria. So what can you do to give yourself an advantage? Here are a few tried and true HireVue video interview tips.

What About This Position Drew Your Attention

This question serves two purposes. First, speaking about the position requires the candidate to display a level of understanding of what is expected. It also allows an applicant to talk about their ambitions and desires from the job. Choose the benefits you’re seeking that best reflect on you and your character and ambition.

Example:”I have actually been a fan of the games produced by your studio for many years. When I saw the opening for a game developer on your staff, I knew it was an excellent opportunity. I’m a talented programmer and I’m passionate about your games, so it seemed like a natural fit for me to use my talents to help create games I respect and believe in.”

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How To Prepare For A Digital Interview

The preparation for a digital interview is very similar to that of a regular in-person interview. Consider these tips to get ready:

  • Learn about the company’s history.

  • Get to know the company’s culture.

  • Understand the company’s products or services.

  • Practice the interview ahead of time.

  • Prepare technology before connecting.

  • Dress appropriately.

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    Tell About A Time You Exceeded Expectations On A Project At Work

    This is a common question for interviews because it provides an opportunity for an applicant to present some of their best work. Ideal options are occasions where you delivered work that exceeded quality expectations or ahead of schedule. Try to use the STAR method in your response. It helps you develop a thorough answer that can help hiring managers gather a clear idea of the situation.

    Example:”While overseeing digital marketing for a local landscaping company, I was tasked with creating a new social media marketing campaign. Using data gathered from the company’s website, I performed a detailed analysis of the customers who made purchases from the company. Using this analysis, I created a custom targeting profile that resulted in a 73% improvement in return on investment relative to prior social media marketing campaigns.”

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    Describe A Campaign That Did Not Go To Plan And How You Learned From This Experience

    Whats New With Stu IG Live Interview W/ Ronny Ka$h

    You may have already covered this when talking about a successful campaign. You may have described how you turned a poorly run campaign into a success. This is a useful way of showing your knowledge and worth to a company.

    However, if you are specifically talking about when a campaign did not go to plan, ensure that you outline what you learned from the process.

    Outline exactly why the campaign was unsuccessful and what you have done since to improve, if applicable. You may have invested some time in training and revising your SEO skills, or you may have asked for extra training at work.

    Explain how you dealt with any criticism as well. A key skill in all positions of work is how you react to negative feedback.

    We all make mistakes, and we cannot get it right all the time. The important thing is that you show how you have improved since the criticism.

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    What Is Digital Interviewing

    Digital interviewing is a one-way video interview where you record your answers to a set of preestablished interview questions using your computer or mobile device for the hiring manager and to review.

    Digital interviewing saves the hiring manager time by having all potential candidates that were considered for an interview prescreened before inviting them in for a face-to-face meeting.

    This is important because companies are constantly trying to streamline the recruiting process due to the influx of applicants and cost to hire a candidate. According to the SHRM Human Capital Benchmarking Report, the average cost-per-hire for companies is $4,129.

    How To Light An Interview With Artificial Light

    Sometimes, natural light is not readily available. Not to worry you can use artificial lighting like lamps or ring lights to create a well-lit interview set up. A lamp placed behind your device can make the difference when the sun is not at its brightest.

    You must strike a balance between your distance from the light source and its brightness. If you sit too far from the source, you will appear dark. If youre too close, the light could appear harsh and reveal too much detail on your face, some of which you do not want to be seen. So experiment with the lighting beforehand to find the ideal balance.

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    Video Interview Lighting Mistakes

    The lighting you use in your video will determine how good you look, so its important to get it right. Here are some lighting mistakes you should avoid:

    • Sitting beside a window with only half of your face well lit.
    • Using tungsten bulbs that create a golden cast on your face. Always use balanced or white light sources.
    • Sitting under overhead lights that cast shadows all over your face.
    • Sitting too close to any light source so that your skin appears tinted and way too bright for comfort.

    Employers Retained Searches Placement Services & Teachers On Assignment

    Top 6 Common Interview Questions and Answers | Indeed Career Tips

    Finally, a solution that streamlines the teacher interview process! No more lengthy first round interviews only to end up with very few top candidates. At Top Tier Teachers we find the talent and place it at your fingertips. In addition to access to candidates comprehensive profiles, employers have the ability to engage candidates in online Digital Interviews! If after your review of the candidates profile you decide that you would like to interview them, you can contact us and we will send a Personalized Digital Interview request on your behalf. This request will clearly identify that your organization has reviewed their profile and would like to move to the interview stage.

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    Digital Interviewing: The Benefits

    Ability to conduct interviews with anyone from anywhere

    Sometimes, the best talent available doesnt live next door. With Digital Interviewing you can conduct interviews with anyone, even if the candidate lives too far away. See this as an opportunity to expand your companys cultural diversity, for example.

    Better recruitment experience for all involved

    Digital interviewing helps reducing the tension that some candidates go through before the interview. Additionally, it does not stress out the candidates about traveling to the site nor adds those expenses.

    Sometimes, potential candidates do not make it through an interview because of anxiety. A digital interview acts as an initial contact icebreaker and helps to overcome anxiety. So, as a recruiter, youll be able to focus more on the skills than on identifying if the poor performance of a candidate is due to anxiety or lack ok skills.

    Scheduling flexibility

    Digital interview makes scheduling a lot easier. Besides not having to prepare and book a place, there are certain tools now that can also take care of the scheduling. No more long chain of emails exchanges to set up a date or place. Moreover, it allows you to attend the session at a suitable time and minimizes the time spent.

    The Key Point To Take Away From These Templates Is To Be Short And Sweet Yet Express Interest Refer Back To The Interview To Keep It Highly On Topic And Be Sure If You Have Questions You Address Them In This Note

    For a one-way interview:

    Dear ,

    I am reaching out today to follow up on my one-way video interview I completed on for position at .

    Thank you for the opportunity and taking the time out of your day to review my interview.

    I want to reiterate my high interest level in the position at . .

    Im confident that I would be a great fit for this role because of .

    Thank you again, .

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    Digital Transformation Interview Questions With Answer Tips

    Regardless of whether one is pursuing a digital transformation job or one of the other IT positions listed above, there will certainly be a few questions that focus on digital initiatives.

    Here are some questions to expect, along with answer tips:

    Proper preparation is key to a successful interview, so it is important to take the time to define each of these answers carefully before the actual interview takes place.

    Disadvantages Of Digital Interviews

    Digital Marketing Training in Roorkee

    Although there are clear benefits for both candidates and employers, digital interviewing is not without criticism. Its easy to feel very disconnected and robotic answering questions in a digital interview platform since there is no conversation or rapport with the interviewer.

    Some argue that digital interviewing can degrade the recruiting function and drive away top-talent by sifting through the worst candidates to try and find the diamond in the rough. Finally, other critics argue that digital interviewing exploits candidates like machines rather than treating them like potential valuable team members.

    Digital interviewing is becoming more prevalent in todays technology-driven world. Digital interviewing serves as a screening layer for businesses, which is designed to replace phone screenings, eliminate first-round interviews, provide a much larger recruiting net, and allow candidates to showcase their value who may not normally be available during normal business hours.

    There are both advantages and disadvantages of digital interviewing however, digital interviewing helps companies save time and money, which is in direct alignment with their main interest and will probably continue in one form or another.

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    Key Elements Of Interviewing

    Steve Portigal offers the following palette of useful questions:

    • Ask about sequence. âDescribe a typical workday. What do you do when you first sit down at your station? – Then, what do you do next?â
    • Ask about quantity. âHow many files would you delete when that happens?â
    • Ask for specific examples. âWhat is the last movie that you streamed?â â Compare this to âWhat movies do you stream?â The specific is easier to answer than the general and becomes a platform for follow up questions.
    • Ask for the complete list. âWhat are all the different apps you have installed on your smartphone?â â This requires a series of follow up questions, e.g., âWhat else?â because few people will be able to generate an entire list of something with some prompting.
    • Ask about relationships. âHow do you work with new vendors?â â This general question is especially appropriate when you donât even know enough to ask a specific question . Better to start general than to be presumptive with a too-specific question.
    • Ask about organizational structure. âWho does that department report to?â

    What Are Your Strengths

    Your response should relate to the job description and your ability to perform the tasks assigned to you. For example, if you are being interviewed for a position where you will be leading a large group of people discuss your strong communication skills and ability to work with a variety of people and personalities.

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    Video Interview Follow Up Checklist

    Heres a quick checklist of tips and tricks for following up from a video interview effectively. In order to get the most out of this checklist, it is important you, the job seeker, knows how the companies hiring process works from the get-go. If you are unsure of how their hiring process works, feel free to ask your contact before even taking the video interview.

    Send a tailored thank-you note.

    Customize your thank-you note with information presented before and during the interview process. The more detailed, the better!

    Be speedy.

    When sending handwritten thank you notes, get them in the mail ASAP! Use your best penmanship when sending a handwritten thank you note. Turns out that calligraphy class did pay off.

    Check back in.

    The general rule of thumb is to give the employer at least 14 business days to review all applicants. After that, feel free to call and/or send an additional follow-up email to ask where you stand, and when you will be notified.

    Send a tailored thank-you note.

    Customize your thank-you note with information presented before and during the interview process. The more detailed, the better!

    Space it out.

    When calling to check in, if you dont get connected on Monday, DONT call back on Tuesday looking to get through.

    What Are They Looking For

    How To Prepare For Video Interviews

    There are a lot of things a hiring manager could be looking for in your video. She may want to see if you can make a good first impressiona.k.a., are you smiling? Do you look the part?and that youre excited for the role.

    She also really wants to see how you communicate: A candidate who stands out is one who is first and foremost succinct and can convey his or her point quickly, says Amanda Corrado, Talent Acquisition Coordinator at The Muse. If you can sell yourself and your answers without sounding verbose, youll impress just about any recruiter.

    With this, recruiters also know that working against a clock can be tricky. If you find yourself ranting out of sheer nervousness, dont be afraid to catch yourself and say Sorry, I think Im getting a bit off track. Heres what I mean to say Theyll respect that youre self-aware and focused on the task at hand.

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    What You Need To Know About One Way Video Interviewing

    Picture this: you applied to a Customer Care role at Capital One and youve been invited to interview for an exciting new role . But then, you receive an email for something called a one directional interview, or a one way video interview. Dont worry! If youre not familiar with this kind of interview, theres no need to get nervous. The one-way video interview process shouldnt be intimidating.

    First things first, if youve applied to a Customer Care role, make sure that youre routinely checking your junk mail boxyou never know what could be finding its way in there by mistake! Emails for one-way video interviews from Capital One will be from Modern Hire and will come with a header stating on-demand, one-way video Interview, powered by Modern Hire. Be sure to open that email and follow the directions inside.

    This type of video interview offers a wonderful digital experience that works with your schedule. You can complete it at any time of day, when youre able to find quiet time in your schedule. Plus, you can interview from the comfort of your own home. The tips and tricks below will help you put your best foot forward and navigate the one way video interviewing process with confidence.

    List Of Digital Marketing Interview Questions: Leadership And Communication

    Leadership and communication are two essential skills that every Digital Marketer needs.

    Their job responsibilities often include leading digital marketing campaigns, communicating a brands message, and presenting ideas to clients or stakeholders.

    To see if a candidate has the right communication and leadership skills, employers may ask interview questions such as:

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    Describe A Digital Marketing Campaign You Worked On That Didnt Go As Planned Why Did It Go Wrong And How Did You React

    The hiring manager here will be looking to see how you deal with disappointment. In your answer, you need to clearly explain how the campaign got off-track, take some responsibility for the setback, and spell out what you learned and the steps that you would take next time to ensure a better result. One strategy would be to pick a campaign where you might have set unrealistic expectations. Discussing how you chose your KPIs and how you learned to create realistic goals will show that you are a critical thinker and problem solver with a mind for marketing strategy.

    • Discuss a time when your team did not agree with you.
    • Talk about one of your most effective campaigns. What made it so effective?
    • Describe a time you worked with a team to create a campaign on a tight budget.
    • Have you worked on a cross-functional project? How many people did this involve?
    • Talk about a time you were put under an enormous amount of pressure and what you did to remain effective.
    • What is an example of a marketing-related goal you achieved? What steps were involved with your accomplishment?
    • Talk about a time you took a digital marketing risk.
    • Have you ever had to market a product or brand you werent passionate about?
    • Tell me about a major change you made to an old marketing process or strategy and the effects it had.
    • What was a time you combined creativity and analytical thought to overcome a problem?

    Where Do You See Yourself In 5 Years

    Employee vs. Team Member

    There is no perfect answer to this question because responses will vary depending on the industry and the individual. A recruiter or hiring manager simply wants to find out how well you plan ahead and if your goals match those of the company. Its important, though, to avoid saying anything that makes you seem abrasive, short-term minded, or lacking in goals.

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