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Software Developer In Test Interview Questions

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Top 50 Manual Testing Interview Questions | Software Testing Interview Preparation | Edureka

What is the difference between SDET & Software Testers?

Test Engineer SDET
Test Engineer thinks only in the terms of pass or fail of a test case and how to break the software SDET knows system functional objectives as well as quality objectives
Test Engineer works only for test life cycle, like design of test cases, and execution SDET is involved in Designing, development, and testing
No coding knowledge is required Dynamic skill sets, like knowledge of quality and testing and good in coding too
Test Engineers know where repetitive work or simple data entry is present but they are not expected to minimize the repetitive tasks SDET understands automation needs, they can code and provide a solution to the team where repetitive kind of work is killing the time. They can design framework which can help testing team to reduce repetitive test cycle or simple data entry task.
Test Engineers are not expected to reach up to code level and tune the performance Well aware of Performance tuning and security threats , they can suggest and reach to the code and suggest where application is poor in performance, plus they can optimize the code

What are the differences between Priority & Severity?

What is Adhoc Testing?

What is Exploratory Testing?

Usually, this process will be carried out by domain experts. They perform testing just by exploring the functionalities of the application without having the knowledge of the requirements.

What is A/B Testing?

What is Fuzz Testing?

What Information Can Be Included In A Test Plan

This is a question that tests your basic knowledge about best practices in software testing. Interviewers may ask this and observe your reaction. Be sure to analyse the question and formulate a concise but specific answer that would show them that you’re an experienced and qualified candidate.

Example:’The information I typically choose to include in the test plan depends on the type of test that the team is performing. However, the main elements of every plan are strategy, objectives and criteria. Based on the individual objectives for the test, I develop a strategy to reach those objectives. I also use the criteria to see how the software performs under different circumstances.’

Behavioral/culture Fit Software Engineering Interview Questions

Q1. Tell me about a tough software development problem and how you solved it.

Give a brief description. Make the assumption the other person doesnt know any specialized vocabulary or industry-specific challenges. You can also ask the interviewer about their familiarity with the topic youre about to describe and mold your answer based on the other persons level of context .

Q2. Do you have any personal projects? Tell me about them.

Sometimes its hard to settle on an idea for a project. If you have that problem, start by making a replica of a different application with a different tech stack or something. This will get your brain pumping and eventually youll come up with something youd rather do. The key isnt coming up with a great idea. The key is to get started on something.

After youve worked on your replica for a while, you might notice some shortcomings in the app that you can fix. Or you might realize that you dont want to make this replica anymore and you start on something else. The purpose of replicating an existing app isnt to really make the replica. The purpose is to get you started on something so that youll find what you really want to do.

Q3. Explain the concept of cloud computing to my older mother.

Q4. Have you ever disagreed with your boss or manager? What did you do?

Q5. Why do you want to work at ? Have you used our products?

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Name Some Side Projects Youve Been Passionate About

Since passionate software engineers should be interested in building their coding, creative, and technical skills, candidates should be able to mention a side project that they have worked on in the past or are working on now.

Do some digging during the interview process to find out why your candidates opted to pursue the projects they are working on and what skills they have learned so far. Its vital to ask follow-up questions about such side projects as theyll give you a better understanding of your candidates strengths and passions.

Question #: How Do You Ensure Quality And Fix Errors

Tell Me About Yourself Answer For Experienced Software Test Engineer ...

Errors and bugs are common software development issues. To be considered for a software developer job, youll need to demonstrate proficiency in quality assurance. Software developer interview questions about QA are a measure of your problem-solving abilities.

Make sure you cover the following when answering:

  • How you identify and diagnose software errors.
  • Methods you employ to fix errors.
  • An example of an error youve corrected.

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Describe A Time When You Had To Provide An Estimate For A Client

Its not only clients who require estimates stakeholders and engineering managers will need an estimate to evaluate progress and set the scope of work for certain milestones. Can your candidates recognize the many factors that may affect the estimate, including bug fixing and testing?

Since an accurate estimation is crucial, assess whether your candidates have a realistic understanding of how long a particular project will take by asking what steps they will take to arrive at a reasonable estimation.

Q3 How Do You Take Screenshots In Selenium Wedriver

With the help of the TakeScreenshot function, you can take a screenshot. Using the getScreenshotAs method, you can save any screenshot that you take. For instance,

File scrFile = driver).getScreenshotAs

If youâre looking for advanced-level questions, you can focus on such test engineer interview questions.

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Do You Enjoy Working With A Team Or Alone

There is no right or wrong answer to this question, as it all depends on what you are looking for in a software engineer. You may want an engineer who will work hard and who can be independent. On the flip side, you may want someone who is a team player and is not stubborn about doing things their way.

Can You Outline Some Useful Software Metrics

Google Coding Interview With A Normal Software Engineer

Since software metrics are critical for understanding the progress made on a project, ask candidates this question to learn whether they are aware of the most important ones. Proficient candidates might mention the length metrics related to requirement, the number of lines of code, or testing metrics related to the product.

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Tell Me About A Time When You Were Under A Lot Of Pressure How Did You Handle It

Software development can be a high-pressure job. Hiring managers want to know you can handle and adapt to pressure. Discuss your approach to dealing with challenging situations. For example, you might break a task into smaller pieces to make it feel more manageable and assign deadlines to each piece.

Or, if the task was impossible to finish in the time allowed, you might ask for more time. Interviewers don’t expect you to be perfect, but they do expect you to handle pressure effectively.

Top Senior Software Developer Questions In 2022

We gathered a list of 10 essentials questions about general programming that will help you decipher if a candidate is truly the software developer youre looking for. Or if you need to keep looking, or need help, you can always ask for our help. We have a huge team of IT recruiters ready to hunt highly skilled developers for your project, all over the world. because yes, we do hunt for remote developers.

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Write An Efficient Program To Convert A Binary Tree Into Its Mirror

You will be provided with the root node of a binary tree and you must swap the left and right children for each node. The objective is to make use of bottom up mirroring and depth first traversal in order to mirror the nodes of a binary tree.

You can do a post order traversal of the binary tree. This would require you to swap the left and the right child for every node. Depth-First Traversal/Search can be used in order to ensure that before returning from a node, all its children have been visited .

Technical Skills Based Questions To Ask A Senior Developer

Top 10 software test engineer interview questions and answers

You will need to ask your developer team for advice when it comes to asking questions related to technical skills during an interview. This is why there is often a behavioral interview and a separate technical interview. Here are some Senior developer interview question examples:

  • Are you still writing code? Do you love it?
  • What are the pros and cons of cloud systems?
  • For a fintech application, what security concerns would you have? And how would you address them?
  • What technologies, programming languages, and frameworks would you use if you had to develop a project from scratch in only one month?
  • You have just been put in charge of a legacy code project which is difficult to maintain what would you plan to improve in order to make the project easier to maintain in the long term?

Remember to also tailor interview questions to suit the specific technologies of your company. So for instance, ask a senior Java developer a specifically tailored Java interview question. Likewise, ask Android developers about the technologies they would use to create a new Android app. If your company uses a specific programming language, it is good to know that your senior programmer candidate is experienced in that area.

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Final Thoughts: Test Engineer Interview Questions

Products and software applications arent the only things requiring quality assurance: Businesses hiring test engineers must ask the right questions during the interview to ensure competence, experience, and a team-player attitude. Hiring the right test engineers will set a higher standard for product, to the benefit of your company as a whole.

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Further reading

What Are Your Thoughts On Software Testing

Testing is an extremely important component of the software development life cycle because it ensures the quality of the software before it is deployed to users. Approaches to testing range from manually testing the application to writing test suites for individual code modules, or unit testing. Within these approaches, there are many schools of thought. For example, unit tests may be written in a strict test-driven process where failing tests are written before any business logic, aiming for 100% of the code to be exercised. There are other approaches that enumerate particularly complex or sensitive code and write a test for those as opposed to every line.

In fact, the point is even debated amongst the writers of The Manifesto for Agile Software Development, which arguably popularized testing as a standard part of the software development process. In the 2015 talk, Agile is Dead, co-author Pragmatic Dave Thomas stated, I mostly dont test. This is in sharp contrast with other co-authors such as Martin Fowler and Kent Beck who largely advocate for a test-driven approach.

You should have informed opinions on why you favor one approach over another. It will demonstrate that you are aware of the range of methodologies and have made a choice based on sound reasoning. Similar to speaking about Agile software development, negative statements should be avoided in general.

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Do You Have Previous Experience In Software Testing

This is one of the most common questions that interviewers may ask during your interview. It helps them understand your background and how your career has looked like before you’ve decided to apply to their company. In your answer, you can briefly explain your journey as a tester to them, list some of your previous duties and responsibilities and describe your past projects and processes.

Example:’This month marks five years since I first started working as a software tester. Since then, I’ve done both manual and automatic testing. In my previous role, I focused on performance and functionality, which I consider my specialisation. I’ve also had the chance to work with stress testing processes a lot.’

What Do You Understand About Fuzz Testing What Are The Types Of Bugs Detected By Fuzz Testing

Top 50 Software Testing Interview Questions & Answers | Software Testing Training | Edureka

Fuzz Testing is a software testing technique that utilizes erroneous, unexpected, or random data as input and then looks for exceptions like crashes and memory leaks. It’s a type of automated testing that’s used to define system testing techniques that use a randomized or dispersed approach. During fuzz testing, a system or software program may have a variety of data input problems or glitches.

Following are the different phases of Fuzz Testing:

Following are the different types of bugs detected by fuzz testing:

  • Failures in assertions and memory leaks – This practice is often employed in large applications where defects compromise memory safety, which is a serious flaw.
  • Invalid data – Fuzzers are used in fuzz testing to generate faulty input that is used to test error-handling methods, which is critical for software that does not have control over its input. Simple fuzzing is a technique for automating negative testing.
  • Correctness bugs – Some forms of “correctness” flaws can also be detected using fuzzing. For example, a corrupted database, inadequate search results, and so on.

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What Is Usability Testing

It is a testing methodology where the end customer is asked to use the software to see if the product is easy to use, to see the customers perception and task time. An accurate way to finalize the customer point of view for usability is by using prototype or mock-up software during the initial stages.

Have You Ever Made A Mistake When Programming Or Learning How To Code

Your candidates might select from a broad range of mistakes, including writing messy code and ignoring code quality, forgetting or deciding not to plan, or failing to practice. Whichever mistake they might have made, look for answers that indicate that they could learn to avoid these errors.

For instance, if your candidate wrote messy code as a beginner, which steps did they take to tidy up their coding quality? Did they learn about well-structured code, and how did they achieve this?

If they initially failed to plan before starting a project, did they actively seek to understand why planning is critical? And how have their current projects increased in quality thanks to the implementation of their new planning approach?

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What Makes You A Perfect Fit For This Position

Responding to this question requires candidates to outline why they applied with the company. Discuss the positive things you know about the company to show the interviewer you have done your research and know about their organization.

Example:âI have the passion to work as a software test engineer in a well-established company that protects against securities fraud. My focus is helping the firm improve its performance, meet client needs and achieve its goals. I trust that I have the skills needed to make this company a better workplace.â

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Given A Set Of Numbers

Manual Testing Interview Questions and Answers by kavinilavu G

Put all the numbers from the array into a hash. So, keys will be the number and values of the keys be . This will take one pass. O.Now, foreach key ‘k’, with value ‘v’: if k == v: there is a match and that is your pair.this will take another O pass totale O ~ OLess

Easiest way to do it. Written in python. If you consider the easiest case, when our summed value is 0, the pairs will look like-50 + 50-49 + 49-48 + 48etc….etc… So what I do is generalize the situation to be able to shift this k value around. I also allow us to change our minimums and maximums. This solution assumes pairs are commutative, i.e. is the same as .Once you have the boundaries that you need to work with, you just march in towards k / 2. This solution runs in O time.def pairs: if k & gt = 0: x = maximum y = k – maximum else: x = k + maximum y = minimum while x & gt = k / 2 and y & lt = k / 2: print str + ” , ” + str + ” = ” + str x = x – 1 y = y + 1Less

here is my solution using hash table that runs in O =& gt O: public static String findNums catch } int num2 int num1 for } //System.out.println) return “No numbers exist” }Less

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In White Box Testing What Do You Verify

In white box testing following steps are verified.

  • Verify the security holes in the code
  • Verify the incomplete or broken paths in the code
  • Verify the flow of structure according to the document specification
  • Verify the expected outputs
  • Verify all conditional loops in the code to check the complete functionality of the application
  • Verify the line by line coding and cover 100% testing
  • Role And Responsibilities Of Test Engineers

    So what exactly do test engineers do? In the simplest terms, test engineers create and run quality assurance operations on products or systems to confirm that they function properly and meet the needs of the final audience. Test engineers also run case-scenarios to determine what problems could arise during the use of the product or system and how these issues can be addressed. The goal is to iron out as many bugs as possible, resulting in a high-quality commodity.

    Specific job responsibilities of test engineers may include:

    • Testing various aspects of the product or system, such as function, performance, regression, and service
    • Designing test environments, test plans, test cases and usage scenarios, and executing these operations
    • Providing feedback on useability and serviceability

    Senior test engineer duties include:

    • Developing tests and designing hardware or software to execute said tests
    • Verifying and validating new tests, test systems, and solutions
    • Performing automated and manual tests and interpreting test results
    • Creating, updating, and communicating documentation of tests performed
    • Providing technical expertise and design input

    Technical understanding and experience are requisites of this position, but test engineers must have other soft skills to perform their roles successfully. These include:

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