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Ey Technology Consulting Case Interview

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Value Derived: The Client Benefits Were Derived From:

Mock Technology Consulting Case Interview: Architecture Strategy | CAREER COACHING WITH CHRISTINE

Creation of a transactional system to provide for revenues, costs and profits at site level Enablement of budgeting control and reporting separately for capital and operating expenditure Enabling material requirement planning for advance procurement with provision for integration with project management Design and creation of an external service procurement process to capture direct and indirect expenses Enablement of a common inventory at warehouse to reduce inventory levels and creation of a tightly controlled integrated material issues and asset return process

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Mckinsey Case Interview Examples

McKinsey case interviews are interviewer-led, meaning that the interviewer sets the pace of the case. Interviewers at McKinsey also like to test a candidates creativity by asking open-ended questions. Due to the intense competition amongst candidates for the McKinsey case interview, interviewers will often test the quality and logic of your answers by providing pushback more than that you would experience at other firms.

There are multiple McKinsey case interview examples here: McKinsey interview webpage .

McKinsey also requires that many of its candidates take a problem-solving test . The PST is unique to McKinsey and should not be taken lightly. Practice tests can be found near the bottom of McKinseys interviewing webpage.

For more, read our insiders guide to McKinsey and practice the dozens of McKinsey-style cases in the Case Library.

The Ey Advisory / Ey Parthenon Behavioral Interview

Behavioral or fit questions will be a part of all EY case interviews. The interviewers are looking to understand whether you are a good fit for the company and whether you are people-oriented. They are also assessing your ability to work in teams, put ideas into action, and your ability to learn from new experiences.

Its great to practice and prepare for the common interview questions in advance by developing stories that best portray your skills and character. Following are some of the common questions:

Getting to know you questions:

  • Tell me about yourself.
  • Why are you interested in working for EY Parthenon?
  • Walk me through your resume.
  • Tell me about your greatest accomplishment.

Behavioral questions:

  • Tell me about a time when you used data to solve a problem.
  • Give a time when you disagreed with your manager.
  • Describe a situation in which you handled conflict while working on a team.
  • What is a piece of feedback you have received from a former supervisor or colleague?

Learn more about the common questions and how to answer these by reading our Ultimate Guide to Behavioral Interviews.

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What Was The Interview Process Like

The digital interview definitely needed a bit of prep work. It focused a lot on leadership, team work skills, and your interest and knowledge for analytics. After that, I waited for about 2 weeks before I got a call for on-site interview. They flew me to Dallas, Texas for the final rounds of interviews.

The night before the interviews, there was another networking session with current EY Advisory consultants and other Senior Management teams. It was great to meet them and most people at EY were approachable and supportive.

The “Megaday” is the final interview day. After breakfast, I had 3 back to back interviews 2 were behavioral and 1 was a case study round. For the behavioral rounds, be yourself, since they are truly interested in knowing you. Treat the interview like a coffee conversation with a colleague and be calm. For the case study round, I was given a high-level case study and then I had to answer questions based on follow-up exhibits. Always work with your interviewer on the case study- ask clarifying questions if you aren’t sure of something. I definitely did prepare a lot for the case study I read the book “Case In Point”, as well as spoke to other friends at EY to help conduct mock interview sessions. I heard back from the team within 2 days, so that was exciting!

How Do I Search Jobs And Apply For A Role

EY announces the EY Microsoft Services Group designed to propel ...

Students can click here for job search, and experienced hire candidates can click here to search jobs by keyword or location. You can create and manage a profile in the EY system, upload your CV/resume and even track your submissions.

Before you apply, remember to think of your application as a whole piece of work rather than just answering each individual question to make sure youve captured a full range of your skills and experiences.

You should submit a separate application for every role in which you are interested, as each position is filled separately. If you dont find an opportunity right now, you can set up a job alert to receive notifications when roles of interest to you become available.

You can apply for any open position you see in any of the 150+ countries in which we have offices. Your eligibility will depend on the hiring country’s qualification requirements, employment laws, work permit and/or visa requirements.

When you submit your application online, we’ll immediately send you an e-mail confirmation that your information has been successfully received. If your qualifications and experience match our requirements, a recruiter will contact you to discuss your CV/resume in more detail. Because we receive so many applications, we cant make personal contact with everyone who applies for a position.

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Understand The Question Being Asked

The interviewer will start the case with a background of a hypothetical company and share crucial information including the business problem the company is trying to solve. Take notes, particularly on financial data, and repeat the problem youve been asked to solve back to the interviewer in your own words. Repeating the question back ensures you address the right problem.

Avoid the temptation to immediately jump into details of a potential solution or start sharing a laundry list of all possible solutions.

For example, consider the following real EY Parthenon case interview question:

Your first instinct might be to either say that you dont know or blurt a random number. However, the interviewer is more interested in understanding the approach you use to get to the answer. Start by ensuring that you understand the question youre being asked. Clarify any unfamiliar terms.

Asking questions is important to ensure you understand the problem and what success looks like for the client. If you dont understand the company or the problem statement before you try to solve the case, youll be wasting time.

While repeating the question may feel awkward when you start casing with time and practice, this habit will help you ace the EY Parthenon case interview.

Bain Case Interview Examples

Bain employs a blend between candidate-led and interviewer-led case interviews. This means that it is the candidates job to probe for data and provide guidance as you go through your framework, but your interviewer may help you get back on track if you probe too far in the wrong direction. Above all, Bain prizes practicality and data buckets that mirror potential project work streams. The firm is known for its expertise in working with Private Equity funds and other principal investors. That expertise is reflected topically in the Bain case interview.

For more help with your preparation, check out these Bain case interview questions .

For further tips straight from the source, take a look at Bains written case interview tips as well.

Want to know more about the firm as a whole? Our firsthand account of what life is like at Bain.

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Structure The Problem Covering All Key Aspects

Once you understand the question, structure your approach to solving the proposed problem.

In a case interview, request time to structure the problem interviewers appreciate it if you take the time to think Similarly, in a presentation case interview, take the time to structure the problem before sifting through data looking for an answer.

Write down what you may need to learn about the clients situation. You may structure the problem based on business frameworks youre familiar with or, better yet, develop your own structure. Developing your own structure to break down a problem shows youll have the skill to solve actual problems youve never seen before.

The structuring step is where youd identify the key categories of people who use Zoom and how youd break out their frequency of use.

  • What is the total population in the US?
  • What portion of the population requires Zoom? A great way to approach a market sizing question is to segment the market and provide insight into each market segments behavior. For example:
  • White-collar workers: What % of the working population is in white-collar roles and require Zoom interactions? How do they use Zoom?
  • Managers: What % of the working population is in managerial roles and requires Zoom interactions? How do they use Zoom?
  • Students: What % of the population are students who will be using Zoom? How do students use Zoom?

You can save the detailed math for the next step.

Form Hypotheses & Drive Analysis


Since EY Parthenons cases are typically interviewee-led, your interviewer will probably let you suggest the best starting point for your analysis. But if your interviewer suggests a starting point, follow their lead.

EY Parthenon likes to test candidates on their ability to interpret data on charts and graphs. During the case, the interviewer may share data charts or graphs and ask you to use the information while conducting the analysis. Continue to ask relevant questions that will provide you with data on each branch of the problem structure you created.

You may also need to do some basic consulting math to analyze the case. Remember, the interviewer is also assessing your analytical ability. Walk them through your setup of analytical problems and listen if the interviewer guides you on how best to approach the problem.

Continue referring to your structure while analyzing the case. Otherwise, you risk running down a rabbit hole and ignoring other important aspects of the problem. At the same time, keep incorporating any new data that the interviewer provides into the structure you have created.

Make sure that throughout the interview, each question you ask the interviewer is relevant to the key aspects of the problem.

In the analysis step, youd assess how frequently each group you outlined uses Zoom. Every day? Five days a week? Every other day? How large is each segment relative to the US population?

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Listen To The Interviewer

Listening is one of the most important skills in consulting. Listen to your interviewers instructions, feedback, and questions, and ask probing questions to understand the case. In the case of EY Parthenon group interviews, this skill becomes even more important. Listen to your peers and develop your own hypothesis as well. Then discuss with your peers.

Capital One Case Interview Examples

Capital One has an internal strategy group that focuses on high level direction for the financial institution. Consultants tackle company-defining strategic issues and advise the companys most senior executives.

See Capital Ones practice case interview for a better understanding of what the firm is looking for.

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Think About What Were Looking For

We look for people with the qualities we most value. That means people who actively seek new experiences, who want to define their own success and career journey. People who value diversity and inclusiveness. People who demonstrate integrity, respect, and collaboration. Who have energy, enthusiasm, and the courage to lead with purpose.

In fact, purpose is the focus of our Transformative Leadership model at EY, which is how we develop leaders who are driven by purpose and bring out the best in themselves and others.

Bringing out the best in yourself begins with continuous investment in your personal development so that you can then bring out the best in others by actively mentoring and coaching them. It means building trust, relating to others with integrity, authenticity and courage. And overall, it means being passionate about your team, business and impact on your community..

Think about relevant examples from your own experience that demonstrate these qualities, to share with us at the interview.

We also believe that your mindset is as important as your skillset. We look for people with global, innovative and analytics mindsets, so be prepared to show us how your mindset fits ours.

What Is A Technology Consulting Case Interview

Hi everyone. What is the typical interview process like for tech Bizops ...

Technology consulting is a specialized type of consulting that focuses on helping companies use technology better to be more productive and profitable. Just as with any consulting firm, technology consulting firms use case interviews to identify candidates that have the potential to become great consultants.

As you would expect, technology consulting case interviews focus on business problems that center around a companys use of technology. Technology cases place you in a hypothetical business situation in which you will work with the interviewer to develop a recommendation or solution to a technology problem.

Types of business situations that you could expect to see in technology consulting cases include:

  • Determining whether outsourcing of technology should be done onshore or offshore

Technology consulting firms use case interviews because they assess a variety of different qualities and traits in just a 20- to 30-minute exercise. There are five major qualities that technology case interviews assess:

Logical, structured thinking: Can you structure complex problems in a clear, simple way? Can you use logic and reason to make appropriate conclusions?

Analytical problem solving: Can you read and interpret data well? Can you conduct the right analyses to draw the right conclusions?

Business acumen: Do you have a basic understanding of fundamental business and technology concepts? Do your recommendations make sense from a feasibility perspective?

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The Ey Parthenon Case Interview

EY Parthenon and EY Advisory use a similar interviewing process. While the actual cases are different, youll have 3-4 case interviews in 2 rounds with either EY Advisory or EY Parthenon case. All EY case interviews are interviewee-led rather than interviewer-led, similar to case interviews conducted by Bain and BCG.

However, EY Parthenon does a lot more private equity work. As a result, their case interviews are more heavily focused on private equity, often on market entry or investment cases.

EY Parthenon places huge emphasis on case interviews. Its a chance for the firm to assess your ability to succeed in the consulting world while providing a glimpse of what working at EY Parthenon looks like. Therefore, remember that throughout the interview, your interviewer is assessing your analytical skills and whether he/she would feel comfortable placing you in front of a client.

He or she wants to know:

  • Can you listen carefully and quickly grasp key aspects of the problem statement?
  • Can you structure and solve complex problems?
  • Can you think of creative solutions for solving problems?
  • Can you read charts and do business math?
  • Can you communicate the solution clearly and concisely?

To succeed in the case interview, we recommend that you navigate through the EY Parthenon case interview by following a tried-and-tested 4-step approach:

Well elaborate on each of these steps below.

Advice To Fellow Students:

Do read the job description well, since EY mentioned all the technologies that Staff at my profile are expected to work in, and my case study definitely had elements from those technologies. The Graduate Career Services office definitely helped me with prep materials, so, definitely do reach out to them.

Keep networking, especially during on-campus events, with peers who have full-time jobs and spend quality time applying to jobs that really garner your interest on job-boards such as LinkedIn and

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Sample Answer to an EY Video Interview Question

Answer: I believe my top strengths to be communication, leadership, and teamwork. This is because of a particularly positive outcome I experienced while working on a challenging school project.

Situation: One team member wasnt pulling his weight and we needed his data to finish the project on time.

Tension: Everyone else in the team was fed-up because we were falling behind but I knew he was also juggling competing deadlines.

Action: We went out for a coffee and he said he was aware that he was letting the team down but didnt know how to communicate that he was struggling. By listening to him and gaining a deeper understanding of his competing workload, I was able to provide suggestions that would allow him to still contribute to the team without losing focus of his other commitments. With a plan in place, I then helped him plan out how to communicate his current situation to the rest of the team, which included apologies for his lack of contribution and a proposed way forward so that these issues wont occur again.

Result: With my support, he was able to share the issue with our team and we worked together to reorganize his workload so that we could successfully complete the project on time.

In this example, the candidate offered a relevant example that answered the question. They described the action they took, and the positive outcome that occurred as a result of their action.

Ey Case Interview Including Ey Parthenon: What You Need To Know


Congratulations! Youve successfully landed an interview invitation from EY Advisory or EY Parthenon. Now its time to prepare for your EY case interview to make the most of this opportunity.

In this article well share:

  • The EY Parthenon & EY Advisory history and culture.
  • The EY Consulting interview process.
  • The EY Parthenon case interview.
  • The EY Parthenon fit or behavioral interview.
  • What to expect in the EY Parthenon group interview presentation.
  • MCOs top 5 tips on acing your EY Consulting interview.

Lets get started!

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