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How To Prepare Yourself For A Job Interview

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How Did You Hear About This Job

How to Prepare for a Job Interview

When asked this during an interview, dont just say you heard about the job on a website. This is your opportunity to go into more detail about why you love this company and what motivates you to want to work there. Moreover, if you have a personal connection at the company, this would be a good time to mention their name!

How Would You Describe Yourself

With this question, your interviewer wants to learn how your qualities and characteristics align with the skills they believe are required to succeed in the role. To answer this question, pick one to a few personal characteristics and elaborate on them with examples.

For example, if you are ambitious and driven you can say:I am an ambitious and driven individual. I thrive in a goal-oriented environment where I can constantly challenge myself personally and professionally. I am always looking for an opportunity to do better and grow. These characteristics have helped me achieve success in my career. For example, I was promoted three times in less than two years in my last position.

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Find Out The Type Of Interview You Will Be Going On:

There are several common types of interviews such as one on one, group, and behavioral. You shouldnt assume you will get a certain one. Dont be afraid to ask your recruiter what kind of interview will have if you dont know the interview will be more beneficial to both parties if you are prepared.

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Conduct Research On The Company

Find out who you might be working for.

If it’s been your goal to work for a particular company and you’ve been religiously following them for years, you may be able to skip this step but candidates who are unfamiliar with potential employers will need to do thorough research before they start preparing for a job interview.

Some things you may want to find out include:

  • Who they are, what they do, and where they’re located.
  • Founders and other key players.
  • Mission statement and goals.
  • Recent milestones and other significant achievements.
  • Projects and initiatives they’re involved in.
  • Specific details about the department you’ll be working in.
  • Conversations they’re currently having.
  • What role you will play and the contributions you can make.

You wouldn’t want to bring it up in an interview, but when conducting your research, also look for red flags, such as poor reviews and lawsuits related to the company. Part of being well-prepared is finding out everything you can about your potential employer.

Start your research by looking at their social media pages and company website. Companies usually include a link to their site in any email correspondence.

Determine who the key players are and find out more about them. They may show up in Google searches, but should also have LinkedIn and social media profiles you can access.

Run a Google search on the company and see what comes up. You may also find video testimonials from previous clients and employees, which can be helpful.

What To Say When You Arrive At The Interview

How to prepare for a job interview in 2013

Be prepared to make a quick introduction to the person who greets you. When you arrive at the interview site, introduce yourself to the receptionist by stating your name and the reason for your visit.

For example:

  • My name is Tim Jones, and I have an interview scheduled with John Smith at 2 p.m.
  • I’m Janine Bellows, and I have an appointment with Jack Clark at 10 a.m.

Be courteous and respectful to this first contact at the company. Many hiring managers will ask the receptionist for his or her impression of a candidate. If you act rudely or dismissively, you could put yourself out of the running for the job before you even meet with the hiring manager.

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Prepare Before The Interview

When you first enter the building where your job interview will take place, you may need to check in with reception. Step forward and introduce yourself with your full name, interview time and job title of the role youre interviewing for. This can be quick and simple, such as,

Hi, my name is Max Taylor. Im here for a 12 p.m. job interview for the program manager role.

Once youve checked in, you may be asked to wait while the recruiter or another HR representative comes to meet you. Its good etiquette to avoid taking out your phone to pass the time while you wait. If youre seated, place your arms on the armrests or in your lap. Your feet can rest on the floor or cross at the ankles.

When someone arrives to greet you, stand to meet them and follow these steps when introducing yourself:

  • Smile and give them a firm handshake, but dont grip their hand too strongly.
  • Introduce yourself with your full name in a confident voice.
  • When they introduce themselves, respond with, Its nice to meet you and then repeat their name out loudyoull be more likely to remember it if you repeat it back to them when you first hear it.

If youve spoken to this person by phone or email prior to your job interview, you can say something like,

Its nice to meet you in person.

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Ways To Mentally Prepare For Your Interview

Interviews can be nerve-wracking, even for the seasoned professionals as there is always the fear of the unknown. Although the success of the interview is dependent on how you explain your relevant skills and experience it is also about how you portray yourself. If you walk into an interview as a nervous wreck, even if you have lots of relevant experience you are unlikely to get the job. On the other hand, if you remain calm and confident, you are much more likely to express yourself better, which means a higher chance of success. Preparation is always the key when it comes to interview and not just research, but mental preparation. These are some ways you can mentally prepare for your interview, for the best possible chance of walking away with the job.

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Practice Your Answers To The Most Common Interview Questions:

If you dont know what these are, do your research and find out or see one of my other articles. Youll want to have your answers ready and practice them. You should always be able to answer Tell me about yourself and Why do you think you would be great for this job? The employer doesnt know, so its up to you to sell it.

Dont completely memorize your answers so they come out rehearsed, but have a clear idea of what you are going to say. When you are asked, you want your answer to come out intelligently and naturally. Be open to other questions as well and really know what you can offer to the company.

Think Through Possible Difficult Questions Beforehand

How to prepare for a job interview

Many interviewers might pose questions that you arent at all prepared to answer. For instance, they may ask you what you know about the organization, to tell them more about yourself, or discuss other relevant points.It rarely happens that a candidate satisfies all the requirements for a position actually, if they do satisfy all the requirements for a job, they just might be overqualified for it. So instead of trying to hide what you «lack» or have little of when it comes being asked about your experience and competency, its better to take this topic up yourself and talk about it, says Alfsen. In addition to lacking experience and competency, there might be other things that «can be used against you». For example, if youre trying to move from one line of work to another, questions might arise about whether you have enough insight into the new field. If you have a different educational background than the majority of other applicants, they might have ideas about who you are and what you can do. If youre an older adult, there could be myths and ideas connected with age and learning. It might help you to think through beforehand if theres anything that can be «used against you» and how you can reassure whoever youre talking with that youre the right person for the job, he says.

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The Investment Needed To Prepare For A Job Interview

The main investment needed to prepare for a job interview is your time. More prep time is directly correlated to a successful interview experience.

In terms of financial investment, there are a few potential options that can be worth exploring, from professional, well-fitted clothing to wear to the interview to taking courses and certifications that raise your qualifications for the job you want. One of our favorite tools that takes a little time and money is creating an online portfolio.

With a tool like Squarespace, you can create your own online portfolio without needing to know any special design skills. Think of it as your personal online resume. These days, everything is digital. Including first impressions. Besides having your social media profiles speak for who you are, creating an online portfolio regardless of the industry you operate in, helps you stand out from job candidates who maybe havent taken the time to create one.

With Squarespaces many website templates, its easy to get started creating a professional-looking website that showcases your skillset and best work. Once you sign up, youll have access to its drag-and-drop builder to create a website that matches your personal brand.

What Did You Like Least About Your Last Position

This question can tell employers about types of work you enjoy, your experience level with certain workplace scenarios and whether or not you would be a good culture add. Avoid saying anything negative about your former employer, managers or colleagues. Dont mention any aspects of your last role that youre aware would be part of this role. Make your answer about your career growth and enthusiasm for joining their organization.

Example answer:While I enjoyed my time learning and growing in my last job, there was a lack of opportunity in the way I wanted to progress in my career. I deeply enjoy being challenged and getting better at what I do, which I understand is a top priority for managers at your organization. Thats why Im excited to continue having conversations about this opportunity.

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Be Aware Of Body Language

Nonverbal communication is important to keep in mind. When youre meeting people during the interview process, remember the attributes you want your body language to display. For example, if you want to communicate confidence, keep your shoulders back, chin raised and chest high. Keeping eye contact as you introduce yourself is another good practice, showing interviewers youre engaged in the conversation and capable of communicating well with your potential future colleagues.

Pro Tip: Unsure about how you may be presenting yourself during introductions? Try recruiting a friend or family member for a practice introducing yourself, including your dress, body language, even your handshake. The mirror is a great practice tool, too.

Youve likely met hundreds of people in your life, and a job interview involves much of the same etiquette you would use when meeting any new person. Your interviewers want to hire a great teammate just as much as you want to be on the teamwhich means they want you to succeed. When introducing yourself at your next interview, confidence, preparing ahead of time and a smile will go a long way.

Give Yourself A Confidence Boost

Preparing For An Interview Pictures, Photos, and Images ...

The prospect of an in-person interview can be nerve-wracking. But, if youve made it to the interview, youve already made the first cut. Take a step back and remind yourself why youre a great fit for the role. Keep in mind that the employer already sees potential in you. In fact, the hiring manager is hoping to find that youre a good fit for the position and organization.

Now its time to give him or her reasons to say yes! As you walk into your interview, dont be afraid to smile or let your personality shine through. And remember, an interview that ends with a job offer is not the result of being lucky, but of being preparedwhich thanks to the tips above, you are.

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Check The Time Zone Twice

This small detail, but an important one. If your interviewers are in another time zone, make sure you meant the same time, while scheduling your meeting. Its quite funny if you start to ping someone, why he is already not there and they write back we have a call in an hour from now. Its less funny when they ping you and you are driving back from your office or doing anything that effectively stops you from being at your interview.

How To Best Introduce Yourself At A Job Interview

Youre sitting in a reception area, dressed in a carefully chosen outfit. Youre showered and polished. Your hair is perfect. Your hands are manicured. Now, if only your palms would stop sweating!

Few things are quite as unnerving as job interviews. You approach them knowing that unless you match the employers expectations youre not going to land that sweet gig. Fortunately, there are plenty of things you can do to ensure youll make a good impression when the stakes are high.

Heres a tip:

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Tips For Great Job Interviews

From researching the company to handling certain key interview questions, make sure you make a great impression and ace your next job interview by following these 20 tips.

Want to ace your next interview and land thatopen job youve been seeking? Here are 20 tips to help you prepare.1. Research the industry and company.An interviewer may ask how you perceive his company’s position in its industry, who the firm’s competitors are, what its competitive advantages are, and how it should best go forward. For this reason, avoid trying to thoroughly research a dozen different industries. Focus your job search on just a few industries instead.

How To Introduce Yourself In An Interview

How to Prepare yourself for a Job Interview

First impressions happen quickly. During the interview process, there may be several times when youll introduce yourself: at the front desk or reception area, to a recruiter, to the hiring manager and potentially additional interviewers. There are a few guidelines you can follow on how to introduce yourself in any interview setting. To help you navigate the process, we identify best practices when introducing yourself, followed by examples and tips.

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Follow These Steps To Get Properly Prepared For Your Interview

Alright, now that you know a bit about why preparing for an interview is important, as well as some mistakes to avoid, lets get down to brass tacks: how to prepare for an interview. After all, knowing you need to do it is only half the battle you have to follow through, using the right approach, too.

Luckily, we have your back. If you want to blow away the hiring manager, you need to take your interview prep to the next level. Heres how to do just that:

Ways To Describe Yourself In A Job Interview


Ben Curran

Be sincere and authentic when describing yourself in a job interview. Practice your response but make sure it comes naturally and not sound rehearsed.

In just about every sales interview, the interviewer asks the question, How would you describe yourself? While this is something that should be anticipated and practiced, many job seekers overlook the importance of this question and fail to take the time to formulate the right answers.

Moreover, when describing ourselves, we should approach our answers in an honest, candid manner and even though some answers are laid out below, always ensure that you phrase these in our own words as authenticity is important.

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What Is Your Dream Job

Similar to the where do you see yourself in five years question, the interviewer is looking to understand how realistic you are when setting goals, how ambitious you are, and whether or not the job and company will be a good place for you to grow.

Again, try to set aside your personal goals and focus on your career goals. Think about how this job is going to set you up for the future and get you closer to your dream job. But, dont be that person who says, to be CEO of this company.

Before Going For The Interview:

How to prepare yourself for a job interview best ways tips

There are various stages of preparation for an interview and in order to get started with the preparation process, you will have to research properly about the role and organization that you are about to join.

Have plenty of time in your hand to decide which skills of yours suits the job position you are applying for and also ensure that you are updated with the current trends and current affairs in your job field.

You must not come across as someone dumb, therefore research properly on what the employer is looking for. It will help you in preparing well and make the most out of this.

In addition to the preparation of interview, you must also keep in mind what you want to wear on that day.

Ensure that, everything starting from your shirt to the shoes everything is neat and clean. Plan the day of the interview to make sure that you reach the office earlier and get accustomed to the office environment.

Carry some extra cash so that if you have to hire taxi unexpectedly then you can afford to do so.

Another important thing that you must never forget is the map of the street where the office is located and also do remember the post code properly so that in case you are lost, someone will be able to help you out do.

This is the reason why you must leave the office quite early so that you do not need to rush into the office for the interview.

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