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Medical Device Sales Interview Questions

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Questions To Ask A Hiring Manager In The Interview

Medical Device Sales Interview Questions with Answer Examples

An interview is like speed dating in some ways. You have an average of 40 minutes to decide whether or not the company you are interviewing with is right for you.

In medical sales, representatives have a lot to consider before they accept a new job. Is the compensation structure right? Will the culture be a good fit? How much autonomy does the job offer? These are a few of many questions you need to ask yourself before accepting a new job in medical sales.

It can be difficult to predict whether or not a company will be a good fit before you are hired, but the interview affords you a unique opportunity to get some clarity. Make the interview a two-way street rather than limiting yourself to responding to questions, ask some of your own. Here are a few to get you started:

How Could You Get Our Products In Front Of Clinicians Who Are Too Busy For A Call

This medical rep job interview answer is a bit tricky as youd need to focus on those who have contact with the doctor instead. In that case, you could try working with the staff and nurses. Send product brochures and information via email and drop them off at the clinic in person. You might even be able to catch valuable leads at professional events.

Do You Believe Its Important To Know When To Stop Pursuing A Customer If So When Do You Stop

Of course, you need inside sales reps who are determined. However, not knowing when to stop pursuing a sale is a major downfall for reps and their companies. It leads to high costs in wasted time and resources.

Your top candidates will say, Yes to the initial part of this question. Theyll be able to then identify the exact customer signs that indicate its time to stop, or the length of time they spend with a customer before ending the pursuit.

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To Get A Job In Medical Sales Interview Preparation Is Key

Interviewing for a job in medical sales takes preparation. The importance of preparing for your next job interview cannot be stressed enough. Many candidates go to job interviews and dont spend time an adequate amount of time preparing for the job interview.

Maybe its because they are not sure they even want the job. But, what if during the interview process they learn something that changes their mind. Now they want the job. Well, they may have missed the boat by not putting their best foot forward to the employer on the first interview. Dont miss the boatuse the Sales Interview Preparation checklist below to organize your thoughts.

Tough Interview Questions To Prepare For In Your Next Pharmaceutical Sales Interview

Medical sales representative interview questions

Posted May 12th, 2017

Sales is a tough field, so its not surprising that hiring managers often ask sales candidates tough questions. Heres how to prepare for eight of the toughest interview questions pharmaceutical sales candidates face, so you can stand out from the crowd for all the right reasons.

  • Why do you want to work in sales? The hiring manager can already guess you enjoy sales, so leave this out of your answer. Instead, think about what first attracted you to sales. Then ask, Why am I still here? Connect these two points to show how working in sales relates to your identity or personal qualitieshow its more than just a paycheck.
  • Whats your sales strategy? Another way this question is often phrased is What will you do to develop leads, appointments and sales? Create a brief outline of your methods. You may want to include a specific example of how one or more of the outline points worked well in the past.
  • Whats your sales process? Youve landed an appointment. Describe what you do from start to finish. While your presentation skills matter, they dont close the deal. Talk about how you build rapport with a decision maker and how you move business along.
  • When have you failed? Tell me about a deal you lost. What the interviewer really wants to know is how you learn from failures and setbacks. Choose a specific example and talk about what it taught you.
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    How Would You Describe Your Management Style

    Again, the interviewers tone and body language will tell you more than their words with this question, so pay close attention. And though the answer may not be subjective, how managers describe themselves can reveal quite a bit about how humble or arrogant they are and how easy or difficult they may be to work with.

    What Questions To Ask In A Job Interview

    4. What Are The Characteristics Of A Top Performing Medical Sales Rep?

    In terms of medical device interview questions and answers, this is a great question to ask. Not only will it tell you what you need to do to be successful, but it also suggests what the manager will be looking for during future performance reviews. The question is somewhat cliché, so the manger will probably be expecting it. But it is still a solid question to ask.

    6. What Is The Compensation Structure?

    The compensation structure differs between companies, so it is important to ask about it during your medical device interview. Some structures offer very low base salaries, like many capital equipment roles, but offer high compensation for commissions. Other companies have a more reasonable base salary, say 100k, but will pay you less in commission. The former structure offers less stability, but more reward. While the latter offers more month-to-month paycheck stability, but less potential upside during the good years.

    It is important to understand these differences going into the interview process. Jobs in which a large part of the pay is commission or variable compensation can be tough mentally and in terms of financial stability. But then there is also the potential for significant upside! In terms of medical device interview questions, do not hesitate to ask about compensation.

    5. How Are High Performers Rewarded?

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    Sample Job Description #3

    The Medical Device Sales Representative will be responsible for supporting customer products, while maintaining and growing customer relationships. The position requires someone with a strong business acumen that can work in a team environment. Representatives will be working with a call list provided by the client to meet with physicians and provide education, identify key referral networks and determine where therapies can assist in providing a comprehensive healthcare solution.

    How Are Top Performers Rewarded

    Medical Device Sales Interview Process

    Assuming you plan to be a top performer, of course, you want to know what medical sales job perks you will receive. But this question is about more than that sure youd like to know about reward vacations or cash bonuses but this is also the time to simply find out how they rank and measure reps and get a feel for how intense the pressure is.

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    Other Questions You May Face In Your Pharmaceutical Sales Job Interview

    • What do you consider your greatest strength, and your biggest weakness, as a sales representative?
    • How would you look for new prospects?
    • Tell us about an obstacle you overcame.
    • How do you feel about making cold calls and cold visits? Do you have any experience with them?
    • Explain how do you deal with rejection.
    • What are your expectations on members of a marketing department, and on other people from the company?
    • Why do you want to work for us, and not for one of our competitors in pharma business?
    • Do you have any strategies when it comes to influencing targeted group of of customers to make the right decisionsin our favor?
    • In your opinion, how important is research in this work?
    • Sell me this pen .
    • Describe a time when you used persuasion to successfully convince someone.
    • Why should we hire you, and not one of the other job applicants?

    Medical Director Interview Questions And Answers

    What skills and qualities do you consider critical to the role of a medical director?

    Medical directors must possess some essential technical and soft skills to perform efficiently. The goal is to assess a candidate’s understanding of the skills needed for the role. You can also determine whether they possess such skills. What to look for in a successful answer:

    • Knowledge of procedures and policies in health centre management
    • Interpersonal and conflict management skills
    • Willingness to learn


    “I understand that a medical director must have exceptional time management and interpersonal skills, including the ability to manage conflict. They must also understand the relevant procedures and policies involved in the management of a health centre. Beyond this, they must be ready to stay updated about changing policies to ensure continuous productivity and delivery of quality healthcare services.”

    Working as a medical director is time-consuming. How do you balance personal needs with your professional schedule?

    The goal of this question is to assess a candidate’s ability to balance work requirements with their personal needs. You can also evaluate a candidate’s experience managing busy work schedules in a medical facility. What to look for in a successful answer:

    • Time management skills
    • Experience performing within tight schedules


    Describe a time when you had to manage a situation and prevent a crisis within a medical setting.


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    Explain The Steps You Take From The Beginning Of The Sales Process To The End

    This question allows you to see a candidates entire sales process. It shows how well they understand the ins and outs of the process. It also identifies how they communicate and remain organized.

    You need to ensure they can do two things:

    • Explain their process clearly and confidently
    • Organize their thoughts and discuss every step of the process, including researching, prospecting, connecting, evaluating, presenting, and closing

    Medical Device Sales Experience

    Medical Device Interview Questions And Answers Part #2

    Questions related to experience and qualifications for medical sales:

    • What type of medical devices/products have you sold? Surgical tools, physical contact with the patient devices or any other instruments etc.
    • What is your technical knowledge on these devices?
    • How do you research a product or a device?
    • Have you taken any classes on Life Sciences, Biology or Chemistry?
    • To which target institutes have you sold medical products?
    • What is your proven record of accomplishment in medical device sales?

    Answering the above medial sales interview questions:Review your employment history on your own or with a colleague. Before the interview, consider all of these questions. Think about your career and speak about the highlights, and any unusual situations. List them, and review them. Plan your responses based on this self-research. Additionally, bring any paperwork related to your responses. If you have sales brochures, or any reports you have created, offer copies to the interviewer.

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    Example : To Demonstrate Your Passion And Interest In The Medical Sales Industry:

    “I have always had an innate passion for the medical industry for as long as I can remember. In high school, I volunteered at the local hospital and worked closely with medical professionals. I was always intrigued by the doctor’s and nursing staff’s ability to quickly choose the best medications to treat someone’s symptoms. In college, I learned more about pharmaceuticals and how new prescriptions are developed.

    In this, I also learned about the marketing and sales processes of bringing new medications to the market. I’m passionate with the latest developments in this industry and I look forward to being at the front of new products.”

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    How Do You Avoid The Theyre Busy Come Back Another Time Turn Down

    No matter the product category, every medical sales rep has heard this response. But there are a few who have their tips and tricks to avoid frequent turn downs. Do they first nurture relationships with the staff? Do they schedule weeks in advance and call that day to reconfirm? Do they meet outside of the healthcare facility when possible?

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    What To Expect For The Stryker Gallup Interview

    Here are the basics of what to expect for this phase of the interview:

    • The Gallup Test is Pass or Fail
    • Phone interview with a live administrator hired by Gallup Organization
    • Rapid fire of 50-75 questions to be answered within 1 hour
    • Failure to answer the questions within the designated time frame will result in a failure

    Give An Example Of A Reason Youd Cut Ties With A Customer

    Questions You Should Ask: Medical Device Interview

    Not every customer is the right fit. Unfortunately, some medical sales reps struggle to let go. They end up chasing hopeless possibilities, rather than nurturing high-potential leads.

    Listen for strategic reasons, such as theyre unresponsive to communication, theyve made multiple attempts to close a sale with no genuine response or interest, or the customer misuses the product after various suggestions.

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    Example : To Highlight Your Passion For Working And Helping People In Pharmaceuticals:

    “I have always known that I wanted a career in helping people. It wasn’t until I worked in retail that I learned that this would be in sales. I found that my biggest enjoyment in this position was helping customers find the right product. I found that by developing real connections with people and listening to them, that I could not only make a sale but also help them in the process.

    I truly enjoy helping others and I look forward to applying this to a medical sales position. I also look forward to identifying additional ways that I can provide assistance and help others in my position”

    Additional Sales Interview Preparation Tips

    • Write down some well-thought-out questions before each job interview.
    • Think about your answers to the following questions:
    • Tell me about yourself.
    • Why do you want to work for this company?
    • What is your greatest accomplishment?
    • Why are you interested in leaving your position?
    • Why should we hire you?
    • What are your greatest strengths? What are your weaknesses?
  • Learn how to sell your abilities to an employer. If you need help with answers to the most frequently asked interview questions or selling your abilities to an employer during a job interview, read Interview with Desire and Get Hired.
  • For in-person interviews, print off several copies of your resume on quality stock paper.
  • Remember to ask for the job.
  • Be patient. Its important to be patient. Patience is a virtue that many of us simply lack. We all have needs, wants, and desires. When things dont go as planned, we become frustrated. Frustration leads to further impatience, so the issue compounds itself. Organized people like to complete tasks. Finding a job has so many outside variables beyond our control, and dealing with that aspect is hard. You will garner success by systematically approaching your employment search, but it still takes time. Time is of the essence for many, and were hoping you have collected some pearls along the way to help you land your dream job.
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    How Would You Describe The Corporate Culture

    Most field sales reps arent particularly worried about the climate at the corporate office, but the overall corporate culture is set from the top and can definitely be felt in the decisions handed down to mid-level management. Use this question to start a dialogue and watch for answers in the interviewers tone and body language more than in their words.

    How Would You Describe Your Company Culture

    Medical Device Interview Process

    It is critical the companys culture is a good fit. The management style and atmosphere of any workplace will have an effect on your life there.

    When your interviewer responds, be sure to listen to the tone of their voice and watch their body language. If the culture is unhealthy, youll be able to tell. If the interviewer is passionate and excited about the environment, its a good indication you will be as well. They should be able to provide you with clear examples of the things they love best about the company.

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    How To Use A Portfolio In Your Interview

    Interviewers are not interested in reviewing an entire binder worth of data. However, having a concise portfolio to use as a visual aid and proof of sales while you tell your story can be highly effective. Dont assume that your sales track record will speak for itself. Bring your portfolio to highlight specifically how and why you successfully make sales. It shows organization and proof of source when used correctly in the interview.

    Do You Prefer To Get A Fixed Salary Or Be Paid On A Commission Basis

    Best salesmen prefer commission basis. But you are likely just starting, unsure about your future success, and it would be risky to be paid solely on commission basis.

    Say that you prefer a combination of the twoa basic salary, something like a plateau that will keep your head above the water during low periods, and of course a commission from every sales you makebecause you plan to make BIG sales for your employer

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    How To Prepare For The Stryker Gallup Interview

    It can be difficult to prepare for the Gallup Personality Test. The best way to prepare for the interview is by getting acquainted with the types of questions that will be asked and then preparing support examples. Once you understand the types of questions that will be asked, the process is straightforward.

    Start by reviewing the example questions below and outlining succinct answers. The Breaking Into Device All-In Course provides you with immediate access to additional behavioral and personality test practice questions. Most of our students pass the interview.

    In addition, we recommend that our students that prior to completing the Gallup Interview, that they take the CliftonStrengths Online Assessment. The CliftonStrengths assessment is a valuable tool to help uncover your strengths and weaknesses. This assessment is owned by Gallup the same organization that administers the Gallup Test. Taking this assessment before the interview will give you a competitive edge in understanding the mechanics of a personality test and will provide you with a concrete baseline of your skills going into the interview.

    Sample question in the CliftonStrengths Assessment

    Sample output of the CliftonStrengths Assessment

    The best way to prepare is by reviewing the sample questions and preparing thoughtful answers that are conducive to what Stryker looks for in a sales representative. It is important to have examples readily available when completing the assessment.

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