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How To Prepare For Cna Interview

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how to prepare for your cna interview-Cna interview questions and tips

Description. At the end of the interview, the interview assistant offers users the opportunity to rate the quality or personal satisfaction of completed interviews. Busy users also have the option to record their interview questions through the app templates module to keep things organized and run smoothly.

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Why Do You Want To Work In This Career Field

When a potential employer asks this question, they are gauging your ability to handle the stressful and taxing medical field environment. You want to confidently convey that you acknowledge that the job has demanding hours, is high stress, demands flexibility and that you are physically and emotionally strong enough to handle all of the duties of the job. It helps if you interject a personal story about your journey to become a CNA, and you should reinforce your strong desire to help people through your patience and interpersonal skills.

Heres How To Be Attentive To Nursing Assistant Interview Questions And Answer Them With Care

Nail these CNA interview questions.

Certified nursing assistants provide comfort, compassion, and hands-on care to patients in hospitals, long-term care facilities, adult daycares, and rehab centers. A CNA job is a great way to enter healthcare and gives you a solid base to build on for the rest of your career. But before your first day, you’ll need to interview with a hiring manager and your future team to make sure you’re the right fit for the job. Here’s a list of the most common CNA interview questions and answers to help you plan what you’re going to say.

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So How To Succeed In Cna Job Interview

But truth be told there really is no reason to be nervous. If you stop and think about it, the employer needs you just as much as you need them. With the right answers and a good attitude, you can convince just about any employer that you are the right candidate. Here are some tips to help you answer questions during a job interview.

Be Confident If youve made it as far as the interview that means youve already completed your training and passed the licensing exam. You have the knowledge and demonstrated skill to perform your job well, so theres no reason to doubt yourself. If you display confidence when answering questions asked of you that will go a long way toward landing you the job. Remember, youre trying to convince them you are the best candidate.

Be Articulate Proper diction and articulation are vital in convincing the interviewer that you are a person suitable for a CNA position. If you have trouble communicating in the interview youve already planted the suspicion in the interviewers mind that you wont be able to successfully communicate on the job. This is serious because an inability to communicate could cause serious harm to a patient. Before your interview take a few weeks to practice speaking clearly and articulately. Ask friends and family members to critique your speech and give you helpful suggestions.

What Will Be Your Duties As A Cna

5 Interview Tips for a CNA

Here you will have to talk about the responsibilities and duties that your job as a CNA entails:

Sample Answer I understand the duties I will have to perform as a certified nurse and the problems it includes. I feel I am qualified enough to handle these responsibilities some of them include:

  • Taking care of the patient, this involves the basic tasks such as giving them their medication, back rubs, cleaning them, assisting them to the bathroom, etc.
  • Serving meals, turning the patients, dressing their wounds and monitoring the various medical tests and procedures
  • Record, document, and store the vital body stats such as blood tests, urine tests, body temperature, heart rate etc. regularly

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Why Do You Want To Be A Certified Nursing Assistant

Working as a CNA can be a physically and emotionally demanding job in a high-stress environment. Employers may ask this question to evaluate your passion for the role, as these employees can demonstrate their willingness to meet its challenges and stay motivated. Your answer should address your interest in this career and its responsibilities related to caring for and serving others. When possible, provide an example of an experience that inspired your career decision.

Example:“When I was 16 years old, my grandmother fell down some stairs and injured herself badly. Because of these injuries, she had to stay at the hospital for a period and then a rehabilitation facility. She always commented on how well the employees treated and cared for her, and I know my family appreciated the services they provided when we could not always be there.

Her accident inspired me to begin volunteering at a retirement home and later obtain my CNA certification. I am passionate about giving other people the same level of care and respect that my grandmother received. Even though the job has its challenges, knowing that I am bringing comfort to these individuals and their families makes every difficult day worthwhile. I also realize that being in these facilities can be lonely, so I love building relationships and personal connections with patients to make them feel more comfortable.”

Eight Popular Cna Interview Questions And Answers

You’ll probably be asked at least a few of the following CNA interview questions, so be prepared to answer them:

  • Tell me a little about yourself. – Don’t tell them your life story. Instead, talk about your skills, education and other credentials, and explain how they relate to being an excellent CNA.
  • Why do you want to be a CNA? – Avoid saying something generic like, “Because I want to help people.” That’s great, but you need a more personal touch. With that in mind, have an anecdote ready to go to illustrate why you want to pursue this line of work. For instance, perhaps a CNA helped an elderly relative once and inspired you to become one someday too.
  • Where do you see yourself in five years? – This may feel like a trick question, since you don’t want to suggest you’ll be working elsewhere. Instead, explain that you hope to gain a lot of experience through the job so that you can pursue advanced opportunities later in your career.
  • Why did you leave your last job? – Never express any negative sentiments about your last job. Even if you left due to extreme circumstances, be as diplomatic with your answer as possible. Regardless of why you left, you should be able to put a positive twist on things.
  • What is your greatest strength? – While you don’t want to come across as being a braggart, this is your opportunity to showcase your best qualities. Focus on ones that directly relate to being a great CNA. For instance, being detail-oriented is a great trait for any CNA to possess.
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    Q: Can You Tell Me A Little About Yourself

    Insight: This sort of question does not need you to rattle all your educational qualifications. If anything, they are already on your resume and you will most likely have certified copies of your result slips or a degree declaration. The idea is to say things about yourself that can connect who you are to the job at hand. It is important to remember that no question in an interview is for the sake of it. Connecting what you say about yourself with the job you are interviewing for is a bonus.

    A1: I am a peoples person. I get along well with everybody. This has helped me tremendously in my previous jobs and also empowered me to be good at working with teams. The prospect of being able to apply my people skills at this CNA job is an exciting prospect for me.

    How To Start An Interview

    • 1. Determine what you need from the candidate. Before starting an interview, be clear about what you need from a candidate. You probably already have
    • 2. Write down your questions. Once you have identified your needs, you can use these criteria to guide your questions. You need at least one pair
    • 3. Do your homework. In other words, read every resume carefully before your interview. Take a look at it in its entirety and see what the candidate excels at.
    • 4. Dress appropriately. You represent a company, so you want to do your best. Essentially, the suspect will judge

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    Q1: What Challenges Did You Face In Your Previous Cna Job And How Did You Overcome It

    Insight: Every job has challenges and the employer is aware of this. The key here is to be as honest as possible and smart about what you choose to say. Go with a challenge that you actually experienced and one which you were able to successfully deal with.

    A14: Once I was taking care of a client who was stubborn. He did not want help moving around or eating though he was not able to move or eat on his own. It was really frustrating as I knew I was there to help him yet he did not want me to do my work. Over time I figured he was somewhat rejecting me because I did not wear colors he liked. My uniform back then was sky blue and the old man hated blue. When I switched to white he happily let me help him with his daily activities. In essence, learning as much as possible about a patient under my care puts me in the best position to be successful in my work.

    Tell Us About Your Previous Employer And Working Experience

    Refrain from discussing the negative aspects of the job and your previous boss here. Talk about the good stuff, the things you have learned and the experience and knowledge you have gained in your previous workspace.

    Sample Answer I have worked in hospitals and private clinics before, a very enriching experience indeed. My previous employer Jack has been extremely helpful, patient and considerate in training an amateur like me. All that I know about CNA has been because of him and Im grateful for that.

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    Tell Us About Yourself

    Every interview has this question ⦠and it is often misunderstood. Do not answer with your life story: âWell, I was born in Pittsburgh. I met my husband in high schoolâ¦â Instead, talk about why you want to work there. âIâve always wanted to have a career in health care. Iâm good with people, and I enjoy helping others.â

    How Do You Feel About Your Last Boss

    Pin on dream job

    This answer may seem obvious, but you want to refrain from speaking negatively about a previous employer even if the experience was not pleasant. Focus on the positive attributes of your former boss, how effectively he or she managed their employees and the ways that he or she positively encouraged communication, unity, and professionalism among staff members. This question offers a great opportunity to put your former boss in a bright spotlight. You can dote on his or her achievements in the industry, and you can discuss how their new ideas, policies, and procedures made a difference on the job. When you cite specific examples of how your boss made a positive impact on your career, you highlight your ability to transition with change easily and pick up on positive attributes that will make you a future leader in your field.

    As a CNA, you have the ability to change lives every day. If you approach your interview in a prepared and confident manner, you will surely land the job and begin a new and exciting career in the medical field. Most employers are not looking for perfect responses. They simply want to see that you understand the demands of this field, you are confident in your skill set and you demonstrate an ability to be a team player with lots of patience.

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    Final Thoughts Next Steps

    Job interview for a CNA position does not belong to the most difficult interviews. On the top of that, you wont compete with many other job seekers, unless you apply for a position in a private institution with great reputation .

    Prepare for the questions, do a good research about your future place of work, and try your best to connect with the interviewers. I hope you will manage to do, and wish you good luck!


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    Explain How To Stay Updated With The Nursing Profession

    What? You thought your education stopped with your obtaining CNA certification? Guess again! Most states require CNAs to complete nearly 15 hours of continuing education units every year! Thats 15 hours of training through online education sources or through attending conference workshops or in-house training experiences.

    Face it, new treatments and new medical conditions arise every year making most training outdated within a year if not months of graduating. Show hiring managers you know of the need for continued education, where to obtain CEUs, and that you are already experienced in completing such trainings. By the way, accredited CEU providers are essential so seek CEUs offered by accredited institutions. And make certain you clarify your training was accredited. Did I mention to highlight your CEUs and training were accredited?


    I have already completed 10 hours of continuing education units through online providers accredited by both the California Board of Registered Nursing and the Florida Board of Nursing. Most recently I completed CEUs including the Care of Patients with Alzheimers and Talking to Dementia Residents, training which is especially relevant to this position as a CNA for your Alzheimers facility.

    How To Be Prepared For A Nursing Assistant Job Interview


    Nursing assistants typically spend six weeks or so in training and then pass a state-approved competency exam before earning certification thats needed to go to work. During your training, you will learn the basic skills youll need to work in a nursing home, doctors office, hospital or other health care setting. Rely on those skills and the passion you bring to your new field to prepare you for a job interview.


    Go over the list of skills you learned in class so you can talk with the recruiter about what you excelled in. For example, if you did very well in class taking vital signs or learning how to help elderly patients with bathing or feeding, be prepared to talk about those skills.


    Review common questions asked in CNA interviews, such as why you want to become a nursing assistant and what makes you think youll do well at the job. Have answers ready for the most commonly asked questions. Practice your answers to boost your confidence and prevent nervous pauses.


    Research the facility before you go for the interview. Know, for example, who owns the company, how long its been in existence and what kind of population the facility treats. At the end of your interview youll be asked if you have any questions. Prepare one or two questions about the companys mission statement or plans for the future.



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    What To Bring To A Cna Interview

    You’ll need the following items for your interview. Gather everything you’ll need for your interview once you’ve completed your job application:

    • Your papers will be kept in this folder. A simple school folder with pockets would suffice.

    • 35 copies of your resume are required. If any interviewers haven’t seen it yet, give them a copy.

    • Information on CNA certification for your state CPR card, if you have one or if your state requires it.

    • If it wasn’t already included in the application, include a list of references.

    Example Cna Interview Questions With Sample Answers

    Why do you want to be a CNA?

    I want to be a CNA because Ive always wanted to work in healthcare. I am a people person and the idea of being able to help people and make even a small difference in their lives appeals to me. I also like the variety of work involved and the fact that there will be different challenges every day.

    You could also mention something like:

    My friend / relative has been very ill and has spent a lot of time being cared for by doctors and nurses. I really admired the work they did, I saw how important they are and knew that I wanted to do that too.

    The typical salary of a CNA is not very high, how do you feel about that?

    I feel that this isnt the kind of job to go for if you are only in it for the money. The other benefits of the job far outweigh the low salary for me, such as job satisfaction and getting the chance to do the job that I really want to do.

    What do you think are the qualities that make a good CNA?

    I think a good CNA should be highly organised, very friendly and outgoing and able to communicate with all sorts of different people. A good CNA should have empathy for other people and a good CNA should also not be squeamish!

    What would you do if a patient refused to let you administer care?

    If trying to reason with them gently and calmly did not work then I would assess the situation and either try again a bit later if it was not urgent, or I would ask my supervisor for help if it was urgent.

    And if they were becoming aggressive?

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