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How To Do An Interview Online

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Improve Diversity In Hiring

How to Record Interviews ONLINE (Mac & PC!)

Online interviews are like virtual job auditions. These job simulations can be done at scale for hundreds of applicants simultaneously and under the same conditions. This means every applicant has an equal chance to show their talent, regardless of what their resume says. It also broadens your applicant pool, allowing remote candidates who may not have the resources to make it to your office in-person to participate in the hiring process.

Determine How You Will Rate Each Candidate

Creating and using a rating system for the candidates you interview is the final important step in conducting effective interviews. You should take notes during the interview process and decide on a set rating system to rate each person. You may decide on a certain rating system for each skill you are looking for or give each candidate an overall rating. The important thing is to stay consistent and use the same system for every candidate.

How Are Virtual Job Interviews Different

If you are preparing for a job interview , you may be wondering how virtual interviews differ from in-person interviews.

Job interviews have always been daunting for employees of all experience levels because they include a fast first impression and could put you on the spot to prove yourself. There is an even higher chance for things to go wrong if your prospective employer wants to chat face-to-face online.

Not only do you face potential connection issues or tech problems, but it can be harder to read someone virtually. You will have to change some of the things you think about during the interview. You may find the format is different as well. Depending on the type of online interview you are participating in, there are some instances where you are just recording your answers instead of conversing with a live person on the other end. This can be stressful for some candidates. Just remember that being brave enough to take the plunge and show initiative during an unfamiliar interview process is already a positive step in the right direction!

Going through an online job interview for the first time can be scary, but we are here to help! Here are 15 tips to help you succeed:

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Let The Candidate Ask Questions

One frequent element of a productive interview is an opportunity for the candidate to ask the employer questions. Consider giving time at the end of your interview to let them ask questions about the role, responsibilities, and expectations, or about the company itself and the team they might join. Not only does it let an applicant assess the position, but it can also give you insight into their level of interest.

How Much Does It Cost To Participate

Guidance for candidates taking online interviews

Participation costs £400+vat per calendar year for CharityComms organisational members. For non-members, it costs £1,000+vat.

If youre not sure whether your charity is a CharityComms member, you can check our members list here. You can also find out more about all the benefits of CharityComms membership here.

Please note, your whole charity must have organisational membership to be eligible for the discounted price. Individual membership will not make your charity eligible for the discount.

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Write Notes To Refer To Later

During the interview, take notes of the candidates answers to help remember important information or crucial details. For example, consider writing answers that impress you or thoughts on a candidates body language, confidence level, and appearance. Notes can often give you assurance when its time to decide on which candidate to hire. Remember to balance note writing with active engagement during the interview.

Who Is The Digital Benchmark For

The three main intended audiences for the Benchmark are:

  • Senior management teams, both as part of an established reporting function and as justification for activity/investment
  • Digital teams, to show how performance compares to other charities
  • Other teams within the organisation, to show what is and isnt working and to act as both stick and carrot for wider organisational digital participation

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Apply The Star Interview Structure

A common interview technique is STAR, which stands for:

  • Situation: A situation or challenge faced
  • Task: A task, duty, or responsibility of an individual
  • Action: The action done to overcome, improve, or resolve an issue or challenge
  • Result: The outcome of the actions taken

Candidates often use the STAR interview method when answering behavioural questions, like discussing a time they dealt with challenging customers or colleagues. The STAR structure for questions and answers can give you insight into how applicants approach problems and apply decision-making abilities to lead to positive outcomes. If an applicant doesnt answer fully, consider asking follow-up questions or guide them to be more specific about the situation.

Test Your Technology Beforehand

How to Shoot an Interview ONLINE (Remote Interview Tutorial!)

A virtual interview requires tools like a camera and microphone on your computer, a software program and a reliable internet connection. At least a day before your virtual interview, check all of your technology to ensure it works effectively and can be used to communicate effectively. That means having a functional computer that meets technical specifications, downloading any necessary software and ensuring the connection is strong enough to sustain streaming video.

In the 15 to 30 minutes before your interview, check your internet connection and sign in to the video or phone meeting provided by the HR representative or hiring manager. Turn on the sound and video to ensure everything is in working order in time for your conversation.

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Practice Giving Your Answers On Camera

Though practicing ahead of an interview is a pretty basic piece of advice any recruiter will give you, making sure you’re used to the camera you’ll be working with will make a big difference on the day.

Make sure to prep the answers to those questions you know will come up and practice answering them aloud and on camera whether it’s “Why do you want to work here?” or “Think of an obstacle and how you overcame it,” make sure to draft out your answers and practice saying them out loud.

Try recording yourself so you can watch your answers back and see what needs work.

Make sure, too, to pay attention to your posture, nervous tics, overusing certain fillers, and what you’re doing with your hands.

If you can, try to look your recruiter in the eye by looking into the barrel of the camera rather than looking at your own face or theirs

Why Are Interviews Important

A job interview is important for a number of reasons, as it can benefit both the hiring manager and the company as well as the potential candidate being interviewed. Interviewing candidates ensures you are hiring only the most qualified individuals for the open position. Without an effective interview process, you may end up hiring a person who is not the right fit for the company, the position or both.

Additional benefits of the job interview process include:

  • It allows both parties to learn more about each other and determine the suitability of the job for the candidate.

  • It enables the hiring manager to ask the interviewee important questions pertaining to their qualifications, skills and experience levels.

  • It gives the interviewer a chance to ask more in-depth questions that the candidate’s application did not answer.

  • It can prevent a company from wasting time and money on a candidate who is not the right fit for a position.

Most job positions require at least one interview, while some companies will ask candidates to go through multiple interviews before a selection is made. Regardless of the position, nearly all organizations can benefit from conducting interviews to fill open jobs.

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Sit Up And Dress Professionally

Even though youre not meeting your interviewer in person, make sure to dress for success and sit up straight. First impressions matter and your appearance can really make or break yours.

Pro Tip: Dont forget to smile! Whether you are talking to an actual person or recording your answers, smile the way you would during an in-person interview. Wear clothes that are flattering and fit the job you are interviewing for. When in doubt, dress up rather than dress down .

Not only will sitting up and smiling make you look more professional and engagedthey will actually help you feel more powerful and energetic! Good posture makes you feel more confident, puts you in a better mood and communicates openness.

Notify Candidates As Soon As Possible

Dos &  Donts For Acing An Online Interview

Video interviews, when done correctly, can be just as effective as in-person interviews. The transition to remote interviews may also be to your benefit when working from home, candidates dont have the added stress of coordinating interviews with their in-office work schedule.

Nonetheless, its still a change they need to prepare for. Provide them with clear directions on the equipment theyll need to join the interview internet access, software or video conferencing applications, a quiet space, etc. and emphasize that the change is out of concern for their health and safety, along with that of your employees.

Additionally, communicate expectations as you would for an onsite interview so the candidate is well-prepared for and comfortable with any adjustments. Use the following video interview invitation template to get started.

Subject Line: : Video Interview Availability

Hi ,

Thank you for applying to the position at .

After reviewing your application, we would like to invite you to interview with , our .

So we can get to know you better, the interview will be conducted over video using and last about in total.

We want you to be able to plan accordingly, so weve provided a list of date and time options over the next week. Please take a look, and let us know which date is best for you.

Were looking forward to continuing the conversation.


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Online Interview Questions And Answers

1. Tell me a little about yourself

This question sets the stage for your online interview. The key things to remember are to be concise and target your answer to the job opportunity. A full discussion of how to best answer this question can be found at Tell Me About Yourself

Sample interview answers for different situations.

2. Why do you want this job?

This is where your homework comes into play. Know as much as possible about the job and the company before you sit down for your interview.

Focus on what you can do for the company rather than what the employer can do for you. Practice this interview answer beforehand so you can answer with confidence and clarity. Sample Interview Answers

3. Why do you think you are the right candidate for this job?

Discuss your related skills and experience. Highlight your on-point competencies. Discuss your all-round fit with the job and company. Find your unique selling point, something that can differentiate you from the competition. Good Sample Answer

4. What is your biggest accomplishment to date?

Your life is full of achievements. Focus on a relevant work-related achievement to discuss. If you have little work experience consider a personal goal you achieved. Interview Answer

5. What motivates you?

Motivation is crucial in every job. Expect online interview questions that explore your motivation. The passion and energy you convey in answering this question will add credibility to your answer. Sample Interview Answer

Interview In A Journal

For an interview published in an academic journal, you need to include the journal name, volume and number, the date or year, and the page range. If you accessed the interview on an online database, include the name of the database and the DOI or stable URL.


Read more about MLA journal citations.

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What Is A Virtual Interview

A virtual interview is an interview that takes place remotely, sometimes over the phone, but often using technology like video conferencing and other online communication platforms. Virtual interviews are often conducted much the same way as face-to-face interviews. That said, virtual communication requires special considerations and adjustments due to the limited ability to read body language and facial expressions.

Use Professional Body Language

7 Tips For Interviewing Online | How To Conduct A Skype Interview | Web Interviews

Because interviewing via video or phone limits the ability to communicate with body language, it is important to utilize body language in a clear, professional way. For example, if you get a question that is unexpected, make sure to stay poised and take a moment to collect your thoughts.

Sit up straight and ensure your camera is placed so your face is in the middle of your screen . In most interviews, you shake hands with your potential employer at the beginning and the end of the discussion. It’s an important body language cue that helps you establish the relationship. Instead, find other ways to greet and exude enthusiasm, like smiling and giving a confident wave with eye contact.

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Be Inquisitive Yet Friendly

Look at the camera when youre speaking, not the other persons image, as tempting as that may be. Keep your voice calm and speak clearly, and smile when appropriate, just like you would in person. You want to put the candidate at ease and demonstrate that youre engaged in the conversation. Also, wait a few seconds at the end of sentences or after the candidate speaks to minimize talking over each other.

Prepare Your Own Questions

In addition to preparing answers to some common interview questions, it is also advised that you prepare several questions of your own. Ask the interviewer about job requirements, the benefits and salary or what they think of the company. Any questions that allow the interviewer to share additional information about what they expect from the ideal candidate will help you in the next stage of interviewing.

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Try To Control Background Noise

Find a quiet location for your interview. When conducting video interviews from home, its best practice to give everyone in your household a heads up to prevent children and spouses from interrupting. Youll also want to mute any notifications on your computer and phone and close out of any apps to help ensure a quiet setting.

Sometimes background noises are going to be inevitable or out of your control when youre conducting a video interview from home. Your neighbor might decide to mow the lawn, your dog might start barking, and your efforts to create a quiet, professional environment might seem thwarted.

Since youre the one conducting the interview, its up to you to keep a level head. As an interviewer, if youre going to have background noise, acknowledge it from the start so that it looks like youre in control, Patel says. No one likes surprises in a professional setting. By establishing that there might be noise, youre controlling the dialogue and ensuring the interviewee doesnt need to feel awkward.

What Are My Next Steps

Online Interview Job Tips

Once youve answered all the questions and shared your relevant stories, you must ask about the next steps. Again, this shows that youre interested in the position and want to move forward.

Asking about the next steps can also allow you to clarify any confusion or misunderstanding about the role. If there was something that you didnt quite understand during the interview, this is your chance to get clarification.

This shows that youre eager to move forward in the process and want to ensure you have all the information you need to succeed. By asking about the following steps, you can set yourself apart from other candidates and demonstrate your commitment to the role.

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Think About Camera Positioning

Paying attention to camera placement is incredibly important during remote interviews.

You don’t want the recruiter to be distracted by an unnatural position.

It’s good to keep the camera at eye level so that when you look into the screen, it makes the person at the other end feel as though you’re addressing them and making eye contact.

It’s also important not to forget body language as it can reduce the sense of distance created by the remote setup. Essentially, you want to angle the camera to make sure you get some of your torso in the shot, too.

Making sure to use hand and arm gestures when you’re on-screen will help make the interview feel a lot more natural.

Other tips include how to position yourself for an online interview include not sitting too close to the wall and taking care of your posture so you don’t end up hunched over.

One way of ensuring you don’t end up hunching is to set on the edge of your chair, as it forced you to sit taller.

Types Of Online Interviews

Some employers use web-based systems for interviewing, with options for recorded interviews via webcam and in-depth live interviewing with split-screen online interviews with candidates.

Sometimes, rather than interviewing you, employers email you a list of interview questions and ask you to film yourself answering them.

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Tips For A Acing An Online Interview

Online job interviews are similar to the traditional, face-to-face kind we’re used to, and they have been popular in certain industries for some time now. However, there are some pretty significant variations worth preparing for. Meeting someone via Zoom or Skype is quite different from doing so in person, but it doesn’t have to be a challenge. Despite the differences between in-person and online interviews, your goals are the same to set yourself apart from other candidates and score a second interview. Below is a collection of tips and techniques to ensure your online interview success.

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