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Interview Questions For Power Bi Developer

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What Are The Biggest Disadvantages Or Drawbacks Of Using Power Bi

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Following is the list of main disadvantages or drawbacks of Power BI:

  • Power BI does not mix imported data, which you have accessed from real-time connections.
  • Power BI cannot accept file sizes larger than 1 GB.
  • Power BI contains a dashboard that does not accept or pass user, account, or other entity parameters.
  • In Power BI, dashboards and reports can only be shared with users having similar email domains.

What Are The Kpis In Power Bi

KPIs are Key Performance Indicators, which evaluate the organizations performance in distinct areas by evaluating measurable goals and values. A KPI has a measure or base value that is evaluated against target values. It includes a comparison of the performance with the target. The KPI also helps you evaluate the analysis performances with their graphical representation. Thus, KPIs will show whether your goals have been met or not.

How To Add Page Level Filters In Power Bi

The Power BI Page Level Filters are useful to filter the charts present on the page. For example, if your page contains four charts, then you can use this page-level filter to filter those four reports at a time.

To demonstrate the Page Level Filters in Power BI, we can take an example of the Ribbon Chart that we created.

Go to the Filters section you need to use the Page Level Filters section to create a filter at the page level.

You can drag and drop any column. For example, we have taken Category from the fields section to the Filter on this Page area in the Filters Pane to create Page Level Filters.

Expand the Category to view the filter types. By default, the Basic Filters option is selected as the Filter type. We can Select any Column to Filter the data.

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What Is Power Pivot

Ans: Power Pivot is an add-in for Microsoft Excel 2010 that enables you to import millions of rows of data from multiple data sources into a single Excel workbook. It lets you create relationships between heterogeneous data, create calculated columns and measures using formulas, build PivotTables and PivotCharts. You can then further analyze the data so that you can make timely business decisions without requiring IT assistance.

What Is Data Modeling In Power Bi

bi developer resume

One of the features in Power BI is Data modeling. Its a process of connecting data from multiple sources from which we can discover new relationships between separate data variables. Power BI makes it easier to organize, compare, and manipulate the data based on different scenarios. You can also apply filters and create views based on the requirements. You can make use of data modeling to perform advanced calculations on the datasets and channel them to gain a competitive advantage in the business.

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Learn Power Bi Efficiently

Power BI is a very robust data analytics and visualization tool that enables businesses to convert raw data into critical insights that can drive better business success decisions. The current industry has a lot of demand for people skilled in business analysis tools such as Power BI.

Our team of experts helps you get hands-on experience with Power BI in a meaningful and industry-relevant way. The top minds from the industry would walk you through Power BI.

Our Power BI learning path includes three courses: MS Excel, Power BI for beginners, and Power BI Desktop. Our experts will provide you with end-to-end assistance, from teaching and familiarizing you with this tool to preparing for an interview with a top company.

What Are The Different Versions Of Power Bi

There are three versions of Power BI:

  • Power BI Desktop. This version is designed for individual users and can be installed on a local machine.
  • Power BI Service. This cloud-based version offers collaboration features and allows users to share their reports and dashboards.
  • Power BI Mobile. This version provides access to Power BI reports and dashboards from mobile devices.

Frequently, all three versions will be used in tandem by a team.

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How Do You Optimize Power Bi For Performance

We mentioned some common Power BI performance issues. But how can you optimize Power BI? One way is to use the “Power BI Performance Analyzer” tool, which collects information about Power BI performance. Another way is to use Microsoft’s Power BI Performance Best Practices guide, which outlines best practices for optimizing Power BI performance.

Think about:

  • How much performance management have you gone through for Power BI?
  • If you were going to proactively optimize Power BI, what steps would you take?

What Is The Difference Between Msbi And Power Bi

Power BI Interview Questions – Overview

Some of the crucial differences between MSBI and Power BI include that MSBI can handle massive datasets, whereas Power BI can handle datasets up to 10MB.

MSBI cant retrieve data from the cloud, whereas Power BI can. And MSBI can produce reports or visualizations only, whereas Power BI lets the user produce models, dashboards, and reports.

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What Is Query Folding And What Are Its Advantages

When loading data from SQL Server or similar databases, it is possible that Power BI will interpret some of the Applied Steps that you enter by changing the initial SQL Server SELECT statement. The advantages of this are:

  • The processing of these steps is done in SQL Server.
  • The number of columns and rows retrieved from SQL Server is typically reduced.
  • The data can be loaded more quickly, reducing processing time and bandwidth requirements.

Tell Me About Your Educational Background And The Business Intelligence Analysis Field Youre Experienced In

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How to Answer

A business intelligence analyst can concentrate on various industries, such as finance, economics, IT, statistics, manufacturing, and more. Share with the interviewer which area you specialized in while obtaining your university degree, and briefly outline where your career journey has taken you so far. Make sure to demonstrate a keen interest in the companys industry or business sphere.

Answer Example

Im a Finance Graduate specialized in Business Administration. My education has helped me greatly on my business intelligence career path, as my interest and expertise evolved in fields such as business law, microeconomics, and financial accounting.

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What Are Some Of The Most Common Problems You Can Solve With Power Bi

You can use Power BI to solve problems, create reports and dashboards, and share or collaborate on reports. An example might be to analyze sales productivity and efficiency to identify the highest performing sales professionals.

Think about:

  • What was the last problem you solved with Power BI?
  • How did you use Power BI in particular to solve that problem?

Power Bi Interview Questions: Intermediate Level

API interview questions  CodenBox AutomationLab

The last set of questions is more advanced it can be helpful if youre looking for more senior jobs.

17. Where is the data stored in Power BI?

The data in Power BI is stored in the form of either fact tables or dimension tables in one of the two cloud repositories:

  • Microsoft Azure Blob Storage: contains the data uploaded by the users
  • Microsoft Azure SQL Database: contains all the metadata and the artifacts of the system

For both, encryption and passwords protect the data.

Power BI automatically detects relationships, but you can also go to Manage Relationships > New and create the relationship on the Date column. This will ensure that the granularity is the same between your different tables.

18. What is the difference between Power BI and Tableau?

While both Power BI and Tableau are business intelligence applications used for business data wrangling, data analysis, and data visualization, there are some significant differences between them:

19. What is the M language in Power BI?

The M language, or M-Code, is a functional, case-sensitive programming language used in the Power Query Editor of Power BI to filter and combine the data through queries.

20. What is DAX in Power BI?

21. What does self-service business intelligence mean?

SSBI is a set of approaches and tools that enable end users even those without any background in BI to access, manipulate, analyze, and visualize the data in an intuitive way to make strategic, data-driven business decisions.

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What Are The Different Views Available In Power Bi Desktop

There are three different views in Power BI, each of which serves another purpose:

Report View – In this view, users can add visualizations and additional report pages and publish the same on the portal.

Data View – In this view, data shaping can be performed using Query Editor tools.

Model View – In this view, users can manage relationships between complex datasets.

PCP in Business Analysis

Puzzle: A Coin Is In One Of The Inverted Bags First Bag Says ‘coin Is In Third Bag’ Second Says: ‘there Is No Coin Here’ And Third Says: ‘there Is No Coin Here’ Considering One Statement Is True While Two Are False Where Is The Coin

I answered second bag. But, he said it was wrong.

coin is in first bag as:put first statement false i.e. coin is not in third in third bag put third statement true i.e. coin is not in third bagso it’s concluded by two statements that coin is not in third put the second statement true which says coin is not here i.e. coin is not in 2 or 3 bagLess

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Power Bi Interview Questions For Intermediates

19. How to analyze Power BI reports data in excel?

Ans: We are required to follow the steps given below.

  • First, we need to open the admin portal of Power BI, then need to go for tenant settings > select> Analyze.
  • Ensures that the administrator of Power BI enables the options of excel or not.
  • In the next step on the right corner, select the settings and install the excel updates.
  • And then need to go to the left side navigation pane> workspace> dataset> eclipses.
  • Later analyze in excel
  • Install ODC file, then by double-clicking save it.
  • Finally, it requires giving user ID and password for Power BI.
20. Share your knowledge on the advantages of using variables in DAX?

Ans With variables of DAX, we can have various advantages the given below are some of them.

  • We can reuse the variables multiple times in DAX expression with the help of variable evaluation. That helps us to remove the source database queries.
  • They are scoped to measure, which cant be in measures.
21. Why use a selection pane in Power BI?

Ans: They help to gain control of visuals that need to be exposed it also permits us to unit the pages of multiple visuals in the group and utilizes them in bookmarking.

22. Bring out the significant differences between old and new versions of the power bi tool?
23. Is the power BI provides a free version?
24. Which kind of data is suitable for Power BI storage?

Ans: Generally, we can store two essential kinds of data as given below.

26. Mention the available gateways of Power BI

What Are The Important Features Of The Power Bi Dashboard

Real World Power BI Interview Questions & Answers

Following is the list of Power BI dashboard:

  • Power BI dashboard facilitates you to go through the page, bookmarks, and selection pane.
  • Power BI dashboard allows you to create various tiles like web content, images, textbox, and integrate URLs.
  • You can also set the report layout to mobile view by using the Power BI dashboard.

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Interview Questions & Answers Series For Bi Developer

Q& A Videos

    • Question 1 – What is ETL Process with example?
    • Question 2 – Difference between control flow and data flow in SSIS?
    • Question 3 – Explain the architecture of SSIS?
    • Question 4 – Explain the types of Perfmon counters for SSIS?
    • Question 5 – Explain the types of Cache Mode in SSIS Lookup component?
    • Question 6 – How to do Error Handling in SSIS.
    • Question 7 – Types of Containers in SSIS.
    • Question 8 – How to do SSIS Package Deployment to SQL Server?
    • Question 9 – What are Transactions?
    • Question 10 – What are Checkpoints?
    • Question 11 : What is Logging in SSIS?
    • Question 11 : What is Logging in SSIS?
    • Question 13 : Difference between Merge and Union All?
    • Question 14 : What is the Data Profiling task?
    • Question 15 : What is Precedence Constraints?
    • Question 16 : What is Merge Join and explain its different types of Joins?
    • Question 17 : Difference between OLTP & OLAP.
    • Question 18 : What is Fact, Dimension, Cube, Star Schema and Snow Flake?
    • Question 19 : How to create a Cube in SSAS?
    • Question 20 : What is SCD?
    • Question 21 :- What is CDC?
    • Question 22 :- What is SSRS, what is Data Region, can embed/display SSRS Reports in any application, File extension and Code behind of SSRS Report.
    • Question 23 :- How to Deploy SSRS reports?
    • Question 24 :- Difference between Tabular and Matrix Report.
    • Question 25 :- What is Page Break in SSRS?
    • Question 26 :- Difference between Drilldown Report & Sub Report.

What Are Building Blocks In Power Bi

Ans: The following are the Building Blocks key components of Power BI:

  • Visualizations: Visualization is a visual representation of data. Example: Pie Chart, Line Graph, Side by Side Bar Charts, Graphical Presentation of the source data on top of Geographical Map, Tree Map, etc.
  • Datasets: Dataset is a collection of data that Power BI uses to create its visualizations. Example: Excel sheets, Oracle or SQL server tables.
  • Reports: Report is a collection of visualizations that appear together on one or more pages. Example: Sales by Country, State, City Report, Logistic Performance report, Profit by Products report etc.
  • Dashboards: Dashboard is single layer presentation of multiple visualizations, i.e we can integrate one or more visualizations into one page layer. Example: Sales dashboard can have pie charts, geographical maps and bar charts.
  • Tiles: Tile is a single visualization in a report or on a dashboard. Example: Pie Chart in Dashboard or Report.
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    Ive Imported The Data But The Wrong Row Is Being Used As The Headers The Row Below Should Be Used Instead What Do I Do

    The Applied Steps pane in Power Query shows the process that Get and Transform Data uses. When you load data initially, then the computer adds a few steps automatically. They typically include:

    • Navigation the specific data set within the Source
    • Promoted Headers setting the top row of the data as the headers
    • Changed Type changing the data type of the columns to a more specific data type which still allows for all the sample data loaded in the column

    However, if the first row was not meant to be used as the header , then this can be premature.

    In the above example, to remove the Promoted Headers:

    1. Remove the Change Type step

    2. Remove the Promoted Headers step

    3. You can remove any Applied Steps by clicking on the x next to these steps

    4. To remove any rows which should not be included in the data, go to Home > Remove Rows, and enter the number of rows to be removed

    5. To Promote the new top row to be used as headers, go to Home or Transform, then Use First Row as Headers

    6. Its a good idea to change the data types of your columns, most simply by selecting all of the columns and going to Transform > Detect Data Type

    Advanced Power Bi Interview Questions For Experienced Professionals

    9 Access Developer Interview Questions

    You’re a Power BI professional applying to an advanced or leadership role in Power BI. The majority of your past work has been working in Power BI. You’ve created many projects in Power BI and encountered many different scenarios. Try to share personal stories and examples when answering the below questions.

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    Power Bi Interview Questions To Evaluate Candidates Skills

    Are you looking for a skilled Power BI expert to join your team and help you with your data analytics and business intelligence projects?

    If yes, youre probably wondering whats the best strategy to accurately evaluate your candidates skills and hire the best talent, even if youre not a Power BI expert yourself.

    Indeed, thats not an easy task: the best candidates will need to have the right mix of mathematical skills, algorithm knowledge, and business knowledge. To find the right talent, youll need to evaluate them for all of those skills.

    Despite these challenges, theres a surefire way to help you hire the right talent for your organization, and it involves:

  • Shortlisting the best candidates who have the right skill set for the role and inviting them to an interview
  • Using the right Power BI interview questions during the interview phase
  • What Is Power Bi Designer

    A powerful and flexible new tool under the Power BI umbrella, Power BI Designer empowers users to create intuitive reports and dashboards, easily and quickly and also lets the users change visual views of their data at their fingertips for better analytics and informed decision-making. This designer is a host of drag-and-drop capabilities that help users place content exactly where they want it on the report canvas in a well-structured layout.

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    What Are The Limitations Of Power Bi

    • Power BI cant handle a large volume of data and puts a limit of 1 GB on datasets stored in Shared capacities. It is also inefficient when handling a large amount of data.
    • The user interface of Power UI can be interpreted as too bulky and cluttered when compared with its competitors.
    • The mastery of Power BI is very complex and time-consuming.

    Explain The Difference Between Power Bi And Tableau

    SQL Interview Questions to Crack Power BI interview | How to prepare Power Bi Interview

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    The following are the differences between Power BI and Tableau:

    Power BI focusses only on modeling and reporting, while Tableau is the best tool according to data visualization. Power BI is less expensive, while Tableau is very expensive. Power BI is associated with Microsoft Azure, while Tableau uses python Machine learning. Power BI has a simple and easy to use interface while Tableau has a customized dashboard. Power BI becomes slow while handling massive amounts of data, while Tableau easily handles any amount of data.

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