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Interview Questions For C# Net Developer

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Use The Net Skills Assessment Results To Build More Interview Questions

C# Interview Questions and Answers | Junior Developer

When you get to the stage where youre ready to interview candidates, you can use the list in this article to assess applicants’ skills. Additionally, you could add unique questions based on candidates skills assessment results.

To do this, follow the steps below:

  • Check the results of applicants .NET test
  • Consider which skills candidates need to improve
  • Create questions based on this information to gain a more in-depth understanding of their skill set

What Motivates You To Contribute To The Open Source Community When It Comes To C# Development

There are a few reasons why an interviewer might ask this question. Firstly, it allows them to gauge the level of commitment the C# Developer has to the open source community. Secondly, it allows them to understand the motivations behind the C# Developer’s contributions. Finally, it allows the interviewer to identify any areas where the C# Developer could improve their contributions. By understanding the motivations behind the C# Developer’s contributions, the interviewer can ensure that the C# Developer is contributing for the right reasons and not simply because they feel it is their duty.

Example: I am motivated to contribute to the open source community when it comes to C# development because I believe that it is important to give back to the community that has helped me so much. I also believe that contributing to open source projects is a great way to learn new skills and improve my existing ones.

How Would You Explain The Four Fundamental Concepts Of Object

Sample answer:

The four fundamental concepts of object-oriented programming can be explained as follows:

  • Encapsulation is the bundling of data, including the methods that operate on that data, into a single, private unit
  • Polymorphism is the ability of a type to take on many forms using a single interface
  • Abstraction is the concealment of unnecessary program details so that the user only sees the essential attributes
  • Inheritance is the process where one class derives its attributes and methods from another

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What Is Multithreading And What Are Its Different States

Any code block in C# runs in a process called a thread. A thread is the execution path of the program. Simple applications can run on a single thread, but todays programs frequently use multithreading. Multithreading divides the execution of the process among multiple threads to execute it simultaneously and, consequently, more efficiently.

Through multithreading, we can run more than a single task at a time. Programs are more efficient and fast. But we also need to understand how threads work.

Each thread has its lifecycle, which includes various states of thread:

  • Unstarted State: In this state, the compiler creates the instance of the thread but waits for the start method.
  • Started: It is the state when the thread is ready to run and waiting for the CPU cycle.
  • Not Runnable State: A thread is not executable in the below conditions.
  • When we call the sleep or wait method.
  • I/O operations block the thread.

What Is The Meaning Of Caching

C# Developer Interview Questions

Caching is a term used when the data has to be temporarily stored in the memory so that an application can access it quickly rather than looking for it in a hard drive. This speeds up the execution to an exponential pace and helps massively in terms of performance.

There are three types of caching:

  • Data caching

The next .NET interview question we will check involves an important concept.

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What Is The Meaning Of Cas In Net

CAS stands for Code Access Security. It is vital in the prevention of unauthorized access to programs and resources in the runtime. It can provide limited access to the code to perform only certain operations rather than providing all at a given point in time. CAS forms to be a part of the native .NET security architecture.

What Is Dll Hell And How Does Net Solve It

DLL Hell describes the difficulty in managing DLLs on a system this includes multiple copies of a DLL, different versions, and so forth. When a DLL is loaded in .NET, it is loaded by name, version, and certificate. The assembly contains all of this information via its metadata. The GAC provides the solution, as you can have multiple versions of a DLL side-by-side.

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What Is The Difference Between An Abstract Class And An Interface

Lets dig into the differences between an abstract class and an interface:

  • Abstract classes are classes that cannot be instantiated ie. that cannot create an object. The interface is like an abstract class because all the methods inside the interface are abstract methods.
  • Surprisingly, abstract classes can have both abstract and non-abstract methods but all the methods of an interface are abstract methods.
  • Since abstract classes can have both abstract and non-abstract methods, we need to use the Abstract keyword to declare abstract methods. But in the interface, there is no such need.

An abstract class has constructors while an interface encompasses none.


C# Junior Developer Level Interview Questions

Frontend Interview Questions 2021 | Front End Developer Interview Questions And Answers |Simplilearn

The questions in this guide are broken down into three categories: Junior Developer, Mid-level Developer, and Expert. You should use the Junior Developer C# programming interview questions in this section if youre looking for a junior or entry-level developer with less experience.

Skip to the or sections for C# interview questions and answers for experienced developers

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Name The Main Types Of Constructors In C#

Are your applicants aware that there are five main constructors in C#? Your candidates should be able to name each one. The five constructors are:

  • Private constructors, which are used in classes that only have static members
  • Static constructors, which initialize static fields of a class
  • Parameterized constructors, which have one or more parameters
  • Copy constructors, used for making objects by copying variables from other objects
  • Default constructors, which dont have any parameters

What Is The Use Of The Configureservices Method Of The Startup Class

This is an optional method of startup class. It can be used to configure the services that are used by the application. This method calls first when the application is requested for the first time. Using this method, we can add the services to the DI container, so services are available as a dependency in the controller constructor.

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C# Coding Interview Question For Practice

You should be well-versed in data structures and algorithms to ace the C# coding problems in technical interview rounds.

  • Write a program to reverse a string in C#.
  • How would you reverse the order of the given words in a string?
  • Write a program to find if the given string is palindrome or not?
  • Write a C# program to find if the given number is prime or not.
  • How would you count the occurrence of each character in a string?
  • Write a program to remove duplicate characters.
  • How would you perform the left circular rotation of a given array?
  • What Is The Virtual Method And How Is It Different From The Abstract Method

    C# Interview Questions and Answers,You Need To Know

    A virtual method must have a default implementation, and we can override this virtual method using the override keyword in the derived class.

    The abstract method is without implementation and is created inside the abstract class only. In the case of an abstract class, the class derived from the abstract class must have an implementation of that abstract method.

    Heres an example of virtual method:

    public class CellPhone        }   public class SmartPhone : CellPhone    }

    Heres an example of an abstract method:

    public abstract class CellPhones        public class OldPhones : CellPhones        }    public class SmartPhones : CellPhones    }

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    Q43 Define C# I/o Classes List The Commonly Used Classes

    Ans- C# consists of System.IO namespace which has classes that compute and perform various operations on files like creating, deleting, opening and closing etc.

    Few commonly used I/O classes are listed below:

    File- Helps in manipulating file.StreamWriter- Generally used for writting characters to a stream.StreamReader- Generally used for reading characters to a stream.StringWriter- Used for writing a string buffer.Stringreader- Used for reading a string buffer.

    Questions About Experience And Background

    You might also encounter questions about your experience as a computer programmer or web developer. Here are some potential interview questions about your experience and background:

    • Have you used .NET before?

    • What framework do you typically use to design applications?

    • Do you have a .NET project portfolio?

    • How many applications have you worked on?

    • What development methodologies do you prefer?

    • Do you prefer to work individually or with a team?

    • Which programming languages are you versed in?

    • What experience do you have with coding?

    • What are your favorite types of projects to work on?

    • What is an application you helped to develop?

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    Q47 Explain Async And Await

    Ans- Async and Await keywords are mostly used for creating asynchronous methods in C#. Usage of the same is shown through an example:

    public async Task> CalculateCountpublic async task mytestmethod

    In the above-given code async keyword is used for method declaration. The Count is of a task type int which calls the method CalculateCount. CalculateCount starts execution and calculates something.

    Explain The Aspnet Page Life Cycle In Brief

    DotNet FullStack Developer Interview Q& A Series || 200 Questions & Answers

    The ASP.NET life cycle is divided into Application Life Cycle and Page Life Cycle. The page life cycle phases include initialization, instantiation of the controls on the page, restoration and maintenance of the state, execution of the event handler codes, and page rendering. ASP.NET Application life cycle consists of the following stages: application start, object creation, HttpApplication creation, dispose of, application end.

    location is null

    1/1/0001 12:00:00 AM

    Although both variables are uninitialized, String is a reference type and DateTime is a value type. As a value type, an uninitialized DateTime variable is set to a default value of midnight of 1/1/1 , not null.

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    Additional Net Interview Questions

    .NET interview questions may focus on analyzing your understanding of the essential features of the tool or your ability to use .NET to solve problems. Other questions you may encounter in a .NET interview include:

    • Whats the difference between “Server.Transfer” and “Response.Redirect”?

    • Whats passport authentication?

    • Whats the difference between function and stored procedure?

    • What are the different assemblies?

    • What are the elements of an assembly?

    • What are the two types of cookies in ASP.NET?

    • Whats the order of events in a page life-cycle?

    • Whats a delegate in .NET?

    • What are the types of Common Type System ?

    When Should You Use Net Web Forms Over Aspnet Mvc

    Traditionally, the .NET Framework has been based on Web Forms. This was essentially an effort to create web services using Microsofts existing Visual Studio Tools without forcing developers to learn new scripting languages. Web Forms still allows developers to create quick and simple applications, and some legacy systems may still run as Web Forms.

    ASP.NET MVC is increasingly the standard for contemporary developers, however. In a .NET interview, a strong candidate should be able to highlight the advantages of the Model-View-Controller architectural pattern. MVCs most important feature is that it allows applications to be broken down into discrete models, views and controllers, making them much easier to test during development.

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    How Can We Inject The Service Dependency Into The Controller

    There are three easy steps to add a custom service as a dependency on the controller.

    Step 1: Create the service

     public interface IHelloWorldService  public class HelloWorldService: IHelloWorldService  }

    Step 2: Add this service to the Service container

     public void ConfigureServices 

    Step 3: Use this service as a dependency in the controller

     public class HomeController: Controller  }

    C# Interview Questions To Find The Best Developer

    11 Important C# Interview Questions &  OOP Concepts

    Since its release in 2000, C# has built a reputation as one of the most reliable, diverse, and widely used programming languages around. It can be used for creating mobile and desktop apps as well as web pages, making C# highly coveted for many companies.

    If youre recruiting a new C# developer, a well-planned candidate selection process can boost your chances of finding the right fit. Interviews are a great way to learn more about each candidates coding background once they have passed an initial programming skills test, such as a C# test for entry-level algorithms, a C# test for data structures, or a C# test for debugging.

    To improve the quality of hire, make sure to tailor the recruitment process to reflect your business programming needs and also to use assessments for the appropriate experience level.

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    Write A C# Method To Total All The Even Numbers In An Array Of Ints

    This is an open-ended coding question that is likely to produce a variety of answers. What youre really looking for is how the developer chooses to solve the problem. Do they settle for the obvious one-liner, return intArray.Where.sum or will they notice the high probability of overflow and instead opt for something more nuanced like the sample answer below?

    static long TotalAllEvenInts 

    Experienced C# developers will take this as an opportunity to show off their knowledge of C# language constructs that make simple solutions like the one above possible.

    What Does Clr Stand For In Net

    CLR stands for Common Language Runtime. It forms to be the most vital component of .NET as it provides the foundation for many applications to run on.

    If a user writes an application in C#, it gets compiled and converted to intermediate code. After this, CLR takes up the code and works on it with respect to the following aspects:

    • Memory management
    • Libraries for loading
    • Thread management

    Next up on this top .NET basic interview questions and answers, we need to understand a very important difference. Check it out.

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    How Would You Implement Multiple Interfaces With The Same Method Name In The Same Class

    To implement multiple interfaces with the same method name, you would avoid implementation within the body of the function. Instead, you would explicitly provide the name of the interface to the body of the method. The compiler will understand which interface methods are being referred to, therefore resolving the issue.

    This can be seen in the following example:

    interface myInterface1        interface myInterface2        class Student : myInterface1,        myInterface2            void myInterface2.Print        }

    Top 14 C# Net Interview Questions For 2022

    Web Developer Interview Questions and Answer | Web Development Interview | Intellipaat

    C# net is a programming language widely used for Windows and many other operating systems. Its popularity has created a high demand for skilled employees in the software testing industry. C# net interview questions are likely to be technical and require critical thinking to answer so it’s best to prepare and practice for your interview. In this article, we list 15 common C# net interview questions and sample answers to review in preparation for your interview.

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    Explain Oop And Its Relation To The Net Framework

    Ans: OOP is the acronym for Object-Oriented Programming. It is a programming structure that uses self-contained entities called objects instead of methods to achieve the desired functionality. OOP allows .NET developers to create modular programs and classes containing methods, properties, fields, events, and other logical modules.

    What Are Generics In C#net

    Generics are used to make reusable code classes to decrease the code redundancy, increase type safety, and performance. Using generics, we can create collection classes. To create generic collection, System.Collections.Generic namespace should be used instead of classes such as ArrayList in the System.Collections namespace. Generics promotes the usage of parameterized types.

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    How Is Exception Handling Implemented In C#

    Example:Exception handling is done using four keywords in C#:

    • Try contains a block of code that checks an exception.

    • Catch is a program that catches an exception with the help of exception handler.

    • Finally is a block of code written to execute even if an exception is not caught.

    • Throw Throws an exception when a problem occurs.

    What Is The Difference Between A Class And An Object And How Do These Terms Relate To Each Other

    TOP 250+ C# Developer Multi Threading Interview Questions and Answers ...

    A class is a comprehensive data type that is the primary building block, or template, of OOP. Class defines attributes and methods of objects, and contains an objects behavior and data. An object, however, represents an instance of class. As a basic unit of a system, objects have identity and behavior as well as attributes.

    Make sure candidates respond to the second part of this .NET interview question, addressing how these terms are related to each other. Answer: The relationship is based on the fact that a class defines the states and properties that are common to a range of objects.

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    Hire Top Developers Using The Right Net Interview Questions

    Hiring developers doesnt need to be complicated if you have suitable methods in mind.

    Always use skills tests such as our .NET test first, to shortlist your best candidates, and then use our .NET interview questions from this article to evaluate whether they meet the requirements for the role.

    Use TestGorillas skills tests as part of your assessment to test for soft skills, cognitive ability, and culture-add potential, then proceed to the interview stage after youve made an initial candidate selection. Find and hire exceptional .NET developers for your team using our .NET skills test interview questions.

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