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How To Record A Remote Video Interview

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Remote Interviews: How to Record a Podcast from Two Locations

The quality of anyrecording depends largely on equipment, environment, and mic technique.

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You could use state of the art call online recorder software and it would still sound terrible if your guest was recording on a laptop mic in their bathroom.

Fortunately, you don’t need to be a master audio producer to get the above things right. Or, to be able to coach your guests to get optimal sound quality from them.

Check out some of the best entry-level recording kit for podcasters, our guide to mic technique, how to optimise your recording space, and our free online microphone test resource. That’ll help get you set up on that front!

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Do A Practice Remote Interview

How often does an average person video call their friends and family? Apparently, not even a quarter of Americans.

According to a study from the Pew Internet & American Life Project, only 19% of Americans have tried video calls or video chat online or on mobile. People prefer to message or voice-call others than sit awkwardly in front of a screen and talk face-to-face.

Practice interview with a friend to familiarize yourself with the application and body language of speaking with a face on the screen.

Also, test your mic and speaker levels beforehand. A remote practice interview will allow you to find the best position and camera angle before the real interview. Using your computers webcam application, you can even record a practice session with some rehearsed answers to see how you look.

Dont Miss A Word From The Interview

Another important fact to consider is active listening. While its easy to look poised and confident, loss of focus can pose a challenge during an automated interview. Why? Youre in your comfort zone, and your mind could easily drift to different subjects during the interview. When this happens, it may cause you to lose track of the conversation or even miss some sentences and words.

An interview isnt just like any meeting or conference. Whether in person or virtual, interviews could be the opportunity you seek to advance your career. Hence, it is important to stay focused, present, and actively listen during the entire process.

To achieve active listening and never miss a word during the interview,Audext may be the next best solution for you. Audext is advanced transcription software that helps you keep track of every word from the interview to text format. UsingAudext audio to text converter automatically transcribes speech to text online in minutes.

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Pro Strategy To Record An Interview With High

A widely accepted solution is called the “Double-ender” technique, in which the host and the guest directly record audio to their local computer through their external mic and later sync the two audio tracks and video together to yield the best-quality audio and video for an interview.

Use the Double-ender technique to ensure the audio quality during an interview

Send The Details To The Interviewee

How to record remote podcast video interviews and ...

Zoom isnt sending the invitation to your interviewee. The invitation will come from your calendaring app.

In a Google calendar, you just invite them as a guest.

If youre having trouble setting up the calendar, just copy the meeting room ID and email it directly with a link to the Zoom join page.

Note: To get your meeting ID, go to meetings and look at the big blue number at the top.

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Don’t Forget To Follow Up

The video interview process doesn’t end once you submit your recorded answers be sure to show your courtesy by sending a thank-you email to the interviewer or employer on the day of submission. In the email, you can indicate your interest by asking about the next steps and when you should expect to hear a response.

It helps to show your interest by keeping a constant stream of communication between yourself and the interviewer. You can email them once a week to follow up and reiterate your interest. But keep in mind, anything more frequent might make you appear aggressive and desperate! Following up is important, but not knowing how long to wait after an interview to send a follow up, or checking in too much can easily backfire.

Make sure to follow these tips before your next pre-recorded video interview and success will soon follow.

Hesitant to tackle a pre-recorded video interview? Our TopInterview coaches can help you feel cool, calm, and confident!

Recording Zoom Calls For A Podcast

Zoom is a popular and easy to use video conferencing platform that many podcasters also use to record record interviews. Zooms free accounts are limited , but if you want to record the call you should upgrade to one of their paid plans, which are comparable to Zencastr, Ringr and Cast.

Although its primarily marketed as a video conferencing software, you can easily turn off the video feed for maximum audio quality or even have guests call in on the phone. If youre hosting a group of guests for your podcast, you could even have a mix of some connecting over their computer and some on phone. Theres also a mobile app. You can even coordinate the whole podcast interview with a calendar invite you set up through Zoom with all of the links and phone numbers they need to connect.

Zoom is free for your guests to use and while it is browser based, they will need to download a small piece of software to their computer. Thats certainly something to be aware of if theyre in a corporate setting with strict rules set by their IT administrator. Also note that opposed to the above options, your recording will come as a single video file, even if you only recorded audio. For podcast editors, that means if one person has a noisy connection, that noise will show up for all of your guests.

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Check The Following Settings

This is your first video, so dont worry about things being perfect.

When you launch, youll be asked about how you want to join the audio:

For your first time, I suggest you Test Computer Mic & Speakers

Ideally, you have an external microphone. I use a cheap, $30 USB headset mic and it works great.

If you dont see the prompt above, you can always go to the settings here:

I also suggest you check the video settings.

Youll be on the settings window:

Go to the video tab and make sure its set to 16:9

Advanced settings tips:

  • Put your notes close to the camera: Put anything you plan to look at close to where your computer camera is so youre not staring off into space during the recording.
  • Change your settings for screen share: If youre doing a screen share, not just videos of faces, be sure to set Optimize for full screen mode or youll end up with a wonky aspect ratio.

Research And Practice Your Conversation

How to record remote podcast video interviews and livestream on YouTube and Facebook with mimoLive

If you donât know your guest well already, take some time to research their work and their background so that youâre prepped and ready when itâs time to hit record. Think about what you want to get out of the interview and how the conversation might enrich or entertain your listeners. Considering these questions will guide you toward a more focused and lively discussion.

Once youâve settled on the interview topics, practice your questions and talking points by reading them aloud. Youâve usually got a limited time with podcast guests, so preparing in this way will help you make the most of the conversation. You may also want to send your guest some interview questions ahead of time so that they can prepare as well.â

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Need More Help With Your Podcast

Finding the perfect remote call recording app for your podcast is great. But it’s still just one piece in a very large jigsaw.

There are other considerations too, like how do I actually conduct a good interview? Or how do I hone my skills as a host or presenter?

Then there’s stuff like equipment and editing. And once your podcast is sounding good you’ll want to think about promotion, audience growth, and maybe even eventually, monetisation.

Inside The Podcast Host Academy, you can get help with all of this and more. We have dedicated courses for each of these areas, and on top of that, run weekly live Q& A sessions too.

It’s the one-stop-shop place for launching and building a successful podcast!

Advice For Using Software To Record A Remote Interview

If you use call recording software, you and your guest need to be ok with how that software works.

Fortunately, the tech is getting better and easier to use. Mostly its straightforward and works well. For, Squadcast, Zencastr and Zoom its largely a matter of your guest clicking on a link in an email thats sent to them and following the prompts. The main thing is making sure theyve selected their mic ok

In terms of the quality of the audio, the dedicated call recording platforms will likely give you pretty good quality audio. Better than Zoom and Skype.

Be aware that at the time of writing Riverside, Squadcast and Zencastr only work on desktop and laptop computers, not mobile phones.

Quick tips

Here are some important things to help you get a good recording without problems or glitches:

  • a fast, reliable internet connection*
  • a wired ethernet connection rather than wireless
  • a fast, modern computer
  • recent versions of the operating systems on the computer
  • free space on your computers hard-drive
  • Chrome as your browser
  • a recent version of Chrome.

* In terms of internet speed, 4 or more mbps up/down is best. You can test your connection at

These things apply to both you and your guest. If youre interviewing new people all the time it can be hard to ensure that each new person has these things in place each time.

Getting the hardware right helps the software

About glitches and dropouts

As Jeff Towne of Transom says of Zencastr:

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Record In The Right Environment

When you think about how to succeed in pre-recorded video interviews, it’s important to start from the background of your recording. Record in front of a wall with neutral colors, avoiding wallpapers and distracting, patterned walls. All the focus should be on you not the background. Additionally, ensure that your workplace is tidy and clean before starting the video. You don’t want those reviewing your videos to notice a mess.

When it comes to recording, position your webcam so that it’s at eye-level when you sit down, and be sure that you have sufficient lighting in the room so you can be clearly seen without shadows or too much backlight. Turn on all the lights in the room if possible, and close the curtains to prevent glare if you’re recording in the daytime. Your recording space should also be quiet, so try to eliminate any possible distractions. Turn off your mobile phone and any other devices in the room that may create ambient noise. Also make sure that you have a great internet connection to prevent disruptions.

What To Wear For A Video Interview

How to Record a Podcast Over Zoom

For your video interview, you should dress professionallythe same way you would for an in-person interview. Research the company culture before your interview so you have a good idea of whats appropriate.

To look your best on camera, avoid bright colors and patterns and opt for softer colors instead. If you are wearing a tie, wear a solid color rather than a patterned one. If you wear glasses, adjust the lighting in the room to reduce glare from the lenses.

Position the camera so that you are looking up slightly and centered on the screen. While its likely that the interviewer will only see your upper half, its still a good idea to wear professional pants or a skirt in case you need to stand up for any reason.

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Whats A Remote Interview

Remember back when you applied for a job and someone from the company called you up and asked you a few questions over the phone? That’s an example of a remote interview.

The primary challenge when doing remote interviews is the internet connection. Even if you have great reception but the person youre interviewing doesnt, its going to affect the sound quality, which, in turn, will also affect the quality of your episode. That said, you need to make sure that the software you use will be able to record the interview without compromising the sound quality.

Fortunately, there are remote interview recording tools that are free and can produce good sound quality. Here are three of them.

Submit Your Video Link

By default, ZOOM recordings requires a passcode to view them. You can disable this by clicking the button and adjusting the settings to be public.

Make sure you are sharing the Gallery View video, it will show all the people that were part of the interview.

When you are done editing the transcript close that window. Return back to the Recording details page and to get a copy of a sharable link for the Gallery View version. Submit your final interview video ZOOM link to your instructor directly or via a specific Canvas assignment.

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Prepare Answers For Your One Way Video Interview

Before your interview, do your research and speak to the recruiter to get a full understanding of how the process will work. Here are some questions to ask:

  • Can you re-record your answers?
  • Will you have the questions ahead of time?
  • When is the interview due, and how long will you have to record it?
  • How much time do you have for each question?
  • Will you be able to review your videos before submitting?

Its common for pre-recorded interviews to let you re-record your answers, but you need to go into the experience prepared. If it isnt possible to re-record, make sure you do a few test runs before entering the formal interview experience.

Convey Your Companys Mission And Values

How To Record Remote Interviews For Podcasts

Perhaps now more than ever, your candidates are interested in learning about your companys mission and values. Many candidates are curious about your policies and benefits, and many want to know how your company is coping with the COVID-19 crisis.

How you’re handling the situation tells candidates a lot about how much you value your employees and how you act when faced with uncertainty. Did your company provide all the necessary information and guidance about the virus to educate your colleagues and keep everyone safe? What did your company do to help employees switch to working from home? Does your company provide mental healthcare for all employees? Have your answers to these questions ready when talking to candidates or initiate these conversations yourself, but be mindful of your language so you don’t come across as braggy.

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Consider Offering An Equipment Kit

If your organization plans to do frequent remote interviews, you might consider assembling a basic equipment kit that you can mail to interviewees to use during the call. This would be your best chance of guaranteeing high-quality footage.

Depending on your budget, you could allow them to keep the equipment as a bonus for agreeing to interview with you or have them send it back to you for reuse .

Make sure that the items you include in your kit are both affordable and easy to use as interviewees may not be tech-savvy.

Video Producer Mathew King recommends the following items for an effective remote video kit that clocks in at under $200 USD:

Impressing Potential Employers Remotely

If you’re in the market for a new job, or applying for a new role within your organization, then chances are you’ll be invited to take part in a video interview.

These have become a routine part of the recruitment process in many organizations, so its important to know how to handle them.

And as remote working and working from home continue to grow, employers have access to a wider field of applicants so youll need to stand out from the crowd!

In this article, we outline the different types of video interviews that you might face, and we explain how careful preparation will help you to make a great first impression and to do all the right things on camera!

Preparation is key to acing your video interview!


If you’re conducting a video interview, rather than being interviewed, read our article, When and How to Hold Video Interviews

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Focus On Emotional Intelligence

Today, we live in a generation where skills and high IQ are essential criteria to bag a good-paying professional job. But, do you know that a high EQ gives you more points than a high IQ? A candidates emotional intelligence shows how capable the candidate is of relating with other teammates socially.

EQ also shows interviewees ability to detect compromising situations and how well they navigate difficult situations while achieving company goals.So, during a virtual interview, try to show how well you can function in a team, feel relaxed and interact comfortably yet, professionally.

Likewise, answer interview questions like you own the business. This gives interviewers confidence that you can always put organizational values, goals, and objectives before making emotional decisions that may affect every arm of the organization.

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