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Aws Solution Architect Associate Interview Questions

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To Deploy A 4 Node Cluster Of Hadoop In Aws Which Instance Type Can Be Used

Solutions Architect Interview Questions AWS

First lets understand what actually happens in a Hadoop cluster, the Hadoop cluster follows a master slave concept. The master machine processes all the data, slave machines store the data and act as data nodes. Since all the storage happens at the slave, a higher capacity hard disk would be recommended and since master does all the processing, a higher RAM and a much better CPU is required. Therefore, you can select the configuration of your machine depending on your workload. For e.g. In this case c4.8xlarge will be preferred for master machine whereas for slave machine we can select i2.large instance. If you dont want to deal with configuring your instance and installing hadoop cluster manually, you can straight away launch an Amazon EMR instance which automatically configures the servers for you. You dump your data to be processed in S3, EMR picks it from there, processes it, and dumps it back into S3.

How Is A Spot Instance Different From An On

First of all, lets understand that Spot Instance, On-Demand instance and Reserved Instances are all models for pricing. Moving along, spot instances provide the ability for customers to purchase compute capacity with no upfront commitment, at hourly rates usually lower than the On-Demand rate in each region. Spot instances are just like bidding, the bidding price is called Spot Price. The Spot Price fluctuates based on supply and demand for instances, but customers will never pay more than the maximum price they have specified. If the Spot Price moves higher than a customers maximum price, the customers EC2 instance will be shut down automatically. But the reverse is not true, if the Spot prices come down again, your EC2 instance will not be launched automatically, one has to do that manually. In Spot and On demand instance, there is no commitment for the duration from the user side, however in reserved instances one has to stick to the time period that he has chosen.

What Are The Different Types Of Virtualization In Aws And What Are The Differences Between Them

The three major types of virtualization in AWS are:

  • Hardware Virtual Machine

    It is a fully virtualized hardware, where all the virtual machines act separate from each other. These virtual machines boot by executing a master boot record in the root block device of your image.

  • Paravirtualization

    Paravirtualization-GRUB is the bootloader that boots the PV AMIs. The PV-GRUB chain loads the kernel specified in the menu.

  • Paravirtualization on HVM

    PV on HVM helps operating systems take advantage of storage and network I/O available through the host.

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Where Do You Think An Ami Fits When You Are Designing An Architecture For A Solution

AMIs are like templates of virtual machines and an instance is derived from an AMI. AWS offers pre-baked AMIs which you can choose while you are launching an instance, some AMIs are not free, therefore can be bought from the AWS Marketplace. You can also choose to create your own custom AMI which would help you save space on AWS. For example if you dont need a set of software on your installation, you can customize your AMI to do that. This makes it cost efficient, since you are removing the unwanted things.

Which Of The Following Services You Would Not Use To Deploy An App

Most Frequently Asked Aws: Associate Architect Interview Questions and ...
  • Elastic Beanstalk
  • Answer B.

    Explanation: Lambda is used for running server-less applications. It can be used to deploy functions triggered by events. When we say serverless, we mean without you worrying about the computing resources running in the background. It is not designed for creating applications which are publicly accessed.

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    Common Aws Solution Architect Interview Questions And Answers

    What are some recommended practices for integrating Amazon EC2 in terms of security?

    This type of question allows the interviewer to get a sense of how you keep your companys networks and cloud-based operations protected and secure from security threats. Give examples of how you undertake this procedure and reduce security threats inside an AWS architecture to demonstrate your attention to detail and problem-solving abilities.

    Example: Controlling and limiting access to AWS resources using identity and access management protocols is one of the best practices that I utilize as my recommendations. I achieve this by examining the protocols defined in my security groups on a regular basis and only granting rights depending on these criteria. Another recommended practice is to block password-based login functionality to ensure that, even if a password is obtained, access to the server-based only on passwords is fruitless.

    In AWS, why would you use a buffer?

    The interviewer will be interested in learning how you use AWS features to expedite procedures and increase network usability. Demonstrate your technical abilities by demonstrating how you tackle these tasks on the job.

    Can you name what kinds of instances there are?

    What is the stumbling block you can have while connecting to an instance, and how can you overcome it?

    What are the benefits of auto-scaling, in your opinion?

    What can you do to improve the performance of the Elastic Block Store?

    Your Application Has To Retrieve Data From Your Users Mobile Every 5 Minutes And The Data Is Stored In Dynamodb Later Every Day At A Particular Time The Data Is Extracted Into S3 On A Per User Basis And Then Your Application Is Later Used To Visualize The Data To The User You Are Asked To Optimize The Architecture Of The Backend System To Lower Cost What Would You Recommend

  • Create a new Amazon DynamoDB (able each day and drop the one for the previous day after its data is on Amazon S3.
  • Introduce an Amazon SQS queue to buffer writes to the Amazon DynamoDB table and reduce provisioned write throughput.
  • Introduce Amazon Elasticache to cache reads from the Amazon DynamoDB table and reduce provisioned read throughput.
  • Write data directly into an Amazon Redshift cluster replacing both Amazon DynamoDB and Amazon S3.
  • Answer C.

    Explanation: Since our work requires the data to be extracted and analyzed, to optimize this process a person would use provisioned IO, but since it is expensive, using a ElastiCache memoryinsread to cache the results in the memory can reduce the provisioned read throughput and hence reduce cost without affecting the performance.

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    I Created A Key In Oregon Region To Encrypt My Data In North Virginia Region For Security Purposes I Added Two Users To The Key And An External Aws Account I Wanted To Encrypt An Object In S3 So When I Tried The Key That I Just Created Was Not Listed What Could Be The Reason

  • External aws accounts are not supported.
  • AWS S3 cannot be integrated KMS.
  • The Key should be in the same region.
  • New keys take some time to reflect in the list.
  • Answer C.

    Explanation: The key created and the data to be encrypted should be in the same region. Hence the approach taken here to secure the data is incorrect.

    Domain: Design Secure Applications And Architectures

    AWS Solutions Architect Interview Questions and Answers 2021 | AWS Certification Training | Edureka

    36) You are a solutions architect working for a healthcare provider. Your company uses REST APIs to expose critical patient data to internal front-end systems used by doctors and nurses. The data for your patient information is stored in Aurora.How can you ensure that your patient data REST endpoint is only accessed by your authorized internal users?

    A. Run your Aurora DB cluster on an EC2 instance in a private subnet

    B. Use a Gateway VPC Endpoint to make your REST endpoint private and only accessible from within your VPCC. Use IAM resource policies to restrict access to your REST APIs by adding the aws:SourceVpce condition to the API Gateway resource policyD. Use an Interface VPC Endpoint to make your REST endpoint private and only accessible from within your VPC and through your VPC endpointE. Use IAM resource policies to restrict access to your REST APIs by adding the aws:SourceArn condition to the API Gateway resource policy

    Answer: C & D


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    Aws Solutions Architect Associate Interview Questions

    1. What is Amazon EC2?

    Elastic Compute Cloud is known as EC2. It provides computing capacity, which is scalable and maintainable. EC2 helps in saving the investment cost in hardware, leading to faster deployment and development of applications.

    Amazon EC2 is also helpful if you want to establish virtual servers as required. You can use it to configure networking and security and manage the storage. It offers practical ways to address requirement changes, decreasing the urgency to forecast traffic. EC2 provides a virtual computing environment known as instances.

    2. What are some of the Amazon EC2 security best practices?

    The Amazon EC2s Security Best Practices include utilizing Identity and Access Management to handle access to AWS resources or deny access. You can restrict access by only allowing trusted networks or hosts to access the instance. You can also control the access by only opening the permission you need and disabling credentials for instances established from your AMI.

    3. Describe Amazon S3.

    Simple Storage Service is referred to as S3. It is the most used storage service provided by the AWS platform. S3 is object storage. It can retrieve and save any amount of data from anywhere. It is a cost-effective and unlimited storage service. Along with these benefits, it also provides vast levels of availability and durability as it is available on demand. It helps to handle data that is cost-effective, compliant, and accessible.

    7. What is Amazon Route 53?

    Aws Enterprise Solution Architect

    General Description

    The AWS Solution Architect engage with customers to understand their business drivers, assess application portfolios, design reliable, and cost-effective cloud-native architectures. The Solution Architect is a very technical role: broadly competent across many areas of technology. The AWS Solution Architect will spend most of their day interacting with several customers and stakeholders, including developers, team leads, engineering directors, and CxOs.

    As an AWS Solution Architect, you will form partnerships with customers, AWS Sales and several other AWS teams to create highly scalable, flexible, and resilient cloud architectures that address customers business problems, accelerate the adoption of AWS services, and assist in driving revenue growth across a broad set of customers.

    As a trusted advisor and customer advocate, the AWS Solution Architect will help organizations understand best practices around advanced cloud-based solutions, and how to migrate existing workloads to the cloud.

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    What Are The Native Aws Security Logging Capabilities

    Most of the AWS services have their logging options. Also, some of them have an account level logging, like in AWS CloudTrail, AWS Config, and others. Lets take a look at two services in specific:

    AWS CloudTrail

    This is a service that provides a history of the AWS API calls for every account. It lets you perform security analysis, resource change tracking, and compliance auditing of your AWS environment as well. The best part about this service is that it enables you to configure it to send notifications via AWS SNS when new logs are delivered.

    AWS Config

    This helps you understand the configuration changes that happen in your environment. This service provides an AWS inventory that includes configuration history, configuration change notification, and relationships between AWS resources. It can also be configured to send information via AWS SNS when new logs are delivered.

    Question 4 What Is Nat And Why Would You Use It

    AWS Certified Solutions Architect

    If someone tells me that NAT is how you connect to the internet, I know they have no knowledge of basic networking whatsoever, but they have passed an AWS certification exam and they know the meaning of a NAT instance and a NAT gateway. And if I know this, so will the hiring manager.

    Without understanding NAT, you will run into a large number of challenges as a cloud architect. NAT is whats called Network Address Translation, and its about translating one address into another address.

    It could be used to connect a private address to the internet by translating it into a public address, or it could also be used if theres two organizations, for example, that just merged and theyre using the same overlapping IP address space. Until the addresses can be changed between the organizations, you would use NAT, and you would translate one private address into another private address, but something thats not overlapping.

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    How Do I Become An Aws Solution Architect Associate

    The most preferred way of becoming a professional in this domain is through enrolling in a proper training program, giving the examination, and getting certified.

    However, the training program must be carefully chosen based on the mix of practical and theoretical knowledge. Intellipaat offers a balanced curriculum that has helped our alumni get placed in good AWS roles in prominent companies.

    How Can A System Be Upgraded Or Downgraded With Almost No Downtime

    The following migration steps can be used to update or downgrade a system with almost little downtime:

    • Dispatch EC2 console
    • Check the instance to ensure it is operational.
    • If successful, launch the new instance and retire the previous one.
    • Upon deployment, the system can be upgraded or downgraded with almost-zero downtime.

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    What Transpires If A Resource In A Stack Cannot Be Effectively Created

    The CloudFormation automatically rolls back and terminates all resources generated using the CloudFormation template if the resource in the stack cannot be created. When you mistakenly go over your allotted number of elastic IP addresses or don’t have access to an EC2 AMI, this capability comes in useful.

    Your Organization Is Using Dynamodb For Its Application This Application Collects Data From Its Users Every 10 Minutes And Stores It In Dynamodb Then Every Day After A Particular Time Interval The Data Is Extracted From Dynamodb And Sent To S3 Then The Application Visualizes This Data To The Users You Are Asked To Propose A Solution To Help Optimize The Backend Of The Application For Latency At Lower Cost What Would You Recommend

    ð¥AWS Solution Architect Training for 2022 | AWS Solution Architect Interview Questions | Simplilearn

    ElastiCache. Amazon ElastiCache is a caching solution offered by Amazon.

    It can be used to store a cached version of the application in a region closer to users so that when requests are made by the users the cached version of the application can respond, and hence latency will be reduced.

    Become a master of AWS by going through this online AWS Course in Toronto!

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    What Are The Benefits Of Awss Disaster Recovery

    Businesses use cloud computing in part to enable faster disaster recovery of critical IT systems without the cost of a second physical site. The AWS cloud supports many popular disaster recovery architectures ranging from small customer workload data center failures to environments that enable rapid failover at scale. With data centers all over the world, AWS provides a set of cloud-based disaster recovery services that enable rapid recovery of your IT infrastructure and data.

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    When You Need To Move Data Over Long Distances Using The Internet For Instance Across Countries Or Continents To Your Amazon S3 Bucket Which Method Or Service Will You Use

  • Amazon Snowball
  • Answer C.

    Explanation:You would not use Snowball, because for now, the snowball service does not support cross region data transfer, and since, we are transferring across countries, Snowball cannot be used. Transfer Acceleration shall be the right choice here as it throttles your data transfer with the use of optimized network paths and Amazons content delivery network upto 300% compared to normal data transfer speed.

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    workplace investigation checklist template

    AWSSolutionsArchitect Associate Sample Questions. Question 1. With the aim of selling weather data online, a meteorological start-up company has built a custom web application. Amazon DynamoDB is currently used to house the companys data, and it wants to set up a new service that notifies managers of four internal teams when new weather ….

    AWS Solutions Architect Associates earn an average of £75,088 per year in the United Kingdom. Their annual pay ranges from £53,000 to £100,000 per year. Salary of an AWS Certified Solutions Architect in Canada. … TOP 20 Samples of AWS VPC Interview Questions& .

    37 Advanced AWS Interview Questions For Experienced. If you are looking for Amazon Web Services interview questions, here is a list of the top 37 AWS Architect interview questions for experienced professionals. This article will help you to.

    b) Better branching system. b) High availability, very reliable. c) Only one .git directory per repository. d) Superior disk utilization and network performance. f) Light weight and Lighting speed. e) Collaboration friendly and compatible with previous version control system. f) Any sort of projects can use GIT. 4.

    Principal AWS Solutions Architect was asked… 5 February 2022 Migrate an existing distributed system to the cloud. Principal AWS Solutions Architect was asked… 5 February 2022.

    How Is Aws Elastic Beanstalk Different Than Aws Opsworks

    Pass the AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate Certification SAA ...

    AWS Elastic Beanstalk is an application management platform while OpsWorks is a configuration management platform. BeanStalk is an easy to use service which is used for deploying and scaling web applications developed with Java, .Net, PHP, Node.js, Python, Ruby, Go and Docker. Customers upload their code and Elastic Beanstalk automatically handles the deployment. The application will be ready to use without any infrastructure or resource configuration.

    In contrast, AWS Opsworks is an integrated configuration management platform for IT administrators or DevOps engineers who want a high degree of customization and control over operations.

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