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What Questions To Ask In An Administrative Assistant Interview

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What Interested You About This Particular Role

Top 5 Administrative (Admin) Assistant Interview Questions and Answers

Next up you should also expect to be asked why the job caught your attention or why you chose to apply. Saying, Im unemployed and just need a job is NOT good enough. So have a specific reason or two why you chose to apply, based on the job description.

They might also ask, why do you want this job? which is the same idea but even more direct. So prepare for that, too.

More Executive Assistant Interview Questions

Here are additional executive assistant interview questions you might face during a meeting with the hiring manager:

  • What software programs have you used in the past? Which ones would you deem essential for your success?
  • Can you describe a time when you had to make scheduling adjustments after an unforeseen circumstance arose?
  • How do you make sure that you can properly anticipate an executives needs?
  • How would you describe your primary duty as an executive assistant?
  • Can you tell me about a time when you made a scheduling mistake? How did you handle it?
  • Do you have previous experience supporting more than one executive at a time?
  • How would you handle it if you were given two sets of conflicting directions from two executives?
  • Can you describe your previous reporting experience?
  • Describe your prior experience booking domestic travel. What about international travel?
  • Think about a time when you had to work on a challenging project with a group. How did you proceed? What role did you play? What was the outcome?
  • If you needed to set up a meeting quickly and the conference room you needed was booked, how would you proceed?
  • How do you respond to constructive criticism?
  • If you were given a project that becomes overwhelming, how would you handle the situation?
  • Describe a time when you and a colleague did not see eye-to-eye on a project you were working on together? How did you get past your differences? Was the project a success?
  • What weakness holds you back the most at work? Why?
  • Sample Interview Questions For Hiring An Administrative Assistant

    At many companies, the administrative assistant often wears more hats than a hat rack.

    Theyre experts in office software and online research they track and organize your projects, handle your scheduling, and diplomatically represent you at all levels of the corporate hierarchy.

    And maybe most importantly, they like you well enough to work shoulder-to-shoulder with you all day.

    Knowing how to interview administrative assistant candidates will increase your ability to find the perfect assistant for yourself and your organization. Try these interviewing tips to learn how to interview administrative assistant job seekers for both technical and interpersonal skills. Begin by knowing yourself and the demands of the position then ask questions that focus on the hard and soft skills needed to do the job:

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    What Kind Of Information Should Be Included In An Employee Handbook

    Human resource teams are responsible for developing and issuing employee handbooks, and the interviewer likely wants to know how you provide important information, policies and procedures within a central document. Use your answer to highlight your collaboration and communication skills by giving examples of how you assisted the development of a handbook or similar HR documents.

    Example:“In my last job, I helped my HR manager develop and maintain our employee handbook. The most important information I learned about that should always be available to employees included company policies and regulations, employer and employee expectations, employee rights and the company’s legal obligations to staff. We went a step further and included a ‘Resources’ page within the handbook that provided government and human resource websites, contact information and procedures for communicating with the HR department.”

    Q2 Describe A Situation When You Had To Plan And Organize Multiple Tasks Admin Assistant Interview

    15 top administrative assistant interview questions and ...
    • Give a specific example of when you managed multiple tasks.
    • Use Situation, Task, Action and Result.
    • Try to add a time element to the situation.

    In my previous job, I had a situation one day where the Managing Director required multiple tasks to be completed within a very short time frame. A situation occurred whereby a key member of staff was off sick, so somebody needed to step up and get the work done in super-fast time. The tasks involved: Organising an important meeting for the following day Taking notes and recording minutes for another meeting that afternoon Collating sales data for the next days meeting and briefing my Managing Director. I set about creating a plan for each task based on the priority and importance. The following days meeting was organized first of all. I booked the meeting room, sent out invitations and created the meeting agenda.

    Try to add a time element to the situation

    I then planned for the meeting that afternoon by reading the meeting notes from the previous meeting to make sure I was fully briefed and aware of the action points and agenda.

    Following the meeting, I wrote up my notes before starting work on the collation of sales data. It became apparent that I would not finish the collation of data in time for 5pm, so I briefed my manager that I would stay late and send over the figures as soon as they were ready.

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    How Do You Feel The Administrative Assistant Role Has Changed Or Will Change In The Future

    Indicate to employers that you can see the bigger picture and anticipate changes. Then, show them that you can and already have adapted to that change through your skillset or work history.

    • While some think that administrative assistants will be replaced by technology, I would actually argue that they will be enhanced by technology. Technology on its own cant accomplish everything, the people behind it are what make it effective. If administrative assistants can adapt to new technological advancements it will only help them better support their teammates and executives. Thats why I focused on developing my Microsoft Outlook and Excel skills in past positions.

    Be Prepared To Discuss Software Programs

    Since many administrative assistant positions require frequent use of specific software, you may have to discuss the various programs youve worked with, how you have used these programs, and your level of expertise.

    I love using technology and learning about new programs. I also have a knack for teaching co-workers who might not be so savvy about using systems. In my last job at Kent Associates, I volunteered to review project management systems for the team of professionals I supported. My boss approved my recommendation and we brought in a web-based system, Asana, that helps us to track projects and share information on a web platform.

    I am the go-to person in the office for PowerPoint slides and enjoy helping our sales people to wow customers with their presentations. I am also an advanced user of Excel and create complex macros to prepare budget projections for project proposals.

    Your answers will be more impressive if you provide specific anecdotes that exemplify your command of administrative tools and processes.

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    Take A Hard Look At Your Soft Skills

    Weve covered soft skills before on this blog here. Make sure you go over this list and really focus in on the soft skills the job requires and how they match up to the soft skills you have. Being technically proficient on your hard skills as an administrative assistant is only half the job. Having a solid grasp of the soft skills you need for the position youre interviewing for and showcasing them in your cover letter, resume and interview will help turn you from job seeker to employed!

    Questions To Ask In An Administrative Assistant Interview

    Interview Questions for Executive Assistants to Ask the Executive

    Along with the questions weve covered for administrative assistants, you should also expect to be given an opportunity to ask questions of your own. Here are good questions you can ask:

    • What are you hoping a new person can bring to this role?
    • Has anyone failed in this position, and why?
    • What does a typical day look like?
    • Can you show me examples of projects that I would be working on?
    • How much interaction with clients or customers will I have?
    • What abilities are most important for a new person in this job?
    • What would success look like in the first three months in this role?
    • What are the biggest challenges for a new person in this role?
    • What have people in this job gone on to do in the company?
    • When can I expect to hear feedback about next steps in the hiring process?
    • When do you expect to make a hiring decision?

    For a list of further questions to ask employers, read this article.

    And if youre speaking with a recruiter, here are 9 good questions to ask recruiters.

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    What Excites You Most About Being An Administrative Assistant

    Working in a role you enjoy makes you more productive. Interviewers prefer a candidate who can show that they genuinely enjoy the duties and responsibilities of the position. In your answer, mention what you love about working as an administrative assistant.

    Example:One of the most enjoyable aspects of being an administrative assistant is the ability to collaborate with others. From the chief executive to the janitor, they all come to you for help on various issues in the office.”

    What Is An Administrative Assistant

    An administrative assistant is responsible for providing support to other employees and guests at a company. They perform clerical and organizational tasks to ensure that interactions between professionals within the organization are effective and things are running smoothly. This means that everyone in the team can focus on their major tasks and be productive.

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    Why Do You Feel You Are The Most Suited For This Role

    Administrative assistants play a significant function in the organization. Share how you anticipate contributing to or assisting your employers success to demonstrate that you can make a huge difference. Administrative assistants have a wide range of responsibilities, and employers value their ability to contribute to a team of workers. In your response, show the interviewer how you intend to support the companys development and growth.

    Sample Answer

    Administrative activities such as keeping schedules organized, assisting with data entry chores, and engaging with clients are prioritized and valued by me. Ive always been enthusiastic about assisting others in staying organized and providing financial assistance. As a result, I believe I would be a good fit for the position of administrative assistant.

    Describe A Time When You Failed In This Role And The Lesson You Learnt

    Executive Assistant Interview Questions

    This question may be the most significant factor in winning the job, but it all relies on your story and how it makes the recruiter feel. The interviewer can tell if you are a growth-oriented person or if you struggle with obstacles based on your response.

    Sample Answer

    My present position is processing insurance claims for our client. In one case, I made an unintentional error about the clients information, and the company faced a lot of criticism as a result. Our team suffered as a result of the error, which was alarming. I was keen not to make the same mistake twice, so I talked to my boss about work tactics I might use to avoid making the same mistake again. I havent made any more task errors since then, and Im much better at keeping track of my work.

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    Do You Have Any Queries About The Post Of Administrative Assistant

    Use this question to your advantage if it comes up during your interview. As the interviewer evaluates your fit for the firm, ask questions that will assist you determine if the company is a good fit for you. Consider the following questions you could ask the interviewer in response to them.

    Sample Answer

    What more can you tell me about the administrative assistants daily work and responsibilities? What do you want from your administrative team? What criteria do you use to evaluate your accomplishments and success? Why did the companys previous administrative assistant leave? Is there any ongoing training or professional development that the organization offers to help me improve my administrative skills?

    What Duties And Responsibilities Do You Expect In This Role

    An administrative assistant plays an essential role in the office environment. This question tests your knowledge of the key duties and responsibilities of the position. The question also assesses whether you’re dedicated to your work and ready to take on these tasks. In your answer, outline the most prominent duties and responsibilities, and highlight your ability to complete them.

    Example:As an administrative assistant, I play an important role in the office by supporting my colleagues in achieving their objectives. I expect to use my organizational skills to support others and maintain a functional office environment. I’m also familiar with routine tasks such as filing, managing schedules, and stocking office supplies.

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    Example Hr Assistant Interview Questions And Answers

    Human resource assistants are responsible for a wide variety of daily tasks, including organizing file systems, handling sensitive employee documents and maintaining a safe and efficient work environment. If you’re preparing for a human resource assistant interview, you’ll need to show the interviewer that you have the skills necessary to be successful in the role.

    Additionally, it can be helpful to practice your responses to some common HR assistant interview questions to help you prepare in advance. In this article, we discuss several types of interview questions to expect, with example HR assistant interview questions and answers to help you get ready.

    Recap: How To Prepare For An Administrative Assistant Interview

    Administrative assistant interview questions to ask

    You should now know what to expect in an admin interview. If you follow the tips above, youll be well-equipped to land your next administrative position.

    To recap, make sure you do ALL of the following:

    First, make sure to study the job description and know about their job before going in.

    Next, make sure to practice all of the administrative assistant interview questions we looked at so you sound confident when answering. This is especially important for the behavioral questions we covered because youll need to be ready to name specific situations and scenarios, and walk the interviewer through detailed stories of what happened.

    And as a final step dress for success, practice your handshake, and arrive 5-10 minutes early so that youre not stressed at the beginning of your interview.

    We didnt cover these last minor steps in-depth, so if you need more help with general preparation steps, we have a complete interview preparation checklist.

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    Have You Ever Had To Juggle Multiple Supervisors As An Administrative Assistant If So How Did You Handle It

    Administrative assistants dont always have just one boss or supervisor. Often times, administrative assistants need to support multiple executives or team leaders that are each in superior positions. Its important that administrative assistants can handle direction from multiple parties without sacrificing productivity.

    • Yes, I have. I was the executive assistant for three members of our executive team. To keep up with delegated tasks and give each executive ample support, I dedicated portions of my workday to each person. This ensured that each executive felt cared for everyday. However, if a priority task did come up, I would address it promptly so deadlines were met.

    What Do You Enjoy Most About Being An Administrative Assistant

    Interviewers ask this question to find out what you like about being an administrative assistant and how much you enjoy the work that you do. People who enjoy their jobs are typically more efficient and productive in the office. When answering this question, mention one or two things that you most enjoy about being an administrative assistant and use previous experiences to back up your answer.

    Example:‘What I enjoy the most about being an administrative assistant is knowing everything that goes on in the office and being the key person to ensure everything runs smoothly. In my previous role, I always really enjoyed helping my team to plan big events and meetings.’

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    Why Would You Succeed In This Position

    Next, the employer is likely to ask a question or two about why youre confident youd do well in the role.

    They might ask very directly, like, Why should I hire you? or they may phrase it differently.

    Be confident and answer directly. This isnt the time to be shy or humble. Your answer should sound like this:

    You should hire me because I have a background in ___ and ___ and have been doing this for X years. In my last job, I accomplished ___, and based on your job description, it sounds like you need similar work here. Thats why Im confident I can succeed in this role.

    Preparing For The Interview

    Top 10 senior administrative assistant interview questions ...

    One of the ways to prepare is to analyze the job description to try to get a sense of whether there is a particular skill set on which the position focuses.

    For example, is there an emphasis on travel planning, project coordination, day-to-day meeting scheduling, personal assistance, or anything else?

    Be sure to emphasize your most relevant experience when answering job-specific interview questions.

    Make a list of the skills mentioned in the job posting, and feel free to add some others that you think would be applicable as well. Then take a look at your own administrative and office skills, and match your qualifications to the job.

    This will help you tailor your answers in the most relevant way to the specific position.

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