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How To Make A Short Interview Video

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Mind Your Body Language

The Job Interview (Short Film)

Maintaining good eye contact is crucial during any job interview, but its especially important during video interviews. Your camera should be at eye level. It won’t make a good first impression if you are seen as looking down or looking up when speaking, Palmer says.

Dont forget to nod and smile when its appropriate. You dont want to sit there rigidly, locked into place, without moving, says Skillings.

Use Positive Body Language

It’s best to avoid slouching, moving too much or touching your face. Instead employers will be looking for you to make good eye contact, smile, listen and take an interest in what they’re saying. To help you do this your camera should be at eye level and you should look into it rather than at the screen.

For pre-recorded interviews, try to imagine you’re speaking to a real person, maintaining your enthusiasm and positive body language. This can be harder to do when you’re simply recording your answers.

If you’re nervous it can be easy to rush what you’re saying but remember that the employer wants to hear your answers. Speak clearly, and be careful not to interrupt as this is more easily done with the slight delay over the internet than during a face-to-face meeting.

Do You Need To Have Advanced Computer Skills To Take Part In A Skype Interview

One of the benefits of using software such as Skype is its ease of use.

Skype has been around for a long time. It has lasted because it is simple enough for individuals to use while still having an array of attractive features for business use.

Although it is easy to use, you must practice before your interview.

You also need to download the latest update onto your laptop or tablet in advance of the interview.

There is nothing more unprofessional than missing your interview time because your device is scheduling last-minute updates.

Similarly, you need to make sure you know your login details. You do not want to be flustered by the time you log in to your interview.

You may also want to test your microphone and volume control.

You may wish to invest in an external microphone or a new webcam to maximize the clarity of the conversation.

The noise cancellation feature in Skype is also worth using as it minimizes any background noises and provides a more professional experience.

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Selecting The Right Location

The best location for a talking head interview is usually one which gives the audience some information about the person being interviewed. Each frame of the video is an opportunity for the filmmaker to communicate information about the subject and the talking head interview is no exception.

If we want the audience to get to know the subject it can be useful to interview them in their own home as information can be gleaned about their personality from every detail of the background whether they are a clean person or messy, the colour of the walls, the artwork and decor, even down to the size of the room you use for the interview.Very often the background will be out of focus in order to give the feeling of depth and to concentrate the eye on the subject so the information available might be quite minimal and may just be a subliminal message that the audience pick up on due to the colour pallet of the background or the type of environment we see the person in.

Interview By Design Shooting Tips

Short Interview Thank You Letter

Sit-down interviews are conventionally conducted in the world of the subject. Interview people in their homes, their place of work or wherever they live their lives. Interview locations should say something about the character. Your technical instincts will be to seek out an interior location where you can control the sound. But you can shoot a perfectly good interview outside in an interesting and appropriate location by using a wireless microphone.

For static interviews, consider using a unidirectional shotgun mounted on a boom stand. Bring it in from the top or bottom . Frame the interview in a pleasing way and, depending on the tone of the interview, use lighting to achieve the appropriate mood.

Don’t shoot an interview with the subject sitting against a wall. You want to set up your interview shot with depth in mind. Move your interview subject well away from any background element to achieve this. In shot design, the convention is to separate the main subject plane from the background plane. In a sit-down interview, you don’t want to be behind the camera. You can’t have a decent conversation with the interviewee looking through the viewfinder. Get somebody to shoot for you, or lock the camera off on a tripod.

Your shot list should include the following :

  • Establishing two-shot of interviewer and subject
  • Over-the-shoulder listening shots of interviewer and subject
  • Re-asks

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Get Some Help And Look The Part

Although it is possible to record the video all by yourself, and I have done it, it is advantageous to have an assistant. For a start, the public will view you as being more credible if you look like their perception of a TV reporter with a camera operator .

The public may even consider a single person with a phone camera and microphone as someone to avoid. Obviously, you are not going to get a lot of useful footage that way.

I try to look the part, even when filming on my own. If I look right to other people, it gives me a little authority and even helps to build trust. The result is that I can get away with asking questions people would normally ignore from strangers.

So, what do I do ?

Dress like a professional, so no jeans or sweatpants .

I use a professional looking microphone that has a branded microphone flag on it. It looks just like those mics that radio and TV reporters make sure they get into news clips. It does not matter whether your YouTube channel has one or one million subscribers, get your logo onto a mic flag so people can see it.

I also have a name badge on my lapel or shirt. It does not say PRESS, in fact, its my business card in a plastic holder, but it looks official. Because I look the part, the people I stop and speak to usually cooperate.

Get Ready For The Interviewer To See A Lot More Than Just Your Resume

Find a quiet, private, and well-lit place for your video interview.

If youre among the many people who are camera shy, its time to take steps to fix that. Your next job could depend on it, and not because we predict youll switch careers and get into movies or broadcasting anytime soon. Its because video chat platformsFaceTime, Google Hangouts, Zoom, Skype, etc.are poised to change the way employers connect with job candidates. For video interview tips, read on to learn how to put your best face forward.

Video interviews can understandably be challenging for job seekers. Some people just have a discomfort with being on camera, says Pamela Skillings, a career coach and co-founder of New York-based Big Interview, an online job interviewtraining platform. People may feel conscious about how they look on video, or theyre worried about whether their technology is going to hold up.

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Ask Really Good Questions

I almost always write down questions ahead of time. I write questions I feel confident will setup the interviewee to successfully give me the content Im looking for. It makes them look good and it makes my video more valuable to the audience. Avoid yes and no questions and dont be afraid to probe a bit more and ask for examples to dig a bit deeper into the interviewees responses.

Benefit To The Employer


For employers, the benefit assumed is increased efficiency. They reduce the initial manpower hours for scheduling and conducting live interviews, even over the phone, and this can greatly cut down on the time spent reviewing candidates.

If an interviewee does not have a great start, the reviewer can just move on instead of what would have happened in a live interview wasting the time to see it through, or giving the candidate false hope.

The other plus for the employer is that the reviewer or recruiter/human resource person is not identified, so he/she will also cut down on calls from job seekers checking in. Of course, this is not so good for you, the job seeker!

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Wearing The Right Clothes

As well as logistical information, such as the time and place of the interview, you also should inform your interview subject of which clothes they need to wear. Usually this involves asking them to dress in their normal clothes but avoiding close repeating patterns as that can play havoc with cameras and clothes with logos in order to avoid any copyright issues.

It can be tempting for subjects to put on a nice dress or their best suit if they know they are going to appear on camera but this may clash with the portrait of the person that you are trying to paint in the video, its important to mention whether you want them to be casually dressed or not.

Tips For During The Interview

After youve spent time preparing, you can be successful on interview day by practicing these tips:

9. Plan your interview attire the night before. If youre speaking to a recruiter before the interview, you can ask them about the dress code in the workplace and choose your outfit accordingly. If you dont have someone to ask, research the company to learn whats appropriate. For more, visit How to Dress for a Job Interview.

10. Bring copies of your resume, a notebook and pen. Take at least five copies of your printed resume on clean paper in case of multiple interviewers. Highlight specific accomplishments on your copy that you can easily refer to and discuss. Bring a pen and a small notebook. Prepare to take notes, but not on your smartphone or another electronic device. Write information down so that you can refer to these details in your follow-up thank-you notes. Maintain eye contact as much as possible. For more, visit What to Bring to the Interview.

11. Plan your schedule so that you can arrive 1015 minutes early. Map out your route to the interview location so you can be sure to arrive on time. Consider doing a practice run. If youre taking public transportation, identify a backup plan if there are delays or closures.

Tip: When you arrive early, use the extra minutes to observe workplace dynamics.

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Why Do Companies Conduct Online Interviews

There are many reasons why companies choose to conduct online interviews over in-person interviews or phone interviews. First and foremost, it allows companies to be more efficient by interviewing more candidates and sorting through them in less time. Before the internet, candidates may have had to travel to get to the interview, costing both the company and the applicant money.

And, while phone interviews still exist, they don’t give away as much information about a candidate as an online interview conducted by video does. Doing an online interview through a video chat allows the interviewer to better gauge the candidate by seeing their body language and confidence that cant otherwise be detected in a phone interview. Likewise, the candidate can also learn things about the company based on their interactions.

And, while online interviews are still nerve-wracking, they can help take some of the nervous energy off the candidate that would likely be present in a physical interview. Online interviews are, therefore, a great alternative to a physical interview, without compromising the ways in which people learn crucial information about each other.

Why Do You Want This Job

How to Write A Thank

First, you need to be able to explain YOUR priorities and goals. You need to know one or two things that are important to you in your job search. Other than I want to get hired or Im unemployed so I need a job.

Then show them that youve researched the job and know what it involves.

Finally, talk about how the things this job offers fit nicely with what you prioritized in your job hunt!

Sample answer: Something thats important for me to find in my next job is a chance to mentor and train other team members. I was reading the job description and noticed that one of the first things you mentioned was your mentoring program, so I was excited to learn more about the opportunity.

And for an added bonus, talk about how youd be effective in this area. Have you done anything in the past thatll help you succeed? What skills and experience will allow you to come in and have an immediate impact. Thats what they want. Get specific, give examples.

In my last job I mentored four new hires as a part of our training program, and helped each of them meet or exceed their goals within three months of joining us

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Dont Recite Your Resume

Instead of listing past roles and responsibilities, take the opportunity to share an experience or quality about yourself that has particular relevance to the position but that might not shine through on your resume. For example, one of our applicants listed bike trip leader in the Special Skills section at the bottom of her resume. Her video focused on this part of her background and, through photos and stories, showed us that shes an energetic leader whos able to build community over a shared experience. It was exactly what we were looking forand she works here now.

How To Make A Documentary

Now that your storys solid, and youre armed with the gear you need, youre ready to set up the visuals you plan to shoot.

Theres no one way to shoot a documentary.

But, generally, the footage you shoot will fall into three categories

  • Interviews with relevant subject
  • Live footage you capture in the field spontaneously
  • Recreated events

Preparing for how to make a documentary is about laying out what you need, and being open to the natural changes that emerge.

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Explain Any Long Pauses

Because of the various limitations of video calls, it might not always be clear to your interviewer what youre doing if no one is speaking. Tell them if youre pausing to write down a few notes, pull up some information for them, or even just formulate your answer to a question. This shows that youre aware of their experience while also reassuring them that no technical glitches have occurred.

Signal When Your Answers Are Complete

Tag Questions- A short, fun, and interactive ESL video

In the same vein, its helpful for the other person if you signal the end of your answer, especially if its a long one. You can do this through a visual cue like nodding or you can make sure you conclude your answer strongly or ask the interviewer a question. A long silence while your interviewer guesses whether or not youre done can be awkward over video, Eonnet says, whereas in person, its usually clearer that the other person is finished speaking.

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Dont Be Afraid To Laugh At Yourself

I dont mind if things go wrong while Im recording. Ill keep the material and use it where appropriate. Generally, the viewer likes to see what has gone wrong or where I make a complete ass of myself .

, its not real life. Its only a video.

Have some fun with your viewers and dont get anxious about letting the viewer laugh at you. If you do something stupid or silly keep it in or have an outtakes section. It will show you are human and that you like to have a laugh. Your viewers will love it. In contrast, they will switch off if you serve up the mundane. It is the unusual or unexpected that keeps them watching.

Making this type of content is a wonderful way of gaining confidence if you think you are going to suffer from presentation nerves. With the man in the street interview genre, you dont have to do much speaking. You just ask questions and let others do the talking. But if you do suffer from presentation nerves you may like to read this article of mine.

Why Did You Leave Your Last Job

How to answer if you willingly left your last job:

Never bad-mouth your former company. Itll immediately make the interviewer wonder if you were the reason the problem occurred.

So I like to use a strategy I call More Of Its a trick I use to turn negatives into positives. You do this by saying you changed jobs or left your past job to get more of something. Instead of saying my last job didnt give me enough chance to lead , youd say, I wanted more of a chance to lead.

Another phrase you can use that I like I felt ready for ____

Just fill in the blank with what you want more of in your next position. Leadership. Technical challenges. Teamwork and cooperation. Opportunity to learn a new area. Project management. More interaction with clients. Etc.

And this is crucial: make sure whatever you say you want more of is something this company offers! Dont say you want more project management if you wont be managing any projects in this new job. Why would they hire you? Theyll think you wont enjoy it and wont stay for long enough to be worth hiring!

How to answer if you were fired or laid off:

If you were laid off, just be straight forward and explain why. My department had a 50% reduction and I was a part of the layoff.

If you were fired, follow these steps:

1. Be up-front and take responsibility

2. Show that youve learned/changed so it wont happen again

3. Practice your answer so you do not hesitate. Delivery is key!

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