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Cognitive Assessment For Job Interview

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Considerations When Purchasing A Game

How to Pass Pre-Employment Cognitive Abilities Assessment Test: Questions and Answers
  • Validation: Validation helps establish that a game-based assessment accurately measures what its designed for. For example, developers creating a game based cognitive test will use existing tests, such as the International Cognitive Ability Resource as a baseline to measure the results of their game-based assessment.
  • Job appropriateness: Consider what cognitive skills are necessary for the position and find a game-based assessment that tests for them. Both entry and mid-level jobs require cognitive skills, but a manager may need to demonstrate organizational and problem-solving skills while an entry-level clerk may need numerical literacy and memory recall. Blanket assessments are acceptable solutions, but ideally, you should have one tailored to different roles based on their cognitive skill needs. Assessments should not look or feel trivial and should communicate the importance of the hiring process to the candidate.
  • Skill evaluation limits: Game-based assessments are excellent for evaluating a candidates cognitive skills such as numeracy, memory, or problem-solving. Interviews, video-based assessments, and work samples are better for measuring a candidates social skills, subject knowledge, and emotional intelligence.
  • Cognitive Ability Assessment Tests

    Some companies use cognitive ability test batteries that include numerical, verbal, and non-verbal questions. Surprisingly, the question styles across all tests are quite similar. Compare test formats and topics for a better understanding of each test.

    Wonderlic This test comes in two versions: the Wonderlic Personnel Test-Quicktest with 30 questions that must be completed in eight minutes and the Wonderlic Personnel Test-Revised with 50 questions that must be completed in 12 minutes.

    Criteria Cognitive Aptitude Test The Criteria Cognitive Aptitude Test is a general pre-employment aptitude test that measures a candidate’s aptitude, problem-solving abilities, skill learning capabilities, and critical thinking. It consists of 50 questions and has a 15-minute time limit.

    Predictive Index Cognitive Assessment The Predictive Index Learning Indicator , formerly known as the Professional Learning Indicator , is a 12-minute test comprised of 50 questions. The PLI is given to potential hires to test for skills not easily found on a resume or during an interview. The purpose of the PLI assessment is to measure your cognitive ability or your capacity to learn and adapt in the workplace.

    What Is Cognitive Ability

    Cognitive abilitysometimes referred to as reasoning ability or g describes a persons capability to learn, adapt, solve problems, and understand instructions.

    In a hiring context, a high level of cognitive ability indicates a strong likelihood of effectiveness and efficiency in these areas and ultimately a greater likelihood of job success.

    Our founder, E.F. Wonderlic, was one of the very first people to understand the value of measuring cognitive ability in the hiring process.

    While most famous for adding a layer of insight to the potential of pro football prospects at the NFL Combine, our test are actually most useful and most used in general business settings, where employees are tackling problems, not people.

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    Cognitive Abilities Are Predictors For Job Performance

    Psychology and social sciences focused on cognitive abilities as job performance indicators for a very long time. They found that cognitive ability, in general, is one of the most potent predictors of career success. The correlation coefficient of cognitive testing and job performance across all professions, levels, and industries is 0.51. A score of 1.0 reflects a perfect, 100% predictor, which science does not have yet.

    According to the American Psychological Association,

    general cognitive ability influences job performance largely through its role in the acquisition and use of information about how to do ones job. Individuals with higher levels of cognitive ability acquire new information more easily and more quickly and can use that information more effectively.

    In other words, a cognitive skill test helps you find the right people for the right jobs and positions. The traditional interviews focusing on work experience and education have very low correlation coefficients: 0.18 or even 0.1.

    Recruit Capable People for Organizational Success

    You do not even have to go so far as to delve into psychology studies and research papers. It is enough to read the news. Some giant multinational corporations adopt cognitive testing as a part of their recruiting process. They will continue to do so in the future.

    How To Pass The Ccat

    Cognitive Assessment Tool Kit

    Like studying for an exam, you can prepare yourself for the CCAT test. The hiring manager of the job you are applying for should give you enough notice beforehand so you have time to prep and do a practice run or two.

    The strategies mentioned above regarding improving your cognitive abilities definitely apply here, and here are seven more steps to success:

    Here are a few examples of typical questions that you might receive in each section.

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    Cognitive Ability Assessments Help You Find Terrific Learners

    In fact, the heart of cognitive abilitys relationship with job performance is rapid knowledge acquisition. Schmidts work showed that cognitive ability predicts training performance. And, after the formal learning is done, people with higher cognitive scores are those who outperform others because they can quickly absorb all of the incoming information and knowledge. In other words, they acquire new skills quickly and they figure things out fast, which translates into huge performance gains.

    It looks like magic but its actually science.

    Companies with the right people in the right roles have 42% lower turnover.

    Cognitive Ability Assessments Are Extremely Predictive Of Job Performance

    In fact, theyre among the most well-researched assessments in the social sciences. Frank L. Schmidtfound that cognitive ability explains, on average, a whopping 42% of job performance! In the right hands, that kind of predictive power will make hitting talent Blackjack a regular thing in both hiring and promotion decisions.

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    Reasons To Use A Cognitive Ability Test For Hiring & Employment

    If youve ever hired a new employee, you know that success can be a game of chance. Get it right and everyones happy. Get it wrong and disaster can ensue.

    A bad hire can cost roughly 5x an employees salary. And that doesnt even take into account all the other problems, like upsetting team morale or poor job performance leading to damaged client relationships.

    Its clear making the right hire is important. And while theres no one silver bullet to get it right every time, theres definitely one tool worth putting in your talent management arsenal that is more effective than most predictors and will help you hit the bullseye more often than not: cognitive ability tests.

    Critical Listening Skills Assessment

    Cognitive Abilities Hiring Assessment Test: Questions and Answers

    Exercise: In this scenario, you are the HR Officer of our company, and Employee A is a fictional character who arranged a meeting with you after learning that their colleague, Employee B, in the same role just got a promotion. Employee A did not get a promotion, but they have been lobbying for one for a while. How would you respond?

    Employee A: I was really annoyed to learn that Employee B got a promotion. Ive been in this role longer. Ive worked extra hours. I know Employee B is a friend of the managers. Ive asked for a promotion in the past three months but I was told there was no budget. Why wasnt I considered for this?

    What to look for: Good candidates will recognize that the employee is feeling under-appreciated. Theyll listen patiently to the employee and offer objective input. Theyll offer to look into the matter with the employees permission. But more importantly, theyll turn the conversation into one that focuses on career development. They might ask What skills would you like to learn that would help advance your career? Or, Where would you like to see your role advance to, and how can I help you with that?

    Red flags: A candidate who rejects the employees concerns or is dismissive or critical in any way shows they may not have the critical listening or diplomacy skills to help employees.

    Evaluate candidates quickly and fairly

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    Publishers Of Cognitive Ability Tests

    There are numerous publishers who administer cognitive ability tests. If you can find out which organisation is publishing the test youre taking, it means you can prepare using past tests from that publisher, and get used to the specific style and format of questions.

    Here are a few of the most popular publishers used in the UK:

    Revelian An Australian test provider that uses tests created by psychologists for employers across the world.

    SHL One of the biggest test providers, offering assessments for 150 countries in 30 different languages.

    Predictive Index A popular pre-employment assessment provider that specialises in cognitive and behavioural tests.

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    Unlock our complete testing platform with our bespoke Cognitive Ability Tests package

    Types Of Job Assessments

    Assessment tests for jobs vary by industry and company goals. A company hiring a computer programmer, for instance, might want to confirm you have the appropriate coding skills. An organization that hires based on culture fit might test you on your work style or personality. Here are seven types of job assessments you might encounter:

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    They Can Help You Find People Who Can Adjust To The Big Technological Changes Ahead

    Cognitive ability tests can help HR pros peel back the layers to determine how strong an applicant is in these crucial core competencies.

    While AI has made major strides toward replicating the efficacy of human intelligence in executing certain tasks, there are still major limitations. In particular, AI programs are typically only capable of specialized intelligence, meaning they can solve only one problem, and execute only one task at a time. Often, they can be rigid, and unable to respond to any changes in input, or perform any thinking outside of their prescribed programming.

    Humans, however, possess generalized intelligence, with the kind of problem solving, abstract thinking and critical judgement that will continue to be important in business. Human judgement will be relevant, if not in every task, then certainly throughout every level across all sectors.

    Types Of Cognitive Ability Test

    Cognitive Assessment Tool Kit

    When you take a cognitive ability test youll cover a range of different subjects and questions that can be practised in greater detail as full tests.

    In particular, you should aim to prepare for:

    Numerical Ability Tests

    Numerical ability tests are designed to examine your aptitude for numbers. The questions cover mathematical problems such as ratios and percentages, fractions, data interpretation and even financial analysis.

    This type of test is particularly challenging as the questions are complex and the tight time limits dont leave much more than a minute for you to answer each question.

    Practising as many numerical reasoning tests as you can, particularly if this is an area youre weaker at, will help you to perform better at the cognitive ability test, and will prove to an employer that youre able to work with numbers quickly and accurately.

    Verbal Ability Tests

    Verbal ability tests evaluate your comprehension and communication skills.

    Youll read through dense passages of text and then be faced with a series of questions on what youve just read, to which youll have to select a multiple-choice answer .

    No prior knowledge of the subject matter is needed. In fact, its important that you answer based just on what youve read, paying particular attention to whats actually been stated, and whats merely been inferred.

    Logical Ability Tests

    Logical ability tests use pattern- and shape-based puzzles to assess your problem solving and logical thinking skills.

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    Analyze Questions Before Answering

    When taking an assessment, read the instructions carefully and try to review the exact wording of a question before responding. This helps you to answer any questions that use complex language and ensures you always give a complete answer. The only exception is if your assessment has a time element and you begin to approach the end of your allotted time. In that case, it may be better to answer all the questions than carefully analyze a few of them.

    While this applies to written tests, it’s also relevant to verbal assessments. When an interviewer asks a question, consider pausing to analyze what they have said. By taking a few seconds to consider the question, you can better understand the question and construct a more complete answer. You can also use phrases such as “That’s a good question, allow me to consider it a moment” if you want to explain to the interviewer why you have gone temporarily silent.

    Reasons To Use A Cognitive Ability Test In Your Recruitment Process

    As all expert recruiters and companies know, the actual hiring process is a pre-employment test for job candidates. Nevertheless, when we discuss pre-employment assessment, we discuss standardized tests. Their goal is to evaluate an applicants set of skills and abilities, intelligence, reasoning, etc. It has been a common practice since the eighties for companies to use a cognitive ability test for different job profiles.

    Those organizations proved to be very successful. Others are still sticking to structured or unstructured interviews and maybe some technical skills/job knowledge testing. Should they start changing their perspective? Lets learn today why recruiters should all use at least one cognitive ability test in their hiring process!

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    Are There Multiple Intelligences

    But what if there is no single form of intelligence? In that case, recruiters would want to test a variety of cognitive abilities when vetting candidates.

    Howard Gardner first proposed the theory of multiple intelligences in his 1983 book Frames of Mind: The Theory of Multiple Intelligences.

    Based on brain damage research, evolutionary history, and a number of other factors, he proposed that intelligence should instead be broken into eight distinct cognitive abilities that are not strongly correlated with each other.

    He proposed eight different abilities:

    • musical-rhythmic
    • intrapersonal
    • naturalistic

    While Gardners theory certainly isnt the only accepted model of human intelligence, most modern theories include at least some form of multiple intelligences.

    As a result, recruiters often use separate tests to evaluate different skills, including verbal skills, math skills, logic, and even creativity or emotional intelligence.

    The more variety we use in our tests, the more likely we are to identify candidates with a wide variety of cognitive abilities.

    Energy Company Reduce Time To Hire By 50% With Realistic Job Assessments

    Cognitive Abilities Practice Test: Questions & Answers Explained

    Company Story reduce time to hire This global energy company was growing rapidly but was experiencing high employee turnover in its Customer Experience teams. High staff churn meant their recruiters had to work twice as hard to find talent and backfill vacant positions and reduce time to hire became a key goal for them.

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    Things You Need To Know About Game

    Artificial Intelligence, Assessments

    No matter what industry you recruit for, you can always have more information when making screening decisions.

    In-person interviews, on-demand interviews, and video-based assessments give you great insight into a candidate’s communication skills, emotional intelligence, and job skills, but don’t provide the same assessment of their overall cognitive ability.

    Generally, traditional cognitive assessment tests measure these mental skills. These sorts of assessments are digital versions of older paper tests. Candidates tend to perceive them as time-intensive and bland. They provide an unengaging experience that candidates are more likely to abandon.

    With the emergence of validated game-based cognitive assessments, candidates can demonstrate cognitive skills in engaging games, and in less than 20 minutes. These assessments take the form of a series of games, each of which takes between two and three minutes to play. Candidates get a fun and interesting experience, and you get a deeper understanding of their strengths.

    Next Step: Download Top 50 Iq & Aptitude Assessment Test Questions And Answers Pdf Ebook

    Top 50 Aptitude Test Questions and Answers is everything you need to get ready for Aptitude Assessment Test. An Aptitude Test is an pre-employment hiring exam, which is used by to determine an how well candidate is prepared to succeed in a given activity. It also ensures that candidate has a good grasp and can solve business problems, using the data presented to help make business decision for the organization. In addition to the practice questions and answers in this PDF EBook you will also learn about strategies to successfully pass Assessment Test, most efficient ways to get prepared, time management tips for exam preparations, tips and tricks to answer different types of questions and much more.

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    Where Can I Practice Cognitive Ability Tests

    There are hundreds of free online resources that have practice cognitive abilities tests available.

    The most reliable and effective way to practice tests is to know what publisher has produced the test that you will be taking so that you can practice those specifically.

    You can usually find practice tests on the publisher websites or look for test aggregation sites that have dupe tests based on the structure of the assessments.

    Bear in mind that free sites might have limited practice tests available, but if you want to get the best results you can look for publisher-specific test prep packs which include revision tips and scoring for the practice tests.

    Making Cognitive Tests A Part Of The Recruitment

    The Montreal Cognitive Assessment: Not an Intelligence Test

    In a study discussing the relationship between cognitive ability and job performance, it was determined that cognitive tests were the perfect way to save company resources. By pre-screening candidates, the recruiter saves time and money by interviewing only those who have performed satisfactorily on the cognitive skills tests.

    A splendid benefit of cognitive skills testing is how these tests predict an individuals job performance. This works because the cognitive ability tests evaluate a candidates immediate and constantly evolving environment. They are used to track how quickly a candidate picks up new information and processes it to make quick decisions.

    While in senior candidates, these tests can determine how they adapt to changes in the environment with younger individuals, the tests identify their potential abilities, especially since they do not have a lot of experience for the job role. Therefore, by hiring the right candidates, the retention rates of the organization increase as well.

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