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Interview Questions For Servers And Bartenders

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Describe A Time When You Made A Mistake While Serving How Did You Handle It How Will You Prevent That From Happening Again

Interview Questions for Bartenders And Servers

For the interviewer: There is much to learn by asking a candidate these questions. First, it is a great way to assess the candidates ability to take responsibility for their actions. It also displays the way they handle awkward and tense situations. Lastly, you can see how the candidate views past mistakes. Do they learn from past failures and see them as opportunities for growth? Or do they sweep them under the rug and blame circumstances or others for the blunder?

For the interviewee: Your future employer does not expect round the clock perfection. However, they do expect professionals who strive to create the best possible experience and own up to mistakes when they do happen. Dont try to come off as perfect and avoid naming a time you dropped the ball. Instead, discuss the mistake and focus on the plan of action you took to remedy the situation. Pick a mistake that taught you a valuable lesson and discuss how you have applied that lesson moving forward.

What Is Your Favorite Customer Service Experience

This question can serve two purposes:

  • It can give you insight into what the candidate sees as great service.
  • It can help you gauge the level of excitement about their successes.
  • Are they happy when they tell the story? How much detail do they give? Do you feel like the candidate is being genuine?

    How they tell the story, as well as the story itself, can give your further understanding about what hospitality means to them.

    What Things Do Customers Do That You Find Annoying

    Customers can be difficult. Its just a part of the restaurant industry. So when you ask the candidate this question, youre more than likely to get an answer.

    The important part is not the annoying things the candidate mentions, but how they handle those situations.

    Leaving a low tip is one of the most frustrating things a server can encounterespecially after theyve provided great service. But do they let that low tip affect that rest of the night, and potentially other customers?

    If the candidates answer is brief, consider asking a more pointed question like, How do you deal with those annoying things? This will help you see how they react in a real-world situation.

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    Bartending Interview Questions And How To Answer

    The Indeed Editorial Team comprises a diverse and talented team of writers, researchers and subject matter experts equipped with Indeed’s data and insights to deliver useful tips to help guide your career journey.

    Bartending is a great job to gain confidence in social settings and learn how to make a variety of drinks. The best way to prepare for a bartending interview is to familiarize yourself with popular questions and practice your answers.

    Many bartending interview questions are about your past experience, qualifications, and how well you handle a busy environment. In this article, we explain the most common questions asked during a bartending interview and provide sample answers.

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    Bartender Interview Questions And Answers

    Server Job Description Resume Inspirational Sample Waitress Job ...

    Learn what skills and qualities interviewers are looking for from a bartender, what questions you can expect, and how you should go about answering them.

    Bartenders play a pivotal role in the hospitality industry, and their skills are in high demand. They must be able to mix drinks quickly and efficiently, as well as provide great customer service. Bartenders must also be able to handle money and keep track of inventory.

    If youre looking for a job as a bartender, youll likely need to go through a job interview. One way to prepare for this important meeting is to learn how to answer bartender interview questions before talking with an interviewer.

    Employers look for bartenders who are responsible, reliable, and able to work under pressure. Youll also need to have a good knowledge of spirits, beer, and wine. A bartending interview is your chance to show that youve polished these skills to a shine. To help you get ready, weve listed bartender questions and answers that will help you figure out what you want to say during an interview.

    What do you think are the most important skills for a bartender?

    Bartending is a skill that requires many different abilities. Employers ask this question to see if you have the skills they are looking for in their bartenders. Before your interview, read through the job description and highlight the most important skills. Use these skills as examples when answering this question.

    How would your friends describe you?

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    How Do You Handle Multiple Orders

    Multi-tasking is especially important as a bartender because you receive several orders at a time. It is important to not get overwhelmed or flustered, but deliver accurately make drinks throughout the night, no matter how busy it gets.

    Think practically for your answer to this question. If you have never been in this experience, think of times when you had to multi-task and adapt your answer to this specific scenario. Take your interviewer through your approach step by step and explaining why you do things a certain way.

    Example:”When I receive multiple orders I try to be as fair as possible. I try my best to not have people waiting and serve the people who ordered first, their drinks first. If I am ever feeling overwhelmed, I ask a fellow bartender for help. I never try to rush to avoid spilling drinks or making mistakes. I begin by making the first few drinks and considering if any orders contain the same drinks.

    If there are, I make those as well to avoid taking out the ingredients all over again. This really helps me save time. I communicate with the customers if they have any questions about their orders while I make them. Finally, I set the drinks down carefully and name each of them. I always remain friendly and polite, especially during the transaction.”

    Hire Smart With Restaurant Interview Technology

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    How Do You Handle Complaints From Customers

    Become a Bartender – Should You Serve or Barback First?

    Your ability to resolve conflicts is going to be valuable for the interviewer to hear.

    • I remain calm and clear in my words and body language and first listen to what they have to say.
    • I am sure to first understand their complaint and assess whether I have the responsibility to create a solution.
    • If it is beyond my authority, I communicate with my supervisor and manager the whole situation and ask the customer to wait patiently as I attempt to resolve this for them.

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    What Is Your Most Favorite Drink Do You Dislike Any Drinks

    Approach this question from a perspective of a bartender, not a perspective of a customer of a bar. In an ideal case you should pick something from their menu.

    If you struggle with preparing some drinks, you should be honest and admit it. But do not hesitate to add that practice makes perfect, and that you strive to become better in preparing each drink. Once again, your tone of voice is equally important as your words. Try to speak with enthusiasm, so they can feel that you enjoy your job, and find some fascination in your daily routines.

    * Special Tip: Check also great answers to 15 most common interview questions. You will definitely face at least some of the questions in your bartender interview.

    How Would You Describe Your Customer Service Skills

    As a bartender, you are in the service industry. You must have strong service skills to be an effective employee.

    • I prioritise customer service above all else, as I understand that serving is my main role, and customers are the businesss livelihood.
    • I describe my skills as being friendly, approachable, energetic, professional and welcoming to all guests.

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    What Hours Are You Available To Work

    This is a great question to ask up-front because it indicates the candidates willingness to work. The candidate may give great answers to every other question you ask, but then tell you that they can only work between 8 a.m. and noon on Tuesdays and 1 p.m. and 8 p.m. on Sundays.

    This is certainly not someone you want to try to work into your schedule, no matter their experience and skill level.

    Bartender Interview Questions: Keep It Light

    restaurant manager opening and closing checklist

    Dont forget to have fun while you are asking bartender interview questions. In a way, you should aim for your interviews to have the same feel as your bar fun, relaxed, and enjoyable.

    Brittany suggests lightening the mood by asking fun questions like, What type of music do you like? or Whats your favorite drink? It doesnt have to be all professional while asking bartender interview questions.

    But youll still uncover valuable information with casual questions: can the interviewee carry the conversation? If theyre surprised by a light-hearted question, do they roll with it or make YOU feel uncomfortable for asking it?

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    Why Do You Think You Would Perform This Job Well

    An answer to this question gives you insight into what the candidate has to offer and is essential for making an informed decision. Asking why they think they would perform well at your restaurant helps you understand each persons unique strengths, skills, and level of experience.

    Armed with that knowledge, you can choose the best candidate or candidates that most closely match the unique needs of your restaurant.

    The valuable thing about this question is that it often elicits a response that, while similar to the greatest strength question, is different enough that it provides a more complete picture of the individual you are interviewing.

    Interview Questions For Bar Staff

    Great bar staff know that their role is about providing an excellent experience to customers as much as it is providing drinks. Your potential employers are looking for evidence in your responses that you fit this bill. So, knowing how to prove you do will give you the edge you need to stand out from the crowd.

    Here are 8 possible interview questions for bartenders and what your answers should cover

    Question: How do you feel about working flexibly and generally unsociable hours?

    Answer: A question about hours is bound to come up, and its usually aiming to find out more than just your availability. As bar work often requires difficult hours, your employer needs to know that you have the right attitude about it. If you were to frequently work late nights or over holiday periods with visible frustration, this can rub off onto customers and other staff.

    Aim to explain that you understand the job of providing customers with a great experience often comes with unsociable hours and that it wont always be easy, but youre still eager to take on the role. Elevate your answer by talking about any past experiences you have working flexibly.

    Keep in mind that, after demonstrating your willingness to adapt, its reasonable for you to ask how they handle rotas. Establishing mutual respect for your and their needs will ensure you get things off on the right foot.

    Question: Can you tell me why its important to practice measured pouring?

    Question: Tell me what youd enjoy about this job.

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    Tell Me About A Time You Had An Angry Guest And How You Dealt With It

    Every server encounters the disgruntled customer. Your interviewer wants to know that youve dealt with this in a professional manner. Pick a situation when a customer got angry and you diffused the situation. If you dont have one, explain briefly how you would deal with this type of situation.

    Answer: A customer once became angry because their steak was not cooked properly. So, after hearing their complaint I calmly replied that I would be happy to take it back to the kitchen and have it cooked properly.

    Are You Comfortable Working Long Shifts And Being On Your Feet All Day

    Bar jobs| Cruise ship Bartender job| Bar server job @cruise wali duniya

    Serving is tiring work because you are up and walking around all day. Be positive here and just explain that you have worked on your feet before.

    Answer: I have worked long shifts before and at my other position I was on my feet all day. I am a high energy person and I like to be moving around. Working long shifts wont bother me. I am used to it.

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    What Other Types Of Experience Do You Have Asides From Waiting Tables

    Some restaurants want you to do various tasks along with serving like making desserts, crafting the occasional cocktail or mixed drink and table setting. They will ask you what additional experience you have with any of the tasks servers normally perform. So, tell them about all the different tasks you performed in previous jobs.

    Answer: At my previous job I made sundaes, prepared simple desserts and made the occasional cocktail to help out the bartenders. I have actual bartending experience as well. I can also set tables. I worked for a catering company and this was part of my role. In this role I also gained experience as a sommelier.

    This Place Becomes Extremely Busy Each Saturday Night Imagine That Five Guests Demand Your Attention At The Same Time What Would You Do

    Show them that you can prioritize your tasks, and know how to manage the heavy workload. You can say that you have a good system of attending guests , and that you wont get overwhelmed by the sight.

    You will simply do your job, as quickly as possible while maintaining your quality standards, and in a calm and cheerful manner attend one guest after another.

    You can also say that you have experience with similar situation from your last job, and can manage a long night in the bar

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    Imagine It Is A Busy Night And A Coworker Is Struggling To Keep Up With Their Tables What Do You Do

    For the interviewer: Paint a picture of the candidates environment, rather than asking, How do you handle a fast-paced or stressful environment? This will help you to gauge whether the candidate is a good fit for the high-speed restaurant setting. Can they deal with the overlapping demands that the position requires? You can also test this in real-time with a practice shift after the interview process is over.

    For the interviewee: Expect a few situational questions like this one during your interview. The best way to answer this question is to draw from past experiences. What did you do in high-speed work environments in the past? Keep your response focused on the actions you would take rather than feelings you might have.

    How Do You Feel About Upselling Do You Have Any Experience With It

    Template.net 11 Server Job Description Templates Free Sample Example ...

    Bartenders who know how to work with semi-drunk customers, and how to benefit from their excellent mood while visiting the bar, can easily sell twice or trice as much as bartenders who do not care, and simply wait for orders to come.

    Tell your interviewer that you consider upselling a regular part of the job, and from your experience you can spot a good situation for making an upsell.

    The key is to show some courage, and demonstrate that you think about your employer, and try to make the most money for them while standing behind the bar. You can even narrate a particular situation from your last job which demonstrates this attitude.

    Special Tip: Download all questions in a simple one-page long .PDF, and practice your interview answers anytime later :

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    What Does Being A Team Player Mean To You

    Asking a candidate how they define team player can help you gauge how they might fit in with your current employees. It can also help you see if they are willing to pitch in and help even if a task is outside their normal job description.

    The candidates answer should indicate that theyre ready to work in whatever capacity and that theyre ready to be both a leader and a follower as necessary.

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