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How To Prepare For Apple Interview

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Dynamic Programming Based Question

APPLE Interview Questions & Answers! (APPLE Job Interview TIPS!)
  • For a given positive number n, determine the maximum sum of any contiguous sub-array of size n in a given array of positive integers.
  • For its solution, first, find all the sub-arrays of size n and add the numbers in them each time. Further, compare and return the maximum sum out of the calculated sums. Heres its coding implementation in C++

    #include < iostream> using namespace std // Returns maximum sum in a subarray of size nint max_Sum    // Compute sum of first window of size n    int res = 0     for        res += arr     int curr_sum = res     for         return res }int main     int n = 3     int m = sizeof/sizeof     cout < <  max_Sum     return 0 }


    The 25 Trickiest Questions Apple Will Ask In A Job Interview

    Apple is known for being one of the most challenging and exciting places to work, so it’s not surprising to learn that getting a job there is no easy task.

    Like Google and other big tech companies, Apple asks a mix of technical questions based on your past work experience and some mind-boggling puzzles.

    We combed through recent posts on Glassdoor to find some of the toughest interview questions candidates have been asked.

    Some require to solve tricky math problems, while others are simple but vague enough to keep you on your toes.

    This is an update of a post originally written by Kyle Russell.

    1. “Tell me something that you have done in your life which you are particularly proud of.”

    How Would You Handle A Co

    Circumstances like this can happen and the hiring manager wants to what to know whether or not you can handle this type of scenario professionally. In your answer, outline some similar situations you have ever handled and what the outcome was.

    Sample Answer

    If I encounter such a scenario, I would move forward with professional and direct communication. For instance, in my previous role as an accountant, I was working with a colleague who would talk too much. He would ask for my attention including when I was busy with my daily tasks. It began to become extremely distracting since concentrating on my job was an issue yet it requires accuracy. I decided to talk to that colleague that I needed to focus on my tasks during business hours and that I would prefer to chat after work or at lunch. To my surprise, he understood, apologized, and the situation improved.

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    Deep Dive Into The Product / Organization

    As you’ve probably figured out from some of the example questions listed above, you can’t become a PM at Apple without being familiar with the company’s products and it’s organization. As a result, you’ll need to do some homework before your interviews.

    First, get further acquainted with Apple’s values using the video below and the rest of their Brand Values YouTube playlist.

    Here are some more in-depth resources to help you study Apple and its products:

    BUT, having a method for solving PM interview questions isnt enough by itself. You also need to be able to communicate your answers clearly, under the pressure of interview conditions. Thats where practice comes into play.

    How To Get An Internship At Apple

    How to Prepare for the Specialist Interview at Apple?
    • Content Manager and Career Expert

    For many young students and graduates , an internship at Apple is the ultimate opportunity. Its a place where they can thrive and have an experience of a lifetime. You have the chance to work on real projects and upcoming releases and develop skills working with some of the best developers in the world. So what does it take to bag this opportunity?

    Continue reading below to find out what the internship involves, the requirements, the interview process and tips on moving one step closer to your ideal job:

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    A Complete Rundown Of Apples Products And Services

    • Mac: MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, Mac Pro, Pro Display XDR, macOS Catalina)
    • iPad: iPad Pro, iPad Air, iPad, iPad mini, Smart Keyboard Folio, Accessories,
    • iPhone: iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, iPhone 11 Pro Max, iPhone X, iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, iPhone XR, iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s Plus, iPhone SE
    • Watch: Watch Series 5, Watch Nike, Watch Hermès, Watch Edition, Watch Series 3
    • TV: TV app, TV+, TV 4K, TV 4K, TV HD, AirPlay, Accessories
    • Music: Apple Music, iPod Touch
    • iTunes: Music, TV, podcasts

    Strategies For Cracking The Apple Coding Round

    The strategies for cracking coding rounds differ from organization to organization and also vary depending on the position that they are hiring you. Therefore, the primary job is to judge what the company is looking for and then prepare in the relevant direction.

    Iâll give you an idea of what to focus on when preparing for the Apple coding round and a list of tips for your better preparation.

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    What Do You Do If You Disagree With The Decision Or Opinion Of Your Supervisor Or Superior

    The interviewer wants to know how you can handle conflict at work, especially with your elders. Show that you will approach the matter with wisdom without disrespecting your superiors.

    Sample Answer

    I will try to talk to my supervisor. If there is something I dont understand, then I will listen to their point of view and try to make them understand mine as well. If I think they are wrong and are not ready to see it that way, I will talk to someone who can understand my point of view and ask them to make my supervisor understand that they are wrong.

    Resume Cover Letter And Referrals

    How I prepared for coding interviews of Microsoft, Amazon, Google, Apple & Facebook | Complete Guide

    Step one is getting invited to an interview. For that, youll need a quality resume and cover letter that are tailored to PM positions, and Apple more specifically.

    If you have yet to apply, you can optimize your documents using our PM resume and PM cover letter guides.

    As with most companies, it can also be really helpful to get an employee or contact within Apple to refer you to the recruiting team if you’re able to do so.

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    Theyre Looking For Someone They Can Be Proud To Hire

    Hiring managers are looking for people they can be proud to hire. Theyâre essentially looking for someone who could do the work as good, if not better than they could themselves.

    âI found out that a guy I hired at a retail store went from a part-time salesperson on the floor to a store leader, which is the highest position you can get in a store. He went from making a small amount of money per hour to being in charge of a 60-70 million dollar store. Itâs unheard of, but this is the kind of pride that recruiters have at Apple when they can hire people and put them on the path to greatness.â Rich reflects.

    âThe person that youâre hiring is someone who you want standing next to you in the toughest times that youâll go through. When you all have to pull all-nighters. When you are facing the most adverse conditions like a tough customer or project deadline, you want to be able to say youâre proud of the person standing next to you. Thatâs a good filter that people have when hiring individuals for roles.â Rich says.

    Top 30 Apple Coding Interview Questions

    Working at Apple is a dream for many developers, but preparing for coding interviews is no easy task. To make your life easier, weve compiled the top 30 interview questions you can expect during a technical interview with Apple.

    We start with an overview of the interview process for software engineering and then break down the top Apple interview questions with in-depth code solutions and complexity measures. Well offer our solutions in C++.

    This guide at a glance:

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    Schedule Your Free Consultation Today And Get Answers To All Your Questions

    The only line of input contains a string S i.e. column title


    The input contains only uppercase English Alphabet letters

    Time Limit: 1 sec

    Output Format

    The only line of output will print the column number corresponding to the given column title

    5. Palindrome partitioning

    Avg. time to solve 25 min.

    Problem Statement

    You are given a string S. Your task is to partition S such that every substring of the partition is a palindrome. You need to return all possible palindrome partitioning of S.

    **_Note: _**A substring is a contiguous segment of a string.

    For Example:

    For a given string âBaabâ

    3 possible palindrome partitioning of the given string are:

    Every substring of all the above partitions of âBaabâ is a palindrome.

    Input Format:

    The only line of input contains a string ‘S’.

    Output Format:

    For each test case, print all the possible palindromic partitions of the given string in a separate line.

    Each substring of a partition is written within quotes and separated by comma and space, and each partition of the given string is written inside square brackets.

    The output of each test case will be printed in a separate line.


    All the substrings of a partition are sorted in lexicographical order in the output. You just need to return the partitions in any order.

    You do not need to print or sort anything, it has already been taken care of. Just implement the function.


    where |S| denotes the length of string ‘S’.

    Time Limit: 1 sec.

    Why Should We Hire You

    How to Prepare for the Specialist Interview at Apple?

    In this episode, I show you how you can convince the interviewer to choose you over the other candidates by preparing a compelling answer to the common interview question, “Why should we hire you?”Do you need help preparing for your interview? Try my Digitial Coaching App or book 1:1 Coaching with me.

    • 4 min

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    Practice By Yourself Or With Peers

    Practicing by yourself is a great way to prepare for Apple’s PM interviews. You can ask and answer questions out loud, to help you get a feel for the different types of PM interview questions. Practicing by yourself will help you perfect your step-by-step approach for each question type. It also gives you time to correct your early mistakes.

    If you have friends or peers who can do mock interviews with you, that’s a great option too. This can be especially helpful if your friend has experience with PM interviews, or is at least familiar with the process. You can also find peers to practice with on our PM mock interview platform.

    This Company Requires People Who Can Perform Many Tasks At A Go Are You Ready To Work In High

    The recruiting manager may ask you this question to find out whether you can handle high-stress situations. In your response, demonstrate your stress management techniques including the strategies you use to cope with pressure.

    Sample Answer

    Yes, I thrive while working under pressure. I am more focused and I achieve positive results when working under pressure. My ability to multitask helps to maintain balance while working in stressful situations. I understand that I need to keep a level head to achieve positive results

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    Search In Rotated Array

    The goal of this exercise is to search in a rotated array for a given number in a sorted array. Try to solve the problem using binary search.

    Problem statement: Search for a given number in a sorted array, with unique elements, that has been rotated by some arbitrary number, assuming that the array does not contain duplicates. Return -1 if the number does not exist.

    Below is an original array before rotation:

    After performing rotation on this array 6 times, it changes to:

    Try it yourself below before checking the solution.

    int binary_search_rotated 

    The solution is like a binary search with some modifications. Notice that at least one half of the array is always sorted. If the number n lies within the sorted half of the array, then our problem is a basic binary search. Otherwise, discard the sorted half and examine the unsorted half.

    Runtime complexity: Logarithmic,

    Impress The Interviewer By Asking Questions

    How To Prepare For Product Design & Product Sense Interview At Meta, Google, and Apple

    The two things you can do to impress an interviewer is show a natural curiosity, and ask for feedback.

    âAny question that shows natural curiosity is a good question. Questions like âWhat for you is the most rewarding or fulfilling part of this role?â might sound standard, but itâs a naturally curious question that is going to add value to your experience.â Rich explains.

    âThe other thing that I would suggest is asking questions that are ultimately going to help prepare you for the next round of interviews. Asking for feedback is key, like âHow did I do? What concerns do you have? What feedback do you have?â Apple is one of the most feedback-centric organizations in the world. They teach you feedback for days on end in your training classes. Thatâs how dedicated they are, so always always always ask for feedback. The good hiring managers will be prepared to give it to you, and chances are, they are going to have notes on you, so if you can show that you can learn and grow by the next interview, that will be impressive.â Rich says.

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    Previously Apple Inc Was Known As Apple Computers Incorporated Do You Know Why The Company Changed Its Name

    Here, the interviewer wants to assess how much you know about the companys history. State the reason being the change of its name from Apple Computers Incorporated to Apple Inc.

    Sample Answer

    Steve Jobs announced the change of the companys name during a keynote speech in 2007. He said that this was done because this American technology company had shifted its emphasis from computers to consumer electronics. It is during that event that iPhone and Apple TV were unveiled. While the company still sells computers, it has since turned to electronics that have become a necessity in every home in America and across the world.

    Common Apple Interview Questions

  • 3.3 Proven preparation tips for Apple coding round
  • Many developers dream about working at Apple. But, for their dream to become a reality, they should overcome the Apple interview , which is not a simple task. The tech giant Apple, since January 2021, is the worldâs most valuable company. The number of employees in Apple from 2005 to 2021 reached around 148 thousand.

    The Apple interview process is very standard and similar to other FAANG companies. It depends on the position you are applying for. The interview process for software engineers takes 1-2 months. Employees at Apple work long hours, but compensation here is on the high end of the spectrum . Working at Apple has a lot of benefits.

    See also:

    If you want to crack the Apple interview, you are in the right place, so keep reading. In this article, Iâll explain every step that takes you to get a job at Apple. Iâll direct you on what to focus on and will provide the top Apple coding questions for facilitating your preparation.

    Heres an overview:

    • Preparation tips

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    How To Get A Job At Apple

    Apple is not just a tech company â itâs one of the leading technology innovators in the world. On top of that, itâs a great place to work. Apple ranked as one of Glassdoorâs Best Places to Work not only in 2019, but every year since 2009. Their employees have the opportunity to work with some of the most cutting edge, innovative technologies today, while enjoying first-class wages and benefits, from employee discounts to comprehensive health insurance.

    So what does it take to score a job at this iconic company? Weâve got input from real employees and interviewees at the company on how they got an interview at the company, what the process entailed, and what itâs like to be an employee for the leading technology firm.

    Apple Opportunities For Students

    How to Prepare for the Specialist Interview at Apple?

    Internships for Undergrads and Grad Students

    Apple offers summer internships or co-ops during the academic year for college Undergrads and Grad students. See internship opportunities here.

    Apple Store and Retail Partner Store

    The company offers part-time retail positions for college students.

    Apple Support College Program

    Students can join the At Home Advisor team by becoming an Apple Support College Advisor. The company will train students to troubleshoot, let them work remotely, and even give them an iMac. Students can work around their class schedules.

    Apple Campus Rep

    The company hires student leaders to represent it on their college campuses.

    Youre an ideal candidate if youre comfortable planning and presenting, already connected with groups and organizations at your school, and excited to expand your network even further, the companys website states.

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    How To Interview At Apple

    âThe interview process was what you’d expect from a company like this. I have about three phone screens , followed by an all day on-site interview. The on-site consisted of one-hour interviews every hour , and we’re all very technical. I was asked to solve various problems , as well as explain the various projects I worked on in my most recent position. The questions involved a lot of thinking, but I was able to find my way to the solutions after some time. All in all, I’d say it was too bad as I had prepared by practicing algorithms , and brushing up on some objective-c . A good topcoder browse is a good resource for preparing to interview with this company.â â Software Engineer Interview

    âThe whole process was very polished and professional. The HR reps were prompt and sharp. Interviewing potential supervisors was somewhat nerve-wracking, because they seemed to have keen “b.s. sensing” attributes. Questions were difficult, mostly about describing exactly how you performed in the past. Follow-on questions tested the validity of your answers. Strong emphasis in work ethic, how you perform under pressure, ability to travel frequently, and maturity. From recruitment to offer, 2-month time span.â â Global Supply Manager Interview

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