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What Is A Spark Hire Interview

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Please Perform This Task During The Interview

What is a One-Way Video Interview? presented by Spark Hire

This one is less of a question and more of a job-relevant performance task. For example, if someone is applying for a customer service role, I will ask them to write and send a reply to a real customer email.

Job application materials may show experience, but this activity proves the candidate can really do the work .

What Employers Say About Video Interviews

Using Spark Hire, we were able to take a 45 minute scheduled phone interview and replace it with a 15-minute one-way video interview. The videos are completed by the candidate in their free time and then reviewed by the hiring team at their convenience. This change has saved us countless hours in the screening process, and also given us the insights to only focus our time on the best applicants.

Amy Hargrove

All Web Leads

Once implementing Spark Hire, we experienced HUGE savings. The one thing we realized a year later is: the first people to do their video interviews are our most engaged and passionate employees. They love our company and you could see it from their first Spark Hire video interview.

Dustin Gordon

How To Ace Your One

Youre most likely very familiar with the traditional job interview where you meet with a recruiter or hiring manager face-to-face in their office. Nowadays, companies are implementing video interviews into their hiring process to better and quickly connect with candidates. The one-way interview, in particular, is used by many Spark Hire customers for the early stage of their interview process.

Below are answers to questions that you may have about your one-way interview so you can fully prepare and ace it:

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Tell Me Something You Taught Yourself In The Last Six Months

This question gives you insight into the individuals personal and professional interests. It also shows where they may like to grow next or at least be curious enough to try out. It could be something new at work, like learning how to use InDesign, or it may be personal, like signing up for a cooking class. The only wrong answer is saying, nothing. This response is very indicative of the type of work ethic the individual has.

Deborah Sweeney, CEO of MyCorporation

Webinar: Growing Your Staffing Firm With Video Interviews

Spark Hire Reviews 2021: Details, Pricing, &  Features

Have you ever wondered how other staffing and recruiting firms are using video interviews to drive more revenue? Get the recording of our webinar and you’ll learn their secrets.

To learn more about video interviews for staffing and recruiting firms, take a look at this page or get a demo with a Spark Hire product expert and theyll personalize the conversation to your recruiting process.

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Tell Me About The Purpose Of Your Last Project What Was Your Goal

I started asking this question when I was a software developer doing technical interviews. Surprisingly, many people just do not get the question.

People often jump right into a technical monologue. We used a microservice design pattern called by. But what Im actually looking for is if they understand the bigger picture of the problem theyre trying to solve. High-performers understand the details of the technology and also understand the business problems technology can solve.

David Moise, President of Decide Consulting

Question : Why Do You Want This Job

Many people chafe at this question due to its perceived cynicism. While I won’t get into the merits of the question, I will tell you where to direct your energy!

If you can’t think on the spot of a good reason to want this job, think of things about the job, career, or company that appeal to you and would make you “a happy camper”.

This could be customer interaction, fast-paced days, the possibility of travel for work, etc.

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Collaborate With Hiring Managers

When it comes time to screen candidates or bring them in for an in-person interview, not everyone needed can always be present. And interview notes and recollections arent an accurate representation of a job candidate. With video interviews, interview recordings can be shared with colleagues. On top of that, colleagues can comment and rate candidates so the whole team can come to a better hiring decision. After all, multiple heads are better than one.

Where Do You See Yourself In Five Years

5 Ways to STAND OUT in a One Way Interview – Spark Hire Interview

This is another one of the standard interview questions meant to evaluate career aspirations. You want a candidate who is willing to stick around in your organization since employee turnover is so expensive. But more than that, you want someone who is actually engaged and motivated by your position or industry. If the candidate sees themselves in a whole new industry or company five years later, they’re probably not right for you.

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Gets Candidates In Front Of Hiring Managers

Hiring managers are the ones that participate in final round interviews with candidates. Ultimately, they are the people that make the hiring decisions. Video interviews give candidates the chance to get in front of and impress hiring managers earlier in the process because their video interview is shared with them.

What Is An Example Of How Youve Become More Productive At Work

The answer itself could be anything, such as calendars, tools, time-blocking, and more. The insight on this question is whether the interviewee thinks about productivity at work at all. The highest-performing employees often try to find better ways to get work done, and in doing so create efficiencies that can improve not just their performance but the entire organization.

Michael Alexis, CEO at Team Building

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How Would You Handle A Situation Where You Nearly Miss A Deadline

This is a very real situation that can happen to anyone, regardless of whether or not you are considered a top performer. I think its interesting to ask because it allows the individual to provide an example of a time where this nearly happened. Then, they can detail the strategy they used with their team to either avoid it or come right up to the deadline with the completed workload in place.

Things Not To Do In A Spark Hire Interview Opens Up International Video Interviewing

With all the time we spend in front of the camera as online teachers, I thought Id have no trouble recording a one-way video interview online with Spark Hire.

I was wrong.

See, Ive developed a level of comfort in my online classroom that just isnt fitting for an interview. But this particular interview was one step in the application process of an intense apprenticeship program Ive had my head and heart set on since I came across it a short while ago. Its not a traditional position, so standing rigidly in a starched shirt and pressed tie didnt feel right, either.

So how do you ace this thing?!

To start, dont ask yourself this question. There isnt a magic word or phrase you can say to get the position automatically. This is the time to share more about yourself, and the interviewing program is excited to get to know you!

Read on to see the 5 things I learned not to do in a Spark Hire interview!

But first

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Illustrate Some Demerits Of Using Spark

Since Spark utilizes more storage space when compared to Hadoop and MapReduce, there might arise certain problems. Developers need to be careful while running their applications on Spark. To resolve the issue, they can think of distributing the workload over multiple clusters, instead of running everything on a single node.

Roles Of Receivers In Apache Spark Streaming

Within Apache Spark Streaming Receivers are special objects whose only goal is to consume data from different data sources and then move it to Spark. You can create receiver objects by streaming contexts as long-running tasks on various executors. There are two types of receivers. They are: Reliable receiver: This receiver acknowledges data sources when data is received and replicated successfully in Apache Spark Storage.Unreliable receiver: These receivers do not acknowledge data sources even when they recieve or replicate in Apache Spark Storage.

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What Is Lazy Evaluation

Spark implements a functionality, wherein if you create an RDD out of an existing RDD or a data source, the materialization of the RDD will not occur until the RDD needs to be interacted with. This is to ensure the avoidance of unnecessary memory and CPU usage that occurs due to certain mistakes, especially in the case of Big Data Analytics.

What Would You Do If You Failed To Meet A Critical Deadline For An Important Project

What is a Live Video Interview? presented by Spark Hire

This is a situational question that gets candidates to reveal what they would do in a hypothetical situation. It gets them to think in the moment and reveals their thought processes. For this specific question, you want to find out how the candidate handles a stressful situation and setback. It also offers insight into their resilience, grit, and communication style.

High-performers will talk about their work ethic and the importance of meeting deadlines. Theyll also share how theyd communicate with stakeholders so they can prepare for the consequences of a missed deadline. Another attribute of a high-performer is someone who discussed how they make things right to ensure the missed deadline situation wouldnt happen again.

Bryan Zawikowski, Vice President and General Manager of Military Division at Lucas Group

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How Do You Balance Work And Recreation

The question aims to uncover a candidates ability to manage their work and wellbeing. Since remote workers are inside their homes 90% of the time, it can be deteriorating to their mental health. Recruiters need to hear how candidates would destress to renew their productivity levels.

Sherry Mae Shem Mandajos, CMO at Tankarium

Dont Forget Body Language

Ill let the organization I was interviewing for explain this:

Interviewers look for forward tilt.

An interviewee expresses forward tilt by leaning in or across the table, manifesting their excitement at the opportunity physically, unable to contain it within themselves.

*Actual screenshot from my practice recording.

I chose to record my responses standing.


Because I was fired up to be speaking with these people!

Sure, it also gave me a greater range to move around with nervous energy. But Ill take that standing up .

If Im going to move, its better to do it on my feet than moving only my upper body while seated, no?

So, dont forget about your body language when interviewing.

Also, speak to be heard and understood. Now isnt the time to mumble:

Smile and speak with passion!

You want them to feel your excitement through the screen. It can go a long way in a one-way interview where there isnt that normal back-and-forth exchange and youve no body language to go off of.

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How Live Video Interviews Work

Live video interviews provide a custom, private, virtual room to conduct an in-depth interview. This type of interview allows organizations to connect with their candidates face-to-face before paying to bring them into the office.

Select a date and time to meet with your candidate

  • After coordinating with your candidate on a mutually agreeable time, youd create the live video interview for the scheduled time.
  • Alternatively, you can automate the interview scheduling with our interview scheduling tool.

Invite your candidates to the interview

  • Enter the name and email of your candidates to invite them to a live video interview.
  • The candidate will be taken to an invitation thats branded based on your organizations settings.

Conduct the live video interview with your candidate

  • When the time comes for your live video interview, youll enter via a web browser.

Watch, evaluate, and share the completed live video interview

  • After the live video interview is over, the recording will be processed so you can access it at any time.
  • Similar to the one-way video interview, youll be able to rate the interview and submit comments for others to respond to.
  • Easily share the live video interview with other hiring stakeholders in a couple clicks.

If youd like to learn more about live video interviews, we suggest requesting a live demo of Spark Hire to get a tailored presentation on how they can benefit your organization specifically.

How To Accept An Online Interview Invitation

Spark Hire

Getting invited to participate in an interview with an employer or a recruiter is a really exciting thing. First of all, you have been working very hard to get just this. All of your resumes, applications and video resumes have been put out so that you can get some face-to-face time with an employer. Second of all, if you play your cards right you may be on your way to getting a new job, new employer and new paycheck. Exciting! So, how do you correctly accept an interview invitation? More specifically, how do you correctly accept an online interview invitation?

If you havent been a dedicated reader of Spark News for a while, then it is time you learn about one of the most exciting things we do at Spark Hire. Spark Hire is a new job search platform that allows for you to centralize everything in your job search on one site. On Spark Hire you can search for jobs, apply for jobs, create a video resume, create a profile and most exciting, you can participate in online interviews. This may sound odd if you havent heard of it before, but online interviewing is becoming more and more popular in the job market. Its especially popular among startups. Online interviews can save you, the job seeker, time and money in your job search and can actually do the same for companies.

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Question : Tell Us Something That Is Not On Your Cv

Applicants should be really happy when this question comes up since there are so many ways that this can be answered that benefit the applicant if they know what they are doing.

The point of this question is twofold. First, give the candidate the opportunity to talk about something where they feel they have a particularly interesting strength but where none of the preceding questions seemed appropriate.

The second point is to tease out something about the applicant that makes them unique. There are only so many applications you can go through before they all become a blur, so letting applicants add a little personal color to their Spark Hire helps to make them more memorable and therefore more likely to be hired.

Save Valuable Time And Money

Screening job candidates can take a huge chunk of your time and hiring budget. Video interviews make the process much less of a chore by enabling you to connect with candidates face-to-face without having to fly them in. When it comes to screening candidates, save time and avoid scheduling headaches with one-way video interviews.

Considering 60% of hiring decisions were made within the first 15 minutes of an interview, according to a recent study by researchers from Old Dominion, Florida State, and Clemson, why bother with lengthy phone interviews? With one-way video interviews, candidates can record their answers to your questions on their own time, and you can view them on yours. Its a win-win addition to your hiring process.

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Interview Questions To Reveal High

High-potential candidates are those well-equipped to grow into your best performers. However, identifying these candidates during the interview process can be challenging because they dont typically fit your standard hiring qualifications.

To reveal candidates with high-potential, you need to prepare an arsenal of interview questions that explore deeper, sometimes hidden, qualities. We reached out to experts to share their favorite interview questions to identify high-potential hires.

Here are the best interview questions to bring high-potential talent to the top of your pile:

What Are Your Biggest Weaknesses

How to Answer: What is Your Greatest Strength?

This is truly a tough question to ask in the interview, but like the situational question about biggest mistakes, it can really tell you how the candidate approaches problems. Look for candidates who don’t give you a rehearsed answer and instead pick a weakness they are addressing and have learned from.

Just like you can train for skills but not for company culture fit, you can’t train an employee to understand and address mistakes. Everyone is human and has weaknesses, it’s what we do to better ourselves that counts.

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What Operations Does An Rdd Support

  • Transformations:Transformations produce new RDD from an existing RDD, everytime we apply transformation to the RDD. Always it takes an RDD as an input and ejects one or more RDD as output.
  • Actions:Actions are used when we wish to use the actual RDD instead of working with a new RDD after we apply transformations. Actions eject out non-RDD values unlike transformations, which only eject RDD values.
  • How Many Questions Are There Do I See The Questions Ahead Of Time How Much Time Do I Have To Answer

    The number of questions for a one-way interview is decided by the recruiter or hiring manager. Once you start the interview, you will be told the number of questions you will need to answer. The most questions you will be asked is ten. The questions will be presented to you one at a time so you will have an opportunity to think about your response before recording.

    The length of time to answer a question varies from interview to interview. You can have as much as three minutes to respond or as little as thirty seconds — the amount of time is decided by the recruiter or hiring manager. Dont worry too much about whether youll be able to say all you need to in the time given or if you will have enough to say at all. Focus on answering the question as best you can.

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