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How To Prepare For Front End Developer Interview

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Much like the former question, there is no one answer to this question but again, this is your opportunity to show the employer your level of skills as a front-end developer, your attention to detail, expertise and your personal style. Be professional when criticizing certain aspects of their website and always find ways it can be improved.

Java Engineer Hiring Process

Companies are giving extra effort to optimize the hiring process to find the perfect fit. Working with different companies, we witnessed the best and the worst practices when it comes to the selection process. Typically, the steps would be:


Prescreening is a video or phone call to collect the necessary information about the candidates background. A recruiter may ask you about education, previous experience, motivation to change job, and salary expectations. This step is also essential to candidates. By asking the right questions, you can decide if this opportunity is right for you. It will save you time if you learn something about the company or the project thats not on your plan.

On-site interview

Once you passed the prescreening, the company wants to learn more about your technical and soft skills. The most common practice is to combine technical and HR interviews into one day, saving both your and the companys time. If this is the case, prepare for both sides of the coin. Having a strong technical background is essential, but companies want to make sure that you can fit with the rest of the team well. Communication is a vital part of any software engineering team. You should pay attention to demonstrate your willingness to listen and provide feedback accurately during the whole process. Just as on any job interview, you will go through a few phases.

Technical interview

Final interview

The Offer

What Do Interviewers Look For In A Frontend Developer

Generally, frontend interview structures are the same, with a few variations here and there. But, interviews have the same goalto see if you fit the frontend job position. A good interviewer will tell you the outline of the process, which typically goes like this:

  • You will have two to five minutes to talk about yourself.
  • The interviewer will ask you to discuss your work experience for five minutes.
  • Next, you will answer technical questions.
  • Then, you will have to perform coding challenges .
  • Lastly, you will be given a chance to ask questions to end the session.
  • As you can see from the structure, the interview structure checks your qualifications for the job and fits with the companys work culture.

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    Are You Familiar With Html5 For You What Are Its Best Features How Do You Implement Them In Frontend Projects

    Frontend developers frequently use HTML5 in putting their websites together. It also has many features that help developers maximize software development time. Therefore, this question aims to assess your in-depth knowledge of the language and features. Additionally, the interviewer will want to know your experience in using HTML5 in various projects.

    Sample answer: HTML5 handles multimedia better than the previous versions. That is why I enjoy implementing this feature whenever I develop web applications that incorporate audio and videos. By using HTML5, I can create a better user experience without worrying about multimedia issues causing my application to break.

    What To Pay Attention To When Solving An Algorithm Question

    Front End Developer Interview Questions: 5 Big Things to ...

    A. Dont rush to solve, its ok to ask for a few minutes to think.

    B. When you do start solving, it is highly recommended that you talk about what youre doing, even if youre not sure about your thoughts. The examiner usually looks to understand your process of thinking. It is not always necessary to reach a perfect and working solution. If youre not comfortable talking aloud, or just not used to it, practice at home by solving some example questions.

    C. If you can, you should first write your plan of action in words or pseudo-code. This will show the interviewer that you do not rush to solve things and that you can plan.

    D. If you get stuck at the beginning, dont panic! Start with the simple things. Think about input and output. Solve edge cases.

    E. Pay attention to the code effectiveness of your solution. If you understand that the complexity is not really good, say it out loud, and try together with the examiner to reach a better solution.

    F. Its totally fine to ask questions. A good examiner will try to help you reach a solution.

    G. Youre usually expected to solve these type of questions on a whiteboard/piece of paper. Since its not how we usually write code, you may find its harder to think like this. This is again something that worth practicing beforehand!

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    Explain What Are The Difference Between A Get And Post Request

    Both a GET and POST method are used to transfer data from client to server in the HTTP protocol. The main difference between the POST and GET method is that GET carries request parameters appended in the URL string while a POST carries request parameter in the message body which makes it a more secure way of transferring data from client to server in HTTP.

    Describe A Recent Technical Challenge How Did You Solve It

    This question is your opportunity to show the employer that you have tackled past problems professionally and elegantly. It is important to think about these examples before the interview so they are ready to be shared when you are asked this question. Using your portfolio or website to show the interviewer the result of this challenge will make this a more valuable answer. An example answer to this question could be:

    “I installed a cached plug-in to lower latency on a website running a CMS. It worked but not as well as I had hoped for as it runs on Apache. To make it work better, I used the mod_rewrite module to define the rewrite condition so that I could run the caching plug-in through the .htaccess file. In doing so, I was able to bypass PHP and the Expiry directive and get the full speed of the plug-in.”

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    How To Prepare For A Front End Developer Interview

    • Ahead of the interview, try to find out the format it will take in order to prepare well and even simulate interview scenarios. Some interviews might feature a live test and things like that.
    • As a front end developer, you should definitely expect front end developer interview questions relating to HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, which all form the building blocks of web application development. Even if you are a beginner, you should at least, understand the basics
    • Finally, dont prepare for front end interview questions alone. Interviewers may ask you questions about general computer knowledge. Dont be thrown off balance.

    Async Programming And Javascript Specifics

    Interview with a Front-End Developer

    Prep 5 hours

    Asynchronous programming is at the heart of JavaScript and code execution in the browser so a lot of companies now test for understanding of this fundamental concept. Many companies use an async problem in place of an extra algorithm based problem for frontend candidates as well. While good performance here can help your candidacy, a bad one will impact leveling potential. Most hiring managers think of async programming as something that can be learned, although it would take a strong algorithm performance to offset a weak interview here.

    If you are struggling, Eloquent JavaScript has a great section about async.

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    What Do You Think A Front End Developer’s Role Is In A Team

    The aim of this question is to assess the candidate’s understanding of the role and ability to work well as a team. What to look for in an answer:

    • Understanding of the role
    • Willingness to work as a team
    • Strong industry knowledge


    “Front end developers work closely with back end developers to create a visually appealing, cohesive website. They ensure a website looks good but also functions properly by utilizing their team’s code. Front end developers should have an in-depth understanding of coding languages and design aspects to create a well-balanced website.”

    Imagine Being At Your New Job And The Company Has Three Competing Stylesheets How Would You Integrate Them Into The Website

    This question will test your communication, problem-solving and team skills. An example answer to this question could go something like this:

    “It depends on how the site is laid out. The way users use the site will also make a difference. One solution is to have the multiple stylesheets in development but then concatenate them into one stylesheet that would be used for production.”

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    Explain The Difference Between Classes And Ids

    Classes and ID selectors, both are utilized as hooks for CSS styles. IDs are commonly used to style elements that only appear once on a page, such as one instance of a navigational menu. Classes are utilized to style different elements in the same way, such as the presence of links, buttons, forms, text, etc.

    How To Prepare For Full Stack Developer Interview

    Front End Developer Interview Questions

    Full stack developers use programming languages, frameworks, and design strategies to develop and maintain websites and applications. With an anticipated job growth rate of nearly 13% in 2021, it is currently one of the most in-demand skills. It is also one of the most satisfying jobs, as reported by USA Today.

    If you are appearing for an interview for a full stack developer position, it means that you are already an expert in HTML. Interviewers expect you to be an expert in at least one programming language necessary for the job role for this position. The knowledge of web tools such as jQuery, GitHub, and Sass will work as an added advantage.

    This guide will help you understand how to prepare for a full stack developer interview.Weâll cover everything from what rounds you must prepare for and tips that will serve you in your prep.

    • Three Stages of Full Stack Developer Interview
    • How to Prepare for Full Stack Developer Interview
    • Topics to Prepare for Full Stack Developer Interview
    • FAANG Full Stack Interview Prep Questions
    • Tips to Select deal Company

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    Beginners Level Front End Developer Interview Questions

    This section covers basic frontend coding interview questions for beginner developers. Of course, at this level, you cant expect the developers to be proficient in all the technical areas of front end development yet. However, they should be able to answer the most essential questions concerning areas such as user-friendliness and the likes.

    In what coding languages do you have the greatest experience?

    First, a front end developer must be skilled in at least three or four specific programming languages, namely HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. HTML and CSS are the two most basic components of any website at all. Additional knowledge of JavaScript is required to be able to add better functionality and advanced features to the website.

    Besides programming languages, what are other important skills that you have acquired?

    Besides being able to code efficiently in the above programming language, a front end developer must also have a working knowledge of Content Management Systems , technical Search Engine Optimization , cross-browser development, responsive and mobile design principles, etc.

    Frontend interview questions may also cover soft skills. Soft skills that may also be required include problem-solving, critical thinking, and creativity skills, among others. To actually determine the relevant short skills that a candidate possesses, a short skills test may apply, since an interview is often not enough to fully reveal such info of a persons personality.

    Typical Technical Interview Questions You Might Get

    Technical interview questions will revolve around the technologies involved in front-end web development. They will test your mastery of HTML,CSS, JavaScript, design algorithms, as well as the development environment of your choice.


    HTML is the backbone of the internet and you should always expect an HTML question for a front-end job. The interviewer expects you to know which tags best represent the content you intend to display. You will be tested on HTML semantics, tag attributes, meta tags, doctype declaration, etc. Currently, we have HTML 5 which introduced lots of advanced elements to improve front-end development.

    Some new semantic elements in HTML 5 that you should know include < article> , < nav> , < figure> , < section> , < header> , < time> , < dialog> and more.

    Some typical questions include

    • What is DOCTYPE?

    The < !DOCTYPE> declaration gives the browser instructions on what version of HTML to display. It must be placed at the top of your HTML page, right before the first HTML tag.

    • What is Local Storage in HTML5?

    Local storage allows web applications to store data locally within a users browser. Local storage is more secure and stores more data than cookies. The syntax for storing data to local storage is


    If you wanted to save a users first name, then


    The syntax for retrieving data is

    var firstname = localStorage.getItem

    For our example it would be

    var firstname = localStorage.getItem 
    • Sorting algorithms
    • Arrays

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    The Basics Of Computer Science Algorithms And Data Structures

    Here is the simple question for you are you able to discuss algorithms? Algorithmic techniques and data structures are applied in solving programming challenges. Because of this, tech recruiters might test your knowledge of algorithms and data structures. Questions about algorithms and data structures are an excellent way for recruiters to find an intersection between practical experience and their talent. Sometimes, not being able to answer a question wont affect your performance. The hiring managers simply want to learn about your talent, but you should still prepare. Update your knowledge of basic algorithmic techniques for computational problems frequently arising in practical application. These may be sorting and searching, greedy algorithms, divide and conquer, dynamic programming. This step is especially useful for candidates with less experience and a great talent and understanding of computer science. Even if you dont have a lot of experience, hiring managers can discover the potential for incredible achievements in you.

    Interview Questions For Junior Front End Developers

    5 Tips For Front-End Interviews

    The purpose of this article is to familiarize fresh Front-End Web Developers with text book questions. If you are just getting into the developer world there is a good chance you will feel nervous when interviewing for a developers positon. Because of this, some relatively basic questions could feel more difficult than how they actually are. A good counter for this scenario is to be properly prepared.

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    How To Approach Interviews

    Understandably, you might find job interviews uncomfortable. You are put under a spotlight and sometimes asked to answer random questions. That is why you need to prepare. Here are a few tips on how to approach frontend job interviews:

    • Dont be eager to start coding. Make sure you understand the tasks and questions well.
    • Always ask questions. Dont be afraid to clarify some things. Remember, asking questions can also be a plus point for you.
    • For coding challenges, break down the tasks into smaller parts. This will help you see the bigger picture better.
    • Ran into a wall during a coding challenge? Dont be scared to use magic functions. getDataFromAPI,turnStringIntoArray, etc. will help you get going.

    What To Expect In Google Front

    Being a good enough software engineer at Google is a subset of what Google expects from you as a Front-End Software Engineer. Keep that in mind while preparing for the Google Front-End Engineer interview. Sometimes they could go easy with the coding questions for Front-End Engineers compared to Back-End Engineers.

    Additionally, you need to show domain knowledge as a Front-End Engineer. Be ready to answer any questions related to UI design, the tools you have used in the past, or may need to for this role.

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    How To Ace A Front

    Disclosure:Learn more

    Interviewing for a position as a front-end developer can be tough, especially if you are new to the industry or you havent had an interview for a while. Having a grasp of web fundamentals is, well, fundamental. Selling yourself is also key. Good communication and presentation skills can help you stand out from the crowd.

    The interview process will vary from company to company, but there are some safe bets. Knowing what to expect can help you get prepared and handle any curveballs thrown your way. This article can help you get inspired and prepared, so you can ace your interview.


  • 7 Summary
  • What Are The Technical And Additional Skills That Are Needed To Be A Front


    A good front-end developer needs to have a working knowledge about:

  • HTML
  • jQuery
  • Javascript

    Apart from the above mentioned technical skills, a front-end developer should have the below mentioned good-to-have skills:

  • Experience in any of the most popular Content Management Systems like WordPress, Drupal, and Joomla and even the more recent ones such as Ghost
  • Knowledge of cross-browser testing
  • Knowledge of cross-device testing
  • Knowledge about OOPS and PHP.
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    Take Along Samples Of Your Work

    If you have a portfolio, take your laptop or tablet in with you to show the employer samples of your work. This will allow you to explain your work in greater detail, including showing off your code under the hood. This interaction with your work will create a more memorable impression than just giving a description or a link.

    What Coding Languages Do You Have Experience With

    The aim of this question is to assess the candidate’s technical knowledge of different programming languages. What to look for in an answer:

    • Experience working with different coding languages
    • Ability to use the coding language you prefer
    • Knowledge of various coding languages


    “In my previous role, I used HTML, JavaScript, Coffee Script, CSS, SQL, and PHP. I prefer Coffee Script over JavaScript, so that is where most of my experience lies. However, I am proficient with HTML and CSS as well. I’m happy to learn any other coding language you prefer or further develop my current knowledge.”

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