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How To Produce A Video Interview

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If Someone Enters The Room Unexpectedly

How to Prepare for a Video Interview

If family members, housemates or pets enter the room while youre interviewing, apologize to the interviewer, ask for a few moments, mute your microphone and turn off your camera, and then step away to deal with the interruption. Make sure that the room is secure before beginning the interview again.

As with any job interview, you should conclude by thanking the interviewer for their time. Send a follow-up thank you email later that day . This message may help build a stronger connection with your potential employer and help you progress to the next step.

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  • Find a quiet, private, well-lit place, free from possible interruptions.

  • Ensure your internet connection is stable.

  • Check that your computers audio is working.

  • Test your computers webcam.

  • Close any unnecessary web browser tabs and applications.

  • Dress professionally and avoid bright colors.

  • Have a pen, notepad and copy of your resume on your desk.

  • When listening, nod and smile to show you are engaged.

  • Use hand gestures when appropriate.

  • Place your phone in silent mode.

Giving Your Full Attention

Things like eye contact and posture are just as important for a video interview as it is in person.

  • Remember to look directly at the webcam, instead of your own screen, when you are talking. This will help you to align your eyes with the interviewers. You can look back at the screen when youre listening. Some people find it helpful to put a little sticker beside where the camera is as it helps to give you a focus but please make sure you dont put it over the camera..!
  • Remember to sit upright with your back against a chair and shoulders open. This can help in conveying a positive, upbeat mood.
  • During the interview, it is good to nod and smile where appropriate to show that you are giving the interviewer your full attention.

Tips For Maintaining Good Posture & Eye Contact

Its important to sit up straight during your video interview. Imagine theres a string attached to the top of your head thats pulling you up to the ceiling, and bring your shoulder blades together behind your back. These two tips help correct posture. Good posture projects confidence and inspires confidence that you can do the job well.

Slouching shows a lack of confidence and sends a message that youre disinterested.

Sitting up straight shows interest in the job and respect for interviewers.

Eye contact is an often overlooked aspect of video interviewing. You might think: how can I maintain eye contact with those who are interviewing me when were not in the same room? Heres how.

Think of the camera as the eye of the interviewer. You can watch the screen when the interviewer is speaking, but when answering video interview questions, look directly into the camera lens. Studies have shown that gazing directly in the camera lens can increase focus and memory for those watching the video. Just dont forget to blink and look away occasionally so you dont stare.

65% of interviewers said candidates who failed to make eye contact didnt get the role

Make an effort to look directly into the camera lens when answering questions.

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Maintain Good Eye Contact And Body Language

Its easier for your eyes to wander when the person youre talking to isnt in the room. Maintain virtual eye contact by looking directly into the camera instead of at the screen or at your own photo. Make sure your face is centered and try not to move around too much. Keep good posture, sitting with your back straight, feet on the ground and arms resting in your lap or on the desk.

Applied Fitness Solutions Customer Testimonial

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This testimonial-style interview from Applied Fitness Solutions showcases a small business using interview effectively. The subject, client Susan, is being interviewed on-location at the Applied Fitness Solutions gym as she talks about her experience. The set of the gym informs the interview and adds a lot of authenticity to Susanâs words. Due to the busy visual nature of a gym, the editor has chosen to shoot the background out of focus. This video also utilises layover text to add information like Susanâs name over the interview so the viewer doesnât miss anything vital.

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Signal When Your Answers Are Complete

In the same vein, its helpful for the other person if you signal the end of your answer, especially if its a long one. You can do this through a visual cue like nodding or you can make sure you conclude your answer strongly or ask the interviewer a question. A long silence while your interviewer guesses whether or not youre done can be awkward over video, Eonnet says, whereas in person, its usually clearer that the other person is finished speaking.

Make Any Final Preparations

Just before your interview begins, eliminate any last-minute distractions.

Turn your phone to silent mode, turn off notifications on your computer, close unnecessary windows on your computer screen and make sure all children and/or pets are tended to. If theres anything else in your home that regularly makes noise, like door chimes or alarms, make sure that those are turned off as well.

Have any materials, references or work samples ready to view and share virtually. And it never hurts to have a note-taking application open on your computer or a pen and paper nearby to jot down any questions or information.

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Practice And Tech Set Up

To get used to the technology and the body language of a video interview, its useful to do some practice video calls with friends or family members. Ask them to give you candid feedback about your appearance and eye contact. Run through it a few times until things start to feel natural.

This practice can make all the difference in your interviews. Set aside time in your schedule in the weeks and days leading up to your interviewyoull find your confidence growing as you become more comfortable in front of the camera.

On the day of your interview, review this checklist as youre setting up:

  • Ensure that you wont be interrupted, either by locking the door or by alerting others that you cant be disturbed .

  • Clear the desk space, except for a notepad and pen/pencil for you to take notes.

  • Have a copy of your resume and any other notes ready for you to reference.

  • Set out a glass or bottle of water for yourself.

  • Check that your webcam is working.

  • Check that your audio is working.

  • Close any windows, tabs or applications on your computer that youre not using.

  • Check your internet connection and make sure youre not downloading anything in the background.

  • Set your phone to silent.

  • Check that the background behind you is neutral and free from clutter.

  • Adjust the lights in the room. If things appear dark or dim, you may want to bring in an extra desk lamp to brighten the space.

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Corporate Video Interview Questions To Make Your Video Pop

How To Prepare For Video Interviews

Last Updated on June 29, 2021 by Jeff Feazell

If youre reading a blog post about corporate video interview questions, youre finally making that long-sought corporate video for your company. Congratulations! It has the potential to be inspiring, authentic, and effective. Youll have an repeatable way to introduce prospects to your company and its amazing leadership.

Maybe most miraculously, youve scheduled a sit-down interview with your CEO or some other busy person, and youll be the one asking the questions. But the interview time is rapidly approaching, and you have no idea what youre going to ask!

Dont worry. Use the questions here, and your interview will be productive and fun.

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Make Sure Your Account Is Professional

The first thing that your interviewer will see is your accounts profile photo and username, so ensure both depict you in a professional light. If you already have a personal account on the platform, consider creating a separate account that you can use specifically for interviewing. You could even create a username associated with your profession, for instance, JohnSmithFinance.

How To Prepare For Virtual Interviews

Best practices for virtual interviews include the same methods of preparation as any form of interview.

You should conduct thorough research on the hiring organization be sure you understand its industry, and are aware of its objectives, culture and values.

You should also be familiar with the specifics of the post for which you are applying and prepare for any role-related questions you think you may be asked, as well as rehearsing answers for general competency-based questions.

For a virtual interview, its important to plan your time accordingly and be ready and waiting to join the call.

If the hiring panel has set up the interview, there will likely be a virtual waiting room for you to join before the interview.

You need to log in a few minutes in advance and wait for the meeting host to let you in.

Try to join a few minutes early to ensure you are on time for your interview.

It is the video interview equivalent of being punctual.

It can be tempting to leave it until the last minute since theres no travel involved but, ideally, you should clear your schedule at least an hour beforehand to focus your mind on the task at hand.

Use the time to go over your research notes, reread the job description and remind yourself of your initial application. This should get you fully focused and interview-ready.

An underrated advantage of video interviews over face-to-face interviews is that you can have your pre-interview preparation notes to hand.

Zoom Interviews Top 10 Tips

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Send The Details To The Interviewee

Zoom isnt sending the invitation to your interviewee. The invitation will come from your calendaring app.

In a Google calendar, you just invite them as a guest.

If youre having trouble setting up the calendar, just copy the meeting room ID and email it directly with a link to the Zoom join page.

Note: To get your meeting ID, go to meetings and look at the big blue number at the top.

Choose Your Number Of Cameras

Filming an Interview: How to Make Good Interview Videos

While an interview is easy to complete with a single camera , the addition of a second camera can give you more options. Footage from a second camera, placed in a different position on set, can be used to capture B-roll footage. B-roll footage of alternative angles, hand gestures etc. can be used to add visual variety to your video.

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Live Online Interview Tips

A live video interview is like a face-to-face interview. You’ll have an interviewer or a panel of interviewers ask you questions in real time. It will be on a service like:

  • Skype
  • Google Hangouts
  • Zoom

In a live video interview, if you have any technical problems, let the interviewer know. Dont try to muddle through. Its better to stop and restart than pretend everything is okay.

Start Off With A Digital Handshake

When you interview in person, theres a period where the interview has started, but it hasnt started. You and your interviewer are physically meeting, shaking hands, walking into the room, and sitting down. Even if youre not making small talk, theres still some time to settle in. For a video interview, this isnt always the case, so you need to focus on making an initial connection even more than usual, Eonnet says.

Try a digital handshake, she says. After you say hello, look right into the camera to forge a connection, do a small head nod as if to say yes!, and add a smile, which translates warmth and openness.

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Things To Avoid Doing

Alongside everything you should be doing, there are, of course, some things that you shouldnt do. Here are five key things to avoid:

  • Be too humble or too arrogant As with any interview, you need to strike the right balance between humility and arrogance.

    If you humbly play down all your strengths and achievements, you run the risk of coming across as less skilled and qualified than you actually are. On the other hand, if you play up your strengths and achievements too much especially when not supported by concrete evidence you can come across as arrogant and a bit deluded.

    The key is to support everything with evidence and let that evidence do most of the talking. Saying Im a great leader sounds arrogant on its own because its not backed up by anything. However, saying I led my team through a rough period of low morale and, by doing x and y, got us successfully to the end of the project simply describes something that happened, while also implying that youre a good leader without you even saying so.

  • Turn up looking unprofessional Take the same approach to your appearance as you would for a regular interview, but take the effect of cameras and lighting into account .

    If in doubt, wear a suit or phone the companys HR department for advice. Even if the company is more casual, the general rule is that you should still dress smartly for an interview.

  • Speaking Clearly And Slowly

    Video Interview Tips: What to Wear, How to Prepare, and Example Questions

    A really common problem for anyone whos a bit nervous about speaking whether at an interview, giving a presentation or just talking to someone is going too fast. Nerves can make you rush through what you want to say to get it over and done with. Dont let that happen.

    This is a skill that will take practice. Get friends and family anyone who will listen to practice interviews and presentations with you. Really focus on speaking clearly and slowly.

    This will make you come across as more comfortable, confident and professional.

    Remember to let the interviewer finish speaking before you begin responding as delays in the audio could mean your response is misinterpreted as rude.

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    Set Up A Feedback Process

    Take the opportunity to learn from each interview by asking candidates to complete a feedback survey afterward. Keep the survey simple, and ask general questions about how candidates felt the conversation went, if the software worked well and if there is anything that could be done to improve the video interview experience. Use the information from these surveys to enhance the process as you go.

    Come Up With Questions And Do Your Research

    Doing research helps you gain just enough details about the person youre interviewing to make you intensely curious about the right things. A brief video call pre-interview is a great way to establish a rapport and get a sense of how the person may be on camera.

    For example, video production company Concurrent Productions asks specific pre-interview questions like:

    • Have you ever been on camera before? What was the experience like for you?
    • Is there anything you want me to be sure I ask you?
    • What excites or interests you most about this subject? What compelled you to do this interview?
    • Do you have any questions for me?

    Even if you dont think youll use the footage, finding out whats important to your interviewee will help them get it off their mind so you can steer the conversation forward. It will also give you a place to start where they feel comfortable and excited to engage.

    Youre going to get better results if you dont share the questions with your interviewee ahead of time. Shared questions are likely to be rehearsed and will feel stiff. Sometimes this is unavoidable and you cant violate it. In that case, ask the first few questions on your pre-approved list, then simply change the order of the questions.

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    What To Do At The End Of Your Interview

    At the end of an interview, its not uncommon for interviewers to ask if you have any questions for them. Be prepared for a few questions of your own. For example, you might ask for specifics about a typical work day or about next steps in the hiring process.

    Once theyve answered your questions, politely thank the interviewer for their time and consideration. Later you might also consider sending those who interviewed you an additional note of thanks via email. This shows youre still interested in the position and keeps you top of mind, but dont be too pushy with your follow-ups. Allow the hiring team to arrive at a decision in their own time.

    The Importance Of Audio

    7 Tips for Crafting a Compelling, Yet Informative ...

    If your video doesnt turn out well, you can usually cover it up with b-roll footage. If audio isnt captured clearly though, theres not much that can be done to save it. We explain common microphone types, recording techniques, and what to do when you just cant get rid of a background noise.

    As an additional learning tool, we include five bonus videos to help you better understand certain topics we are discussing. Here is one example:

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    Video Interview Tips: How To Prepare

    Preparing for a job interview can be nerve-wracking enough on its own, but having to do an interview online poses an additional set of challenges.

    I spoke with Brie Reynolds, Career Development Manager at FlexJobs, to get some tips on getting ready for a virtual interview. In this article, well look at seven ways to ace your video interview from home as well as what to do if things go wrong.

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