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How To Prepare For Flight Attendant Interview

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Application Process Interview And Tips

How to Prepare for your Flight Attendant Interview
  • The application process might take a while. Airlines can take anywhere from weeks up to 6-months to get back to you. Just remember that its normal and to be patient.
  • By the time youre ready to apply, youll probably have an airline in mind. Make sure you apply to all kinds of airlines. Dont put all of your eggs in one basket so you dont miss out on the opportunity to gain experience. To help you figure out what which airlines would be a good fit for you, try looking into airline hubs and where you are want to live. You can also look at airline staff requirements to make sure they will be a good fit for you and vice versa. For example, at the time of this writing, PSA airlines is hiring and you can find information about their requirements here. Endeavor Air is also hiring and you can find their requirements here to compare.
  • After you apply, you may be asked to complete a personality assessment prior to any interviews.
  • Most invitations to interview come via email, so make sure you keep an eye out.
  • Some airlines like their first interview to be over the phone. Even though your interviewer can not see you, make sure you are dressed for the part as if you were meeting in person. This will help you get you have confidence in your ability to be a professional in the airline industry.
  • Congratulations! You are on your way to meet lots of new people and explore this amazing world.

    Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all Helen Keller

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    How Will You Deal With Being Away From Loved Ones For Long Periods

    It is no secret that working as a flight attendant involves a lot of travel and long shifts. Even when they are not working, flight attendants are often on standby and may be called into work at the last minute. This can mean having to cancel plans with friends and family members to head to work.

    It is important to demonstrate that you are prepared for this aspect of the work. Explain that your friends and family members are aware of the situation and support you in your career. Outline coping strategies such as planning quality time to catch up with loved ones when you are not at work.

    Research Research And Research Some More

    In todays internet-accessible world it is incredibly easy to research the company you are applying for. As a minimum, you should take a look at the companys website. Pay particularly close attention to the information on the about us page, where they fly to and from , and get an idea of how conservative they are. Some airlines like to be extremely professional while others are more fun. During the interview process, theyll be assessing if your demeanor fits in with the companys atmosphere. Theyll also want to know what you know about the company.

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    Flight Attendant Interview Attire: What To Wear

    You should wear business attire for your cabin crew interview. For men, this means a suit and tie. Women should wear a blazer, dress shirt, and skirt.

    For more information on what to wear to your cabin crew interview, we recommend this article. It goes into much more detail about accessories, hairstyle, and much more .

    The article also includes great images/examples.

    Since our article is mostly about interview questions and answers, not what to wear, that link above will take you to a more comprehensive resource focused entirely on interview clothing and styling.

    Fly In The Night Before The Face

    How to Dress for Your Flight Attendant Interview?

    Once the airlines get video interviews back and if they like you, they’ll invite you to a face to face interview. Long says that most airlines will fly candidates in for the interview, but they won’t pay for hotel fare.

    “My suggestion is if you can afford a hotel, go in the night before. Find a hotel that’s got an airport shuttle. That way you’re there, you’re relaxed, you’re not stressing about travel, you’re not stressing about your flight being delayed 30 minutes and you’re going to be late for the interview,” Long says.

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    What Do You Know About Our Airline

    They may ask a question like this to see if youve done your research. Go to the airline website and read about their history. How big are they? Where are they headquartered? Where are their main hubs?

    Make sure you know how many employees they have, when they were founded, and their company history Learn this basic info so you can recite this back to the interviewer if they ask this question.

    Ask Questions At The End:

    Do not ask about job location, payrolls etc, try to ask about the company its services. This will actually impress the interviewer. It shows the enthusiasm of an applicant towards the job. So try to ask about performance and things to be improved which help for the future. Try to show the ability to accept the feedback, and this will create a good impression in the minds of employers.

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    What Are Your Thoughts On X

    > > This question is important and comes directly from a flight attendant colleague of mine.

    According to her, youre likely to hear random, opinion-based questions , which are designed to see if you can be polite and avoid being offensive when answering. Try to give a politically-correct answer without taking a hard stand or sounding too opinionated.

    They may also ask, Have you seen the news about X? What are your thoughts?

    You should approach this in the same way.

    Imagine youre talking to a passenger as you answer these questions. Since youre not sure of their beliefs, you dont want to take a strong stance and offend them.

    Common Types Of Questions

    Preparing for Flight Attendant Interview in 2020. (Delta specific)

    Here are some of the most common behavioral interview questions that you may encounter during a flight attendant interview that will require answers using the STAR method.

    Give an example of a situation where you had to handle a disgruntled customer and the outcome.

    Make sure your example shows how you used your strong communication skills and tactfulness to handle the customer. Do not ever suggest that you were rude or obnoxious. The interviewer wants to be reassured that you know how to handle a problem when confronted with one. In addition, it is important that your actions resulted in a satisfied customer who continued to support the company.

    Give an example of a situation where you were not being supported by your employer and how you handled it.

    Here your example should show that you were involved in a situation where you disagreed with a company policy, but continued to abide by it. The interviewer wants to know that you were loyal to the company and would not work in violation of any policy, rule or regulation.

    Give an example of a situation where you had to go the extra mile to please a customer.

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    An Eye To Eye Connection Should Be There:

    Try and answer by looking into the intervieweeâs eyes. This shows how confident you are. When you talk to them by looking into their eyes, you present yourself as confident.

    So, try to communicate by looking into their eyes. Do not look at her there or down as it would show a lack of confidence in you.

    Flight Attendant Tips For Interviews

    Airlines want reliable, personable flight attendants who treat their customers well and keep passengers safe. You can show that you are an ideal fit for this position by separating yourself from the competition and remaining confident during your interview and application process. Here are 11 tips to help you have a successful flight attendant interview:

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    Being Friendly Hospitable And Helpful At The Same Time:

    The crew members are required to be very friendly, and hospitable. This you can show during an interview also by speaking slowly and in a polite manner.

    The crew members need to have this quality amongst many other qualities. Easy to be approached and confidence is required for the crew members.

    So, when you go up for the interview, make sure you are prepared for all such things hence win over the situation during the interviews.

    What To Wear During The Interview:

    How to Answer Flight Attendant Interview Questions (How to ...

    What you wear is the first thing that reflects who you are. So, when you go for an interview, make sure you dress yourself up in a good manner.

    manner here means dressing up formally. Do not wear danglers or shorts while you move for an interview.

    For boys, they must not dress up funky as it may lead to a bad impression on the panelist. So, make sure you are dressed up formally.

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    Tips For Preparing For A Flight Attendant Interview

    To prepare for your interview, make sure you know the requirements of the job. Look back at your resume and list any experiences you have had that demonstrate your ability to meet those requirements. This will especially help with behavioral and situational interview questions.

    Before the interview, do some research on the company you are interviewing with. Make sure you have a sense of their mission, the population they work with, and the company culture.

    Potential personal interview questions include “What made you want to be a flight attendant?” and “Do you consider yourself a good team player?”

    What To Bring To A Flight Attendant Interview

    This interview checklist will help you prepare and organize what you need for that upcoming interview.

    • Documents: Bring any documentation that has been requested. Highest education Certificate, Birth Certificate, References from previous employers, Language Certificate, Assessment Day invitation letter
    • Copies of your resume: One for yourself and one for the interviewer or interviewers.
    • Passport
    • Snacks and a bottle of water: It can be a long exhausting day, so bring a light refreshment or make sure you have some money for a coffee and a sandwich.
    • Cosmetics, hairbrush, pins: A flight attendant should be always well-groomed, ensure you touch up your makeup during the day.
    • Extra tights: Make sure that there are no holes or runs. Carry an extra pair in case you need to change them.
    • Notepad and pen: In case you need to take notes
    • Breath mints or a toothbrush/deodorant: To keep you fresh throughout the day
    • Umbrella: You dont want to be heading to your interview and get caught in the rain without anumbrella.
    • If you are wearing sunglasses that day, never wear them inside or on the top of the head.
    • Travel directions: Make sure you are clear on your travel directions and stick to the route that you have researched. Dont leave this to the last minute. You dont want to get lost.
    • Smile: Smile and be friendly. You will be giving a great first impression.

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    Your Body Language Speaks All About You:

    The body language should be erect and upright. The lean body type is not the demand for the crew members.

    So, when you are going for the interview, just make sure you have an appealing body language that depicts profound confidence, satisfaction, and happiness for the job you want to do.

    Only this attitude can help you win over the situation of the interview.

    Is Becoming A Flight Attendant Difficult

    How to prepare for Flight Attendant Training

    Statistically speaking, it is harder to get hired by Delta Airlines than it is to get admitted into Harvard University because Delta receives over 270,000 applications per year and uses strict automated screening software. It is estimated that up to 60% of flight attendants fail their initial training and are released before getting hired because of the rigorous nature of their on-boarding. Anyone interested in pursuing a flight attendant career should fully prepare themselves as much as possible and consider pursuing an education and resume tutoring before applying in order to gain a competitive advantage during the recruitment process.

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    How Do You Go About Providing Excellent Customer Service

    This is another question just asking for you to not only tell the interviewer how you do something, but to show with a specific example.

    I would strongly recommend that you have some specific examples of things you have done to provide great service in the past. This allows you to be prepared and communicate without having to think on the spot. The last thing you would ever want is to be caught off guard and freeze.

    How I would answer this question is by first replying with 2 or 3 principles I live by when it comes to customer service followed by 1 or 2 very specific things youve done in the past.

    Free Flight Attendant Interview Study Guide Questions And Answers

    Air Canada

  • I will help one passenger and ask … Continue reading this answer
  • I will try to help them all if it will be not possible I will hand… Continue reading this answer
  • How do you delegate between multiple tasks?
  • What are you passionate about outside of work?
  • What would you say surprises people about you?
  • What stands out to you as excellent customer service?
  • How do you show positive customer service?
  • By listening the customer properly and helping him… Continue reading this answer
  • Very first I will make them feel comfortable so that they can not face any… Continue reading this answer
  • Do you speak another language? If so, what is it?
  • I can speak Punjabi ,Hindi, Haryanwi, and … Continue reading this answer
  • What have you noticed about Air Canada Flight attendants and what makes them stand out?
  • Their politeness and helping b… Continue reading this answer
  • Do you have a criminal record or have you received a pardon etc?
  • No
  • Do you have a passport?
  • Yes
  • Interview Questions / Answers
  • What academics will be focused on?
  • A customer is not cooperating with the seatbelt regulations, how do you handle this situation in front of other customers?
  • Address the passenger, calmly remind them of the rule and regulations the Airli… Continue reading this answer
  • Your coworker leaves a mess before your shift begins every time, how would you handle this situation?
  • Tell us how your previous role prepared you for this one?
  • Do you have any questions for us?
  • No
  • Integrity.
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    Consider Your Surroundings During A Video Interview

    “Have a clutter free background: nobody wants to look at your dirty dishes or your bedroom,” Long says.

    She suggests sitting in a dining room or other less cluttered area and propping your laptop or phone up so that it’s still and you’re not moving around with it.

    Most airline video interviews are recorded, she notes, and you’re not actually dealing with a live person, so not paying attention to the details is a missed opportunity.

    She also suggests keeping the recording device at eye level so you’re not looking down at it, “because isn’t that the most horrible angle to be seen at?”

    Know About The Job First:

    Flight Attendant Interview Questions

    The type of job you wish to do should be the first thing to know. So, if you want to enter as a cabin crew then first you must know the subject.

    Without knowing about your field, you should not move for an interview for cabin crew. Just know your field, research about it and then go-ahead for an interview.

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    What Caught Your Eye Exactly On Our Job Offer Our Airline

    This is your chance to praise them for their good service. Every airline has some competitive advantageif they did not have one, they would be out of business.

    You can point out the list of their destinations, their vision, corporate values, pricing policy, the way the flight attendants work, their history and reputation, the recognition of their brand, anything. The key is to show them that you did your homework, and that you have a good reason to apply with them.

    Of course, more likely than not you do not care, and would be happy to get a job with any airline. While interviewing for the position, however, you should try to make them believe that they are your first choice.

    Sample Questions For Flight Attendant Interviews

    Flight attendants can earn a good living doing something many people only dream about: traveling the world for work. The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects that this job will grow 10% between 2016 and 2026, faster than average for all occupations. It also boasts median annual earnings of over $50,000 per year no college degree required.

    But this job isnt all glitz and glamor. In addition to providing customer service, comfort, and refreshments to passengers, flight attendants keep everyone on board safe. They help conduct pre-flight safety checks, demonstrate the use of seatbelts and other safety equipment, and keep passengers calm during an emergency. If things do go wrong in the air, they may even save lives, getting passengers medical attention or making certain that everyone evacuates the aircraft safely if necessary.

    So, its not an easy job, but if you love to travel, have the ability to manage stressed-out travelers, and can keep cool under pressure, it might be the perfect job for you. To become a flight attendant, youll typically need a high school diploma, customer service experience, and the ability to pass a background check and pre-employment drug screening. Then, youll embark on three to six weeks of training and become certified by the FAA.

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    Tell Me About A Time You Had To Deal With A Difficult Customer And How You Handled It

    A big part of being a flight attendant is dealing with passengers who are tired, frustrated, and sometime even angry. They might have had flights cancelled or delayed, they might be missing their family, or they might have been travelling for an assortment of reasons that has them less than excited to be on a plane.

    Airlines know this and expect it. So, when hiring a light attendant they want to make sure you can keep your cool when dealing with a difficult passenger.

    The best answer you can give is to first tell them that you can empathize with how hard it is for average people to be passengers and that you can stay professtional in these scenarios.

    Just telling them is not enough you also need to come prepared with examples of how you have done this in the past. I can almost guarantee you that you will have this question or one just like it at your interview, so make sure to take the time before the interview to prepare.

    Think back to specific examples of difficult passengers youve had to deal with. If youve never been a flight attendant you can use examples of customers from retail jobs, bartending, sales, etc. Just think of examples of difficult customers.

    Then, think through what you did to remedy the situation while staying polite and professional. Being able to keep your cool is very important, so make sure to include this in the story.

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