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Example Of Elevator Pitch For Interview

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Tips To Perfect Your Elevator Pitch

How to Create the Perfect Elevator Pitch – Plus Examples | Indeed Career Tips

In addition to creating the perfect elevator pitch, you should also work on sprucing up your delivery. Theres nothing worse than sitting through a boring speech, so make sure yours is anything but. From posture to tone, theres a lot you can practice to make sure you look professional and knowledgeable. Consider these four tips when trying to nail a successful elevator pitch.

What Not To Say And Do During Your Elevator Speech

Don’t speak too fast. Yes, you only have a short time to convey a lot of information. But don’t try to fix this dilemma by speaking quickly. This will only make it hard for listeners to absorb your message.

Avoid rambling. This is why it’s so important to practice your elevator speech. While you don’t want to over-rehearse, and subsequently sound stilted, you also don’t want to have unfocused or unclear sentences in your pitch, or get off-track. Give the person youre talking to an opportunity to interject or respond.

Don’t frown or speak in a monotone way. Here’s one of the downsides to rehearsing: it can leave you more focused on remembering the exact words you want to use, and less on how you’re conveying them through your body language and tone. Keep your energy level high, confident, and enthusiastic.

Modulate your voice to keep listeners interested, keep your facial expression friendly, and smile.

Don’t limit yourself to a single elevator pitch. Maybe you’re interested in pursuing two fieldspublic relations and content strategy. Many of your communication skills will apply to both those fields, but you’ll want to tailor your pitch depending on who you are speaking to. You may also want to have a more casual, personal pitch prepared for social settings.

Elevator Pitch Example : Finding An Investor

You want to sell yourself? Raise funds? Grow your startups?

When it comes to finding an investor, its not you that you have to put forward in terms of competence from the beginning, it will be a matter of convincing them of your project.

To do this you will talk about this project of this startup from the beginning The first three points will be there to present your project.

The following points will be based on your internal competences able to realize the project. We will see together the 7 key steps to sell your start-up to an investor.

Step 1: What is your business, idea, startup for? The benefits of your services, the technological evolution, the improvement of a factor: technical, well-being, health..

Step 2: What do you bring? This is slightly different from the first question. Here it is a matter of answering the questionwith what do you bring satisfaction in your interlocutors, prospects , customers. That is, the products and services you will offer.

Step 3: Who are you selling to? That is, who is your market? Who is your target? Who are your customers?

Its up to you to present the elements in a powerful way, with key numbers. Like: the number of potential customers, the number of contacts initiated

As we said, it is not you that we are selling here, it is your project. It is this project that must be included in the first 3 questions. Then, we move on to the internal organization of the company.

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Full Elevator Pitch Example Based On The 3 Steps Above:

Im a Scientist specializing in chemistry and new product discovery. I currently work at Johnson & Johnson and my team is working on developing a new antibacterial cream thats set to go into clinical trials this month. So, Im interested in meeting people with similar backgrounds, and Im also considering changing jobs this year so Im hoping to learn about the work environments in different companies.

Use A Word Counter To Keep The Pitch Short

Elevator Pitch Infographic

You may have a lot to say about yourself, but when you are writing a short and engaging pitch about yourself, you must remember to keep it crisp.

To avoid writing a long paragraph instead of a short pitch, use word count websites like, Keyword Tool, Character Count Tool , or apps like Word Counter , and Word Counter Tools .

You can also use the word frequency counter to ensure that you are not repetitive.

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Decide On An Objective For Your Elevator Pitch

Now, think of what you hope to accomplish with your elevator pitch. You dont necessarily need to state this explicitly in your pitch. But its important to get clear on this because everything else will center around your objective. Are you just trying to make connections? Answer common interview questions? Or impress someone who could help you get your foot in the door at your dream company?

When You’ll Use Your Elevator Pitch

There are several times and places when you’re certain to use your elevator pitch. If you’re at a networking event, almost without fail, the question asked after introductions is either “tell me about yourself” or “what do you do?” And then the other person asks, because it’s polite. Outside of networking events, you may find yourself giving your elevator pitch to others at your company with whom you don’t ordinarily connect. Being able to quickly share the value that you bring to the team can help others see you as collected and polished. In other words, worth listening to.

For influencers, your elevator pitch is going to be valuable when meeting potential clients or even when doing your job as an influencer. Just think about how many times you’ve seen a brand takeover in which the influencer started with “Hey everyone! I’m So-and-so who does this thing and I’ll be taking over this brand’s social media for the day. Join me!” Having an elevator pitch ready to go makes that introduction really easy.

Essentially, your elevator pitch can be used anytime you need to quickly and efficiently tell people who you are, what you do, the value you bring, and what you want them to do with the information you’re giving them.

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Why Are They Important

It will be useful to have an elevator pitch ready during the interview process because it typically serves as a great icebreaker to start a conversation. Be it face-to-face or virtual interview, you will be asked to provide a summary of who you are, what your background is and what you want from your next job. The elevator pitch can also be a helpful framework to plan your answer for the popular interview question, tell me about yourself, or to write a cover letter.

Another benefit of a personal elevator pitch is that it prepares you to introduce yourself when exciting opportunities present themselves in everyday life. Whether you are at a grocery store, at a cocktail party or a networking event, maybe even in an actual elevator, the pitch can quickly help new contacts understand why they should connect with you or consider you when an opportunity arises.

An advantage of using an elevator pitch when speaking about your career or aspirations is that you can take the lead. Instead of waiting on the other party to direct the conversation, you can assertively explain what you have to offer. In many interactions, such as a job interview or mentorship proposition, this can be a relief to your audience. They will be glad to see you know both what you want and how to ask for it.

Dos And Donts Of An Elevator Pitch

Elevator Pitch for Job Seekers: How to Answer “Tell Me About Yourself” In the Interview

You can use an elevator pitch for a lot of different reasons, usually making some changes to fit your purpose.

However, here are some tips to keep in mind when giving any kind of pitch.

Tailor your pitch to your audience.

Even if youre interviewing for the same position, your answers to interview questions should differ depending on if youre talking to your CEO or a recruiter.

Keep a positive attitude.

Chances of you being convincing if youre sporting a frown and monotonous voice are very very low.

Make it easy to understand.

This is not the time to use big SAT words or get technical with your explanation. Remember – your pitch is supposed to have a conversational tone, so stay away from complicated sentences.

Speak fast.

You might be tempted to speak faster in order to include as much information as possible in your pitch. Dont! Its just going to confuse your audience.

Sound rehearsed.

The idea is to rehearse a lot, but not to sound like it. A robotic answer that lacks passion wont get you the job or the client.

Having a business card to give at the end of the interaction is a great move. The other person will have a piece of reference to contact you!

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We Work Elevator Pitch

There are 40MM independent workers in the US: consultants, freelancers, and small business owners. Solving office space is tough and expensive, especially in cities like New York. We created the concept of space as a service. We have 20 locations in the city- where people can rent a desk or an office without any of the complications of a traditional lease, effectively saving at least 25% of the cost. They get access to a shared front desk, mailroom, and a community of like-minded people.

What Happens If You Dont Prepare An Elevator Pitch

You only get one chance to make a first impression. If you sound unsure of yourself and dont have a clear story of what it is you do, youre going to be less convincing and immediately turn people off!

And theyll be less likely to remember you when you follow-up by email after an interview, or after meeting them at any type of networking event.

Ive learned this myself the hard way. Ive met new people, mentioned five different things I do, and just came across like I was average at all five. People want to meet experts that they can feel confident in, not generalists that know a bit about everything but cant really lead the way on any given topic!

Your elevator pitch needs to come out smoothly and be designed to share your strengths and facts that relate to the direction youre heading in. And that doesnt happen without practice.

Even if you outline an average elevator pitch and just practice it a few times in your head, it will be so much better than making it up on the spot!

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Elevator Pitch Examples + How To Write Your Own

It can happen anywhere. During a networking event, a chance meeting, an interview. That dreaded question. “What do you do?” How do you respond? If you have an elevator pitch, you already know what you’re going to say. For the rest of us, the ones who suddenly forget everything about ourselves when asked a simple question, we’ve compiled some great elevator pitch examples you can adapt and modify for your own company or personal brand.

Of course, learning how to write your own elevator pitch is a useful tool. So, we’re going to walk you through an easy way to craft the perfect, succinct elevator pitch that will have you sounding like the professional you are. Before we dive in, though, let’s make sure we all understand what we’re talking about when we say “elevator pitch.”

Example : Write It First

How to create an elevator pitch and an example of an elevator pitch ...

While most speeches start by writing a general outline, you can opt to write the entire pitch from start to finish. This tends to create a thought-provoking and poetic flow once you do present your pitch. Youll have to memorize this pitch, so practicing is a key element to this strategy.

  • Hi, my name is Kelly! Its great to meet you. You work for Apollo Enterprises, right? Ive heard a lot about them. I actually heard that youre looking for project management help. In my experience, any organizationwhether sales or suppliersneeds help coordinating work and team communication. Work can be rather chaotic, especially now, without it. Thats why weve created a software tool that helps both individuals and teams organize their projects and communications all in one place. Have you ever thought about using something similar?

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What Are The Weak Points Of The Pitch

Stress: This is the first enemy of a successful pitch. The moment you lose focus in your pitch on whether or not the person is listening to you, youve already lost track of your persuasion path. This can be a very stressful situation, as you are often talking to professionals who can change your life: recruiters, investors, important clients.

Rarity: The opportunity will surely not come around twice. Theres a real notion of now or never when you go into this type of speech. So make sure your pitch is prepared and well articulate dont burn out.

Its format: , because you dont have time to go into detail or really sell. This pitch is a first contact that allows you to make a good impression with your target. Always make sure you have a business card or a way to get the contact of your interlocutor in order to manage the rest of the sales process.

Additional Tips For An Elevator Pitch

After you’ve taken the time to develop a pitch focused on your background and immediate goals, practice and refine it, reading your elevator pitch out loud to yourself can reveal opportunities for better wording or extraneous information that might distract from your main points.

Here are a few tips on delivery as you practice:

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Elevator Pitch Example #: Adapt This Format To Your Needs

YuckI cant believe how much loose alpaca hair floats around in our barn. I just got some in my mouth! Wouldnt it be great if someone kept this place hair-free? Id be glad to go around and scoop it all up. If we added a Chief Wool-Gatherer position, it would surely pay for itself by reducing waste and increasing profits. Tell the boss you want me to start, right away!

No matter your desired outcome, it always pays to present your plans in a coherent, logical fashion. Make your speeches short and to the point, only mentioning the most relevant facts and opportunities.

Looking For A Job At A Networking Event

How To Create The Best Elevator Pitch for Job Interviews

Executives and managers with hiring power are frequently looking for new talent to solve a problem for them. An elevator pitch can be a surprisingly effective way to find a new job, even before it’s listed online. Here’s an example of a pitch to a company’s department head at a networking event:

‘Hi, you’re the head of marketing for Acme Enterprises, right?My name is Alan, and I’m a photographer fresh out of art school. I actually did a photography study using some of your products for my photography portfolio. The product design is really nice. I’m working towards being a commercial product photographer and also get involved in industrial product design.Would you mind if I sent you my portfolio, or is there someone more appropriate I should send it to?’

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Want To Master How To Talk About Your Skills In Less Than A Minute Read On

Pitch your way to success.

You’re standing in a hotel lobby, scrolling through Twitter on your phone, when you recognize the person standing next to you as the owner of some of the hottest restaurants in town. Coincidentally, you have a background in the food and beverage industry and would love nothing more than to be part of this owner’s growing empire. Now’s your chance to introduce yourself and wow her with your impressive awesomeness. It’s time to roll out your big elevator pitch. You have an elevator pitch, right? Right?

Construct An Elevator Pitch For Any Purpose: Example Of Custom Writing

A simple format like Monroes Motivate Sequence may help you create the best elevator pitch for your purposes. This flexible structure can be adapted for everything from job interviews to investor meetingsand beyond:

  • Get Attention
  • Visualize Consequences
  • Present a CTA

Say you want a promotion from Assistant Alpaca Wrangler to Chief Wool-Gatherer. Tailor Monroes Motivate Sequence to your needs and make a quick, 30-second presentation . Let your colleagues, supervisors, and managers know why you deserve this lofty position.

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Tips For A Perfect Elevator Pitch

What is the purpose of an interview? Companies conduct them because they want to know about your experience, education, and character. Different interviewers ask different questions, but their underlying query is the same: Who are you? To answer that question effectively and sell your skills, you can use a special tool called an elevator pitch or elevator speech. You are about to learn what a good and bad elevator speech looks like, and how you can write an outstanding one.

A Graphic Designer’s Elevator Pitch

Ace Your Medical Assistant Interview: Prepare an Elevator Pitch

Hello, my name is Pam, and I’m a graphic designer working at Leos Group. My company makes logos for a wide range of businesses and organisations.

Did you know that a poorly designed logo can bring immense damage to a company’s branding? In my nine years of experience, I have exceptionally handled over 700 contracts. It would be my pleasure to design your company’s logo to help you create the perfect image to attract customers and clients. Can I have your contact details so that we can discuss this further?

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