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Who Was Interviewed On Npr This Morning

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Justin Wolfers Interviewed On Npr About Happiness In America

Getting Students Excited About Their Communities | How I Built This with Guy Raz | NPR

NPR’s Morning Edition interviewed Justin Wolfers in a segment about happiness in America and whether the U.S. should add such a measurement to its list of national statistics like GDP and unemployment.How to ask people about happiness remains a key issue. Should the question relate to the here and now or life in general? The answers can all be measured, but are also be open for debatejust like measuring unemployment, Wolfers explained to NPR.”Do you know how we measure unemployment? We go out and ask people if they’re unemployed. Do you know how we measure happiness? We go out and we ask people if they’re happy,” Wolfers said. ” It’s actually kind of a hard question and it’s very subjective.”

Heard Ron Paul Interviewed On Npr This Morning

Heard Ron Paul interviewed on NPR this morning — how can anybody
be this disconnected from what actually happens in the world?He said he believes that abortion should be outlawed because “a woman who is eight months pregnant could get mad at her boyfriend and go and have that eight-pound person killed, just to get back at the boyfriend.” I am just speechless that anyone this ignorant can appear on a national news media that’s not Fox.
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27. libertarian philosophy distilled: I got mine. screw you.
even if you agree with a couple of their points, libertarianism is bullshit. Lord of the flies.
2. Maybe that’s what Ron Paul would do?
7. Maybe that’s what Ron Paul SHOULD have done!
Edited on Mon Aug-29-11 10:01 AM by LeftishBrit
3. OH.MY.GOD. How can some progressives like him?
Just because he doesn’t like the Iraq War. Of course, they never mention his reasoning.:puke:
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14. I always say the same thing
Response to Reply #3
18. Um, I don’t think any progressives like HIM, but some are not such foaming
At the mouth partisans that they can’t be objective enough to say “yes, I agree with him on a handful of issues”. The wars, patriot act, domestic spying, the fed….if you agree with him on those issues that doesn’t qualify you as a Ron Paul supporter.
19. I began really listening to the NPR interview when he said, “We shouldn’t

Adam Driver Doesnt Like To Hear Himself Sing When An Npr Talk Show Played A Clip During An Interview He Walked Out

With three concurrent starring roles in buzzworthy films this season, actor Adam Driver was an obvious choice for an interview on Fresh Air, the popular and influential NPR talk show produced by WHYY.

Now, Driver and Fresh Air are making headlines not for the interview, but for the interview that wasnt.

On Tuesday, the Daily Beast reported that Driver left in the middle of his interview taped earlier this month. NPR sources told the Daily Beast that Drivers abrupt exit came after expressing displeasure at the idea of listening to a clip of himself singing Being Alive from the musical Company a song Drivers character sings in the new Netflix film Marriage Story. The actor also stars in the films The Report and the latest installment of Star Wars.

Reactions shared to social media were split between defending Drivers right to set boundaries and criticizing him for being unprofessional. Poynter, the nonprofit media studies institute, raised in its Wednesday morning newsletter whether this was a question of attitude or ethics, asking, A moody actor? A misunderstanding? A veteran journalist who got what she asked for?

Fresh Air host Terry Gross mentioned the incident only briefly during the shows Dec. 11 episode, where a rerun was broadcast. We had promised you an interview with actor Adam Driver today, but unfortunately we werent able to do it as planned, Gross said.

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Oh Noes She Figured It Out

All these doctors, nurses, public health professionals, government agencies, dying patients, long-term sick patients, and all the rest of us have concocted this elaborate scenario to hawk a vaccine with something wrong with it to you and you alone. And we thought we’d been so clever, too. But she figured it out. Back to the labs, everyone!

Exactly We Are Seeing Many American Adults Functioning Like Children

Steve Inskeep To Host " Morning Edition"  From WVXU
Worse than young children. You can get a young child to understand that they need medicine to get better.Or need to wash their hands so they don’t get sick.It is even more than just the public school system failure. It is also a character and moral issue.Adults so self-centered and irresponsible that they could care less about the lives of their neighbors and friends.And don’t even care about their own well being or the lives of their children.They blindly follow the nonsensical blathering of their leaders to possible death.

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A Series Of Tweets Set The Record Straight

Following the spread of misinformation online, an NPR staffer took to Twitter to set the record straight. Journalist and the current host of NPRs Weekend Edition Sunday, Lulu Garcia-Navarro tweeted early this morning that Meghan Markle would appear on the show, though the interview was conducted by Samantha Babalan. She quickly followed up with a clarification that Markle was not, in fact, appearing live.

TO BE CLEAR, since there is a lot of misinformation, #MeghanMarkle , the Duchess of Sussex granted this interview BEFORE the birth of her daughter Lilibet, Garcia-Navarro said on Twitter. And the date of airing was based on the fact that we are a Sunday show. Its not based on whatever is happening in London.

She then added: Plus, this is #FathersDay and #TheBench by Meghan #DuchessofSussex is a tribute to her husband #PrinceHarry and their son. So the timing isabout that.

You can listen to NPRs interview with Meghan Markle on Picture This, which airs from 8-10 a.m. ET, on the shows website here.

Npr Host Says Pompeo Shouted And Swore At Her After Interview

NPR host Mary Louise Kelly says Secretary of State Mike Pompeo shouted at her, swore at her and demanded she locate Ukraine on an unmarked map after an interview Friday that grew contentious. He was unhappy that she asked him about Ukraine and whether he had ever defended the ex-U.S. ambassador to Ukraine, Marie Yovanovitch.

The two had discussed Iran, and Kelly turned to Ukraine. “Do you owe Ambassador Marie Yovanovitch an apology?” she asked Pompeo. The secretary demurred and said he had agreed to be interviewed “to talk about Iran.”

“That’s what I intend to do,” Pompeo continued, adding that he was “proud” of the work the Trump administration has done in arming Ukraine. He did not answer the question about Yovanovitch.

Kelly persisted and asked him, “Where have you defended Marie Yovanovitch?”

“I’ve defended every single person on this team,” he replied. “I’ve done what’s right for every single person on this team.”

When she asked one more time to point to any time he defended her, he ended the interview: “I’ve said all I’m going to say today. Thank you. Thanks for the repeated opportunity to do so. I appreciate that.”

Kelly, a co-host for “All Things Considered,” told co-host Ari Shapiro what happened at the end. An aide stopped the interview and told her the interview was over. She said Pompeo “leaned in, glared at me and then turned, and with his aides, left the room.”

And this is what Kelly told Shapiro about what ensued:

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I Think They Should Start Early With Classes On Logic Simple Ways That You Test

your beliefs and what type of questions you should ask so as not to be completely fooled.Years ago I gave a lot of money to a scam invention company after my father tried to explain to me why, without a patent this group could do nothing. I couldn’t see the forest for the trees. I was totally bamboozled. The problem was I trusted the wrong person who told me about it. Anyway, $8k and about a year later I realized how idiotic I had been. Lesson learned but maybe if I had taken some course on how to not be scammed???

Differences In Pickup Times

President Obama Defends His Record On Race | Morning Edition | NPR

Most stations in the Central and Eastern Time zones run Morning Edition live from 05:00 to 09:00 ET, repeating one or both hours through morning drive time. Some stations run only the two hours, others run up to seven hours. The repeats are automatically fed through the NPR satellite, and are updated as necessary by NPR anchors in the studio when breaking news events occur. In the past, Edwards would stay at his NPR office until the program feeds ended at noon in case there was anything that required an update. Today, with four people capable of regularly anchoring the program, hosts can rotate out of on-air duties to report and produce feature reports that will air on later dates.

On the West Coast, Morning Edition can run for up to seven hours running from the first live feed with the subsequent re-feeds. For example, KPCC in Pasadena, California carries Morning Edition, from 02:00 to 09:00 Pacific Time. KPCC handles the re-feeds uniquely: instead of taking the re-feed from the satellite, they “roll their own” by taking the tape from the feed two hours prior, so that they can run the A and B segments of Morning Edition about three minutes earlier than rival KCRW in Santa Monica, which takes the re-feed direct from the satellite. In the event of a breaking news story, KPCC runs the same feed as KCRW.

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Manipulative Editing Reflects Poorly On Katie Couric Gun Documentary

On working with Matt Lauer

I think the culture back then was kind of “don’t ask, don’t tell.” Like, you didn’t really want to get involved in people’s what was considered their personal life. You know, there were extramarital relationships going on that were pretty much out in the open. There were relationships going on with bosses and their subordinates that you heard about. You never knew kind of what was true and what wasn’t. So, I just kind of focused on my work.

I think our understanding of what is a consensual relationship I mean, I think that’s really the nub of it has changed so dramatically. That if there is a power differential, the notion of something being consensual doesn’t necessarily hold.

On why she excluded some of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s response to her interview question about Colin Kaepernick in 2016

I was asking her about Colin Kaepernick, and her response surprised me. She said kneeling during the national anthem was dumb and disrespectful. And people who do that you know, they have a right to do it, but stupid and arrogant. And later, I think, she said, it’s contempt for a government that has helped them lead a better life than where they came from.

Journalists are, contrary to popular belief, we are humans, too. And I really struggled with that decision, and I think I included it because I do think it deserves criticism. And I welcome that.

Heard In An Interview On Npr This Morning

Woman being interviewed about her vaccination hesitancy”There must be something wrong with the vaccine given the way they’re trying to force it on us.”There’s a PUBLIC HEALTH CRISIS YOU NITWIT!!!!!!!!

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Heard in an interview on NPR this morning MissMillie

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Npr Debunks Rumors About The Timing Of Meghan Markles Interview

Yet another Meghan Markle interview is causing controversy. To celebrate the release of her first childrens book, The Bench, a conversation with the former Duchess of Sussex is set to air on National Public Radio this morning. The announcement has prompted many to assume that Markle is breaking her maternity leave to speak on the radio program, causing a great deal of confusion among news outlets and royal fans alike.

On June 6, Meghan Markle and Prince Harry revealed that they had welcomed their second child, a daughter, on Friday, June 4, at Santa Barbara Cottage Hospital in Santa Barbara, California. The couple shared that the newborn was given the name Lilibet Lili Diana Mountbatten-Windsor, paying homage to both her great-grandmother, Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth, whose family nickname is Lilibet, and her beloved late grandmother, Princess Diana.

Roughly a month prior to Lilibets arrival, Markle announced the release of The Bench, a childrens book based on a Fathers Day poem that she wrote for Prince Harry. In honor of the books publication , Markles NPR interview aired today which, contrary to widespread speculation, is not her first interview after the birth of her daughter.

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