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Virtual Reality Job Interview Training

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Research Discoveries: Virtual Reality Job Interview Training

Transfrs mission is to train the future of every industry and open up new opportunities for people across the globe. We create unique pathways to well-paying jobs available now in high-demand fields, enabling learners to find job security and upward mobility, facilitated by immersive, hands-on training.

Post Hoc Analyses Of Primary Outcomes

Of the 90 participants, 46 met criteria for being IPS nonresponders46% of the IPS+VR-JIT group and 58% of the IPS-as-usual group, which was not a statistically significant difference. By definition, IPS nonresponders have lower rates of obtaining employment when engaged in IPS, compared with new enrollees in IPS . As noted, the inclusion criteria for this study were modified from an initial focus on recent IPS enrollees to all unemployed IPS clients . This inclusion raises the question whether the effects of VR-JIT differed between the recent IPS enrollees and the nonresponders. Thus, we conducted a series of post hoc analyses to evaluate the impact of VR-JIT on employment outcomes separately for the IPS nonresponder subgroup and the recent IPS enrollee subgroup. The first set of analyses were for IPS nonresponders. A chi-square analysis among IPS nonresponders indicated that the IPS+VR-JIT group was significantly more likely than the IPS-as-usual group to obtain employment by 9-month follow-up . Subsequently, the addition of the same aforementioned covariates in a multivariable logistic regression within the IPS nonresponder subsample indicated that the IPS+VR-JIT group had greater odds of employment, compared with the IPS-as-usual group . Finally, the adjusted Cox proportional hazards model among the IPS nonresponders indicated that the IPS+VR-JIT group had a significantly shorter time to employment, compared with the IPS-as-usual group .

Virtual Reality Job Interview Training May Improve Interview Skills Of Students On The Autism Spectrum


Pilot study of Virtual Reality Job Interview Training for autistic adolescents showed feasibility for inclusion in a school curriculum aimed at improving employment outcomes

East Hanover, NJ. March 2, 2022. A team of researchers has demonstrated the feasibility of a novel approach to improving interview skills among autistic adolescents. Their article, “A pilot RCT of virtual reality job interview training in transition-age youth on the autism spectrum,” was published in the November 2021 issue of Research in Autism Spectrum Disorders .

The abstract is available at:

The authors are Helen M. Genova, PhD, Katie Lancaster, PhD, Mikayla Haas, Michael DiBenedetto, Denise Krch, PhD, and John DeLuca, PhD, of Kessler Foundation, James Morecraft and Alexandra Edwards, formerly of Kessler Foundation, and Matthew J. Smith, PhD, of the University of Michigan School of Social Work.

Interviewing skills, which are essential to successful jobhunting, are challenging for adolescents on the autism spectrum, who often have difficulty with social interactions. Researchers focused on improving these skills in this randomized, controlled trial conducted in a high school setting.

Interested in our autism research? Learn more about participating in our studies by contacting .

About Kessler Foundation

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Three Steps To Answering Any Question

This module looks at how to answer behavioural interview questions. Learn why great storytelling is essential for making an impact during an interview and discover a simple, effective technique for crafting winning answers to almost any question.

Through this module, you will:

Practise analysing interview questions to identify what the interviewer is looking for
Discover a fail-safe three-step strategy for answering behavioural questions in a job interview
Craft winning answers using the C.A.R. technique
Practise your verbal and non-verbal communication skills when delivering responses in an interview

Be Fully Prepared For Your Interview

VR Job Interview Simulator » JBHXR VR Training

You’ll likely only have one chance to impress your interviewer, so you need to make it count. You might have a great resume and be a perfect fit for the role, however your chances of landing the job are low if you’re not prepared for the interview.

In this Job Interview course, youâll learn the tools you need to interview with clarity and confidence, and land your dream job.

This unique combination of online classes and practice in virtual reality has helped our customers land jobs at organizations like Tesla, Google, and the United Nations.

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Virtual Reality Job Interview Training In Severe Mental Illness

The safety and scientific validity of this study is the responsibility of the study sponsor and investigators. Listing a study does not mean it has been evaluated by the U.S. Federal Government. Read our disclaimer for details.
First Posted : February 10, 2017Results First Posted : November 21, 2022Last Update Posted : November 21, 2022
Condition or disease
SchizophreniaSchizoaffective DisorderBipolar DisorderDepressive Disorder Behavioral: Virtual Reality Job Interview TrainingOther: Supported Employment Not Applicable
Layout table for study information

Study Type :
Some, but not all, outcomes require masking for the assessor.
Primary Purpose:
Virtual Reality Job Interview Training: An Enhancement to Supported Employment in Severe Mental Illness
Actual Study Start Date :
Experimental: Virtual Reality Job Interview TrainingVirtual Reality Job Interview Training Behavioral: Virtual Reality Job Interview TrainingJob interview training using virtual reality software created by SIMmersion, Inc, in addition to standard supported employment services.
Supported Employment Supported Employment Other: Supported Employment Standard supported employment services.
  • Employment Rates Employment rates at 9-month follow-up visit measured with questionnaire.
  • Primary Outcomes For Efficacy Study

    RM-ANOVA revealed a significant group-by-time interaction for role-play performance . Trainees improved their role-play performance between pre-test and post-test, which was characterized by a large effect size . Controls appeared to regress to the mean . RM-ANOVA revealed a non-significant group-by-time interaction for self-confidence scores , but trainees were characterized by a medium effect size .

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    Fight Zoom Fatigue And Free Your Calendar

    Scheduling an interview, running an interview, no-show candidates, asking the same question time and time again, the entire process can be draining.

    StandOut makes it easy by allowing you to send invites to candidates while you sit back and watch your candidates roll in.

    Review When and Where it Works For You and Your Staff

    Online Learning Done Differently

    Virtual Reality Job Training

    We combine online classes with VR for a unique learning approach. At certain points throughout the course, you’ll be prompted to practice what you’ve learned in VR.

    Practice in realistic VR

    Answering interview questions is just like any other skill – you need to practice to improve. In this course, you can put your new skills to the test and practice answering questions that have been asked in real interviews at some of the worldâs largest companies.

    Improve with feedback

    Learn online, practice in VR, and receive instant feedback on your dialogue. This feedback loop occurs multiple times throughout the course and helps you improve your skills up to 4X faster.

    Reduce your nerves and increase your confidence in the knowledge that youâre thoroughly prepared.

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    Vita: Virtual Interactive Training Agent

    The Virtual Interactive Training Agent is a virtual reality job interview practice system for building competence and reducing anxiety in young adults with Autism Spectrum Disorder and other developmental disabilities. It was developed by the USC Institute for Creative Technologies , in partnership with the Dan Marino Foundation .

    While it is recognized that many persons with ASD have the necessary capabilities for success in vocational activities, many report that the process of engaging in a job interview is anxiety provoking, as well as socially and verbally challenging these factors may limit their success in job seeking situations.

    Combining DMF expertise on ASD and ICT virtual human technology, VITA provides the opportunity for ASD users to repetitively practice job interviewing in a safe simulated VR environment. There are a total of six characters, three male and three female, each with three behavioral dispositions: soft-touch, neutral and hostile. Various scenarios have been created that simulate real life job interview situations. Video recording of the users interaction allows a vocational expert and the user to visually review and analyze the users performance.

    Job Seekers Receive Help From Bell’s Virtual Reality Job Interview Training Program

    You have a job interview scheduled. Youre stressed. You dont know what questions to ask the interviewer, or how to properly frame your answers.

    Fortunately, Molly Porter, a virtual hiring manager, is available to help.

    Molly is the fictional star of a computerized virtual reality job interview training program invented by Morris Bell, PhD, professor emeritus and senior research scientist in psychiatry at Yale School of Medicine. Bell has spent over a decade working with fellow researchers and the Maryland-based company SIMmersion to develop and market the simulator to help people perfect their interview skills while they seek employment.

    A new paper published in Psychiatric Services and co-authored by Bell reveals that the virtual reality interview program provides important training for people seeking employment, in this case people with serious mental illness who are receiving Individual Placement and Support services .

    The study found that the 52 percent of people who had not found work in nine months of IPS and then used the virtual reality interview program obtained employment compared to 19 percent for people who didnt use the program. Bell said the results show the program can be a useful tool for people who need help preparing for job interviews.

    People who get this training are more likely to go out on job interviews, and are more likely to get jobs more quickly, he said. Its much more than you could ever get by role-playing live with somebody.

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    Employee Engagement And Authenticity Training

    • Provides AI/Video speaking and communications practice for your employees
    • Scores practice responses according to their clarity
    • AI feedback improves verbal pacing and clarity while purging crutch words
    • Help employees communicate clearly with peers, prospects, and customers
    • Improve corporate presentation skills, colleague interactions, and employee confidence
    • Now helping 100+ universities help their students and faculty improve professional communications

    Let’s Bring Humanity Back To The Interviewing Process

    New Partnership Brings Innovative Virtual Job Interview Training Course ...

    Save time and money processing candidates much more quickly by creating pre-recorded interviews and allowing candidates to interview at their convenience.

    Picking the right candidate is no easy task and requires a clear mind. Rather than trying to squeeze in interviews on top of your already full day of virtual meetings, StandOut lets you review at a time that works for you and split the load up in a manageable way with your team.

    Create an interview using your own questions or select from our pre-recorded question library containing 3000+ of the most common interview questions by industry and difficulty.

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    Job Interview Training With Molly Porter


    The fictional company, Wondersmart, is opening a new location and conducting interviews for 8 job positions. Molly Porter, the hiring manager, has invited you for a job interview. Practice interviewing with Molly to gain skills on the proper techniques and build confidence in build confidence for real-life interviews. You can practice effective methods of sharing factors that apply to your life such as: mental illnesses, disclosing accommodations, prior military experience, or involvement with the justice system. Show Molly the best of your abilities and try to receive a job offer at Wondersmart!

    Performing your best at the job interview can be the determining factor in successfully receiving a job offer. This moment can be stressful for anyone, especially if it is the first time. Knowing how to show the best of your capabilities and avoid common mistakes can help you stand out as an applicant to secure your next job position successfully and confidently.


    Job Seekers of All Ages

    Recommended Plays

    *per level of play includes a level of progression system to advance through the training

    Teaching Objectives:

    • Displaying Honesty, Interest, Dependability, and Teamwork
    • Maintaining Positivity and Professionalism
    • Sharing Personal Life Topics
    • Negotiating Best Arrangements for Employment

    Included in Training:


    Smith, M. J., Bell, M. D. . Response: Importance of virtual reality job interview training in today’s world. PubMed. Read More

    Study Finds Ways To Improve Job Outcomes For People With Serious Mental Health Conditions Using Online Virtual Reality Job Interview Training

    Virtual Reality Job Interview Training can help promote employment among people who experience serious mental health conditions and are engaged in individual placement and support , according to a federally-funded research study conducted at Thresholds with the University of Michigan.

    IPS an evidence-based model of supported employment focuses on assessment, rapid job placement, job development, and ongoing supports for people experiencing serious mental health conditions who want to work. Thresholds is a community behavioral health nonprofit that offers services, including IPS, to those experiencing mental health conditions.

    Virtual Reality Job Interview Training is an online simulator where people repeatedly practice with Molly Porter, a virtual hiring manager. Molly provides trainees with practiced interview skills through a series of common job interview questions and gives them automated feedback about their responses. With IPS, approximately 50% of clients practice interview skills by role-playing with their employment specialists.

    According to Dr. Matthew J. Smith, developing interview skills is a significant component to getting a job. Smith is the lead researcher from the University of Michigan and Director of the Level Up: Employment Skills Simulation Lab.

    Media Contact: Debby Hernandez, 773-537-3868

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    Virtro Entertainment Inc Announces Availability Of Its Virtual Reality Job Interview Simulator

    InVirtual Reality News

    Virtro Entertainment Inc., a provider of competency-based immersive training simulations, has today announced the availability of Be Confident: Job Interview Simulations, the first product in its Be Confident brand. The companys Job Interview Simulations solution allows users to improve their job interview skills through conversational role-playing with Virtual Human interviewers in virtual reality or on PC/Mac web browsers.

    The simulation mirrors a real job interview, but rather than a human interviewing the candidate, trained artificially intelligent characters we call Virtual Humans carry out the interviews. It is an amazingly effective practice tool for students, newcomers and those in career transition, said Lee Brighton, President at Virtro.

    The Job Interview Simulations platform provides users with a complete transcript and audio file of their interviews with Virtual Humans , which are powered by Virtros proprietary conversation engine. Furthermore, the platform also delivers metrics and analytics, which allow users to self-evaluate or share results with a career advisor or mentor.

    Virtro noted that COVID-19 has changed how job interviews are conducted with most now taking place online with video conferencing tools. This change therefore can add new challenges for job seekers, particularly those who are looking for a career transition but are not familiar with using video conferencing tools.

    Landing The Perfect Job On Your Own Terms

    Virtual Interview Training

    This module looks at how to answer character-based interview questions. Discover a three-part strategy and learn how to turn your needs into strengths to show why youre the best person for the job.

    Through this module, you will:

    Discover a three-step strategy for preparing yourself for character-related questions in a job interview
    Craft winning answers that are relevant, memorable and succinct
    Practise your verbal and non-verbal communication skills when delivering responses in an interview

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    Simulated Career Exploration Expands Student Horizons


    Students Explore Well-Paying Jobs in High-Demand Fields

    Short, efficient simulations walk learners through a variety of jobs in well-paying careers, helping them understand daily tasks and what to expect when they start the job.

    Explore Industries

    These careers support warehouse labor, handling, and safety. Pathways include Warehouse Receiving Specialists, Workers, and Hoist and Crane Operators.

    Skilled Trades

    Careers in this cluster include Carpentry, Electricians, HVAC Workers, Metal-working, Machinists, Plumbers, and Welders.

    Warehousing & Storage
    Public Safety

    Careers in Public Safety include occupations that serve and protect the public. Pathways in this cluster include First Responders.

    Hospitality & Tourism

    Careers in the Hospitality & Tourism cluster centers upon providing people with lodging, food, and related tourism services.


    Careers in the Automotive cluster include occupations involved in the hands-on skills needed in general automotive inspection and repair.


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