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Questions Asked In Google Interview

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Out Of Eight Balls Seven Balls Weigh Equal While The One Ball Is Slightly Heavier Than The Others How Would You Figure Out Which One Is The Heavier By Using A Balance And Only Two Weighing

10 Questions Google likes asking in job interviews
  • Take 6 balls out of 8 balls
  • Put 3 balls on each side of weighing machine, if they weight equal you know that the heavier ball is in the remaining two which is left out
  • But if they dont weigh equal, then the heavier ball is in one of those triplets
  • Out of those 3 balls that have heavier ball, pick any 2 and put them on the scale and keep doing until you get your heavier ball

Youve Been Given An Elephant You Cant Give It Away Or Sell It What Would You Do With The Elephant

This ConnectWise question helps you get a better sense for your candidates reasoning skills. Of course, theres no right answer to this funny question, but it allows you to get insight into how your candidate thinks, prioritizes, and problem-solves. Additionally, it can loosen the candidate up and allow her to show you a more authentic side.

Your candidate might say, Since I dont have a place to put an elephant, Id probably send it on vacation, or I would feed it, and then ride it to work.

Its important to note, you arent looking for a specific answer here youre determining how your candidate thinks on her feet, and how she handles herself in unexpected situations.

Google Data Structure Interview Questions On Strings

Strings are another important data structure around which coding problems are asked at Googleâs interviews. Letâs look at some data structure interview questions on Strings.

  • For a given String S, write a code to reverse the string without disturbing the individual words.
  • For a given String, write a program to print all permutations and return it in a lexicographically sorted fashion.
  • For a given String that has its elements represented in Roman Values, write a code to convert the String into integer values.
  • For a given String S, write a program to remove duplicate elements from the String.
  • For a given String S, write a code to find the minimum number of elements or characters that need to be inserted to convert it into a palindrome.
  • For a given String S, write a program to find the length of the longest Substring with distinct values.
  • For a given String S, write a code to remove successive duplicate characters recursively.
  • For two strings, A and B, write a program to figure out if B can be obtained by rotating A in at least two places.
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    Google Behavioral Questions: Project Management

    Finally, you may be asked one or multiple project management questions, which dive into your productivity and how you would effectively lead projects end-to-end. Some of these questions are specific to certain roles, such as how do you run your product lifecycle? for product managers.

    If youre interviewing for a position that will entail managing and leading project teams, then expect questions about your overall project management philosophy, your ability to deal with complex and ambiguous situations, and your experience delivering results.

    Right, now lets get into some questions.

    Example behavioral questions asked at Google: Project management

    • Tell me about a time you had to handle a project that was late
    • Tell me about a time you were the end-to-end owner of a project
    • Tell me about a time you used data to make a critical decision
    • Tell me about a time you used data to measure impact
    • Tell me about a time you improved a process at one of your previous workplaces
    • How will you go about doing this job for the first 90 days?
    • How would you handle competing visions on how to deliver a project?
    • How would you choose a methodology to manage a project?
    • How would you balance flexibility and process in an agile environment?
    • How do you sort your priorities when engaged in multitasking?
    • How do you make product decisions? How do you run your product lifecycle?

    If You Had To Be Shipwrecked On A Deserted Island But All Your Human Needssuch As Food And Waterwere Taken Care Of What Two Items Would You Want To Have With You

    What are the common questions asked in Google interviews?

    This question, asked by companies like Yahoo, encourages the candidate to demonstrate creativity and innovativeness. Additionally, it helps you determine your candidates priorities. For instance, a candidate who mentions needing a kindle with unlimited books, and my laptop shows different values from a candidate who says he wants, music, and a boat.

    While theres no right answer, youll want a candidate who showcases an ability to prioritize and think logically through tough situations. For instance, maybe your candidate says, Id like to bring a wifi-enabled laptop with wind generator to charge the batteries, and a lighter. I can do my work and keep in contact with friends on my laptop, and I can use the lighter to start fires and keep warm at night.

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    If An Advertiser Doesnt See The Benefit Of Adwords Due To Poor Conversions How Would You Convince Them To Stay On Board

    This question checks your convincing skills, problem-solving ability, and communication skills the answer to this question should be like:

    Id try to figure out why conversion rates are low initially. In situations like this, the issue is typical with the clients website.

    I can either sell them a new website or make improvements to their current one, so my strategy is rather simple. On the other side, I can create a landing page using a platform like Unbounce to check whether we generate any leads or close any sales. However, this method is best used for lead generation rather than e-commerce.

    You may test to see whether your conversion tracking is effective and ensure that you are tracking every conversion you can, including phone conversions, sales, and contact form conversions. Occasionally, even though conversions are occurring because they are not being recorded, a client may not experience any benefits. You must demonstrate the effectiveness of your Adwords advertisements to them. Adwords only presents a problem when it comes to converting views, in other words. Give them statistics such as the duration of their visit, the number of pages they saw, and the bounce rate. However, go into it knowing what the issue is and how to resolve it. Even if its simply a test, let the client know that you identified a potential issue and offered a potential solution.

    Google Behavioral Questions: Teamwork

    Many employees at Google have to work in cross-functional teams with other engineers, product managers, PMMs, data analysts, etc. Youll need to be able to communicate clearly, work with others efficiently, and build trust and relationships.

    Your interviewer will be looking for you to share stories from your past experience that demonstrate a spirit of collaboration and partnership. Give it a try using the following questions.

    Example behavioral questions asked at Google: Teamwork

    • Tell me about how you work with difficult people
    • Tell me about a time you worked on a cross-functional team
    • Tell me about a time you had to resolve a conflict in a team
    • Do you prefer working in small or large teams?
    • Define your ideal work environment and manager
    • How would you deal with a coworker who you notice is isolating themself from the larger group?

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    What Do I Wear To An Interview

    Its not the most essential part, but first impressions do count. Make sure to look at the interview invitation. It may state if you have to dress in business attire or smart casual. Regardless, dont turn up in jeans and a t-shirt. Take time to present yourself in a way where theyll remember you, and for good reasons.

    Faqs On Whiteboard Interviews

    Google Coding Interview Question and Answer #1: First Recurring Character

    Q. Where do I start my preparation for my Google Interview?

    You can start by visiting Googleâs careers page and going through the requirements for some of the job opportunities of your interest. Also, learn about their goals, values and check out Googleâs official tech dev guide. We also recommend checking out our article on

    Q. How can IK help me prepare for my Google Whiteboard Interview?

    Whether youâre applying for the role of a software engineer, engineering manager, or tech lead, we at Interview Kickstart have got you covered.

    IK is the gold standard in tech interview prep. Our programs include a comprehensive curriculum, unmatched teaching methods, FAANG+ instructors, and career coaching to help you nail your next tech interview.

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    Are Interviews At Google Hard

    I really enjoy spending time with my wife. She is the best thing that has ever happened to me. We have a great relationship and I really appreciate all that she does for me. When I am with her, I feel like everything is going to be okay.

    When it comes to interviews, I know that I need to be prepared for anything. That is why I have been studying for Google coding interviews. I have found them to be really challenging, but I am confident that I can overcome them.

    The first thing that I need to do is to be able to understand the questions. Google coding interviews are specific to Google, so the questions will be related to the company. I need to be able to understand the concepts being asked and be able to answer them correctly.

    Next, I need to be able to answer questions quickly. Google coding interviews are timed, so I need to be able to answer questions quickly. I also need to be able to answer questions that are difficult.

    Last, I need to be able to answer questions that are not specifically related to Google. I need to be able to answer questions that are related to technology, computer science, and programming.

    Overall, I am confident that I can overcome the challenges of Google coding interviews. I just need to be prepared and willing to work hard.

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    How Would You Convince A Client To Transition To Our Cloud Solutions

    To answer this question in a google interview your technical expertise, problem-solving ability, communication abilities, and persuasiveness will all be evaluated by this question.

    Start with a comparable experience to help the client relationship with the problem from that experience, and then thoroughly describe the issue at hand. Display an awareness of the needs of the client, including why they would require this solution and how it will help them. Discuss the products advantages over rivals as well.

    Explain the channels of contact youll employ, as well as the tools youll utilize to interact with the client and deliver your message, including any follow-up inquiries.

    Have You Ever Done Something Professionally Risked A Lot And Failed What Was It What Made You Take The Risk And What Did You Take Away From It

    140 Google Interview Questions

    Google seems to love innovation, and with innovation comes risks. So, when Google finds a creative person, it is appreciative and respectful of the courage to do something no one else would. There should be something to help that next effort succeed in future endeavors. It could be a startup that you ever worked on growing, a small business, or any different occupation

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    Most Asked Google Interview Behavioral Questions

    When a candidate gets through the technical interviews they move ahead to another special round the Googliness Round in which some tricky questions are asked, The motive behind Googliness round as google says is:

    We want to get a feel for what makes you, well, you. We also want to make sure this is a place youll thrive, so well be looking for signs around your comfort with ambiguity, your bias to action and your collaborative nature.

    One might take the risk of taking these rounds lightly and end up risking all the efforts and hard work, to be safe one must prepare for this round Some important questions that are asked in the Googliness interview round are answered below:

    Mirror Binary Tree Nodes

    Given the root node of a binary tree, swap the left and right children for each node. The below example shows how the mirrored binary tree should look like.


    This problem can be tackled using recursion. The base case of the recursive solution would be when both nodes being compared are null or one of them is null.

    Two trees being compared are identical if:

    • data on their roots is the same
    • the left sub-tree of A is identify to the left sub-tree of B
    • the right sub-tree of A is identical to the right sub-tree of B

    Using recursion, we can solve this problem through a depth-first traversal on both trees simultaneously while comparing the data at each node.

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    Delete Node With A Given Key

    We are given the head of a linked list and a key. We have to delete the node that contains this given key. The following two examples elaborate on this problem further.


    Input: head = , key = 5Output: Explanation: You are given the second node with value 5, the linked list should become 4 ->  1 ->  9 after calling your function.

    Try it yourself

    First, we have to find the key in the linked list. Well keep two pointers, current and previous, as we iterate the linked list.

    If the key is found in the linked list, then the current pointer would be pointing to the node containing the key to be deleted. The previous should be pointing to the node before the key node.

    This can be done in a linear scan and we can simply update current and previous pointers as we iterate through the linked list.

    Google Data Structure Interview Questions On Arrays

    24 Most Asked Questions in Interviews at Google

    Arrays are a crucial topic that features in coding interviews at Google and other FAANG+ companies. Letâs look at some sample data structures and algorithms interview questions on Arrays.

  • For a given array of size N-1, containing integers in the range from 1 to N, write a program to find the missing element in the array.
  • For a given array containing positive integers, write a code to return the sum of the elements of the array.
  • For a given unsorted array of size N, write a code to rotate it anticlockwise by D elements.
  • For a given array of size N, write a code to print the reverse of the array.
  • For a given array A, write a code to delete the duplicate elements in the array.
  • For a given array Arr containing integer elements, write a code to find the minimum and maximum elements of the array
  • For a given array of size N containing distinct integer numbers, write a code to sort the array in the wave fashion.
  • Write a code to find the maximum subarray of non-negative numbers from a given array containing integer values.
  • Take a look at the best Data Structures and Algorithms Courses to crack FAANG interviews.

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    Tips For Google Interview Preparation

    Now that we know all about the hiring process of Google, here are a few tips which you can use to crack Googles interview and get a job

  • Understand the work culture at Google well – It is always good to understand how the company works and what are the things that are expected out of an employee at Google. This shows that you are really interested in working at Google and leaves a good impression on the interviewer as well.
  • Be Thorough with Data Structures and Algorithms – At Google, there is always an appreciation for good problem solvers. If you want to have a good impression on the interviewers, the best way is to prove that you have worked a lot on developing your logic structures and solving algorithmic problems. A good understanding of Data Structures and Algorithms and having one or two good projects always earn you brownie points with Amazon.
  • Know and Describe your Strengths – Many people who interview at various companies, stay shy during the interviews and feel uncomfortable when they are asked to describe their strengths. Remember that if you do not show how good you are at the skills you know, no one will ever be able to know about the same and this might just cost you a lot. So it is okay to think about yourself and highlight your strengths properly and honestly as and when required.
  • More Practice And Preparation

    Congratulations on finishing these problems! To pass the coding interview, its important that you continue practice. To prepare for the Google Coding Interview, you should brush up on dynamic programming, backtracking, recursion, greedy algorithms, and divide & conquer. Here are some more common coding interview questions to practice.

  • Determine if the sum of three integers is equal to the given value

  • Intersection point of two linked lists

  • Move zeros to the left

  • Add two integers

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