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Automation Testing Technical Interview Questions

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What Are The Different Types Of Annotations Which Are Used In Selenium

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Different types of annotations that are used in Selenium include:

  • @Test – This annotation is used to mark a method as a test method
  • @BeforeMethod – This annotation is used to execute a method before each test method
  • @AfterMethod – This annotation is used to execute a method after each test method
  • @BeforeClass – This annotation is used to execute a method before the first test method

What Are The Best Practices In Test Automation

The following are some of the best practices that software development and the testing team should follow to achieve the highest possible software quality.

Determine which tasks to automate: Some tests, such as usability, accessibility, exploratory testing, or non-repetitive test cases that vary often, cannot be automated. Assign test cases in accordance with your abilities and expertise. When splitting test cases, consider the tester’s abilities and experience and the difficulty and intensity of the functionality being tested.

Eliminating Uncertainty: The whole purpose of test automation is to provide dependable, accurate, and consistent tests that offer helpful feedback to the tester. If tests fail due to test-script errors or false positives, the ROI on test automation begins to decline.

Selecting the appropriate frameworks and tools.: There are several technologies available for automating testing. Selecting the incorrect tool for the job at hand will result in wasted effort and false confidence in releasing software that may fail in production.

Maintaining test logs in a bug database: Utilizing a bug database is an excellent practice regardless of whether a team uses test automation. Whenever a new defect is discovered, whether by an automation tool or by testers, it should be logged in a bug tracking tool along with the specific steps required to replicate the bug and other relevant information.

Ques51 How To Locate A Link Using Its Text In Selenium

Ans. Using linkText and partialLinkText methods, we can locate a link. The difference between the two is linkText matches the complete string passed as a parameter to the link texts. Whereas partialLinkText only matches the string parameter partially.

WebElement link1 = driver.findElement) WebElement link2 = driver.findElement) 

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Ques91 How Can We Pass The Parameter To Test Script Using Testng

Ans. Using @Parameter annotation and parameter tag in testng.xml we can pass parameters to the test script.Sample testng.xml

< suite name="sampleTestSuite"> < test name="sampleTest"> < parameter name="sampleParamName" value="sampleValue"/> < classes> < class name="TestFile" /> < /classes> < /test> < /suite> 

Sample test script-

public class TestFile 

What Will You Do When A Bug Turns Up During Testing

Test Automation Engineer Vs Software Developer Salary

When a bug occurs, we can follow the below steps.

  • We can run more tests to make sure that the problem has a clear description.
  • We can also run a few more tests to ensure that the same problem doesnt exist with different inputs.
  • Once we are certain of the full scope of the bug, we can add details and report it.

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How Would You Test The Login Feature Of A Web Application

There are many ways to test the login feature of a web application:

  • Sign in with valid login, Close browser and reopen and see whether you are still logged in or not.
  • Sign in, then log out and then go back to the login page to see if you are truly logged out.
  • Log in, then go back to the same page, do you see the login screen again?
  • Session management is important. You must focus on how do we keep track of logged in users, is it via cookies or web sessions?
  • Sign in from one browser, open another browser to see if you need to sign in again?
  • Log in, change the password, and then log out, then see if you can log in again with the old password.

Ques42 What Are The Different Keyboard Operations That Can Be Performed In Selenium

Ans. The different keyboard operations that can be performed in Selenium are-

  • .sendKeys Used for passing character sequence to an input or textbox element.
  • .pressKey Used for keys like control, function keys etc that are non-text.
  • .releaseKey Used in conjunction with keypress event to simulate releasing a key from keyboard event.
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    How Will Selenium Help Your Career

    Today, most companies prefer using open-source automated testing tools that will enable them to cut down the cost and effort that manual testing involves. Selenium is one such open-source automated testing tool for websites. Performance, execution speed, and browser interaction of Selenium are faster than any other automation tool. The test packages, the modes available for unattended execution and the ability to develop the test script in any language supported by Selenium make it the most popular automation testing tool. In addition, Selenium supports different operating systems along with support for different programming languages such as Python, Pearl, Ruby, PHP, .NET, C# and Java, and various browsers, thereby making Selenium the leading automation testing tool. Enroll in this Selenium certification training today.

    When Do We Use Findelement And Findelements

    CAPGEMINI Manual Testing & Automation Testing Interview Questions| QA Interview Questions

    findElement is used to access any single element on the web page. It returns the object of the first matching element of the specified locator.

    General syntax:

    WebElement element = driver.findElement)

    findElements is used to find all the elements in the current web page matching the specified locator value. All the matching elements would be fetched and stored in the list of Web elements.

    General syntax:

    List < WebElement> elementList = driver.findElements)

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    Do You Think That App Testing Can Be Done Exclusively At The Ui Levels

    Today, as we transition to an Agile methodology, testing is not restricted to the user interface layer. Early feedback is critical to the success of an agile project. Focusing only on the UI layer effectively delays testing until the UI is built and accessible for testing.

    Rather than that, we may test even before the UI is designed. We may test the APIs or methods directly using tools such as UILicious and FitNesse.

    In this manner, we can provide input much more quickly and test even before the UI is designed. This technique enables us to simply test the graphical aspects of minor, aesthetic modifications or UI validations, assisting developers by providing more time to address errors.

    What Is Load Testing

    When an interviewer asks you to define a key term, they want to know that you are familiar with the work required in the position.

    Example:Load testing validates how the system behaves under the expected user load, which may include the number of users on the system or the resources that access the database at once.


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    Should You Automate All Testing

    Although test automation has its advantages, it is not practical to automate all kinds of testing. Some testing can be done only by a human tester, such as user interface testing, usability, and accessibility testing.

    Exploratory testing is another type of testing where a human tester provides more value than an automated test. In exploratory testing, a tester explores the software randomly, just as an end-user would do, and tries to find the bugs or UI inconsistencies or any hidden problems that developers might have overlooked.

    Automated testing is helpful for large projects involving complicated calculations and for repeatable test cases. For features that change often and rarely executed test cases, a human tester provides a bigger ROI than automation would.

    What Is The Purpose Of The End

    Automated testing with Selenium and Cucumber

    End-to-end testing is a testing strategy to execute tests that cover every possible flow of an application from its start to finish. The objective of performing end-to-end tests is to discover software dependencies and to assert that the correct input is getting passed between various software modules and sub-systems.

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    What Do You See As The Differences Between Manual And Automated Testing

    This initial question tests your knowledge of the role and the recent advancements in automated testing capabilities. Keep your summary brief and use it as an opportunity to foreground the importance of your role.

    Example:’I’d summarise the difference between manual and automated testing by the extent of human involvement. While people carry out manual testing without software assistance, automated testing uses tools or frameworks with no human help. So, while manual methods are useful for exploratory and randomised testing, automated testing gives you fast results free from human error. You need a qualified programmer to set up automated tests, meaning you need a specialist on your testing team’.

    How Do You Validate An Xml File

    Automation testers can find defects beyond functional performance through database testing. XML technologies offer an ideal method for database testing, where validating an XML file can ensure its completeness. To validate, create an XMLReader object containing an XML schema that describes the structure of an XML document then ensure that the syntax verifies as well-formed.

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    How Familiar Are You With Selenium

    The interviewer may ask you this question to gauge your skill level when working within the free Selenium framework. Often, businesses can cut resource costs with free tools, and Selenium can offer a free method of automation testing. However, if you have limited experience with Selenium, explain what you know about similar frameworks and share your interest in learning more about it. If youre familiar with the Selenium framework, share your experiences working with it. Heres an example of how to answer this question:

    Example: Selenium supports functional and regression testing, as well as a few different scripting languages like Java and PHP. I am familiar with both testing types as well as the scripting languages supported by Selenium. However, I have only had the opportunity to work within Selenium for six test cases. I hope to have the opportunity to work with it again, as I enjoyed learning the framework.

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    Example Automation Testing Interview Questions

    QA AUTOMATION TESTING INTERVIEW Live Coding with QA Managers. Mock Interviews

    When the time comes for an interview, it’s important to have a set of answers in your mind, the relevant experience you can use to support your responses and a thorough understanding of the company you’re pursuing. Research where your job fits with other roles in your prospective organisation, such as software engineers and developers. Use these sample answers to prepare your responses and make a positive first impression:

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    What Is The Difference Between Severity And Priority

    These are important distinctions that must be known for proper time management. Severity is how difficult the issue is to fix. Priority is how important the issue is to fix.

    Just because an issue is high severity doesnt necessarily mean its high priority and vice versa.

    Heres an example of a high severity, low priority issue:

    • The application crashes when a rarely used function is run on legacy software that most users cant access.

    Heres an example of a low severity, high priority issue:

    • The wrong company logo is displayed on startup.

    What Are The Verification Points That Are Available In Selenium

    • Selenium IDE: Verify and Assert commands
    • Selenium Web Driver: This does not have any built-in features for verification and always depends on our coding style. Some examples can be like checking the page title, checking for certain text on the page, checking for a certain element like textbox, dropdown, field etc.,

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    Should The Developers Or The Qa Be Responsible For Test Automation

    While it might seem more obvious to allow the quality assurance team to test this automation, you can use this question as an opportunity to demonstrate your collaborative, team-orientated approach to work. Consider the ways you would work with this team to ensure it works properly. Also, provide additional context if there’s a portion that is specific to the QA testers.

    Example:’While it’s the developer’s job to make the software and a QAs job to test its quality, I think it’s best to avoid pigeonholing automated testing into a single role. Instead, I’d promote collaboration between the developers and QAs on automated testing so that the whole project benefits from each skill set. I believe our team can create quality-focused developers and design-conscious testers, streamlining the overall process’.

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    Qa Automation Engineer Interview Questions

    Java Coding Questions for Test Automation Developers
  • Name and describe the different components of Selenium.
  • What are some challenges associated with Selenium automation?
  • How would you manage GIT versions between two teams?
  • Name some alternatives to Selenium.
  • Name the test library APIs in the Robot Framework.
  • What are the developmental best practices in test automation?
  • Describe the steps involved in the Automation Process.
  • Can App Testing be done exclusively at the UI levels?
  • Who should be responsible for test automation?
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    Monitor break by f3 andTruth saying is f4

    Selenium is an open source automation testing tool. It is used to automate web based applications. You can work on multiple operating system using selenium.Less

    Selenium is an open source framework, that provides ability to write automated testing scripts using various programming languages.Less

    element.sendkeys string typedvalue= element.getattributeValue int size = typedvalue.length = ifsysoutLess

    Which locators have you used? What is xpath? what is the difference between relative xpath and absolute xpath?Less

    Software Testing Interview Questions And Answers For More Experienced Testers

    1. What is boundary value analysis?

    Boundary value analysis is a black-box technique used in Software Testing. It involves testing between the two extreme ends or boundaries of partitions, since values closer to the boundary have a higher probability of returning errors.

    2. How much testing do you need to do?

    Exhaustive testing is impossible, as is proving the complete absence of errors. As a Tester, you should select the test cases that will be most likely to find errors rather than trying to find them all . Once you are happy with the software and are confident it will work as expected, you have done enough testing and can release the product.

    3. What is the Software Testing Life Cycle?

    The Software Testing Life Cycle, or STLD, are the steps or activities used to test software applications to ensure a high-quality product at the end. As an experienced Software Testing professional, you should be able to explain each stage in detail if required.

    4. Define function and non-functional testing

    Term Definition
    Functional Testing Functional testing is a type of black-box testing method that looks at the softwares functional requirements, making sure it fulfils these and solves the end-users problems.
    Non-Functional Testing Non-functional testing focuses on qualities that have been specifically outlined by the client, such as performance or usability.

    5. What should be included in a bug report?

    6. What is TDD?

    7. What is cross-browser testing?

    11. What is a test matrix?

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    What Do You Mean By Selenese

    Selenese which is called the Selenium command is the set of the selenium commands that run your test cases. For example, open is a Selenium command which opens the specified URL in the specific browser. A test script is the sequence of all these commands put together. There are three types of Selenese. They are,

    • Actions: We can use it to perform interactions and operations on the target elements
    • Accessors: These are used for storing the values in the variables.
    • Assertions: These can be used as checkpoints to keep track of the sequential flow of commands.

    What Type Of Working Environment Best Suits Your Work Style

    TCS Automation Testing Interview Questions | TCS Testing Interview Q& A

    Describing your ideal work environment helps the interviewer ensure that the organization can provide you with the right workspace.

    Example:I perform well when I have the equipment and tools I need, as well as a quiet place to work. If I am surrounded by people in my workspace, I will typically use white noise or background music to help me stay focused without becoming distracted. I am adaptable and can work in nearly any atmosphere.

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    What Are Disadvantages Of Soap

    SOAP is typically significantly slower than other types of middleware standards, including CORBA, because SOAP uses a detailed XML format. A complete understanding of the performance limitations before building applications around SOAP is hence required.

    SOAP is usually limited to pooling and not to event notifications when HTTP is used for the transport. In addition, only one client can use the services of one server in typical situations.

    If HTTP is used as the transport protocol, firewall latency usually occurs since the firewall analyzes the HTTP transport. This is because HTTP is also leveraged for Web browsing, and so many firewalls do not understand the difference between using HTTP within a web browser and using HTTP within SOAP.

    SOAP has different support levels, depending on the supported programming language. For instance, SOAP supported in Python and PHP is not as powerful as it is in Java and .NET

    Stand Out From The Crowd:

    You only get one chance to make a good impression. Put your best foot forward with a winning Selenium Automation Testing interview preparation guide. If your goal is to acquire a job as a Selenium Automation tester, you know you have to have the skills and the experience to keep the job, but do you know how to acquire the job in the first place.This short, comprehensive, easy-to-follow guide interview aims to help you prepare yourself as the best candidate to stand out from the rest.

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