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Interview Questions For Api Developer

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School Of Basics | What is an API | API testing interview questions

It is actually an approach that always makes sure of properly creating an API which is necessary to get error-free results. In addition to this, it is also necessary that APIs run in a reliable manner and can be managed securely. For all this, IBM API can simply be trusted. It is actually one of the best API lifecycle management solutions that are widely trusted.

Why Is Api Management Important

APIs expose an organization’s digital assets, making corporate data available through applications. Additionally, companies use APIs to add digital layers to interactions with their customers, employees and partners. As such, API management is important because it lets enterprises and developers scale, analyze, secure, govern and monetize these API programs.

A key element of API management is API security, which is required to protect APIs against threats and unauthorized access. However, API security entails more than authenticating and authorizing user access to the API. Organizations must establish standards and policies to protect critical corporate data and make certain that it’s not compromised or leaked. Companies can use API management platforms to define standardized sets of policies to protect APIs. They can also use API management to manage and stop traffic to back-end systems.

What Is The Budget Of The Project

The key to successful software development, or API development, is avoiding the pitfalls that hinder successful development. One of the ways you can avoid these stumbling blocks is budget planning. It is a crucial step that allows you to estimate the cost of completing each project activity over different project phases.

Consequently, enabling you to accurately set expenditure expectations and ensure that the investment of time and effort results in success. Precise budgeting assists API developers in figuring out the project variable and translating them into budget-driven deliverables. It also helps in outlining workflows that are aligned with the available resources.

So, when you’re seeking API developers for hire to be a part of your development team, you must curate a proper project budget. The trick to optimizing the development processes is to prevent overspending while maintaining quality.

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What Is A Uri

Answer: URI stands for uniform resource identifier. In REST, a URI is a string that identifies a resource on a web server. Each resource has its own unique URI which, when included in an HTTP request, allows clients to target that resource and perform actions on it. The process of targeting a resource with its URI is called addressing.

The format of a URI is as follows:

< protocol> ://< service-name> /< ResourceType> /< ResourceID> 

What Is The Best Approach Method To Perform Api Testing

Top 25+ Web Developer Interview Questions and Answers

The following factors should be considered when performing API testing:

  • Defining the correct input parameters
  • Verifying the calls of the mixture of two or more added value parameters
  • Defining the basic functionality and scope of the API program
  • Writing appropriate API test cases and making use of testing techniques such as equivalence class, boundary value, etc. to check the operability
  • Testing case execution
  • Comparing the test result with the expected result
  • Verifying the API behavior under conditions such as connection to files and so on.

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What Are Some Tools Used To Develop And Test Rest Apis

Want some help? guide to answering questions about APIs in system design interviews

The tools used to develop REST APIs depend on the language used to develop the API. Different tools exist depending on whether the language is Java, Node.JS, Python etc.

In the case of Node.JS, frameworks such as Express are commonly used, though there are countless options including Nest and Fastify.

With Java, some of the most used development tools for making REST APIs are Spring, and Jersey API.

In the world of Python, there are several tools for developing REST APIs. These include FastAPI, Django REST Framework, and Flask.

In terms of testing, there are a few commonly used tools: Postman is widely recognized for its ability to test REST APIs in professional software development environments. It’s used to ensure resources are being delivered and each facet of a REST API is performing as designed.

Alternatives to Postman include Insomnia, which some consider easier to work with and more developer friendly,and SOAP UI, which allows for testing of both REST APIs and SOAP APIs.

What Are Some Benefits Of Rest

Answer: REST is by far the most common method for building web APIs. Here are some reasons why:

  • REST is based around HTTP and fits within the existing infrastructure of the web, making it easy to implement by web applications.
  • REST uses simple web technologies like XML and JSON, making it easy to learn.
  • Because REST communications are stateless, the client and server are decoupled. This means that integrations are scalable and easy to build and manage over time.
  • The REST architecture is flexible enough to adapt to a huge variety of use cases.
  • REST is a lightweight architecture. Applications built with REST are generally faster than those built with other types of APIs.
  • REST is easy to test in the browser with an API testing tool.

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What To Look For In Senior Software Developers

A job advert for a senior software developer is likely to expect candidates to have already developed high-quality software that was aligned with user needs and business goals.

As a result, the right senior software engineer will need to have hands-on experience in software development and Agile methodologies, as well as detailed knowledge of one or more technologies.

A lead developer will also have experience working with at least some of the following: Javascript, JSON, XML, REST, NoSQL Database(MongoDB, MVC frameworks, Design Patterns, JQuery.

Additionally, a Senior software developer can be expected to:

  • Work independently with little supervision
  • Have excellent organizational and problem-solving skills
  • Have an analytical mind with an aptitude for problem-solving
  • Take the lead on operational and technical projects
  • Demonstrate the ability to create and maintain relevant processes
  • Be able to work with upper management to define software requirements
  • Manage project timelines and priorities
  • Convert business requirements into technical specifications
  • Identify, prioritize and execute tasks in the software development life cycle
  • Collaborate with internal teams and vendors to fix and improve products

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Explain What Is Meant By Restful Root Resource Classes In The Jax

Web Developer Interview Questions and Answers 2022

JAX-RS API is specifications as well as a set of classes and interfaces offered by Java Enterprise Edition. Developing java web services according to REST architectural style becomes simpler with the help of JAX-RS.

Root Resource Classes in JAX-RS API are just plain old java objects or POJO. They use JAX-RS annotations to implement corresponding web resources. They are either annotated with @path, or at least one of their methods is annotated with @path. In simple words, they are java classes that have methods to handle the API endpoints.

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What Are The Overall Advantages And Disadvantages Of Restful Web Services


  • REST is easy to learn with its use of HTTP and HTTP Methods
  • REST allows for a wide range of data transfers such as JSON, XML, MIME
  • Statelessness can allow for a simpler Client experience
  • Responses are Cacheable, lowering bandwidth for Clients
  • A wide ecosystem exist for its testing and development such as Postman
  • REST APIs are scalable in nature due to the independence of Client and Server
  • REST APIs can be used on the client-side by Web-apps, IOS apps, and most other client tech stacks due to the simple HTTP Request format and their lack of being tied to a client-side technology


  • Sesssions are not possible to maintain because of Statelessness
  • REST lacks built-in secuirty measures in its architecture, security measures should be implemented when developing REST APIs
  • REST APIs need to be versioned and allow for backwards compatibiity when updated, typically done using 300 status codes.
  • Consistency in URIs may become increasingly difficult to maintain for complex projects

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What Are The Core Components Of An Http Request

An HTTP request contains five key elements:

  • An action showing HTTP methods like GET, PUT, POST, DELETE.
  • Uniform Resource Identifier , which is the identifier for the resource on the server.
  • HTTP Version, which indicates HTTP version, for example-HTTP v1.1.
  • Request Header, which carries metadata for the HTTP Request message. Metadata could be a client type, format supported by the client, format of a message body format, cache settings, and so on.
  • Request Body, which indicates the message content or resource representation.
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    Q14 What Do You Mean By The Term Bug Management

    Bug management is an important module in product lifecycle management. Its aim is to simply eliminate the bugs up to a good extent and the fact is its easy to maintain all the general standards with this approach. A bug is basically a small error in the software or an application that can affect its functionality.

    Q9 Is There Any Difference Between Api And Web Services

    Java Application Support Interview Questions And Answers

    Ans: API goes about as an interface between two unique applications so they can communicate with one another. An API isn’t really web-based. The programming interface may utilize any methods for correspondence to start cooperation between applications.

    Web service encourages connections between two machines over a network. It additionally utilizes SOAP, REST, and XML-RPC as methods for correspondence.

    All Web services are APIs yet all APIs are not Web services.

    A Web service utilizes just three styles of utilization: SOAP, REST, and XML-RPC for communication though API may utilize any style for communication.

    Web service in every case needs a system for its activity through an API needn’t bother with a system for its activity.

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    Whats The Difference Between Put And Post Methods

    This question can stump some developers. Being able to explain this will help you stand out as someone who actually knows what theyre talking about.

    Here are the differences between PUT and POST:


    • POST responses can be cacheable, provided proper cache-control header
    • Requests payload is processed by the web server based on target resource

    Understanding idempotency: An example of an idempotent operation would be the operation of multiplying a number by one. No matter how many times you multiply five by one, youll get the same result.

    Most Common Web Api Testing Interview Questions

    Here we go.

    Q #1) What is API Testing?

    Answer: API is a collection of routines, tools, protocols that together are required for building the software application. Any system software or application software which consists of multiple APIs can perform Application Programming Interface testing.

    This form of testing includes interaction between various or says multiple APIs as well as the interaction between API and application program. The procedure mainly includes making API calls using software and observing system response after receiving the output.

    Q #2) Enlist some common tests that are performed on APIs.

    Answer: There can be multiple reasons for performing API testing.

    Let us see some common test examples, where this form of testing is used to verify:

    • Any data structure updated by API which requires proper validation.
    • Input condition-based return values.
    • The return values can also be null or wrong results.
    • Modification of some resources like an update of the database, process killing, etc.

    Q #3) What is the API test environment?

    Answer: Setting up a test environment of API is a complex method where the configuration of the server and database is done as per the requirement of the software application. Graphical User Interface is not available in this form of testing.

    After installation, API is verified for its proper functioning. In this process initial environment that invokes API is being set up with a defined set of parameters so that test results can be examined.

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    What Is The Difference Between Rest And Soap

    Answer:REST and SOAP are two different approaches to building APIs. Here are the key differences between them:

    • SOAP is a strict protocol for building secure APIs. REST is not a protocol it is an architectural style dictated by a set of guidelines .
    • REST APIs are simpler to build, more lightweight, and generally faster than SOAP APIs.
    • SOAP APIs are considered more secure than REST APIs, though REST APIs can still implement safety features to make them reasonably secure.
    • REST allows caching of responses, whereas SOAP does not.
    • SOAP encodes data in XML format. REST allows you to encode data in any format, though XML and JSON are most popular.

    Explain The Working Of Api Builder

    Restful API Web Services Interview Questions and Answers for freshers and experienced | Code Decode

    API Builder is a PLSQL utility that includes 4 square files. To place API parameters and to begin the technique only one report is liable. API builder allows you to create and make use of API endpoints that can be guzzled by any client application.

    There are several components that lead to the making of API Builder. During the working, files and formed brief tables as well as master bundles for creating the output code. Lastly, the fourth record generates a spooled output of the code into a record relating to output_script_.sq.

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    What Is Uri What Is The Purpose Of A Web

    Uniform Resource Identifier is a string of characters used for unambiguous identification of resources and extensibility through the URI scheme.

    The purpose of this web-based service is to locate a resource on server hosting.

    A URIs format is < protocol> ://< service-name> /< ResourceType> /< ResourceID> .

    List The Advantages And Disadvantages Of A Rest Api


    • REST is a lightweight protocol.
    • Its methods can be tested on any browser.
    • Since it works on HTTP Protocol, it is easier to learn.
    • It supports many technologies for data transfer.
    • Thereâs no strict contract between server and client


    • Sessions cannot be maintained.
    • As it works on HTTP, there is no chance of asynchronous calls.
    • Since thereâs no contract, the communication between the server and the client depends on emails or other documentation.

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    Has Web Api Replaced Wcf

    Some people hold strong opinions about the continuing relevance of WCF now that Web API is becoming popular. In your answer, show that you are familiar with the strengths of both. The example answer supports the continuing relevance of WCF. If you don’t share this view, be prepared to explain your position.

    Example:”No, because although Web API is lightweight due to using only HTTP, it cannot match the power and flexibility of WCF. If you only need to use HTTP as your transport, Web API is clearly the better option. However, should you need to use a different protocol , you would have to use WCF.”

    Name Some Most Commonly Used Http Methods

    [eBook] PHP Full Stack Web Developer

    Some of the HTTP methods are

    GET: It enables you to retrieve data from a serverPOST: It enables you to add data to an existing file or resource in a serverPUT: It lets you replace an existing file or resource in a serverDELETE: It lets you delete data from a serverPATCH: It is used to apply partial modifications to a resourceOPTIONS: It is used to describe the communication options for the target resourceHEAD: It asks for a response identical to that of a GET request, but without the response body

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    Q27 How Developers Can Create Testing Tools For Win32 Applications

    This is generally done with the help of a TestApi. It actually offers a complete set of building blocks that are useful for this task. It also consists of data structure and all-important algorithms. Because it is actually a library of utilities, a number of tools can be created with the help of it.

    Define The Basic Difference Between Api Testing And Ui Level Testing

    UI testing means the testing of the graphical interface. Its focus is basically on the feel and looks of an application. Within user interface testing, things like how the user interacts with app elements such as images, fonts, layouts, etc are checked.

    On the other hand API, testing allows communicating between two different software systems. During this testing, a software system that implements an API includes sub-routines or functions that can be performed by other software systems.

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    What Are The Factors That Help To Decide Which Style Of Web Services Soap Or Rest To Use

    Generally, REST is preferred due to its simplicity, performance, scalability, and support for multiple data formats.

    However, SOAP is favorable to use where service requires an advanced level of security and transactional reliability.

    But you can read the following facts before opting for any of the styles.

    • Does the service expose data or business logic? REST is commonly used for exposing data while SOAP for logic.
    • The requirement from clients or providers for a formal contract. SOAP can provide contract via WSDL.
    • Support multiple data formats.
    • Support for AJAX calls. REST can apply the XMLHttpRequest.
    • Synchronous and asynchronous calls. SOAP enables both synchronous/ asynchronous operations whereas REST has built-in support for synchronous.
    • Stateless or Stateful calls. REST is suited for stateless operations.
    • Security. SOAP provides a high level of security.
    • Transaction support. SOAP is good at transaction management.
    • Limited bandwidth. SOAP has a lot of overhead when sending/receiving packets since its XML based, requires a SOAP header. However, REST requires less bandwidth to send requests to the server. Its messages are mostly built using JSON.
    • Ease of use. REST based application is easy to implement, test, and maintain.

    Disadvantages Of Restful Web Services

    Top 25 API Testing Interview Questions & Answers | Rahul Shetty
    • RESTful web services are stateless and do not maintain session simulation responsibility as the client side does not provide a particular session id for it.
    • REST is not able to impose the security restriction inherently. However, it inherits them with the help of implementing protocols. Thus, the integration of SSL/TLS authentication needs to be done very carefully for better security measures of the REST APIs.

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