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How To Interview An Administrative Assistant

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Admin Assistant Interview Questions With Answers:

7 ADMIN ASSISTANT Interview Questions and Answers (PASS!)
  • Why do you think that you can be a good administrative assistant and how you would contribute to our team?
  • This is the most general question asked in the interview, but it should be answered in the best way. Describe ti the panel that you have an idea about the administrative assistant job and there you have to play many roles. Show your potential motivation and dedication that how you can make a good impact on the success of their organization.

  • Are you an effective team player and how well you can work with others?
  • If this question is asked in the interview, then your answer must be yes. Good administrative assistance has to interact and work with various teams of the organizations. Tell them about your potential influential skills to lead and direct employees by collaborating with the essential skills.

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  • Can you work under pressure or stressed conditions?
  • This question is most tricky in the category of administrative assistant interview questions and should be answered by being honest. If you are an open person and can take criticism, tell them that you can work under the pressurized conditions, and will not feel stress about it.

    Dont forget to tell that this criticism should be related to improvement in work quality. It will not create any kind of panic or stress for working as an administrative assistant.

  • Tell me something about your past job, the things you enjoyed about that job and why you liked that?
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    How To Handle A Job Interview For Office Assistant

    An office assistant provides administrative support in a variety of settings including medical offices, educational institutions, and businesses.They maintain files and paperwork, handle calls and emails, use computers to create spreadsheets and documents, and operate other office machinery such as fax machines, printers, and videoconferencing technology. In short, an administrative assistant must be able to multitask, provide excellent customer service, and communicate effectively on a daily basis. Demonstrate these skills using a few strategies that highlight your professionalism.

  • Demonstrate that you are organized and detail oriented by arriving early with your resume in hand. Wear interview-appropriate attire, such as a business suit. Even though you might not be required to wear a suit on the job, you should arrive at an interview in your most professional form. For women, wear closed toed shoes and minimal jewelry and makeup. For men, wear a dry-cleaned suit with matching shoes and a conservative tie. Avoid any clothing or accessories that are loud or brightly colored, as they may distract from your professional image.

  • Tip

    Would You Consider Yourself A Team Player Do You Work Well With Others

    No man, or woman for that matter, is an islandat least not as far as administrative assistants are concerned. Being a good administrative assistant means being comfortable with working with a wide variety of people and teams within the organization.

    Being able to both lead as well as take direction and being comfortable with collaboration are key skills for a good administrative assistant.

    Questions like this one are a great opportunity to use the STAR method to answer!

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    Q This Job Is Repetitive And It Can Become Boring How Do You Plan To Motivate Yourself In Work

    Not an easy question, especially for people with a typical mindsetpeople who believe that someone else should motivate them in work.

    The only true motivation, however, one that will not perish in a few hours, or in a few weeks at best, comes from within. It comes from the goals we carry in our heart and mind, from the beliefs and values we follow in our life. That is the only real driving force. What does it stand for in your life?

    Obviously you can say that you prefer repetitive jobs, that you do not like to think much in work. But you can also say that you have big plans with your family , and understand that without a job , you can not pursue your dreams.

    There are several good answers to this question, and your choice depends on your values, and the expectations you have on your life and professional career.

    Special Tip: To know how to answer a questions, and to actually come up with a great answer on a big day, when facing a panel of interviewers, are two different things. If you experience anxiety, or generally struggle in the interviews, have a look at our Interview Success Package. Up to 10 premium answers to virtually all questions you may face in your admin. assistant interview will help you streamline your interview preparation, outclass other job candidates, ace your interview, and get the job. Thank you for checking it out!

    What Should I Say In An Administrative Assistant Interview

    12 Executive Assistant Interview Questions and How to ...

    What are common administrative assistant interview questions?

    • Why did you apply for this job and what makes you think you’ll be a good administrative assistant?
    • This job requires you to spend some time answering phones. …
    • Would you consider yourself a team player? …
    • How do you work when faced with stress or pressure?

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    How To Answer Tell Me About Yourself In An Administration Job Interview

    Is Your Company Hiring?

    In all the top questions that employers and recruiters ask during a job interview, the tell me about yourself question appears to be the most challenging among job seekers. While we have addressed this before and even gone specific with Accounting job interviews, the question still seems complex among many. So why is it that this is the case? Is it that job seekers cant define who they are to an audience or is it that the question carries a lot of weight?

    When it comes to telling about others, you may find that you are very good at it. On the other hand, when it comes to speaking about what you can do, its only obvious you might falter. If this ever happens to you, realize it is not your fault and try to collect your thoughts first before answering. Remember that in a job interview employers are more concerned about who you are as a professional, not personally. So your answer must be focused on your skills and not your personal life.

    That said, lets proceed to the actual response when the interviewer wants to know more about you in an administration job interview.

    Most Frequently Asked Sap Mm Interview Questions

    Here in this article, we will be listing frequently asked SAP MM Interview Questions and Answers with the belief that they will be helpful for you to gain higher marks. Also, to let you know that this article has been written under the guidance of industry professionals and covered all the current competencies.

    The essential components of an SAP MM are as follows:

    • Determining the Requirements

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    Administrative Assistant Job Brief:

    Administrative Assistants play a vital role in the smooth running of any organization, and during the interview, you will need to demonstrate your ability to organize, plan, prioritize and successfully complete all office-related tasks with diligence and professionalism. The type of skills and competencies required to become an Administrative Assistant include planning abilities, being able to use all Microsoft Applications, maintain and keep diaries, take payments and online bookings, liaise with customers, clients and stakeholders, work under pressure to resolve time-sensitive tasks and also work towards achieving the companys aims and objectives. In order to successfully pass your Admin Assistant interview, including preparing fully for the questions and answers, we advise that you demonstrate the following areas of expertise:

    Tell Me About A Situation Where You Had To Deal With A Difficult Boss Colleague Or Client

    EXECUTIVE ASSISTANT Interview Questions And Answers!

    This personality-based interview question is meant to assess your ability to deal with people in challenging situations. Administrative assistants can be the ultimate problem solvers and fixers. That can mean staying calm and focused, and achieving a good outcome.

    Possible answer: You might focus again on specific scenarios from your work past where you kept your cool under fire. Youll be ahead of the game if you can reference your personality type from a Myers-Briggs test or similar assessment to talk about how that helps you keep your cool when work gets tough.

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    Tell Me A Time You Had To Think Outside The Box To Solve A Difficult Problem At Work

    Employers also value creative thinking, so any time you can demonstrate this in your job search is a win. Sometimes youll be asked directly about this, so be ready to name a specific instance where you had to do some out-of-the-box thinking to overcome a problem.

    Show them youre a candidate who can adapt, and theyll be more confident in trusting you to work as an admin in their organization.

    Why Would You Succeed In This Position

    Next, the employer is likely to ask a question or two about why youre confident youd do well in the role.

    They might ask very directly, like, Why should I hire you? or they may phrase it differently.

    Be confident and answer directly. This isnt the time to be shy or humble. Your answer should sound like this:

    You should hire me because I have a background in ___ and ___ and have been doing this for X years. In my last job, I accomplished ___, and based on your job description, it sounds like you need similar work here. Thats why Im confident I can succeed in this role.

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    Finding Top Job Candidates To Interview

    Of course, having the right interview questions for administrative assistant candidates works best when you have top job seekers to interview. We can help make the process of finding and hiring an administrative assistant easier. You can see profiles of skilled administrative assistant candidates in your area using our online database. Tell us who interests you, and we can quickly arrange an interview or placement.

    What Is Your Greatest Weakness As An Administrative Assistant

    5 Things I Wish I Knew: Planning Ahead in College

    This question will allow you to see if there are any gaps in knowledge or skills that the candidate lacks. What to look for in an answer:

    • Modesty
    • How they are working to improve this weakness


    “I would say my greatest weakness is putting together expense reports for office supplies. I am actively trying to work on this by getting one-on-one coaching with the individual that handles our finances. She’s been great at walking me through everything I need to know to submit an error-free report.”

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    Describe A Project You Enjoyed Working On As An Administrative Assistant

    This is another question an interviewer may ask to determine what you like most about working as an administrative assistant. This question also helps them understand how you apply your skills to contribute to projects in the office. Because it begins with Describe a time, its best to tackle it using the STAR technique. That way you will identify a specific project you worked on, what your role in the project was, the actions you took, the result of the project and what you enjoyed most about it.

    Example:In my role as an administrative assistant for a medium-sized law firm, I helped the office streamline their client communication process by working on a project to create a daily schedule that organized when the team would communicate with clients over email. I helped the team understand they should check and respond to emails at least twice a day at the beginning of their shift and at the end. I enjoyed doing this because I was able to contribute to resolving an issue experienced by both our team and our clients.

    What Contribution Would Your Administrative Skills Provide To Our Team

    Administrative assistants play a significant function in the organization. Share how you anticipate contributing to or assisting your employers success to demonstrate that you can make a huge difference. In your response, show the interviewer how you intend to support the companys development and growth.

    Sample Answer

    I am confident in my ability to keep everyone on track and organized so that we can all reach our goals. I also believe that by taking on the majority of administrative responsibilities, team members would be able to better delegate their time and boost their work productivity.

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    Question: Tell Me About A Time When You Had To Deal With A Difficult Client Or Customer

    Intent: Some support jobs are internal positions, while other positions, like receptionists, interact with customers or clients. Either way, hiring managers want to assess your interrelationship skills and how you diffuse conflict, Crompton says.

    Response: Any question that begins with, Tell me about a time when is a behavioral interview question, where employers use your past experiences and behaviors as an indicator of your future success. So in this case, its important to prepare a compelling anecdote of when you used your communication skills and professional demeanor to respond to a difficult client or customer.

    Crompton recommends framing your answer by explaining how the issue arose, how you analyzed the situation, and how you resolved the issue diplomatically. For example, At my last job, a customer angrily complained that a shipment was late. I apologized profusely and was able to track the shipment and saw that our drivers truck broke down, which delayed delivery. I explained this to the customer and offered her a discount on her next order to help smooth things over.

    Q1 Why Do You Want This Job And What Can You Bring To The Role Admin Assistant Interview

    Top 5 Administrative (Admin) Assistant Interview Questions and Answers
    • Refer to the job description.
    • Tell them you already have experience within this type for role.
    • List the qualities you have that match the job description.

    I have studied the job description in detail and I feel strongly that I have the skills, qualities and experience to match the role. For example, part of the role requires an ability to plan, organise and be responsible for the organisations day-to-day activities. In my previous role I was praised for this type of work. I believe I have extensive experience of organising all types of work.

    Refer to the job description

    I can be relied upon to organise all of your tasks and will never miss an important deadline. In addition to being organised, I set myself very high-standards, have solid communication skills, can be trusted to deal with your customers and clients and am competent in all administrative software packages such as Excel, Word and PowerPoint. I feel strongly you will be impressed with my work ethic and I will not let you down if I am successful at interview today.

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    How Do You Prioritize Tasks

    Administrative assistants may need to report to several supervisors and project managers, each with their own set of demands. This question examines your ability to juggle several competing roles successfully. In answering this question, feature your valuable skills such as organization, multitasking, and time management.

    Example:When handling several high-priority tasks, I liaise with the project leads on deadlines for each task. I then evaluate and list the tasks based on their level of importance and urgency. I stay in regular communication with my colleagues to ensure we’re on track and let them know they can rely on me. I have excellent multitasking skills so I can manage several tasks for various projects at once.

    What Kind Of Strategies And Mindset Is Required For This Role

    An admin assistant is the eyes and ears of a firm, managing day-to-day administration for one or more executives, a group, or a network. They have unique and important insights into the companys culture, effectiveness, and future development. The interviewer needs to know if you are aware of the specific methods and mentality required for the role.

    Sample Answer

    An administrative assistant should have strong organizational qualities, clear communication skills, ambition and motivation, IT literacy, integrity and discretion in order to add value to their organizations and prosper in their professions. I believe it will be difficult to achieve in this profession without these talents and mindset.

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    Need More Interview Prep

    Dont leave your next interview up to chance. Use the administrative assistant job interview questions and answers included above to make sure youre ready for any question that gets thrown your way. After reviewing these questions, give our tips for a successful job interview a read to further improve your next interview performance.

    What Was Your Most Significant Contribution To A Team You Worked With In The Past

    Administrative Assistant Job Description

    Administrative assistants can shine in event planning, project management, or organizational projects that help a team function more efficiently. While administrative assistants do have defined roles, theyll often also be asked to take on new projects or fill the void if something needs to be completed and no one else can do it. Hiring managers seek candidates who will work well with others and can help their team function at a higher level.

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    Why Do You Want To Work As An Office Administrator At This Company

    This is another common question that may be asked during your interview. The purpose of this question is for the interviewer to get a sense of how passionate you are about your work as well as the position. Be prepared to answer this question by connecting what the company does and why to your current or future career goals and your own core values. This will show the interviewer that not only are you passionate about your career, but you are also passionate about your career in this position, too.

    Example answer:I prioritize and place importance on administrative tasks like keeping schedules organized, helping complete data entry tasks and interacting with customers. Ive always been passionate about helping others stay organized and offering financial support, and I feel that Save Financial is passionate about the same things. Because of this, I think I would be a great fit for the role of administrative assistant.

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