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Web Developer Intern Interview Questions

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Suggest Some Ways On How To Fix The Browser

Frontend Interview Questions 2022 | Front End Developer Interview Questions And Answers |Simplilearn
  • We can make a distinctive stylesheet for various browsers making use of server-side rendering.
  • Another method is utilizing a library such as Bootstrap, which already has the code to manage the browser-specific styling issue.
  • Reset or Normalize CSS can also be utilized. Multiple 3rd party plugins equip libraries for browser styling issues.

Tell Us What You Learned Recently

Another one of the most common junior web developer interview questions, this is more than likely to come up in one form or anotheroften as specific as What did you learn yesterday?

As a programmer, youll need to demonstrate that youre a self-directed learner. Youll be expected to keep up-to-date with the latest trends and find new avenues to expand your knowledge, whether thats a new framework or even a new language.

The important thing here is not to overthink ityou dont have to be strictly accurate about when you learned your example .

At the same time, it doesnt have to be a particularly impressive thing that youve learned, but the more relevant it is to the languages or frameworks mentioned in the job description, the better. This is also a good time to mention some of the different sources you use for learning and staying up-to-date with developments in the field, be they blogs, forums, or Twitter accounts.

Differentiate Between Git Merge And Git Rebase

Assume you’re working on a new feature in a dedicated branch, and another team member pushes new commits to the master branch.


Merge is used to incorporate new commits into your feature branch. Every time you need to include modifications, this requires an extra merging commit. It taints the history of your feature branch.


You can rebase the feature branch into master instead of merging it. This incorporates all the new commits in the master branch. It also re-writes the project history by creating brand new commits for each commit in the original branch.

This brings us to the end of Git Questions. These are some of the most important Front End Interview Questions related to Version Control.

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Give An Example Of A Website Or Web Application That You Dont Like Point Out Whats Wrong With It And What You Would Change

Tip: Interviewers may ask you to provide an example of a website you think is less than stellar, then ask you to describe what you think is lacking and what youd do to improve it. Its a good idea to have examples and explanations on hand going into an interview. Answering this question comprehensively shows interviewers that you arent signing on to mindlessly write codeyou understand what makes good sites good and how to make bad sites better.

Explain What Are The Key Responsibilities Of A Web Developer

  • Program test and debug all web applications
  • Design, develop, test and deploy web applications
  • Uploading sites onto server and registering it with different search engines
  • Coordinate with other designers and programmers to develop web projects
  • Fix bugs, troubleshoot and resolve problems
  • In case of system failure initiate periodic testing and implement contingency plans
  • Develop appropriate code structures to solve specific tasks
  • Support and assist in the upkeep and maintenance of websites
  • Assume ownership of code throughout staging, development, testing and production

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What Type Of Development Are You Currently Working On

When hiring managers ask this, they want to know that you understand your contribution to a company. When you answer, explain the business reasoning for your everyday work as a developer.

Example:”I’m currently a developer for an e-commerce company. I build applications that help the company process customer orders and track payment and other customer information.”

Describe Your Debugging Process

While you may strive to write perfect computer codes for websites and applications, you typically have issues to resolve after the first draft. Debugging is the process of identifying and correcting errors. This question helps an interviewer understand your approach to correct possible errors you may make.

Example answer:”As an experienced web developer, I see computer programming errors as a learning opportunity. I start by reviewing each code line I write and checking relevant documentation on how to correct programming errors. When working on large projects where reviewing each line may be challenging, I automate the process using debugging tools. I also test the website after debugging to ensure it is functional.”

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What Is Long Polling How Does It Work And Why Would You Use It Considering Server And Client Resources What Is The Main Drawback Of Using Long Polling Which Html5 Feature Is The Best Alternative To Long Polling

The HTTP protocol is based on a request/response pattern, which means that the server cannot push any data to the client . Long polling is a web application development pattern used to emulate pushing data from server to client. When the long polling pattern is used, the client submits a request to the server and the connection then remains active until the server is ready to send data to the client. The connection is closed only after data is sent back to the client or connection timeout occurs. The client then creates a new request when the connection is closed, thus restarting the loop.

There are two important drawbacks that need to be considered when using long polling:

  • Long polling requests are not different from any other HTTP request and web servers handle them the same way. This means that every long poll connection will reserve server resources, potentially maxing out the number of connections the server can handle. This can lead to HTTP connection timeouts.

  • Each web browser will limit the maximum number of connections web application can make. This means that your application load time and performance may be degraded.

  • In HTML5, a useful alternative to long polling is using a WebSocket. A WebSocket is a protocol providing full-duplex communications channels over a single TCP connection. The WebSocket protocol makes possible more interaction between a browser and a web site, facilitating live content and eliminates the need for the long polling paradigm.

    How Would You Reduce Web Application Load Time

    JavaScript Interview Questions and Answers – For Freshers and Experienced Candidates

    While the type of website that youre working with typically affects the different priorities youll have as a web developer, page speed is the most valuable attribute across all sites.

    Before you start listing the ways, it helps to begin explaining your method of checking and analyzing the load time, with a tool such as Google PageSpeed Insights.

    In terms of the how, browser caching would be one of the first ports of call. Optimizing images by reducing the file size is also an effective way of speeding up page load. Minimizing redirects and HTTP requests, as well as removing unnecessary widgets are some other methods that you can mention.

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    Tell Us A Little Bit About Yourself

    Serving as a warm-up question, the hiring manager or team will likely ask you to tell them about yourself. While itâs a general question with many possible responses, you should talk about your current degree program, the year youâre in, and the career that you plan to pursue.

    The majority of this response should focus on your education and future plans. However, you could add a detail or two about your hobbies and interests at the end of your answer.

    What Is A Callback In Javascript

    A callback in JavaScript is a function passed as an argument into another function, that is then requested inside the outer function to make some kind of action or routine. JavaScript callback functions can be used synchronously and asynchronously. APIs of the node are written in such a way that they all support callbacks.

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    What Are Closures In Javascript

    Closures in JavaScript are a feature where an inner function has access to the outer functions variables.

    function outer_func

    console.log //Null Variable

    console.log //Undeclared Variable

    Undefined – Undefined means a variable has been declared but a value has not yet been assigned to that variable.

    Null – Null is an assignment value that you can assign to any variable that is meant to contain no value.

    Undeclared – Variables that are not declared or that do not exist in a program or application.

    Explain Your Favourite Web Development Project And How You Completed It

    Interviewing a front

    Interviewers ask this question to assess your web development skills. It helps them gain insights into projects you enjoy and your preferred methods for completing them. Identify an exciting project you worked on to keep the interviewer engaged in your response. Then, describe the web development process you followed from start to completion.

    Example answer:”Creating a website for a toy company was an exciting project I completed at my last job. I enjoyed meeting the client and identified their needs. For this project, the objective was designing a functional website that appealed to children. I focused on the user interface and defined the scope, including the required web pages and features. Then, I worked on the sitemap and wireframe. Next, I developed visual elements that appeal to younger customers by using bright colours and cartoons. The entire process was rewarding because it enabled me to apply my creative skills.”

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    What Is The Meaning Of The Scope Of A Variable In Javascript

    Scope refers to the accessibility of functions and underlying variables in the running environment. There are two scopes supported in JavaScript:

    • Local scope: Here, values and functions declared inside the same function can only be accessed within that function and not outside it. Consider the following example:
    // Code present here cannot use localVariablefunction myFunction 
    • Global scope: If a variable is declared as global, it can be accessed from anywhere in the application. Consider the following example:
    var globalVariable = "This is a Global variable" // Code present here can use globalVariablefunction myFunction 

    What Soft Skills Will You Bring To The Job And How Do You Envision Using Them

    Tip: Soft skills can be a difference maker. If its a choice between a skilled programmer and a skilled programmer who can write well or who has experience with project management, most employers will pick the latter. So have a list of your own soft skills ready, but also have examples of how theyll be relevant to a web developer job. Its not enough to say youre good at written and verbal communication. You need to explain how your excellent written and verbal communication skills will help you relay project details to team members and stakeholders.

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    What Are The Different Ways To Hide An Element Using Css

    display: none

    Hides the content and doesnt store it in the DOM

    visibility: hidden

    It adds the element to the DOM and takes up space. However, it is not visible to the user

    position: absolute

    You can make the element appear outside the screen

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    What Are The Advantages Of Using A Content Delivery Network In Jquery

    5 Front End Interview Questions That Every NEW Developer Should Know

    CDNs are widely used in jQuery as they offer an ample number of advantages for users.

    • CDNs cause a significant reduction in the load for the server.
    • They provide large amounts of savings in the bandwidth.
    • jQuery frameworks load faster due to optimizations.
    • CDNs have a caching ability that adds to quicker load times.

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    What Are The Types Of Cdns Supported In Jquery

    There are two widely used CDNs with jQuery:

    • Microsoft: Used to load from jQuery AJAX CDN
    • Google: Used to load jQuery from the Google Libraries API

    If you are looking forward to becoming proficient in Web Development, make sure to check out Intellipaatâs latest offerings for the Web Development Online Courses. With these programs, you can become an expert in Web Development and earn a course certificate as well.

    Get ready for a UX Designer job by going through these UX Designer Interview Questions and Answers!

    What Is Virtual Dom

    • The Virtual DOM is the lightweight version of the Real DOM that React retains in memory.
    • Because nothing is drawn on the screen when processing Real DOM, it is substantially slower than handling virtual DOM.
    • When an object’s state changes, Virtual DOM updates only that object in the real DOM rather than all of them.

    Free ReactJS for Beginners Course

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    Define The Anonymous Function In Js

    Generally, the function name is defined when we define the function itself, in normal user-defined functions, but in the case of an anonymous function, the function name is not defined. Here we make use of an assignment operator and variable to stow the function as an object, then utilizing that variable, we will be capable to invoke the function itself.


    What Is A State In React How Do You Implement It

    We are announcing a detailed Full stack web dev Data structure and ...

    A state is an object that stores the values of properties belonging to a component that could change over a period of time.

    Here are a few features of a State –

    • You can change a state as a result of a user’s action or changes in the network.
    • React re-renders the component to the browser whenever the state of an object changes.
    • You initialize the state object in the constructor.
    • It can store multiple properties in the state object.
    • this.setState is used to alter the state object’s value.
    • The setState function merges the new and old state and the previous state in a shallow merge.

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    Give An Example Of How You Would Solve A Disagreement With A Colleague Or Your Team Lead

    Without any prep, this is a question that could floor you and lead you into a sticky situation.

    Try to avoid playing the blame gamehonesty is the best policy here. Much as wed like to say everything is awesome and the sun is always shining, disagreements are par for the course in the web developers world. This is because of the specialized nature of the work, the number of stakeholders, and the often differing expectations of everyone involved.

    Dont shy away from the question and pretend nothing has ever gone wrong. Its about how you respond to disagreements which counts.

    Its also helpful to talk about what you learned from solving the conflict. How would you avoid such a conflict in the future? What would you do differently?

    In Angular What Are Promises And Observables

    While both concepts in Angular deal with asynchronous events, Promises deal with one at a time, whereas observables deal with a sequence of events over time.

    • Promises are objects that emit only one value at a time. They go into effect right once they’re created and can’t be stopped. They are Promises to the child Push Errors.
    • Observables – Observables are only executed when the subscribe method is used to subscribe to them. Over a period, they emit multiple values. They aid in the execution of tasks such as forEach, filter, and retry, among others. Subscribers receive errors as a result of their actions. The listener stops receiving new data when they perform the unsubscribe method.

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    What Are The Responsibilities Of A Web Developer

    A web developer should fully understand their role and how they contribute to web design and development. This question will help you find out how a candidate plans to support the team and what tasks they will take ownership of. What to look for in an answer:

    • Clear understanding of web development processes
    • What tasks they emphasize
    • How they plan to contribute


    A web developer designs, develops, enhances, tests and deploys web applications with an end goal of creating engaging and user-friendly site layout and function. A developer gathers and defines requirements, maintains websites, troubleshoots and fixes bugs, follows best practices and collaborates with other teams.

    In Html How Do You Separate A Section Of Text

    Top 50 HTML Interview Questions and Answers | HTML Interview Preparation | Edureka

    In HTML, you use the following tags to divide a chunk of text:

    < br> tagIt’s a character that’s used to break up a line of text. It transfers the text flow to a new line by breaking the existing line.

    < p> tagThis tag is used to create a text paragraph.

    < blockquote> This tag is used to indicate big quoted passages.

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    Additional Personal Web Development Interview Questions

    Tell me about yourself.
    How would you describe your preferred development environment?
    Please tell us about the projects youre working on in your spare time.
    Where do you see your web development career in five years?
    What are your interests outside of web and software development?
    What kind of team environment do you feel helps you thrive?
    Why did you decide to pursue coding? Why are you interested in a Web Developer career?
    What are your favorite types of projects to work on?
    Are there any specific projects at our company that you are excited about?

    What Is The Best Way To Integrate Different Stylesheets Into A Website

    Typically, it depends on how your site is laid out and how users interact with it. The most efficient way, however, would be to use just a single file called styles.css . Combining them into a single document is preferable. Loading one file is easier for a client than loading five. In order to change the style, you simply open the styles.css file, scroll down to find the appropriate section, and modify the CSS. The sheet can be linked in your HTML as follows:

    < link rel="stylesheet" href="styles.css"> 

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