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What Questions To Ask In An Interview Software Developer

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5 Questions to Ask in a Software Developer Job Interview

Though developers are not customer-facing, many companies want all employees to keep in mind the goal of helping customers, said Ilia Sotnikov, vice president of product management at Netwrix. “A person who asks this question shows that he or she understands the purpose of their work and is willing to bring value to customers and our company,” Sotnikov said. “Instead of trying to prove himself/herself as an ingenious coder, he or she will do their best to help customers get maximum benefits from our products and services.”

How Flexible Are The Hours And Location Of This Position

If you value flexibility in your work hours or location, then consider asking this question in your interview. Depending on your personality and lifestyle , the structure of the job may be critical to your decision to accept the position or not based on whether it could accommodate your specific needs. For example, if you enjoy working from home a few days each week, be sure to ask the interviewer if this would be possible in the position.

Questions Software Developers Should Expect In A Job Interview

Software developers are in high demand. Here are some tips on how to answer the common developer interview questions and land the right job.

Software developersincluding full stack, Python, Java, and JavaScript developersare among the most in-demand tech jobs of the year. With so many companies actively seeking developers to hire, those in the field must know how to prepare for an interview to land the right job with the highest salary.

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Whats Your Tech Stack And What Development Tools Do You Use

Many engineers care a lot about the tech stack they work in and the tools theyll be using. If you’re one of them, you should definitely ask this question and make sure the answers align with your preferences. Ive personally never cared too much about the exact languages or development tools a company uses, but I still find them useful to ask about because these questions can also reveal the companys approach to code and projects more broadly.

For example, when I was interviewing recently, I discovered that one of the companies I was talking to was using a cutting-edge programming language. Using brand-new technologies can be an opportunity to become an expert and help shape the direction that technology takes industry-wide. However, it can also mean surprise bugs that take weeks or months to unearth and a lack of community support.

What development tools a company is using can also be informative. Are they picking best of breed or cheaper alternatives? Are they trying to build everything in-house? Are they missing key elements? For example, do they seem to skimp on or lack monitoring tools? If they arent following industry best practices, that might be a red flagor you could see it as an opportunity for you to introduce those practices. Influencing an engineering culture in a positive way is often a good way to get promoted, but it can also be a lot of work, or in some cases, an unwinnable battle.

Questions Developers Should Ask Employers During A Job Interview

15 Software Engineer Interview Questions You Should Always Ask ...

Good developer interview preparation includes coming up with thoughtful questions for the hiring manager. Here are some ideas to get started.

Landed an interview for a developer job? While it’s important to prepare for the questions you might be asked by the employer, it’s also key to know what questions you will ask them.

“Forgoing the opportunity to ask questions means missing out on the opportunity to learn about the nature of the work the role entails, the culture of the organization and much more,” said Joanna Tropp-Bluestone, a career strategist who runs the firm Negotiation Geek. “In addition, asking thoughtful questions is another way to showcase your communication skills, demonstrate your interest in the role and make a great impression on your interviewer.”

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When Writing Your Own Database Server What Should You Consider

Most of the time software engineers use data stores especially those working on backend applications. Do they understand the underlying factors of the application? How would they write an application like MongoDB or MySQL?

This type of open-ended question tests the bounds of a software engineer interviewees knowledge and could lead to a discussion of database principles such as file storage, sharding, threading, query optimizers, the big four NoSQL types, indexing, and others.

What Are Your Preferred Programming Languages

In general, it’s good to make sure you’re familiar with some of the more popular languages, including:

If the company you’re applying to relies heavily on a specific programming language, you may be asked questions about its functionality and related concepts. Brush up on your knowledge of popular programming languages with the links below:

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Define What Case Means

These four letters refer to computer-aided software engineering. This is typically a group of programs classed as automated applications that engineers use to achieve goals efficiently in the software development lifecycle.

The best answers to this question will outline a few advantages of these tools, including the ability to keep the cost of the software development process low and boost the quality and chances of accomplishing the user’s requirements.

Tell Me About The Projects Youre Working On In Your Spare Time

Best Questions to ask in Software Engineer Interviews

Technology moves fast. When hiring a web developer, youre looking for someone who invests some of their own time in growing their skills and staying on top of emerging trends. Candidates should be able to discuss some personal projects, either past or present, and possibly even show you their work.

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Tell Me About A Project You Were Involved With And Explain How You Chose Its Architecture

This question helps your interviewer learn how you use technology to meet organizational challenges. Feel free to talk about:

  • The high-level objective the project addressed.
  • Details about the architecture you chose, including design choices such as MEAN as opposed to MERN or other coding-language decisions.
  • Architectural decisions about hardware, such as servers and network structure.
  • Any unexpected adjustments you had to make to either the design itself or the technology you used.

Review The Job Description Ahead Of Time

Before your interview, read over the job description and job posting for the position you’re interviewing for. Focus on keywords and qualifications mentioned in the description or job posting and use them throughout your interview answers if applicable. This lets the hiring manager know you’re well qualified for the role and that you’re serious about working for them in this capacity.

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What Is The Teams Largest Challenge

This question can be taken in several different directions, all of which could sway you towards or away from the company. For instance, if the department is understaffed, your position could play an instrumental role in solving a critical problem and increasing workplace effectiveness. However, if you discover that your team does not have the support of the company or are lacking the funds to execute their goals and objectives, this could be a potential warning sign.

Preparing For The Interview:

Interview Questions to Ask Software Developers and Programmers

Software developing jobs mostly come under the technical sector, so the interviewer would surely get down with the technical questions to assess their knowledge on the job role they are applying.

But for hiring the right candidates, you not only have to assess their subjective knowledge but also have to ask questions to analyze their personality and ethics they carry.

Here are few interview tips for software developer hiring

Now before the interview, the employer/interviewer should very well get prepared with all the requirements needed and the important questions that they need to ask the candidates. This helps to hire the best candidate in the organization.

Every company works on different projects, so the requirements and needs would differ accordingly. The same thing applies when asking questions in an interview. But before that, here are few general tips interviewers need to follow during the interview.

  • Know the project requirements
  • Prepare your questions in advance

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Explain The Difference Between Black Box And White Box Testing

The interviewer seeks to know whether you are aware of the different types of testing methods.

Tip #1: Avoid mulling as it may cause question on the answer that you give

Tip #2: Be confident while giving your answer

Sample Answer

Black box testing only tests for the correct output of a function, given an input. On the other hand, white box testing tests for a correct implementation.

How Did You Solve A Problem You Faced

This question will allow the candidate to explain how they approach problems and their methodology for solving them. It will show whether they have the skills to hold up to pressure and use their problem-solving skills to arrive at a solution.

This does not have to be a software engineering problem, though it may be. It can also be a problem with teamwork. For example, they can explain how they had a disagreement with a colleague on how to properly approach a specific problem and how they came to an agreement with that colleague.

This will show that they have the teamwork skills to work with someone else, even when there is a conflict.

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Form An Opinion: Hire Or No

At the end of an interview you should have an opinion about the candidate:

  • Strong hire: the candidate was really strong overall, youd be willing to go out on a limb to advocate for them.
  • Hire: the candidate did well, but didnt knock it out of the park.
  • No-hire: the candidate didnt do well. If it was just based on just this interview, youd probably pass. However, youre willing to be convinced that they could still be a viable hire.
  • Strong no-hire: the candidate did such a poor job that you cannot imagine working with them. You would fight to keep them out.

Youre not allowed to be on the fence. If you find yourself saying Im not sure. I liked them, BUT. that means no-hire.

This opinion is non-binding, but its important to have an opinion. I suggest that immediately after the interview, you fill out a standardized feedback form to structure your evaluation by e.g. problem-solving, technical skills, etc. rather than a wobbly feeling. After writing this down, pick the Hire / No-hire recommendation.

Youll share your experiences during the interview debrief. Its OK for people to change their votes. Candidates with one or two no-hire votes could still be hired if folks feel like their weaknesses are explainable.

Where Do You See Yourself In Five Years

6 Questions to Ask in a Software Engineer or Developer Interview

This question helps the interviewer determine if you’ll stick around for a while and if your goals match what the company can provide. Answer this question as honestly as possible.

First, you need to know what your long-term goals are. Then, find a connection between those goals and the job description. If the company has different levels of Software Developers, you might say that you want to work toward a mid or senior-level position.

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What Are The Biggest Challenges Facing Your Team

I like to leave this question open-ended since I think it’s interesting to see if people pick something technical, cultural, or process related. Regardless, the answer can tell you a lot about team culture and can give you insight into what you might be working on.

Are the challenges they bring up something you’re excited to try to fix or at least willing to work with? Samantha Paras, Engineering Tech Lead at DataFox, also likes to ask this to gauge if one of the challenges mentioned is an area that she feels like she can contribute to. Knowing that she can make an impact makes her much more excited about a company.

Are there challenges? If a team isnt trying to improve anything, that can indicate apathy or little room for growth on the team. Does everyone on the team reference the same challenge? Consistency can mean good self-awareness across the team . Do they seem optimistic about finding a solution?

When I was interviewing at one company, every single person I talked to referenced their design and decision making process being cumbersome and slow. While I obviously wouldnt want to deal with that, the fact that everyone noticed the problem and wanted it fixed made it seem likely to be addressed quickly. Several of them also referenced discussions they were already having around changing that process.

Something Specific To The Company

Wrapping up your interview with one or two company-related questions is a great way to demonstrate your interest in the organization, Tropp-Bluestone said. It also demonstrates that you did your homework in preparation for the interview. “It works like a charm because people love talking about themselves, feeling like experts, and it will end the interview on a positive note,” she added.

For example, you might ask about their newest products or an emerging market you know they’re exploring.

“I’m always impressed by engineering candidates that have done their homework on our company and have taken the time to think about the technical challenges of building such a product,” said Sean Borman of Obsidian Security. “These folks will ask good questions related to architecture, technology choices, scaling, machine learning, and so on. It’s as much an opportunity for the candidate to shine as it is a way for the candidate to assess whether or not the company really knows what they’re doing.”

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When To Ask Your Questions

As important as knowing what questions to ask an interviewer is knowing when to ask the interviewer the questions you have.

Try to ask questions about the job and the team during every round: initial screening, first round, second round, technical round, panel round, etc. Not only does it show youre interested in the position but also that youre a detail-oriented person and are paying close attention.

Its best to save the majority of your questions for the end of each interview round. This way you can see whether some of your questions get answered during the interview.

However, some interviewers may prompt you to ask questions throughout the interview, so take advantage of that. Also, some may be better off asked at the beginning or throughout the meeting, such as the why is this job open? question or to simply have a conversation.

When asking your questions, make sure the right interviewers are present. It wont make sense to ask technical questions during the initial screening with an HR representative. It also isnt appropriate to ask questions related to compensation or performance to prospective colleagues present during an interview.

Senior Engineer Interview Questions

4 Top Software Developer Interview Questions to Ask â Tech Blog by Guy ...

If youre aiming for a position as director of engineering, interview questions are undoubtedly tougher.

But also be ready to ask senior software engineer interview questions.

What is the primary goal of the company when it comes to offering services?

When you have questions to ask, software engineer interview becomes interactive and quite fun.

Your personal lead software engineer interview questions should allow you to see what the services are for.

What kind of support can software engineers expect from the management?

Java interview questions for senior developer are common, along with your questions to ask engineering interview personnel.

Make it a point to know the kind of support the management bestows on the employees.

With your experience, you deserve full support in your projects.

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Questions About Experience And Background

Along with general questions, it’s also important for hiring managers to assess your previous roles and background as it applies to the role you’re interviewing for. The information you provide makes it easier for them to determine how your previous experiences can translate into a successful performance at their company. Here are some questions you can expect during a developer interview regarding your experience and background:

  • Tell me about a project you completed successfully. Why do you consider it a success?

  • How have you previously detected errors that weren’t obvious?

  • Do you have experience working in a multidisciplinary team? If you do, did you like it and why? If you haven’t, would you like to and why?

  • What qualities make you a great developer?

  • What programming languages or frameworks are you familiar with?

  • How do you handle work-related stress?

  • Have you ever had a project delay or error that you had to explain to your supervisor or client? How did you go about it?

  • What is your favorite thing about being a developer?

  • Tell me about a time you exceeded job expectations as a developer. Were you rewarded? If so, how did it make you feel?

  • What is your least favorite thing about being a developer?

  • What operating systems do you have experience with?

Do Any Of The Managers Actively Program Themselves

This question will give you insights into how hands-on managers are and what kind of support theyll be able to give you with respect to the details of programming.

If managers are the ones doing code reviews, its important for them to be involved in the code on a regular basis. Otherwise, the code reviews may not be that accurate or helpful.

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