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How To Conduct A Coding Interview

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How To Conduct An Online Pair Programming Interview

Interviewing 101 – How to Successfully Conduct a Coding/Engineering Interview

Pair programming interviews can be administered on a dynamic coding interview platform. A purpose-built, all-in-one coding interviewing platform allows recruiters to build a variety of pair coding interview questions and scenarios without having to toggle back and forth between different platforms.

Trick #: Be Personable

My last trick for you is to be personable.

In your interview, be someone that you would want to work with. Show them your best self.

Interviews can be intimidating, and developers are generally a quieter and more reserved people, but you need to show the people you interact with, “Hey, I’m a fun and nice person to work with.”

I’m not asking you to be someone you’re not. But you don’t want to be, according to one of my close friends who interviews people all the time, a “sea creature.”

How Would You Find The Maximum Chain Length Of A Pair

You may find that preparing for the hard skills portion of your programming interview is fairly straightforward. You can find practice tests in books and online that offer you a chance to simulate the technical elements of your programming interview. You can focus your studies on understanding and being able to explain the processes you may use.

Be thorough in your response and use the correct terminology for elements and systems you reference. After you explain your method, write out the code for your solution.

Example:I would use a sorting mechanism to sort within the given parameters for the pair. Then, I would use a LIS process to compare the elements. There are other methods, but I would try this one first. Would you like me to write the code out?

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What Is The Coding Interview

Let me ask you a question: have you ever dreamed of working in a big tech company, like Microsoft? If so, be sure that most of us did, too. And because there is such a high demand for a few dozen jobs, they need a way to see which candidates are better prepared.

Before you get invited to the coding interview, you need to apply for the position and have a CV that shines among the others. In this article, Ill talk about the actual coding interview and how you can prepare for it, and not about the application process for the job.

For most tech companies, the coding interview consists of Algorithms & Data structures problems. Think of these as problem-solving questions, in which the interviewer is looking to evaluate your ability to solve a problem that you havent seen before. One interview takes roughly 45 minutes and you are given one or two coding problems. The interviewer is expecting you to find the most optimal solution, code it and explain what you have just coded.

Lastly, you will have the chance to ask him some questions about the company or anything that interests you. We will comprehensively discuss all these steps in the last part of this article.

Demonstrate Company Culture Throughout The Interview

How to conduct technical interviews?

You are trying to hire someone who is a good match for your companys culture. This is traditionally assessed through behavioral interviews in the later stages of interviews.

But the initial screenings are also an opportunity to assess these qualities. As an interviewer, it is your job to properly demonstrate company culture and employer branding.

Before an interview, its likely that a candidates only interaction with your company was through emails or social media. You may be the first employee that a candidate interacts with. Studies show that candidates make employment values-based decisions based on these initial opinions and interactions with current employees.

So, HR Teams and recruiters should spend time figuring out how to present a company consistently through screenings and interviews.

For example, if you are interviewing a candidate with marginalized or underrepresented identities, it is crucial to present your company culture in a thoughtful, inclusive way.

Coming prepared with research on the candidate and narrow, thoughtful questions is a great place to start. You also want to gather information you need to present your organizations strategy, culture, and structure. For example, you should ask yourself the following questions:

  • Do I understand my companys culture and hierarchical structure?
  • Do I know what perks and benefits we offer for this position?
  • Have I checked with HR that my interview questions align with our laws and policies?

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Test Your Programming Task

Whatever task you end up giving to a candidate, should first be tested on one, or preferably more than one, of your colleagues.

What does testing the interview task before-hand give you?

Testing an interview task is somewhat tedious and annoying: rather than simply asking the question when a candidate comes in, you now have to ahead-of-time budget 1-2 hours with your colleagues to administer the question to them and discuss/tabulate the results after.

Nevertheless, you will probably conduct many interviews over the course of your career, and will no-doubt re-use the same interview questions many times. Thus this relatively-small up-front investment is definitely worth it for the many ways it helps you make the most out of the your limited time with a candidate in the interview room.

A Guide To Conducting Pair Programming Interviews

Pair programming interviews are a great way to evaluate potential talent. Learn how to make the most of this growing interview style.

Extending a job offer to a new software developer is a big risk. Hiring the right person might unlock your team’s potential. Hiring the wrong person sends a team into a tailspin. Given that, you want to make sure your interviews help you figure out whether the person you’re talking to is the right one. For years, many companies relied on whiteboard interviews or take-home projects to evaluate potential hires. Both of these interview techniques have positives, but also real downsides. Whiteboard interviews are nothing like writing actual code. You might find that someone is great on a whiteboard but struggles mightily with an IDE. Take-home projects can be unfair to candidates, asking them to spend a significant chunk of unpaid time. They also can rule out candidates who have minimal free time or significant responsibilities outside work.

In the last few years, a third option has taken root for companies seeking that next good hire: the pair programming interview. Today, we’re going to talk about what a pair programming interview is and how to make the pair programming interview work for you as an interviewer.

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Talk Through What Youre Doing

To reiterate, talk talk talk! The more communicating you do, the more the interviewer understands your thought process. The more they understand your thought process, the more they understand where things went wrong.

If youre getting the problem wrong but not communicating how youre thinking about it, its easy for the interviewer to get lost and assume you simply dont know what youre doing.

When youre communicating and something goes wrong, its easier to pinpoint where the mistake occurred and to easily fix it. In the end, this will save you time in working through difficult problems and prevent you from getting stuck.

Even if it seems obvious to you what youre coding, talk about it! You cant always assume your tactic to solve the problem is the most straightforward. There are always multiple ways to solve a problem and your way may not be someone elses way.

Properly Introduce Yourself & Your Co

Coding Hire – Conducting an interview

Whether its in person or over a video call, start the interview by introducing everyone to each other. Put the candidate at ease by explaining who you are, what your role is, and a little about the company.

You should also lay out what the interview process will look like. Showing you have a plan will reflect positively on your organization and it will keep the interviewee relaxed.

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Tip #4 Measure Debugging Skills Not Just Coding

This is something thats a lot easier to do in a realistic shared coding editor than it would be on a whiteboard. If theyre really able to run their code, they are almost guaranteed to make mistakes, and you can observe whether they take a structured or a trial-and-error approach to tracking down what went wrong.

In a collaborative coding environment, the interviewer can also hop in and work through problems with the candidate.

Net Coding Interview Questions

  • What is the WebSecurity class in .NET? What is its use?
  • In .NET, attributes are a method of associating declarative information with C# code. Please describe the way they are used and a proper use case.
  • Which is the best way to pass configuration variables to ASP.NET applications?
  • Is it possible in .NET to extend a class with some extra methods? If yes, how can it be accomplished?

For more examples, see our full .NET Web Developer interview questions list.

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Advantages Of Pair Programming Online

Besides testing algorithmic and necessary programming skills, you can structure in-depth interviews in a real programming environment that empowers both candidates and interviewers. Pair coding online offers various advantages.

On-the-go, real-time review:

When the interviewers are viewing the coders pair programming online, live, they are also listening to the coders explain the design decisions and the thought process behind it. Hence, the interviewers review the codes performance and gain insight into the coders potential, focus and productivity, all in real-time.

Shorter decision-making cycle:

Automated grading of online pair programming interviews replaces the static grading process, scaling an organization’s interview capacity, which improves operations. Pair coding online eliminates the unnecessary back and forth while reducing the possibility of human errors and inaccurately recorded information. This ensures a continual interview process, considerably shortening the decision-making and feedback process.

Objective Evaluations:

Faster Hiring and Onboarding:

Coding Interviews Suck Can We Make Them Better

How to Conduct a Live Code Interview (with 3 Full Problems ...

Software engineers have long faced excruciating interview processes that seem rigged to catch them out. So why are they still putting up with them?

I’m not a developer, but coding interviews sound pretty grim.

You don’t have to go far to find stories of candidates fighting their way through to the interview process, only to be flummoxed by a technical question they’ve never encountered before or are even likely to see in the real world.

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I Write About The Truth Not Tips And Tricks

Update: Following the advice wrote below, I got offers from Google, Microsoft, Amazon, Quantcast and Bloomberg.

This is a comprehensive guide that contains everything you need to know about the coding interview. It explains thoroughly what to learn, how to learn and more importantly how to present the solution during the interview.

If you want to pass the coding interview, you found the right article. After reading this you might be tempted to search for other articles on the same topic, because Maybe Ill find more tips and tricks that will help me.

How To Conduct A Tech

  • Nathalie Figuière

Conducting interviewsits kind of your whole thing.

And lets be honest, youre pretty great at it! But what if youre interested in really upping your game? What if youre trying to make your interview process more competitive? If thats you, then youve probably already noticed that most of the interview guides available online arent targeted at you , but at the candidates who are trying to impress you.

And thats awesome unless you need some top tips fast. After all, for tech recruiters, evolving your interview process can be vital for achieving the results your business needs. And because the tech job market is developing at hyper-speed, its critical for recruiters to change with the times in order to avoid losing valuable candidates.

So, whether your recent coding interviews have been unsatisfying, or youre interested in streamlining your recruitment process to make it more inclusive of tech-friendly interviews, youre off to a great start. Every step counts and online coding interviews are a great opportunity to make your employer brand shine. Talk the tech talk and walk the tech walk.

Read on for more on online coding interviews and our top tips on how to make them tech-friendly!

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Create A Detailed Job Understanding

Before you begin your technical interview, it’s important to understand the exact role and responsibilities of the position. Use the job description to customize your interview questions and better understand the skills and traits that an ideal candidate may possess. Try to consider the role’s initial responsibilities and also the functions you could add with time and experience. Allowing for advancement within the job description could help you find a candidate who is a valuable long-term addition to your team.

While technical interviews often emphasize the hard skills needed to be successful in a role, it’s also important to understand the soft skills that align with the role. Prepare a few questions for your interview that focus on these soft skills.

Define The Role Requirements And Write A Clear Job Description

Google Coding Interview With A Normal Software Engineer

This point may seem obvious, but the nuances shouldnt be overlooked. Hopefully, you did this before you posted the job description. If somehow you made it to this point without writing a great job description, then now is the time to answer some important questions, like:

  • What qualities are you looking for in a candidate?
  • What hard or soft skills do other top performers in your organization possess?
  • What gaps currently exist on your team?
  • What are your deal breakers?

The more you can explicitly define the role and the qualities youre looking for in a candidate, the easier it will be to know what to ask during the interview.

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Whats Your Process For A Crashing Program

For an effective response to this question, youll need to use both hard skills and soft skills. Carefully explain your process to your interviewer in a conversational and logical way to show you thoroughly understand the process. Describe how you would search for the bug and the steps toward a solution.

Example:I worked at a startup called Innotech after grad school. I enjoyed the projects I worked on there, but we frequently had problems with crashing programs. After I run a debugger, I look for patterns. For example, maybe the program crashes while running certain commands or in specific conditions. If the program only crashes every fifth time the page loads, I would look into that further. Once I have identified patterns, I would then consider ideas for problem areas that might include elements of those patterns and use a code to search those possible elements. I am usually successful with this method.

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Online Coding Interview And How To Codepair Remotely

The reason why you give a coding interview to a software development candidate is to make an educated guess of how well they will do their job if they are hired. This post will tell you the best way to give an online coding interview with a remote CodePair, also know as a pair programming skills assessment interview. It will also tell you how to provide a better candidate experience by code paring remotely.

Coding interviews used to involve reading tea leaves. Then the crystal ball came along and changed the industry overnight.

Of course, Im joking but a lot of the popular methods for interviewing software developers predict their success about as well as a crystal ball.

What you want to see is how your developer candidates perform under real-world conditions. At the same time, you want to make it as painless as possible for your candidate to take the test.

An online CodePair interview gives you a window onto your candidates development process. It is as close to a real environment as you will find anywhere.

An online CodePair interview is only part of a technical interview. For more info, tips, and tricks check out The ultimate guide to the technical interview.

But its important not to cut corners by using outdated methods. To help you avoid that, we have compiled a list of best practices for holding CodePair interviews remotely in an efficient way.

  • Fixing a piece of code
  • Performing a business function

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Schedule Enough Time For The Interview

Once youve shortlisted your best candidates, its time to schedule the interview!

Depending on the role, youll have to decide between an interview thats in person, over the phone, or over a video call. Youll also have to decide how much time to allocate for an interview. Junior roles may only take 30 minutes, while more senior roles may take over an hour.

Its best to have more than one person interviewing the candidate, so be sure to invite a co-worker too.

Tip: Leave yourself enough of a gap in your schedule before and after each interview. You want to be in the right headspace to give your full attention to the interview, and you also dont want to risk being late. Remember, youre also trying to impress the candidate.

Time To Go Crush Your Own Technical Interviews

The 12 Steps for Conducting a Professional Interview

With these technical interview tips, youre equipped to begin your own technical interview preparation journey!

The next step is taking advantage of all the amazing resources out there that teach you how to ace a technical interview.

First, head to Interview Cake for extra training, strategies, and practice technical interview questions .

Then, acclimate yourself to live interviews by connecting with your peers on Pramp.

Above all, keep seeking out knowledge, improving your trade, and honing those coding interview skills with practice! Getting your dream coding job means getting through the interview. But if you go in prepared, the technical interview will be a piece of cake.

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