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How To Nail A Job Interview

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Ask Plenty Of Insightful Questions

How To NAIL A Job INTERVIEW – Advice From Kevin O’Leary

This is one of the best job interview tips. You must ask at least a few questions to show that youve done some research, you are curious, and that youre a serious candidate for the position.

Even if the interviewer has given thorough explanations and theres nothing more you want or need to know, still ask questions.

The best thing to do is write a list of job interview questions days before the interview and add additional queries during the interview.

Examples of questions to ask at the end include:

  • What do you expect your new hire to achieve in the first three to six months on the job?
  • How will my performance be measured in this role?
  • What is the official performance review process like at your company?
  • What is the most important and pressing problem for this new person to tackle?
  • What is the company culture like?

Ways To Nail That Job Interview

about 3 years ago by Wendy Donovan

Weve conducted and sat through lots of interviews over the years, and if theres one thing that we can guarantee will make you stand out from the candidate crowd, its preparation.

It may sound obvious, but its surprising how many candidates forget the importance of doing your homework before putting yourself in front of an interviewer. For those who havent sat for an interview in a while, here are 9 simple ways you can prepare.

Nail Your Interview With Mentorcruise

Do you have an upcoming interview you need to nail to win that dream job for yourself, then prepare correctly.

The secret to all interview questions is proper preparations, and the best way to prepare is by working with an experienced interview coach.

A mentor with hiring experience will act as a technical interviewer at MentorCruise and ask you some standard hiring questions you may hear in one of your future interviews.

Then you will receive actionable feedback on what to enhance the presence, knowledge, and other things about your interview that may be relevant to a future hiring decision.

Got an upcoming interview you need to nail? Book an interview preparation session in minutes.

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Do Not Forget To Follow It Up

Your work hasnt finished once you leave the meeting with the employer. Send them a follow up letter, or make a follow up call to ensure you did your best to get the job. Every little detail can make a difference at the end. Sending them a follow-up email will take just a few minutes of your time, and you should always do it.

Sure enough, it wont alone win you a job contract. But if the hiring managers , and you send them a follow-up letter and the other candidate sends nothing, this can definitely be the small detail which decides it for you

Ready to ace your interview? Not yet? Continue your preparation with us:

  • 15 most common interview questions and answers Why should we hire you? What motivates you in work? Why do you want to leave your present job? Learn how to answer the most common questions.
  • Salary negotiation tips Salary matters, and everyone in the room will be aware of it. Learn how to leverage your negotiation power and get the best possible offer at the end of the interviews.
  • What job is right for me? Not sure what you want to do in life? Struggling in your present occupation? Our simple step by step guide will help you to discover your true calling. It is time to get a job you will enjoy doing, job that will bring you joy.

Smile Smile And Smile

How to nail that job interview

Smile is like a flu. If you smile when talking to other people, they wont help their smiles. And you want the recruiters to smile, dont you?

With smile everything goes easier. Job interview is no exception. So leave your bad mood at home. When lifes not at stake, nothing is. Show them that you are enthusiastic about life and your future. Show them your beautiful smile!

And when things do not pan out, keep smiling. You learned something, you met someone interesting, and you improved your interviewing skills. If not this time, they will hire you in the next one

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Example : Why Are You Interested In This Position

“I am drawn to Downtown Cabana Resort’s delivery of compelling stories to their audience. I discovered the resort through a commercial and was impressed with how it highlighted real experiences of past and current customers. In this role, I’m hoping to expand your reach by developing a social media content strategy and use data-driven insight to create campaigns that continue to resonate with your audience. In my last role, I primarily handled the logistics of campaign launches, so I am eager to gain more hands-on experience with content creation.”

Be Ready For The Small Talk

Getting the small talk right can have big consequences. Its a way for people to build rapport and affinity, and start to generate that elusive, intangible quality of chemistry that characterises all effective business relationships.

So as part of your interview preparation, its a good idea to think ahead to some likely topics that might come up, so as to help keep the conversation flowing smoothly. The key is to come up with topics where you have a shared interest, so that youre able to both ask and answer credible questions.

For example, if you see a picture of your interviewers family, perhaps you could ask about them and be ready with a family anecdote of your own. Or if youre a sports fan and you spot signs that your interviewer is too, perhaps you could ask a suitable question that youve also got an interesting answer to .

Think, too, about topical themes. For example, has your potential employer been in the news recently? Or could you ask about the potential impact on the company of a recent development, such as Brexit or falling share prices or a serious malware attack? In each case, make sure you have an interesting thought of your own to contribute too.

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Handle Difficult Interview Questions With Confidence

After warm-up questions, interviewers will gradually increase the difficulty level. If a difficult question comes up, there is no hard and fast rule regarding how to handle it. Here are a few tips about answering these types of questions:

  • Answer them directly .
  • Give a clear explanation with examples whenever you can.
  • Explain how your current skill is relevant to the job.
  • While talking about your strengths, mention that youre keen to learn new things and improve in your role.

It is okay to say NO. If there is something in the job description that you havent experienced before, just politely decline. You can simply say, Unfortunately I havent had the chance to work with it yet. But Im always open to learning.

Inform Me A Couple Of Time You Needed To Work Below Stress

How to Nail a Job Interview

Questions on how youre employed below stress are used to gauge your composure, means to behave independently, and threshold for annoying circumstances.

Be trustworthy about the way you arrived on the state of affairs you focus on. Make sure that the expertise is critical, and be capable to communicate to something you discovered from working by it.

Instance Reply

I used to be engaged on a deal to promote a curriculum scheduling software program to a group school. We had buy-in from all however one stakeholder, and the deal wasnt going to come back collectively with out their approval.

Time was of the essence, and the stress was actual as the varsity was contemplating going with one in all our rivals. I reached out and was capable of schedule a presentation with the executive staff on the faculty, together with the stakeholder who was holding us again.

That week, I made a decision to strive one other angle. I totally researched how the establishment in comparison with different group faculties within the space, contemplating components like diploma velocity, enrollment, and school turnover.

After I offered, I used to be capable of communicate to how our answer supplied greater than comfort it additionally posed a aggressive benefit. The staff from the varsity was receptive to the revised pitch, and we have been capable of shut.

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Prepare An Interview Tool Kit

Being prepared for your interview is the best way to ace it. Putting together a job interview kit is a great job interview strategy. Not only will you want to have ample copies of your resume in your kit, but you can also include other items you will need like directions to the office, a bottle of water, eye drops, pens, and a notepad. Put the copies of your resume in a neat folder and keep the other items in a small bag in your car.

Prepare For Common Interview Questions

Prepare your answers for common interview questions such as tell me about yourself and why you are interested in this role with our company? These common questions quickly communicate who you are and what value you will bring to the company and role. You should prepare your answers to ensure you present as confident and articulate during the actual interview.

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Be Ready For Small Talk

Almost everyone is nervous when they go into an interview. You may not feel much like engaging in small talk, but it will break the ice and help you relax.

Keep it professional. A long winded rant about traffic, or one of your co-workers at your current job isnt professional, and it wont wow your interviewer.

You can talk about your interests, particularly professional interests. A news item might be helpful here, or a sports team. If you can, look for clues about the interviewers own interests.

Demonstrate Open Body Language

How to Nail a Virtual Job Interview

With body language, make sure you’re carrying yourself with confidence and sitting up straight. Remain attentive by leaning forward and not fidgeting. This will show the hiring manager you are alert and present throughout the interview.

Communicating effectively comes down to listening actively to what the hiring manager says. This attention to detail is clear when you are present in the conversation and your body language is open. Doing this effectively is what makes an engaging conversation.

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Describe Yourself Concerning The Role And Company

Hiring managers typically ask you to tell them about yourself at the beginning of an interview to initiate the conversation. Utilize this time to summarize your relevant background experience and highlight your key skills, qualifications and work history. Consider how your past experiences and qualifications specifically tie into the job description and desired skills of the position you’re applying to.

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Study Your Resume And Know It Well

As a candidate, you should know your resume like the back of your hand. In any job interview, anything on your resume is at the interviewers disposal. Implementing this strategy will definitely help you ace your job interview. It is your responsibility to convince the interviewer that you can come in and do the job. Speaking intelligently about each of your previous positions is one of the best ways to ace your job interview every single time.

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How To Crush A Job Interview

Following the wave of employee resignations in Canada last year, some Canadians may find themselves in the market for a new job.

One of the best ways to nail a job interview is by connecting personal strengths to the work itself, said Jim Reid, author of Leading to Greatness. The book serves as a guide to finding the ideal job and becoming a leader in the workplace.

You really want to be able to demonstrate that your deep strengths and that your passion, what you love to do, is what’s going to be needed and required in the job that you’re applying for, Reid told CTVs Your Morning on Tuesday. You have to make that connection.

In order to do this, Reid suggests using the hedgehog model. The three-circle Venn diagram poses a series of questions designed to help people understand what they care most about, and how to channel that into a career.

Great careers begin with clarity, he said. The goal is to get to the intersection of the three circlesThats where you can be at your very best.

Other tips explored in Leading to Greatness include adequately preparing for the job interview itself and doing research on the company and manager who is conducting the interview in advance, said Reid. He also recommends waiting until an offer is presented before starting to negotiate details around pay and vacation time.

You have to earn the right to say no, he said. It’s not until you get the offer that you actually have record for leverage.

Can You Tell Us About A Time You Experienced Conflict Within A Team And How You Handled That

How to nail a remote job interview | Career Hacks

I find the best way to deal with conflict is to be proactive about the situation rather than reactive. Its always a good idea to deal with a problem while its still fresh and new rather than ignoring it in the hopes it will resolve itself or go away. Let me give you a good example.

On my last job I had two members of my team who didnt see exactly eye to eye on a certain subject and as a result, had difficulty working together. Both were exceptional employees and losing either one would have been a major blow to the project we had been assigned.

The first thing I did meet with them individually as I wanted to make sure I was getting both sides of the story. After hearing them both out, I realized that the best way to ensure the continuing cohesiveness of the team was to come up with a compromise between the two individuals.

I again sat them both down individually and explained to them that while neither party was completely in the right, neither was completely in the wrong either and that the majority of their conflict arose from individual perspective.

Rather than taking one side over the other, I helped them to find a common neutral middle ground. We reworked the structure of the team and the schedule in a way that made it possible for us to all continue to work together.

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Display Your Skills With Concrete Examples

The interviewer wants to know you are hard working, but it will be hard for him or her to believe you unless you prove it. Tell a story of how you were hard working and instead of just saying it. Dont leave it up to the imagination of the interviewer to figure out how. Rather, explain in detail and give and example to illustrate it.

How To Nail Any Job Interview

John Knotts | President and Owner of Crosscutter Enterprises Your Success Incubator.


How do you prepare for a job interview, when you do not know what is going to be asked? This is a thought many job seekers have as they prepare for an upcoming interview. The unknown can create a significant amount of nervousness, which can ruin how you perform in the interview. However, there is a way to always be prepared and nail any job interview. The secret? Stop worrying about the questions and focus on preparing your answers!

The secret formula to nailing the interview lies in three major steps:

1. Prepare your “five answers.”

Too often, interviewees respond to questions off the cuff. As a result, their answers are often incomplete, disjointed or drag on. The “five answers” approach makes your responses concise and complete. Here’s how it works: Brainstorm five specific and successful situations or projects where you were leading or significantly involved and there was a defined result. Fully answer the questions below for each of your five situations.

What was the situation? Describe what was happening and what challenges needed to be overcome. The more data-based details you can document the better.

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Third Interview Manicure Tip: Polish Your Nails Carefully

You must apply a base coat before applying nail polish in order to ensure a smooth and even application. After the base coat has dried, the desired color can be applied. Apply a tiny layer of polish to each nail, then wait a minute or two before applying a second layer. The final step is to apply a top coat, which will prevent chipping and give your manicure a glossy look.

Why Is It Important To Nail Interview Questions


Nailing interview questions shows you’re a confident and capable applicant. When you give strong responses to interview questions, your interviewer may be more likely to select you for the position. Taking the steps to prepare for an interview can help you feel more confident during the process and help you make a strong impression. Preparation allows you to plan effective and targeted responses that highlight how you’re the right fit for the role.

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Dont Perform A Monologue Spark Conversations

Zoom calls are more monotonous than their in-person alternatives. Your main challenge during the interview itself will be keeping the conversation lively.

Be interested: Eighty-nine percent of the successful candidates in our study conversed with their recruiters in a natural, candid way. How? They showed genuine interest in their interviewer by asking questions. Our research found some of the most engaging questions were: How does the team communicate right now? What tools do you use to collaborate? How do you monitor remote work? Does the office have a virtual Friday happy hour where I could meet new colleagues? Some of the least engaging questions were questions that one can easily find answers to online, such as, Where is the company based? or What awards have you recently won?

Find common interests: Do some pre-work to see if you and your interviewer share any interests. Most companies will tell you who you are meeting with ahead of time. This means you can, and probably should, Google them. Explore what kind of articles they post or share on LinkedIn, what groups theyre a part of, what conferences they spoke at, or what kind of voluntary work they do. When the conversation starts to dry up, ask them about these things. Eighty-one percent of the unsuccessful candidates we observed had trouble filling dead air, missed social cues, and gave monologue-style answers to questions without engaging the other person at all, which ultimately bored their interviewers.

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