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How To Excel In An Interview

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How Do You Lock A Worksheet To Prevent People From Editing It

How To Pass Advanced Excel Test For Job Interview

Its possible to password protect worksheets in Excel. This is useful if you have a table of data that, if changed, would impact other dependencies, and for other reasons like user hierarchy authorizations. To demonstrate understanding, provide a simple explanation of how to complete this process.

Example:An easy way to do this is using the menu bar. Go to Review, select Protect Sheet and enter a password when prompted.

On The Day Of The Interview

4) Get ready ahead of time, and be mindful of the dress code

Part of getting ready also includes dressing appropriately for the position. Plan to arrive at the interview location early, in case you encounter any last-minute emergencies. Being on time for your job interview is not only crucial for demonstrating your professionalism, but it will also put you in the right frame of mind for success. You want to be relaxed and composed, not flustered, when you start the interview.

5) Interact and communicate positively with your interviewer

Always be polite and respectful, but do not be afraid to show your personality and to engage your interviewer in conversation. The key is to be friendly, but not overly familiar. Also, watch your body language non-verbal cues are just as important as what you say. Remember, at the end of the day, your interviewer is not only looking for a candidate who meets all the technical requirements, but also someone who they would like to work with.

6) Listen carefully during the interview, and be concise and confident

If in doubt, its fine to clarify a question, or to take a short pause to formulate your answer. Try to be as concise as possible. One trick to structure your responses in an effective way is to follow the STAR technique. Lastly, be confident in your achievements and do not undersell yourself, but be careful not to come across as arrogant or unwilling to accept feedback.

7) Ask insightful questions

Tips On How To Excel In An Interview

It requires a lot more than searching online for a set of standard interview questions to prepare for a job interview. You must make an excellent first impression and have a full understanding of your potential business and its products, and also how to demonstrate that you’re the right candidate for the position.

After actually working hours for editing your resume, thoroughly writing cover letters, and submitting work applications, the response you’ve been hoping for has shown up, an appointment for an interview. So first, congratulations! You were continuously working to reach this point, and you can appreciate it.

Receiving confirmation that you are the candidate selected for an interview, but your confidence is steadily giving way to anxiety. And once you begin to think a lot, note that having an interview implies that you’ve shown the organization that you’re the ideal application for the job. Now is the moment to persuade them more. In this blog post, we discuss all the advice you should have to crack an interview conversation with the recruiter, whether it’s a virtual interview or in person. We present an outline of how to excel in the interview, including a thorough description of every aspect.

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Tips For An Excel Interview

What do you need to know about Excel for an interview? It depends on the position. Some positions list Excel as a skill when they really just need you to be able to make a worksheet. Other positions need you to dig deeper into macros and merging.

Either way, you can prepare:

  • Know the basics. Before you go to the interview, refresh yourself on the basic features of Excel. Create a workbook, enter data into a cell, and practice making a sheet.
  • Consider taking a class. A short Excel class or tutorial may only take one or two hours and can teach you vital information for multiple interviews. Microsoft Excel does change with every new release so, even if you know a lot about Excel, a course can help.
  • Think about real-world situations. When interviewers ask you questions, think about a situation you might be in where youd need to manipulate this data in real-life. This can help if youre having trouble thinking abstractly.
  • Remain calm. Because Excel is such a common but complex program, everyones experience with Excel can be vastly different. As long as youre relatively competent in the program, you can learn.
  • Practice simulations. Many interviews today include a technical exam, which will require you to manipulate data in a simulated Excel window. Practicing these simulations in advance can help.
  • Do You Know About Pivot Tables In Excel

    Interview Questions of Excel

    Interview questions that are direct and ask whether you know something is an excellent opportunity to give examples from your experience. As the question gauges your Excel familiarity, you increase your chance of cracking the interview when you explain how you used it in your previous job.

    Pivot table is a critical concept and often asked by interviewers. The answer you give showcases your resourcefulness with Excel.

    Example:Pivot tables provide an interactive view of a large data set. It summarises, reorganises, aggregates, counts, groups, sorts and computes an extensive data set. It extracts important information from complex and vast data sets. I have vast experience using pivot tables as a data analyst with an FMCG company in New Delhi.

    The FMCG company wanted to know the age group and states where their new cold cream made most sales during the winter. They ran a campaign from November to February and handed the data set to me for giving useful insights. I used Pivot tables to help the FMCG company decode the age group and states where their cold cream performed the best.

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    How Is A Formula Different From A Function In Excel



    The formula is like an equation in Excel, the user types in that. It can be any type of calculation depending on the users choice.

    Whereas, a function in Excel is a predefined calculation which is in-built in Excel.

    Manually typing out a formula every time you need to perform a calculation, consumes more time.

    Ex: = A1+A2+A3

    However, performing calculations becomes more comfortable and faster while working with functions.

    Ex: = SUM

    Now, lets head to our next question in our list of Excel interview questions.

    What Is The What

    The What-If Analysis in Excel is a powerful tool to perform complex mathematical calculations, experiment with data, and try out different scenarios.

    Consider the following example:

    If you get $10,000 worth of sales over the next few months, how much profit can you expect?

    Such scenarios can be solved using the What-If Analysis.

    Go to the Data tab and click on What-If Analysis present under Forecast.

    Scenario Manager is used for a comparison of different scenarios.

    The Goal Seek performs reverse calculations.

    The Data Table is used for sensitivity analysis.

    To learn more about how What-If analysis works, click on this link: IQ video link

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    Top Tips To Succeed In Behavioural Interviews:

    Refer to different experiences – Make sure you don’t refer to the same experience in order to answer all questions. You will need to think carefully about the answers you give, making sure that your example relates to the question asked, clearly talking about what you did, rather than what the team did as a whole.

    If you are asked to illustrate a situation that you were in or a task that you needed to complete, give a detailed description of what you have done in the past.

    Give specific examples – If you are asked to illustrate a situation that you were in or a task that you needed to complete, give a detailed description of what you have done in the past. Be sure to give enough detail for the interviewer to understand. This situation can be from a previous job, from a volunteer experience, or any relevant event.

    Prepare a range of detailed examples – The interviewer will examine your examples in more detail asking a series of probing questions. As a result, you should use good, solid examples, within which you are able to recall as much detail as possible about your role and what you did. Search your memory for stories that illustrate your skills and successes. Think back over your work or other type of experiences, outside of work activities, and personal achievements and ask yourself, “When did I demonstrate team work/time management skills etc?”

    The Virtual Job Interview Is Here To Stay

    Excel Interview Questions | Excel Job Interview | Intellipaat

    A virtual job interview takes place remotely that is, using video conferencing and other online communication platforms. Though virtual job interviews are generally conducted as face-to-face interviews, there are important differences to be aware of and ways to prepare beforehand to make the interview a success.

    We asked a number of professionals their top tips to prepare for meeting a potential employer behind a screen.

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    Explain The Difference Between Count Countblank And Counta

    Apart from crunching numbers, you may have to count cells with and without values for in-depth analysis. Answering this question showcases your Excel and technical prowess. Interviewers ask this question to understand your knowledge of Excel functions as they might help you in the job.

    Example:The COUNT function in Excel counts the number of cells containing a numeric value. It does not count blank cells, cells with special characters and string value. COUNTBLANK function counts only the number of blank cells. It skips cells with values. COUNTA function counts all the cells irrespective of whether it has string values or special characters. However, COUNTA does not count blank cells.

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    How To Give The Job Applicant An Excel Test

    Once you have determined the skills to test and questions to ask, you have to administer the exam. You have several options.

    One option is to email the Excel test to each job applicant. Make sure you only email the test sheet and not the answer sheet.

    The biggest benefit to emailing the Excel test to the applicant is that you can gauge their interest level in the position without too much investment from you. If they dont respond to your email request, they probably werent that interested or qualified.

    What I dont like about emailing the test to the applicant is that they could use outside sources. While Im an advocate for people using tools at their disposal, when youre giving a candidate an Excel test, you really want to know what they know, not what they can Google.

    A second option is to give job applicants an Excel test in person. This allows you to see the applicant work through the test, giving you a better idea of how long it takes them to complete. This method lets you learn what the applicant knows off hand. The biggest downside here is that this takes time to schedule, requiring a time investment on your part. When done later in the application process, however, it can help you separate the outstanding applicants from the average.

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    How Soon After Signing Up Would I Get Access To The Learning Msbi Course Content

    Post-enrolment, the LMS access will be instantly provided to you and will be available for lifetime. You will be able to access the complete set of previous class recordings, PPTs, PDFs, assignments. Moreover the access to our 24×7 support team will be granted instantly as well. You can start learning right away.

    Explain How To Debug A Vba Code

    excel interview questions

    To debug a VBA code line by line, you can use the F8 key. You can also create a breakpoint to terminate the execution wherever you want.

    The execution will start from the beginning of the code, and every time you press F8, it will execute the next line and continue until the end of the code. The yellow arrow and the highlighted line tells you the current point to execution.

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    Consider Your Body Language

    Odd as it may seem, the way you sit or gesture, even an occasional smile, will convey something more about you and your attitude to your phone interviewer.

    Relaxing your posture and physically settling into the conversation will help you take charge of the exchange. And the impression you make will be more positive. Though your interviewer cannot see you, they can hear the inflections in your tone. Your relaxed demeanor, confidence level, enthusiasm will all be discernable in your voice.

    Tips For Answering Excel Interview Questions

    Here are tips for answering Excel interview questions to impress hiring managers and stand out from other candidates:

    • When asked general questions about Excel, mention popular Excel features such as pivot tables, vlookups, macros, and text functions.
    • Support your answers with real-life experiences where you applied your knowledge of Excel to solve problems and achieve results in your previous positions.
    • If they ask you about a feature you are not good at, respond as best as you can and support your answer by indicating your willingness to become better at using the program.
    • Make sure to dress professionally for the occasion and answer the interviewers questions with confidence.

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    Explain Charts In Excel

    Charts help display information in an easy-to-digest format and knowledge of this feature comes in handy when preparing reports or analysing data. Questions that ask you to explain a feature are an opportunity to portray your Excel skills.

    Example:Charts in Excel are a graphical representation of data. In my previous position as a marketer, I used charts to show the relationship between quality content and search engine rankings.

    Why Is The Freeze Pane Important In Microsoft Excel

    Excel Interview Questions | Excel Job Interview | Excel Formulas and Functions | Intellipaat

    Your job may require crunching thousands of numbers for analysis. Through this question, an interviewer wants to understand how you deal with a large table of information under one heading. As you scroll down the excel sheet, the heading disappears and this could make your analysis wrong. It is one of the basic excel interview questions requiring excellent foundational knowledge.

    Example:Freeze pane allows locking of the column or row headers. It lets you keep the row and column heading locked when scrolling up and down to the other parts of the worksheet. These frames do not scroll and the other areas remain unaffected. However, you cannot freeze columns and rows if your worksheet is protected. For freezing a pane, select the column header or row header and click on the ‘View’ tab. Select the ‘Freeze Panes’ option and choose an option that suits your requirement.

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    Get Organised On The Day

    Make sure youre wearing formal clothes from head to toe – you may need to get up for something and you dont want to reveal your slouchy jogging bottoms or comedy socks! Make sure you present yourself as if it were a face to face meeting.Check your technology set up one last time a few hours in advance and make sure you can still access the app or portal your interview will be conducted through. Have a pen, notepad and copy of your CV on your desk.

    Put your phone on silent mode and close any unnecessary web browser tabs and applications. Arrive at the interview portal or app around five minutes early to ensure the technology is still working well.

    Types Of Questions To Ask On An Excel Test

    Some companies like to give multiple-choice tests to job applicants. Sometimes, these questions can provide insight into an applicants level of Excel knowledge. However, choosing the right multiple choice answer doesnt actually show me the applicant can do the workjust that they know the right answer. So, I prefer to cut right to the chase and use practical questions.

    Heres a sample practical Excel test question:

    Create a pie chart titled Percent of Sales and label each piece as follows:

    • Referrals 62%
    • Internet Ads 8%
    • Email Marketing 7%

    Youll find that one of the tasks on our Excel test for job applicants requires the candidate to create a pivot table. This allows them to really demonstrate their current skillset.

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    What To Expect From Questions About Microsoft Excel In An Interview

    If you’re applying for a position that requires advanced knowledge of spreadsheets, a more in-depth familiarization with Excel may be necessary. A few examples of jobs that require a high level of Excel experience include accounting, data entry, and retail managers.

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    How To Excel At Interviews

    Top 30 Microsoft Excel Interview Questions

    Whether you are going for your first interview or you want to refresh your interviewing skills, then this eBook is for you. Discover common interview questions and tips for answering them. Learn how to manage your nerves and portray confidence. Put your mind at ease about body language. Learn all about competencies and how to structure your answers at a competency-based interview. Discover simple techniques for keeping your answers punchy and effective. This book contains the fundamentals of interview preparation, ensuring you walk into your interview as prepared and as polished as you can be.

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  • Competencies
  • What are competencies and why are they important?
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  • What are your weaknesses?
  • Final Tips
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